Saturday, March 18, 2017

Apis cm for the back of the head

The brain stem (back head chakra) is what it works on. I had the most dramatic experience of this a few years ago, the first using both Reiki and homeopathy.

At the time I was very suspicious of the guides, wondering if it was some kind of self-deluding illusion and barring craziness if they could be some demonic possession like on The Exorcist.:)

Apis 6 was a remedy they wanted me to hold on my hands when I slept. At some point in the night, my hand was around the back of my head.

A numbness started in the area just at my scalpline, spread up and deep into my brain which left the area cold and my body paralysed.

It lasted a half hour or less, but when I began to move I had an enormous headache for a day or two but after a brain fog I didn't know I had lifted and didn't get eyestrain headaches from computers ever after!

Hydrophobinum for headache before a storm

It's given during the spinal rising of energy to the back of the head region, between the front and back solar plexus during the cycle at 30 potency.

It clears the kind of headache that's around the eyes in the orbital bone which makes you nauseous and irritable. Like a sun headache. Scalp feels dirty and itchy esp when it's muggy and hot before a rain.

The kind of headache that extends to the triafacial nerve and jaw and makes you want to hide from the light.

It's the inflamed liver nerve in the spine - vagus nerve? What's behind rabies then is the same as distemper!! Poor creatures.


I'm a physically weak human yet when I hold a correct  remedy, animals all around me get healed. Distance doesn't seem to matter, intention definitely is key as is prana.

Accumulation of energy

The problem seems to be a massive accumulation of energy winding it's way up the spine, which then stagnates in the upper chakras.

In the weak kitten, it didn't make it past the solar plexus, epigastric, affecting the breathing and then that set off epiliform spasms that shut down the heart. You could smell the fecal breath - but the spasms clearly had a good function because the kitten shat - it was the spine waking up but the organs were already too weak.

In Burps case his breathing is affected too and his heart. The anxiety makes him cry for me all the time today after Hydrophobinum. Maybe 30 is too low but it's all I had. The energy probably made it up to his heart but accumulated there.

I had a sun headache after apis cm which hydrop cleared. So my accumulation was at the back of the head. Now, sleeplessness.

Diabetics and cancerics - 1

Diabetics and cancerics might be the sad story of the lack of evolution of man.

A diabetic probably cannot process the higher energies of good intention while the cancerics can't ground their energies at all until it goes wild.

We've probably been stuck here for absolutely all of history as homo sapiens.

I've seen the bad intentions of diabetics and it's not in their control. They're victims of bad guts.

The bad energy from the gut rises up the spine putting them in a waking nightmare of a Peonia state. Their hurtful, controlling actions stem from perceived slights, horrors and harms that they imagine are coming their way. "Terrifying dreams.  Delirium. Excitement. Apprehension with anxiety, afraid to talk with any one; much affected by bad news, Ill humour. Depression with irritability."

The next state is the Baryta carb "Confusion. Bashful. Repugnance to strangers or to society, Mistrust; Scrupulous, irresolute, suspicious temper, with mistrust of one's self. Fear and cowardice.Sudden fits of passion from trifling causes, Incessant activity, cannot remember and learn."

They lose their ability to be creative, living in this survival mode.

The next state is the Apis one. The energy accumulates at the back of the head, where many autonomous, instinctive and primitive activities are located. So "cannot think clearly. Jealous, fidgety, hard to please. Whining. Tearfulness. Jealousy, fright, rage, vexation, grief. Cannot concentrate mind when attempting to read or study."

Simultaneously, or very close together, they get the extreme sensitivity of the nerves and brain of Hydrophobinum which has "thoughts that something terrible going to happen come into his mind against his will; feels impelled to do reckless things, the mental faculties are in a superior state of excitement. Imagine that they are abused, and energetically defend themselves against attacks and insults. Strange notions and Insane ideas enter his head; for instance, to throw a glass of water, which he is carrying. Inclination to be rude and abusive, Exhilarated. Ill-humour. Hypersensitiveness of all the senses. Psychic skills like clairaudience, clairvoyance."

Peonia's bad dreams

One thing I've learnt from kitten's death is that opium is used at the start of the solar month, at the root chakra, not the chakras above.

Peonia too seems to lead to very bad dreams above the heart chakra.

For instance, I dreamt that the guides wanted me to put Juliet out on the streets again. I'm not ready for Abrahamic sacrifices, though it made sense that she's well now, older and can survive in her own. Still, she has developed relationships with other kittens and dogs and it would be cruel. I'm also a big critic of ppl who abandon dogs to the street.

I worried about it for days then asked the guides again and they said, "NO, that's what you dread and that's why you dreamed it had to be."

So this is the Peonia state.

For the last week, 4 ppl close to me have gone strange and standoffish. No doubt they're in a state of suspicion and anger from imagining I'm intending them harm. I've barely talked to them though so it's all bad gut energies.:)

Peonia then is best used at the root chakra to prevent this.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Baryta Carb for immunity

Day 9 of this solar cycle I've understood how toxic gut  energy can be moving the upward the meridians during this time.

Bar carb for the nose sinuses and shoulder pads when the energy is moving up the spine. it also heals the gut bacteria just before the navel (under the fat pad area).

New upper chakra healing from the guides

The guides are now showing me a single remedy for each solar day. I'm going to work out why it's important. From what I gather, I've done the last few cycles wrong for the upper chakras. At least, not well enough or with understanding.

The spinal energy beyond the heart is very fine, attuned to intentions and more to the higher mental-emotional side of healing.

Then there's the turning around of energy to head back down. I haven't a clue how that happens even after all these months.

