Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Zinc and Copper

I got gypped but found zinc and copper yesterday at the gandige store.

Both make my heart expand to bursting when I hold them, but esp the copper.

So copper is the sacral chakra healer (ajna, heart above) & zinc the  root chakra healer, zinc also the brain (crown, throat above).

[I'm afraid one of my dogs might have eaten the zinc slab because I can't find it this afternoon. I hope it doesn't poison the idiot.]

(30/3 - found it under the bed th! I kept imagining I'd have to heal a 'torn up on the inside' dog that may be poisoned as well!)

Burp is RUNNING!!

Astonishingly after the major solar storm at this solar cycle end I thought Burp would be wiped, but the new energy ha already begun it's healing!

Today I absentmindedly stood him up early in the morning and got on with the chores. After a bit I heard him mewling (a sound he makes when he falls to be picked up) from a great distance.

I ran out and he was about 100 metres down the road. He saw me and got in his feet on his own and ran to me! The whole neighborhood was talking about him because they'd seen the condition he'd been in. (I couldn't resist plugging the amazing homeopathy behind it.;)

Many ppl resent me trying to heal dogs that vets put down. I have polarized neighbors - some hate what I do like I'm Satan, others praise me like I'm Jesus. (I'm neither except in their eyes. The animals know what I am - a conduit.:)

Anyway, Burp was so utterly thrilled by his achievement that he galloped up and down like a puppy, unheeding of speeding vehicles, making me chase protectively after him (and snapping at my hand when I'd push him to a side, the cur!:). He finally ran out of his overnight store of energy and allowed me to herd him indoors.

I think I'll celebrate with a special masala chai today!

In the meantime, dogs are getting paralysed on the periphery of my route. Three dogs I haven't seen in the last two days. I hope they survive the next two days of the solar storm and I get time to heal them.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I'm fairly comfortable with my understanding of science, esp math, physics and chemistry, so Viktor Schauberger fans calling both zinc and copper diamagnetic was very puzzling.

I thought they were a function of the number of electrons but it turns out to be something else. More later.

Ah! Transition metals - copper, zinc -  are an exceptions!!

"Transition metals, in which the unpaired electron is not in a d-orbital. Examples of these metals include \(Sc^{3+}\), \(Ti^{4+}\), \(Zn^{2+}\), and \(Cu^+\). These metals are considered diamagnetic because all d-electrons are paired. "