Remedy Keynotes Jan 2011-13

Remedy Ptcy used My notes Relevant info from Materia medicas
Abrot 1m (So many Compositae remedies suit dogs. This looks perfect for my dogs except they simply aren't drawing it! The remedy they draw instead is Absinth ... can't figure out why.) Metastasis, marasmus - lower extremities emaciate.  Skin flabby, hangs loose. Furunculus, after hepar sulph. Tubercular peritonitis.
Absinthium Roundworms? Very strongly drawn by all dogs. [The dogs draw this remedy constantly, and itch at the ribs and abdomen. Such an obscure reference that I've missed it many times. Now I feel it could have saved Dumi and Peppy.] Itching around abdomen, sternum. Tremor is a keynote. Bloated around waist and in abdomen, as after ague. ague. Immense accumulation of flatulence in abdomen; wind colic. Paralysis of internal organs. (Horses kick with hind legs towards the belly. Ascarides)
Amyl nit Munching, chewing movement of lower jaw.
Apocynum (so true. Told the man who cares for the dropsy dog to buy it in 3x) Hale says the  slightest jar aggravated. Hale says the kidneys are the peculiar seat of the operation of the drug, and that it is in renal operation of the drug, and that it is in renal dropsies that it is especially curative.
Aqua Marina 6 Kitten responds to it as part of the sea remedies, appetite improved. sea sickness, throat fishbone sensation, pain extends to ear and temples. Every inorganic substance is dissolved by it. Chlorum, Nat mur.
Argent nit [these symptoms are like the chorea of Kenchu , but he's not drawing it yet ] Dullness, mental confusion, dizziness, tendency to mental confusion, dizziness, tendency to fall sideways.
Argent nit Staggers on stooping; on shutting eyes.
Argent nit Dizzy at sight of high houses, feels as if they would close or fall in upon him. in upon him.
Argent nit Momentarily blind with mental confusion; buzzing in ears, nausea, trembling.
Argent nit Digging up, incisive motion, through the l. hemisphere of the brain.
Argent nit Pressing boring pains, in small spots; in bones; in l. temple. Hemicrania; epileptiform; periodic; boring pain worse l. frontal eminence, sometimes pain so severe he loses senses; paroxysms frequently culminate in vomiting of bile.
Aurum mur --accomplish more in sclerotic and exudative degenerations than other remedies. Multiple sclerosis.
BARYTA MUR muscles and joints, giving stiffness and weakness as from overwalking.
BARYTA MUR This remedy has indurated and narrowing of the cardiac orifice with pain immediately eating, also its use and chronic hypertrophy of and chronic hypertrophy of the tonsils.
BARYTA MUR -- Convulsions. Multiple sclerosis of brain and cord. Voluntary muscular power gone but perfectly sensible. Paresis after influenza and diphtheria. General feeling of lassitude in the morning, especially weakness of the legs, with muscular stiffness.
Borax [Rocky and Dumi died with the last the anus open for hours days before death. Perhaps Gels could have saved them.] Lower Limbs. Ulcerating vesicles on the buttocks.
Borax [Roo is drawing Borax 50m after Myristica 1m. She's had a deep maggot hole or pustule between her fingers since yesterday morning. This evening she fell while tripping to pee and a1inch pool of dark blood and pus mix came out of her hip-buttock region. Blood poisoning for sure - this must be the cause of death in distemper, brought out by homeopathy. Her bones and blood must be rotting inside] Pustules on the fingers, with swelling and suppuration of the affected limb. 
Cad sulph vs Zinc Sulph From what Clarke says it's probably true what I suspected at the time: that Laxmi died from the use of Zinc Sulph cm (the aggravation). Compare: Zn (but in Zn. the action is primarily on brain; in Cadm. primarily on stomach)
Carbon Sulph Helped kitten dying of bloated stomach. Along with Graphites. Worse cold, wasted muscles, paralysis with intense congestion of nerve centers. TABES. Sensory difficulty in the limbs.
