Thursday, February 2, 2017

2 street cats missing

Street cats are as punctual as dogs. These two I've known and fed for 6 yrs and 4 yrs approx. Both missing in this long solar hole. One's been sighted by someone this morning. Hopefully the other will return too.

Chilli powder

Stopped bleeding in Burp. In the wound over his joint that oozes when it moves (bloody pus still). Looks much better healed 25 hours later. From Suzie Dixon's post. Amazing.


Tried  dmso for the first time after much screwing up of my courage. I'd bought it long ago, last August, but my courage ran out with the slew of gangrene-paralysis-paresis cases in the street. All thoughts of micronutrients flew out of my head and only fixing the cause through either the moon cycle or the weather remained.

I applied it on my hands and arms first then after a little while licked it from the bottle nozzle and then a little on two dogs, Kenchu and Burp. Now an hour later we're all still fine. Bare hands.

Suddenly a leap

Now Burp is so much better! He's getting hair all over the previously gangrenized areas and, wonder of wonders, on his penis (something even poor Kenchu doesn't have!)."

Now we're into pretending that he's walking-normal by carrying him out when he yowls so he can shit and carrying him back in. Paraplegic animals are often fastidious and love that change of location. He rotates in situ on one hip joint and holds the other leg abducted to his abdomen. I guess this stage is just prior to actual flexibility.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

FIP season has begun

I haven't seen any cases on the street here, but I've heard today of an fip case on twitter.

I told the poor girl to yawn on the cat. I'm not sure it sounds entirely sane, but I hope she tries it.:) She hadn't heard of homeopathy and I'm not sure how to explain single doses and of the exact combo for her cat.. I tried to give her some rationale to work with including a Bechamp link and some sun info.

I might have prevented it in my 200-odd animals, but I'm sad that just beyond, there are shelters full of many, many cases. I'm not strong enough to do more yet. I'm not exhausted by my routine anymore but still not upto the kind of shock- excesses I pushed myself into before.

Burps slow recovery

Burp now has movement in both legs and flexure in one. He's able to turn himself around most days - today not so much because I applied Hekla lava 30 on petroleum jelly yesterday morning.

He's sitting up too, straighter than ever before. He's a real dog in the manger though - won't let other dogs go past him when he's sitting up!

His cataract seems less and his stools may have gotten more uniform.

All the dogs had absolutely white hard stools for a week after Vanadium 3! But now the liver pigment color is back.

Spleen and diabetes

So the spleen doesn't clean the blood in diabetes. Can't recall where I read it for a link, but this explains the swollen spleen in so many dogs and cats.

Burp was drawing so much energy on the lower left ribs a week ago (can't recall the remedy but try paeonia because he drew it all week or Bryonia or squilla) with the 'infected' pricking vibration that I thought worms in the small intestine, then pancreas but forgot it could be spleen!

Now, 12 days from the solar cycle start, 31/1, he drew energy again in that region but the pain was in my jaw joint and ears. So media otitis is splenic! All the pus and mucus around the bones of the head are from an inflamed spleen.

Revelation to me. So rhinitis, sinus issues ear nose jaw teeth probably even scalp sensitivity at the sun's 12th day must be healed by treating the spleen to clean the blood. With plant & animal remedies.

My nose has been blocked alternately for almost 5 days without a cold but would release suddenly allowing me very clear breathing. spleen again maybe.

Graphites again, minimum in sun and moon

Graphites again from last night. It's two days after the new moon and at the min in the solar monthly cycle.

Probably because of the moon position, and sunmin the impact of the solar hole was minimal. A few sniffles from a blocked nose but no scalp sensitivity or energy blocking.

I wonder if I mentioned nitric in Uran nit might have been the culprit? Today's drawing of Graphites makes me wonder if the carbon-nitrogen bond is the head and tail healers? The sulphurs are definitely around the middle of the cycle.