Moon Healing Rules

[22 Jun - all this needs to be changed or updated since it was written years ago. Plz read as 'under construction or work in progress']
Not in any particular order:
  1. Acidity towards New Moon = decay. Acidity towards Full Moon = inflammation.
  2. The potencies go higher towards full moon and lower from the day after Full moon and especially Last Quarter to New Moon. So maybe this is the right way to look at potencies - that when our bodies are in excitation the higher potencies work better, and when our bodies are sluggish, lower potencies apply.
  3. Rule 2: Plant families work well together. If one helps but doesn't heal completely, try another in the same group, during the same period in the moon cycle.
  4. Full moon: Head remedies like Helleborus
  5. Full moon - Last Quarter: Throat to Solar Plexus - Liver remedies like Hydrastis, Helleborus, Taraxicum, Carduus Mar, Calc Phos. In high potencies.
  6. Last Quarter - New Moon: Solar Plexus to Abdomen, Kidneys, sexual organs - worm remedies, berberis, etc. in 30 and lower potencies.
  7. New Moon - First Quarter: reverse of 5 in low potencies and 6 in high potencies? Yet to try it.

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