Chlorum 6, 30 Kitten with emaciation draws it. marked effect on respiratory organs, spasm of glottis. Gangrene, internal and external use. better carried. Inspiration free with obstructed expiration.
Clematis 3x Moon related itch The tetters (painful, not itching over the whole body)are red and humid while the moon is increasing, and pale and dry when the moon is waning.
Conium head of the analogues of Acon. It is to the glands and capillary system what Acon is to the heart and arterial system. In many cases Con may be regarded as the " Aconite of chronic diseases chronic diseases ." The other Aconite analogues, according to this author, are analogues, according to this author, are Cham., Seneg., Canth . and Phos. ac.
Conium corresponds to chronic or subacute inflammation.
Copiava and Sepia Teste says he is unable to find any difference between the therapeutic properties of Copaiv. and Sep. Both are antidoted by the same drug: Merc. cor. in the male, and Merc. sol. in the female, according to Teste, neutralise the action of Copaiv. almost instantaneously.
Crotalus It corresponds to the surfaces, and it corresponds to the haemorrhagic diathesis; to diseases caused by previous low states of system, by zymotic or septic poisoning, by abuse of alcohol, &c. Low, typhoid states, with oppressed nervous system, and degraded blood-supply often require it. Neuralgia occurring as a sequel of septic toxaemic, or even miasmatic disease; or chronic bilious, climateric, or albuminuria.
Cuprum acetate [Happened twice yesterday with Roo.] Worms, tapeworm, worm fever. when drinking, child bit glass or spoon; - cup ace
Cuprum Met The pains are increased by movement and touch. 
Cuprum Met [Peppy has the giddiness, the head swelling, the weak knees, dislike of touch. Hopefully this will save her life.] Head - Purple, red swelling of head, with feeling. Purple, red swelling of head, with convulsions. Bruised pain in brain and eyes on turning them. Meningitis. Giddiness accompanies many ailments, head falls forward on chest.
Cuprum Met During sleep constant rumbling in abdomen.
Cuprum Met Spasmodic affections, cramps , convulsions, , convulsions, beginning in fingers and toes, violent, contractive, and intermittent pain, includes tonic and clonic spasms, therefore includes tonic and clonic spasms, convulsions, and epileptic attacks. Chorea brought on by fright. Nausea greater than in any other remedy. Symptoms disposed to appear periodically and in groups. Complaints begin in left side ( Laches ). Tape worm (colloidal Cuprum 3x).
Gels [perhaps this will save her eyes] Orbital neuralgia in distinct paroxysms, with contractions and twitching of the muscles on the affected side. The same paretic condition is shown in the eye muscles, causing diplopia; in the oesophagus, causing loss of swallowing power; in the anus, which remains open;
Gels Stiffness of the jaws, the jaws are locked. Lower jaw dropped. Lower jaw began wagging had no control over it. Chin quivers incessantly.
Graphites 30 helps kittens with respiratory and intestinal problems; when stomach is hard with gas/dropsy. Reducing 7th cross tumour on leg. Pinching it down on the base. full moon stuffed ears; restrains growth of cancer, moisture exudes around anus, hard flatulent stomach.
gratiola 1m solar plexus  He regards it as "the vegetable antacid." It is said to have formed the basis for a once famous nostrum for gout, "Eau Medicinale." Indications are: Constant sinking but cannot eat; bitter taste. The affection of the solar plexus is very marked; cramps the solar plexus is very marked; cramps beginning at pit of stomach, and pains radiating therefrom; anxiety; gnawing; empty radiating therefrom; anxiety; gnawing; empty feeling; rolling about in epigastric region.
Grindela [The stopping of respiration or heart I've seen often awakening the sickest dogs. I just haven't been sure which really kept them awake. it happens to me too, and go it me I'm sure it is the suffocation that awakens me.] Respiratory Organs. Fear of going to sleep on account of loss of breath which awakens him (S). On falling asleep respiratory movement ceases.
