Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dogs with one eye

When I was tweeting about the incidence of cataract and diabetes in dogs, ttdoc corrected the impression and said glaucoma is more common.

I've been thinking sadly ever since of the number of one eyed dogs and cats that have come and gone in my life. Ma Bekku being the bravest.

I have to make sure I treat the one eyed SBI and the bursting eye of Bugeye (somehow) at least once a week.

The dog with both eyes blind from glaucoma died 10 days ago. I knew she was going blind when I was treating Rocky since she was a few houses down but I didn't connect it to diabetes then. RIP, you innocent lady.

Mucor cooking

Mok is making sufu on twitter and I'm so excited. I've only read about this ancient use of mucor. My guides will be relieved to get past this long blank period with me on this subject.

A study of mucor and it's inverse relationship in the gut of people with obesity:

Day 1: hyphae
Day 3: disgusting smell
Day 5: Spices (boiled) added on day 5:  @siujin_mok Chinese cinnamon, star anise,dried Orange peel,fennel,Sichuan pepper,myrcia,clove
Day 6: Condiments preparing : Shanxi chilli powder, salt,wine and boiled spiceries water
Day 7: wrapped the mao tofu with chilli powder first, put them into the bottle and covered with plenty of salt.
Then put more chilli powder if u like spicy, and poured the liquid (wine+spice water) into the bottle, store in dry place with cap on tightly.
6 months.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Two steps forward

Burp has learnt to pee standing up today, and chase Juliet when she dances barking around him.

The improvements are tiny and complex. A week or so ago he learnt to shit standing up. He's a pain on the butt with the whining to be walked though - esp because he constipates waiting for it! I almost prefer him going off whenever.

All of this with me supporting him around the waist, of course.

But in a giant leap forward, this morning he used his third/ hindleg to balance for the first time.

The other leg is still stretched out with no flex in a Lathyrus state (i have to buy it, used up all last month).

He has a really hard time after the Vanadium which aggravates the liver and the shit is pure bile-less white hard balls.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mucor and Niruri

I haven't posted on this for a while because it's a biennial plant I realised later and I'd cleaned out my garden's entire supply.

The next set is guttering now but my guides want me to wait for after a seeding to pick and use them. Sensible, I'd not have been as thoughtful. Got a lot to learn!

With the picked tops they've got me infusing it in water. I've done that for a few days now. It tastes citrus-y. And is developing a fungus on the surface! Weird that it's so simple to alkalize water. Lol

I've kept it in a mud pot, my one proud contribution to the guides efforts.

Uran update

Now three more dogs and one cat have developed that same condition as Bakery Black did - a very deep irregular ulcer with gangrenous smell and flesh.

The area affected is usually a lymph node between major joints - brachial chakra, perineum (dogs) or the hip chakra (cat). In Burps case the first was hip joint and now perineum).

It could be the work of nitricum in Uran.

it always occurs 12 days after the solar cycle start when Uran nit is given.

Heals itself from the bone up - a little magnesium salt (I bused magnesium chloride for cat and magnesium sulphate for the dogs).

Cancer cure with citric acid

Cancer cure with citric acid, Bucay.