Monday, August 28, 2017

Roxy's Distemper cure by Vicky

Vicky has cured a puppy of distemper using a combination of vitamins, homeopathy and allopathy)! Here's how she did it verbatim from email:

"Roxy, this one was my greatest hit!! she came to me with distemper , which was in the diarrhea phase and had just started a bit coughing.This time I knew what to do!(with Charm I had not this knowledge).I started her on 6 grams vitamin C  ( 2gram  x3) daily, plus 100000IU  Vitamin A plus  echinacea and Pycnogenol.Additionaly 40 IU  RoferonA .Twice I let the whole night in the room a cotton piece soaked in Ether(yes Ether kills distemper!!!) I gave her arsenicum 30 CH  plus Aconitum 30CH  and Bryonia 30CH ( those homeopathic capsules she ate one day all together! haha she reached them on the bench and ate them ).The coughing stopped the second dayThe diarrhea took longer but she had worms because when I gave her panacur , a whole bunch of rice-like worms came out! after good deworming the diarrhea stopped alltogether.She had the IGG test inthe blood at the beginning after she came to me which confirmed that she had distemper(this puppy was never vaccinated).At the end of the therapy I made a IGM  test which was negative ,declaring that she had no active distemper.She got vaccinated twice ,eats like a horse and is adopted!!! I include 2 videos.In the first one she is behind bars in a shelter waiting to die ,before she came to me.In the second she is cured in my balkony.This was my greatest success because I killed the virus before even making eye nose and neurological symptoms!!! i am so happy."