Gunpowder Abscesses. Acne. Bites. Blood-poisoning. Boils. Carbuncles. Cuts, poisoned. Ivy (Hedera) poisoning. Osteo-myelitis. Tonsillitis, septic. Vaccinosis. Worms
Helleborus solar plexus Hungry, nauseated, uneasy sensation at the epigastrium showing its profound action on the solar ganglion. Cooper, who has studied the Hellebores very closely, says that they the Hellebores very closely, says that they produce the "sinking sensation" more produce the "sinking sensation" more intensely than any other drugs. The Winter Aconite ( Aconite ( Eranthis hyemalis) a close ally of Hell. n ., "acts on the solar plexus and works upwards, causing dyspnoea."
Indigo after third quarter up to full moon Indigo is not to pregnant females, pelvic inflammation or cerebral anemia in large doses.
Indigo solar plexus, helped Vijayathe.  The attacks have been sudden; apparently originating in the solar plexus, from which flushes of heat arise to the head; induced by cold or fright. A peculiar sensation is an undulating sensation in the brain (which I have also observed in a case of epilepsy benefited by Act. r The Indigo .  undulation causes obscured vision).
Ipecac 30 This incessant itching is so common in distemper survivors, is despaired of finding a cure. Maybe they're battling amoebic infestations in the gut as well. And the convulsive movements around the head and in the limbs esp. in sleep. Ipecac is good for worm fever, amoebic infections, 'convulsions' esp. about the face (calling it 'chorea' took me years of reading, lol ... I wish these homeopaths would use similar terms across the board so we can do a proper search:), and believe it out not, incessant itching!
Ipecac The dogs are reacting well to ipecac cm so far. Itching less, changing places less (less restless than with any other remedy). Woodward has noted the symptoms of Ipec develop in this order: ( 1 ) Gastric; (2) Respiratory; ( 3 ) spinal (4 ) Genito-urinary; ( 5 ) Cutaneous. In several instances, however, the cutaneous symptoms appeared before the genito-urinary. diluted, the tincture is used for the skin; It produces violent irritation of the skin and between the acts of vomiting an uncontrollable desire to scratch is often felt in those under the influence of material dose.
Ipecac (Roo seemed to get some relief from ipecac 30, maybe from the nausea induced by the jerking of eyes.) Ipecac (vegetable analogue of Cuprum ace). Autumnal dysentery; cold nights after hot days (Colch., Merc).
ipecac Another sphere in which Ipec. has shown . has shown great curative power is the eye. According to Allen granulations of the lids have been cured by the instillation of the dilutions. Also subacute inflammation of the cornea, with subacute inflammation of the cornea, with intense pain and great photophobia. Pustular conjunctivitis, especially in children. Inflammation with tearing pain and gushing of tears. Violent neuralgia of eyeballs, shooting in the head, with gushes of tears.
Iridium [This last reminded me of how weak but long in body the distemper puppies grow during their illness. With Rocky and Dumi too this might have helped. I felt that they died from internal septicemia and rot rather than the accidents they had.] Intestinal putrefaction and septicemia. Anemia , increases red corpuscles. Epilepsy; lupus. Rheumatism and gout. Uterine tumors. Spinal paresis. Exhaustion after disease Children who are puny, weak-limbed, and grow too fast.
Kali phos [Rocky had a massive bunch of boring holes in his thigh-buttock region. Maybe borax could have saved him.] Nerves that die from trauma.
Lachnanthes (Roo had been muttering away for 2 days now and can badly hold her neck up. 30 may not be high enough.) --A remedy for Bridge of nose as if pinched. A remedy for torticollis, rheumatic symptoms about neck. Tuberculosis Early stages, and established chest cases, with much coldness. Produces a desire to talk.
Millefolium intestinal bleeding? Millefolium invariably caused: First, rattling of fluid in the bowels, then dark chocolate of fluid in the bowels, then dark chocolate diarrhoea, changing to black, very offensive, finally blood-tinged. This lasted a day or two. It was at length found that Ars. iod . 3x . 3x in solution was a complete antidote. Given every ten minutes, as soon as rattling came on, it effectually stopped it.
