Deduction and Inference

I'm going to work on a kind of summary of what I've learnt from my experience. I'll try to keep it short.:)
Work in progress.

  1. Don’t start healing dogs with Psorinum or antisporics, even if they’re itching or have mites and mange. Actually don't start with Nosodes. Start with Plant remedies and Sea remedies, then animal remedies and then the elements and last the isodes and nosodes.
  2. When healing with the theory of miasms, start healing with the cancer miasm, then syphilitic miasm, then the sycotic miasm, then the tubercular and last the psoric miasm.
  3. Homeopathy is incredibly powerful – use the mildest system developed. Either water potencies or liquid potencies (LM) or olfaction as safer than mouth doses. Use fewer doses and lower potencies to start, never high potencies. Especially low potencies towards the New Moon and higher potencies towards the Full Moon.
  4. Homeopathic medicines work as well or better combined with Reiki. I have found giving Reiki distance-healing to the remedy to be mildest and safest, then proxy-healing to the charkas and last hands-on holding the remedy. Later you can check the remedy on the body and give olfactory doses and last, mouth doses.
  5. Distance-healing works on the auras, proxy-healing on the charkas. Chakras and auras are self-protective, webbed, and so you can’t force the wrong remedy to be absorbed unlike a mouth or nose dose. For mouth and nose doses, check that the acidity and alkalinity line up with the current state of the body.
  6. Most animals and healers have diseases – the Reiki-homeopathy combination unblocks both chakras and auras for a better healing.
  7. Reiki with homeopathy seemed to overcome the hurdle of aggravations. The aggravations can be as short as a 3 min healing session or as long as a day. But rarely longer than 3 days - 3 days when the potency given is wrong and too low.
  8. Picking the right remedy isn't as time-consuming and difficult as repertorizing-dosing-waiting-antidoting-starting over ... surely the bane of every homeopath's existence! Now if I had the wrong remedy, nothing would happen - you couldn't push the wrong energy into a chakra. Chakras protect themselves.
  9. The bane of a Reiki healer's existence is undoubtedly the blocking of the energy flow. Either the healer's chakras are blocked or the healee's is. Either way you're just stuck.
    Pranic healers have found a way around this with the aura cleansing they do using sea salt. But the problem with using salt is that you remove all the energy, not just the 'negative' and have to refill the field or you leave the patient feeling weaker and more fatigued.
  10. Homeopathy seems to unblock energy with its frequency similar to how crystals work.
  11. There are a number of healing methods other than Reiki to help energy flow. I'd even say that muscle-testing for homeopathy is a form of hands-on energy exchange that counts as healing. I'm familiar with a few - acupressure, EFT (emotional freedom therapy), Therapeutic Touch, Barbara Bennan's Hands of Light and Pranic Healing. Prayer, yoga, qi gong and meditation achieve similar results in getting the flow going for the individual.
  12. Heal for reaction to the weather first, then for reaction to the moon cycle and last the miasm. Rhododendron, Ranunculus Bulb, Pulsatilla, Allium sat, Veratrum album and Hepar Sulph in that order. Carcinosin in miasms works wonders before rain, thunderstorms for cats and dogs with distance-healing. Carcinosin for worms in animals. In fact, if there is only one remedy you can afford, I'd go with Carcinosin 10M for virtually every animal problem from bones to worms.

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