How Dogs Heal

[22 Jun 2015 - all this needs to be changed or updated since it was written years ago. Plz read as 'under construction or work in progress']

By Age:
Young dogs heal faster by this method - the same as in all homeopathy, reiki, and all natural healing - so although it isn't unusual it should be noted.

By Willingness:
Some dogs are resistant to touch and healing - they are invariably sicker at deeper levels than others. They may be suspicious or even fearful - they heal slower.
Those dogs that seek out healing, that lie patiently as you try remedy after remedy heal faster. For eg., Dumi would bite through glass vials in her deep desire to heal. She started healing first among all the dogs. Using Dumi as an example, I'm going to put a few more 'rules' out there.

By disease:
Dogs with Temperature-Thyroid problems - those that can't regulate their body temperature but otherwise eat well - heal faster.
Dogs with puffiness around their eyes and visible figwarts heal faster.
Dogs with thickened skin or blackened patches heal faster than those with open pores, red and blue patches along the spine (like Laxmi).
Using Laxmi as an example, the following don't heal fast rule:
dogs with syphilitic bone pains, itching along the long bones of the limbs don't heal as fast.
dogs with cataract don't heal fast.
dogs with chorea don't heal fast
dogs that have joint pains don't heal fast.
my legs have had crocodile skin for almost 40 yrs and after 4 months of healing (mar 12 - jul 12) of constant reiki (albeit in distance healing and for dogs, not myself) it appears to be reducing.
So the 40 yrs of a problem = 4 months of healing to cure rule seems to apply in humans. In dog years 6 yrs of a problem = 4 months to heal with reiki+homeopathy (provided you have a good remedy)
Pummi has an almost uniformly black low half of the body and is healing in fits and starts - the movement towards health is patchy, like my dry skin issues.
Joints seem to heal slower than long bones. Bones heal slower than glands. Ears with their multiple small bones are even slower than bones and glands. Glands heal slower than skin, mucous membranes slower than skin as well.

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