Myristica A remedy of great antiseptic powers. Inflammation of skin, cellular tissue and Inflammation of skin, cellular tissue and periosteum. Traumatic infections. Parotitis. Fistulas. Carbuncles. Specific action in Specific action in panaritium .
Myristica Pain in the finger nails swelling of the phalanges. Hands are stiff, as if from squeezing something a long time. Coppery taste and burning in throat.
Myristica Hastens suppuration and shortens its duration. Often does away with use of the knife. Inflammation of middle ear, suppurative stage. Fistula in ano. Acts more powerfully often than Heper or Silica.
petroleum --Jerking and quivering Jerking and quivering of eyes and lids. of eyes and lids. -- Convulsion of eyes.
Pinus sylv. [The dogs actually itch around the sternum, and their skin hangs in folks like it had adhered to the ribs and breast bone. What kind of a disease is this??] Itching of whole body, worse about joints and on abdomen.  Itching of nose.
Pulsatilla "Metastasis of gonorrhoea to "Chilliness, with pains, yet wants cool room." "One-sided sweats." "Inflamed parts bluish." LACHESIS , , TARANTULA CUB .) "Pulsations through the whole body." "Metastasis of mumps to mammae or testicles." In any of these local affections we should expect to find the mind and modality of this remedy present or not be very confident of a brilliant cure.
Pulsatilla Vertigo and cloudiness as in complete apoplexy, especially when atmospheric pressure is low , as at the approach of storms, and on heights.
Pulsatilla Eyes . . Catarrhal symptoms. Pustules about the lids and over the ball; on the cornea. Inflammatory features. Thick, yellow-green pus. Granular lids. Continued formation of little pustules. Isolated granules on lids, grow out here and therein bunches as large as pin leads. Eyelids inflamed and bleed easily. Every time he catches cold it settles in the eyes and nose.
Pulsatilla Pulsatilla for head chorea
Pulsatilla [may be good for the head chorea and jerking in the eyes] Shootings with itching, or jerking pain, and contraction in and round ears; the pains sometimes come on by fits, affect whole head, appear insupportable, and almost cause loss of reason (may be accompanied by high fever, &c.).
Pulsatilla Earache with shooting down to teeth of lower jaw, worse when warm in bed. bed. Earache in both ears with violent occipital and frontal headache.
Pyrogen a ) From a non-fatal dose: The animal shivers and begins to move about restlessly. maximum being reached in three hours. Thirst and vomiting come on, followed by feculent and thin mucous, and finally bloody diarrhoea and tenesmus. In five hours these ze begin to subside, and the animal recovers with wonderful rapidity. When death occurs it is from heart failure. In non fatal cases with gastro-enteric symptoms the temperature gradually rises for four hours, 104? F., then rapidly declines to below normal. ( declines to below normal. ( 2 2 ) From a fatal ) From a fatal dose: There is intestinal haemorrhage.
Pyrogen After death purging, collapse, extravasations of blood are found in heart, extravasations of blood are found in heart, pleura, and pericardium; the spleen enlarged and full of blood. Mucostomach and small intestines is intensely injected with detachment of epithelium and exudation of bloody fluid, which distends the gut. The blood is dark, the corpuscles being in clumps instead of rolls, and many being dissolved in the liquor.
Pyrogen cm Roo smells green, and responded strongly to Pyrogen. Chill in bones and scapular pain. Restless. As Pyro is a product of carrion, the carrion-like odour of bodily emaciations, secretions, and excretions is a keynote for its use. Other leading indications are: Restlessness; must move constantly. better the soreness of parts. "Chill begins in back, between scapulae." "Severe general chill of bones and extremities." in the cases of fever commencing with pains in the limbs," Swan.
Spongia 6 kitten drew this after Chlor, then Aq. Marina. Cat Grey responded to this and his respiratory problems came under control when he was a kitten with Spongia t.
