2014- Missing, Sick or Dead

I have to put down the remedies that might have saved animals that died in my care.  Also those that disappear, go missing or are sick during the year:
[24 died in 2014]

7 Dec - A midsized cat that's like Kitpit's sister (or could be Sundari) is lying dead on the street 2 houses down. Vijayathe says that it was dead yesterday morning itself (today's the 9th), so probably died 7th night. If it is Kitpit's sister, she may not have recovered enough to escape the dogs crossing the street. But at least she didn't die from the homeopathy - it means Teucrinum helped her enough that she was still alive a week after taking the remedy, though displaced (getting 'lost' is a characteristic of cats and dogs that have mitochondrial instability). RIP, poor kitty. [Kitpit's sister, confirmed.]
30 Nov - Kitpit's sister, who had terrible upper respiratory breathing difficulty for a month is missing. She drew a lot of Tecrinum 10m on 29 Nov night, seemed to get better overnight, and then disappeared. ain I think.:( Too little too late agPraying she still lives!
27 Oct - OldLady from opp. Bowring Hospital died at 3:30 of blood vomit and blood in stool (constipated until near the end, scanty urine before, vomiting of water as soon as she drank large quantities of it). Drew Cicuta 3 and Hydrocotyle 10m at the very end.
15 Oct - little black kitten's brother, a larger better developed kitten disappeared around 4 pm. Cyclone effect.
12 Oct - little black kitten, Stripes' intelligent but underdeveloped one, died this morning. RIP, and I'm sorry I couldn't heal you.
10 Oct - 2-3 rats died during the torrential rains preceding the Andhra cyclone Hubhub's landfall.
22 Sept - Kitpit died today. The nerves damaged by the fall from the terrace created necrosis down at her tailbone area making her constipated and finally prevented her from urinating. The underlying miasm left her in a coma after a vet visit. She died 2 days later. The main remedies that helped her were Camphor (soon after the fall and till the end), Cicuta, Hcot, Clematis and Bach remedies Honeysuckle, Clematis, Olive, Chestnut bud, Gorse, etc and Rock rose for euthanasia. R.I.P., baby, I'm sorry.

29 Aug - Blackie's last kitten died this morning. An hour ago. Eyes glued, difficult respiration, nose blocked, underdeveloped body, large head. Drew Camph 6 at the end, but Hcot 30, 12 and Cicuta 3 repeatedly over 18 hours (since I realised he was dying). It was too little too late.:(
21 Aug - Kitpit fell off the terrace yesterday and recovered full use of her legs after Camph 30 and Hydrocotyle 12.
21 Aug - Missing -White persian of the neighbour has been missing for over 2 weeks since the rains began. I fear he is dead, since he's been coming more and more rarely to eat.
20 Aug - Picked up old white paralysed on the road. I call him Ancient.(Recovering, but might die)
8 Aug - My sweet Dollu had to be euthanized this afternoon after he had an accident that cut off and gangrenized both is hind legs, and smashed one eye. He'd been missing for 4 days and I didn't look for him thinking he was out mating, and healing Pummi every chance I got. He'd been lying in a gutter and two drivers came and told me this afternoon.:( The vets said it was too late to save him - and I couldn't imagine what this vital cat would do without legs so agreed to euthanize by sodium pentathol. RIP, love, I thought you'd survive me.
8 Aug - Pummi died this morning at 7 am after vomiting, a black bloody diarrhea followed by vomiting blood. But the end was relatively peaceful without a struggle. She vomited up[ blood for the fourth time and didn't breath in again. RIP, baby. (Remedies most useful  in order until death: Granatum 1m, Eucalyptus 30, 200, cm, Conium 1m, 50m, cm, Caulophyllum 200, Podo 6, Indigo 3. Disease: presumed cancer, started with thyroid, opacities and dropsy, profuse urination uncontrollable hunger.)

2 Aug? - Tragically, Dollu, my favorite companion cat who I thought would outlive me, was found in a gutter by two men who called me to see if I knew the cat. It had been run over by a car probably 4 days ago when he didn't come home. He was busy with mating season, and I was so involved in taking care of Pummi that I didn't even notice he was missing until 3 days ago and then didn't go looking for him.:( Both his legs were cut off to the bone until the knees and one front paw and an eye. I took him to Sarvodaya and they said his tissue was already necrosed and that euthanasia was best. I agreed with them - I couldn't see what life he'd have with neither legs nor eye - for a vital, energetic cat like him it would be a living death. I cried buckets when I agreed to let him go. He died in my arms looking in my eyes as they put the sodium pentathol into him. RIP, my sweet, sweet man.