The problem with homeopathy (and me) is too many remedies. They're not all exact to any disease condition or time so they just lie there unused.

I've got so many now that I'm embarrassed to die and leave them for someone else to throw away (like a friend did her dad's). Silly as that sounds, it's a real concern of mind - I've accumulated too many because I've no intention of dying without knowing how yo heal animals.:)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Oh no

It just occurred to me that I might have set off an aggravation with Opium 10m. They say no to both guilt trips, but here I'm putting them down as possible factors.

Either the guides made a mistake by selecting it over Avena sat or I didn't use it as they directed.

The guides hesitated between those two remedies after she ate quite a bit today (fish in the morning, chicken broth in the afternoon, etc). Avena (oat) would have helped with gut digestion, Opium would send the nutrients to the brain (this was my way of thinking then). They settled on Opium so I thought that it was time for her to improve.

I'd forgotten aggravations and also the possible toxic overload in the gut. And that it's got a role in euthanasia. I'm wondering if toxins flooded her system suddenly leading to the spasms that reached the heart?

The other thing was that the guides wanted me to use it in the head region only (probably to reverse the brain fog!) and I was an idiot because I used it on the gut.:(

But anyway, the guides say it was time got her to go and nothing will bring her back.
oh no the guides are just being kind I think. It's entirely my fault. I should have healed only the head region ONLY to lift the brain fog with Opium. But, by going to the gut, I overactivated the neural pathway to release toxins.

It's the wrong time in the solar cycle to treat the gut-mucus membrane-nerve, so close to the head chakras. And again the high potency!:(

It might have cleared the head if I'd done what the guides wanted. But they're right in saying she wasn't improving. I started treating her too late in this solar cycle.

[I don't give kittens any material dose anymore. Homeopathy with just Reiki is enough because they're highly responsive.]

Oh cyclone.

A cyclone Enawo in Madagascar. That's what it was. Kittens die when there are cyclones in the Indian ocean.

The solar storms pass on some kind of energy to the local weather and depressions on the water affect the Indian sub-continent.

I'd stopped following weather when I started on solar. How the hell can this be avoided?:(

A kitten died.

Just now a kitten died. She was the runt of Stripes' latest set of 5. She was half the size if the others, but I was convinced no worse than Rana and could be easily healed. How wrong could I be!

I've been giving her both Reiki and prana for a week now, but not really putting my back into it. The improvements of Burp and Old Monk of Ghli during that time probably made me complacent. Worse, my guides said she'd heal. Until yesterday.

She ate and drank and peed a half hour ago! but her mother ignored her and the guides wanted me to heal with Opium 10m which they'd never done before.  Also Phos 10m last night should have been another red flag. I was oblivious though. She had the same attack four days ago and survived with prana but not this time.

i went by and saw her at an odd angle off the hot water bottle. She was already dying. She made suckling sounds which she does when she's thirsty, lapped up some water but the clonic spasms went on until her breathing was infrequent and arrested, a quarter hour later she died.

I'm really shocked. She was improving over the last three days - her eyes, nose, breathing except for anaemia and a kind of thunderstorm asthma (just before the rains). I should have seen the remedy change the guides were suggesting was for euthanasia.

rip, tiny thing.

This is the third reversal of what the guides said: Rana who lives when they said he'd die, Burp lives they said he'd die too, and this kitten died when they said she'd live (when I last asked they were iffy.but I didn't pay attention).

Her mother brought them close a month ago, but I had Burp and the new puppy worrying me and didn't help this one. A week is just not enough. I was giving her attn only for 15 mins the first few days until the asthma attack too! That's on me.:/

It seems to hinge on weather as always. Also on something in my will. When I'm determined I put myself into the breathing more. Didn't do it as deeply this time.:(

Burp in a rush

The improvements are coming so fast in these first 10 learning days of the spring solar cycle!

Last night he began to stand with his legs apart (not stuck together) and this morning I loosened my hold and he stood in his own to drink water and pee. He's also standing strong on his right leg and shitting in that peculiar tense crouch of dogs - this can only be from the sciatica letting up.

And his bed's so clean! A real relief not to have to launder daily just for him. He's such a stickler for cleanliness that I'd have to change 8 - 10 beds a day that he soaked through or he'd yodel. So now he's got bladder & rectal control too. It must have started a week and a half ago but it's peaked now.

I hope it all doesn't go bad the last 12 days of the solar cycle - a time when gangrene and lymph problems predominate.

Uran nit 3 again yesterday, Vanadium today.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Could be spring

Perhaps it is that Burp healed because it is Spring, a time for regeneration. But I'm so grateful to the guides for not letting my courage fail me and resort to euthanasia.

Because though he's a whiny pain in the butt, stubborn and particular about his looks, the excitement and joy in his cataract-hardened eyes as his body obeys his mind gives me so much happiness.:)

This morning he initiated his first steps onto the road. What courage in his little body and what a fine will to live!

I haven't saved any dying flies or rats of late but I'm going to be less impatient and dismissive of life from now on. To each her life is precious, and  therefore it's precious to all.

A miracle

A minor miracle is in progress! Burp is walking in all fours!!! These guides are quietly amazing, AMAZING ppl.

He still takes a little time to warm up when he's dragging a bit. I'm still raising him and holding him up by his waist with a cloth, but a week ago unnoticed that he was trying to move the legs in time with the front set. Yesterday my heart stopped when he stood on all four!

His lathyrus leg is still with the toes curled back but he's putting weight on it.

Almost 16 yrs since Naina walked, I figured out how to repeat it. And for Burp, 3.5 months since I almost euthanized him in despair at the height of the internal healing frenzy.