Stannum [could it be scurvy?] Kitten with hard abdomen drew this remedy. Lying with one leg drawn up. Better by hard pressure. Scurvy, tapeworm, worms, eyes drawn in (orbits, temples)
Stannum  Painful shocks across head. Burning in forehead with nausea, in open air. Pain as from suppuration in head externally. externally. Throbbing pains in temples. Painful jerks through l. temple, forehead and cerebellum, worse during rest, better from motion. --Burning tension on scalp just above r. forehead. above r. seq. Eyes sore, and, as it were, excoriated by rubbing.
Stannum Pressure in lids and canthi. canthi. --Burning lancinations in lids. --Itching, Itching, smarting, and Burning sensation in eyes. -- Nocturnal agglutination of lids. lids. --Pressive pain in l. inner canthus, as from a stye and clouded. --Jerking and quivering of eyes. eyes. Convulsed or prominent eyes.
Stramonium [the twitching is like Roo] Continually jerks head up from pillow; boring head from pillow; head bent back. The twitchings of single muscles and the squint mark Stram Stram . as the remedy for many cases of chorea. I find it correspond to about an equal proportion with  Agaricus; and when there is fright in the causation Stram . will almost certainly work.
Strophanthus and Apocynum Apocynum for sinuses and intestines The clinical effects of Strophanthus and the symptoms produced on patients to whom it has been given in on patients to whom it has been given in large doses, clearly show the relationship large doses, clearly show the relationship between it and Apocynum . Both produce intense gastric disturbance, extreme depression of the heart's action, and both control dropsical effusions and produce diuresis. Apo. c depresses the heart, kidneys, and intestines, relaxing sphincters. It causes an intense sinking sensation drowsiness and a bewildered state of mind. Dizziness. Haemorrhages. The dropsies of Apocynum are general dropsies with or without organic disease; swelling of every part of the body; cardiac dropsies. The excretions are diminished, especially urine and sweat. Hydrocephalus has been cured with it: "Child lying in stupor, with constant involuntary motion of one arm and leg." "Paralysis of left side; one eye motionless, one rolling."
Taraxicum off. [This might be a remedy for Icy. I can feel bubbling in his bowels and he struggles to evacuate.] Sensation of bubbles bursting in bowels. Tympanites. Evacuation difficult.
Tellurium [maybe why the Sulphur-Tellurium combo goes well with the Cuprum-argent-aurum set] Tellurium occurs in the native and in combination with gold, silver, lead, and antimony.
Tellurium Neglectful and forgetful. Pain in left side of head and in forehead above left eye. Distortion and twitching of left facial muscles; when speaking left angle of mouth drawn upwards and to left. Fear of being touched in sensitive places. Congestion to head and nape of neck followed by weakness and faintness in stomach.
terebinth --Diarrhoea with tetanic spasms.
Teucrinum I know most of my cats and some of my dogs could use this. Their respiratory problems could be threadworm related. No remedy meets more cases of threadworms than  Teucr.The nasal symptoms have led to the use of the use of Teuc in nasal polypus. Guernsey gives this as guiding: "Polypus with stoppage of nose on side lain on; large red pimples under right nostril near septum. sore and smarting to touch."
Thuja It helped the 7th main dog's cancer get covered by skin in 6x, once a week, in 3 weeks. Prominent among them are neuralgias (of which Burnett gives many examples), morbid skin disorders, indigestion, and constipation; warts and new growths of many kinds. In these effects a favourite method of Burnett's was to give a course of twenty-four numbered powders, only three or four of them medicated with Thuja 30; one to be taken at bedtime. With the same prescription he cured many cases of paralysis, his indications being: Left side of body; very chilly; worse in morning, in wet weather, and in cold:
Thyroidinum 12x  grows cold on the root chakra for Pummi (whose skin is sparsely haired, completely black and mapped and occasionally peeling).
Upas probably a good distemper remedy  - Severe twitchings in brain and orbits.

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