2 Aug - At the shelter I heard that James, the old dog from Vasanthnagar, had died. RIP to that tenacious guy as well. (Remedies most useful: Scilla 6, Rhod 6. Disease: presumed tb or cancer. Maggots and bleeding from the mouth, bronchial asthma or embarrassed respiration, vertigo.)

12 Jul - Missing and probably dead - Lovely, daughter of Stripes. Disappeared after dry FIP symptoms and  drawing phenomenal amounts of Veratrum vir 10m. Either it was too low or it needed supporting remedies that I didn't try, but appeared to improve for a day before with Ignatia cm, Bell 30 and Verat v 10m. Aggravation after being too weak? no idea.

23 Jun - Missing and probably dead - Mottled black chorea dog down the road from Alliance Francaise slum. I think using the elemental remedies like Cuprum Ace is dangerous because of this kind of thing. The deaths seem to occur grouped around the time that I use the elements - kitten and now this.:( Maybe there's an aggravation too strong for the chronic cases when using elements.

22 Jun - RIP, the smaller of Blackie's children; died some time this morning. He was extremely yellow showing a high degree of acidity. I tried various remedies but the only one that helped was Helleborus 12x, but too late probably. He ate well last night though, but the continuing change of weather wore him down and killed him. I'd also adviced my brother to stop acidifying the milk with curd (following Duncan's contraria for acidic cases) and to add Soda Bicarb instead, but my brother didn't change their diet. Still, not sure if that alone would have saved the kitten who used to puke out white frothy mucus after every meal virtually choking on it. Ignatia, I'm thinking, might have helped.

7 Jun -Missing and probably dead - Fat ascites dog around the corner from the old white chorea dog. Id adviced the owner to give it apocynum 3 but he probably didn't give it. Anyway, hard to tell if it would have survived on that alone.

1 Jun - Missing and probably dead -  white old chorea dog 'Hansum' from 7th cr Vngr. He was sick and could barely walk 3 days ago. I tried to give him Reiki and 2 doses of Rhod 6x, but he refused the Reiki. Haven't seen him 3 days now.

1 Jun - Displaced - mottled Black on white old female from Miller's Rd (Baby's Choice). Saw her on 7th Cr. when I was looking for Hansum. Can't find her way back to her pack. Back with her pack since July 20th!

30 Apr - Tallboy from Queens Rd Corp Building - I noticed only since 2 weeks - 13 Apr. Probably dead, the sweet guy.:( I hadn't gone to feed him in months.). RIP. Watchman said he'd vanished one morning - confirmed dead.

Died - 17 Apr - My own sweet Blackie. Vomiting green bile could not stomach water (like Dumi) - didn't draw to Mag Carb which I thought would prevent that, but Mag Sulph 3 a few times. Probably died of an acute rheumatic attack or gastralgia from the change of weather. There's also a possibility that she ate something poisonous from the garbabe bin which she loved to frequent. She drew Chlor 6, Rhod 200, Hysc 30 in this acute and regularly Puls 10m. R.I.P., baby, and see you on the other side. (Might have been saved with Cann. Sat? or Conium?)

Sick - James from 1st Cr., V'ngr, April 1. Maggots in mouth, coughing. Now in Sarvodaya. Aggr. from Arnica, hepar and gunpowder. (Drawing Squilla Mar from Liliaceae ... for broncho-pneumonia? and Ran b on 10/4. Did well on Rhod 6x, improved rapidly.)

Missing - 3/Apr - Brown/white from Mt.c loop rd (penile cancer?) and white cancer old male after Puls 1m. Sighting by someone on 5/4. Probably dead - hasn't been seen for weeks. Dead.

Kitten - 5/Mar/2014 - tumour of the stomach? incarcerated flatus? (stomach and intestines bloated and hard) - responded to Graphites 1M, Carbon Sulph 3x. Died after not eating or drinking for 3 days. (Might have been saved by Cicuta?) Second kitten from the same set went missing March 2014.

Injured and probably dead: black and white limping opp. Mt.C road (accident- spinal injury) last seen 15th Mar '14.

M.I.A. Bobsey Twins of Modern Art Museum: last seen 31 Mar '14. Dog vans?(No, they're back!)

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