Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two more cats MIA

Before I forget, Meeoo & her daughter have been missing for two weeks now. A rascal carpenter in the next building kicked her in passing and she was pregnant. I hope she made it and is just hiding through the storm but even her daughter is gone so I don't know if something bad was done to them.

Still, I wait.

Even that kitten died

So much for thinking I could save one with gangrene. He died too, just now. His blood was black.:(

He simply couldn't deal with the larger feral males' attacks as he reached puberty.

I've realised being feral isn't just a simple wildness. These males have the same sceptical quality as humans - they've forgotten their links to other cats & humans.

I think the last two came home to die. They were barely with me 24 hours.

Lumbu's sister, Raji's 3rd died

Two more cats. All from a kind of thunderstorm asthma. Vipera, Arum T, Phytolacca have given some relief to them and the last surviving kitten & Raji.

She started eating again yesterday. Still got the swollen throat glands.

Tarantula seems to be helping the gangrene on the terrace kitten's foot (bite, wound or diabetic) with maggots.

Princess MIA or dead

Princess of the recycling place has been missing for 5 days. Most likely dead. They say she got dragged into a storm sewer or killed by a car. Fully pregnant so she may have been giving birth in one. RIP, love.:(