Remedies 2011-12

Remedies that help all animals:
  • Carcinosin. a product of cancer, has all four miasmic states - psoric, syphilitic, sycotic and pseudo-psoric/tubercular. All dogs are predisposed to cancer, especially bone and gland cancer. Carcinosin is quadra-miasmic and holds a balance that few other remedies match.
  • Parotidinum is terrific for dogs. All dogs suffer from a lowered immunity from exposure and the tonsils and parotid glands are the first line of defense and immunity. 
  • The thyroid, and Thyroidinum, should come after the tonsils and parotid glands It is a throat hormone, stimulates the liver, gall bladder and digestive juices 
  • Melatonin for higher controls – a pineal secretion governing the reproductive, sleep and circadian rhythms
  • Seratonin is converted to melatonin at night, promotes bone metabolism, aging, liver repair, prevents sudden death from heart failure, depression and anxiety
  • Sepia is similar to another brain hormone of the hypothalamus which stimulates the spinal nerves, motor control, etc.
  • Sun-effects: Use Seratonin when the animal suffers from the intensity of the light change between sun and cloud.
  • New Moon is a good time to use Hekla Lava since it is a time of renewal.
  • Apis works on the back third eye chakra to control disease – use a low potency for hands-on and proxy-healing.
  • Parotidinum and Pilocarpus for puppies and adults for poor immunity.
Healing Order for all diseases:
'Heal Cancer miasm first (with Carcinosin), then Syphilitic miasm (with Syphilinum), then Tubercular miasm (only Baccillinum nosode draws energy), then Sycotic and Psoric' though the last two haven't drawn any energy yet in their nosodic forms (Medorrhinum or Psorinum). And more importantly, "Use Hekla Lava throughout!"

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