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  1. Im a veterinarian working in an NGO in Dehradun , India . Yesterday some1 abandoned a severely ascitic mixed breed St bernard at our shelter . She breathes heavily but appetite is good . Ascitic fluid is clear . Can u please suggest some homeopathic remedies for her ?

  2. Hi Mithila, I hope I'm not replying too late, but I've been without a computer and blogging blind from my mobile for a few months now.

    I've found that Apis 6x is the best given twice or thrice a day if its an old dog. It takes 2 days to begin to work. It's an excellent kidney and water balance remedy. If it doesn't help in 3 or 4 doses (you'll see the dog will be noticeably more cheerful or sleeping within an hour of the dose if its helping), you can try any of the others for 3 doses each separately:

    Terebinth 6 which also works to flush out the intestines of worms
    Ledum Pal 6 works wonders if there's been trauma and shock that lead to ascites
    Apocynum 6 is one of homeopathy's best kidney remedies if thats the primary problem area.
    Fluoric Ac 6 but not too many doses.

    Because ascites takes so long to develop, please don't give it in higher potencies. I've found the low potencies work best because they're slow and don't shock the system.

    A week of giving them individually or in combination should set the dog on the road to healing though that will take many months.

  3. I got 3 stray puppies with signs of distemper. All had the respiratory and digestive symptoms ( eye and nose discharge, sneezing, vomiting ). Just one puppy had neurological symptoms of twitching of the forehead and teeth grinding. Now the tremors have progressed to the limbs. At night, she makes some crying sounds. Apart from that, she has recovered and is eating fine, playing with her siblings.
    Could you kindly suggest homeopathic remedy for the tremors? They seem to be getting worse.

    1. Hi minnu, I'm surprised so many of them have survived actually - wipes them out usually. Good for u!

      Nightly might be bone pains, you can try phos acid and eup perf. Don't give more than 1 dose of anything. Just look for a change initially. if it is there, return to the remedy after a diff one.

      I've had little success with distemper. Those that recovered appeared to do it on their own responding randomly to one of these: Gels, sulph, Cup ac, Caust, Graph, Ign, Hyscamus, Lach, Zizia ... and more. Makes me sad, but :(

      Many are similar to this list, I think you should treat it like cerebral palsy (this is something I just found yesterday):

    2. I wish you and your pups the best! The three forms alternate with weather changes, so keep an eye open. Treat it as a brain disease - all virus attacks are on spine and brain.

      Let me know if any of these helped, or if I can help you further.:)


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