Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Found it!!

That weird saliva - bitter then sweet - when you do prana breathing for a long time is probably "dentinal fluid"!! Again, a scep ttonco made me read up as kept going on about a vegan's teeth. Came across a radical theory of decay explaining dentinal fluid.

I was elated because I knew the fluid wasn't saliva, it wasn't the exalted 'nectar' of the pineal gland, and it tasted like something I've tasted in my mouth since I was a child.

So happy!:)

#Solarremedies: Bryonia

Rising solar wind. Seems to ease the liver into the change.

Scep girl got me thinking

The last two days that scep psychiatrist girl's cheek has been popping into my mind making me smile. Other than a doff of the hat to science by mentioning parasympathetic and sympathetic (which is useful to alts, not cons:) she talks of Qi with gay abandon. Lol, poor kid round pegged among scep squares!

This made the light bulb glow on alts going the other way. Recently reading Brandon Bays I was struck by how she'd worded everything for the most benign reading of Guidance and God.

It was always "that intelligence that makes my heart beat" and "inner voice", "a feeling", etc.

No scep reading her work would be able to object to it -

Every bloody time I say "dem guides dey vant me to ..." I risk being committed to a mental asylum and a strait jacket.:)

Yet she's talking the same thing. Both of them are. Western white women seem to have developed a defense mechanism against hurt and rejection by the savage white male: they meek-en their feminine voice and challenge nothing so they don't burn as witches.

#Solarremedies: Hepar Sulph (lost count of numbers)

This does wonders to the hip joints, sciatic region of the spine and left (pancreatic) side of the body. At 200 potency.

It's helped other dogs: one with gangrene of the jaw (Prathiba's oldie - nothing else helped much, died under vet care). I've not used it much though because of the tendency to aggravations with profuse pus.

#Solarremedies: Naja, Cundurango

I'd noticed a few years ago that Naja works to clear toxins around the heart region, blood  stagnation as well. Lachesis seems to do the same around the spine and liver region. Elaps and Vipera in the lower body.

Burp is better

I've never realised that after gangrene the new flesh is complete. It's pink skin and fresh muscle and new bone - no wonder they debride repeatedly surgically. Burp is recovering some strength in one of the hind legs. The liver is less swollen.

Fingers crossed.

Old guy now paraplegic

Yesterday morning my prana-recovered old guy was paralyzed (paraplegia). He was bumped by a corncob cart in a careless moment. I heard him cry and saw it from a distance the day before. But I thought nothing of it since he was just sitting there and the cart guy was always around. The shock of that set up the paralysis by the next morning, unfortunately. 16 hard years of living on the road, so it was bound to happen, but I didn't see it coming.

He's fed partially by Rita I recently found out. I persuaded her and the whole street to let him stay and to care for him right there whether he lives or dies, from the Ayyapan priests to the ladies. By afternoon he'd gotten back enough movement in his spine to lift himself up on his forelegs with Sambucus (which was all I had with me). But it was to no avail.

Rita and SSR picked the old guy up by 4 pm and deposited him in a shelter, CARE. The vets there have said he's got some osteoporosis and they'll do what they can. I just hope they don't persuade Rita to euthanize. Sudha, who owns it, started off being very compassionate.

All for the best, I suppose. I have too much anxiety associated with caring for paraplegic dogs on the street in Vngr, where ppl change their minds in seconds, along with one currently at home that needs attention.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The gangrene of diabetes

The gangrene of diabetes is painless. To the bone. This is unbelievable until you realise that the sciatica & neuritis has killed all the nerves into the flesh from the spine itself.

So after the gangrene heals, the next job must be rebuilding the nerves from the spine.

To do that you have to heal the back enough to allow them some motion in the spinal area. 
To heal the spine we have to start at the crown chakra probably. Yesterday Sambucus nigra 1m was drawn there. The guides say he can be healed and will live and the remedy for cure will be plant or animal. I want to believe them, that he'll live, that I won't screw up... badly.

All kinds of errors in judgement are mistakes I've made before. Vets have explained it all wrong, making the gangrene the most important issue when it's the least. New cells come up and the healing leaves the legs in better shape than ever, except without the spinal strength, the body can't use those legs.

The legs resemble those of a polio patient, no flex only, extensor function. Makes me suspect that's what polio is - partial type 1 diabetes in kids. Sad that it has so many forms that they're ruining lives creating unnecessary, polluting vaccines for the same one disease.

Something amazing

I've never seen a dog or cat with gangrene heal before. But this old guy has.

After I had several full blown panic attacks, talked to several vet surgeons and animal lovers about gangrene and euthanasia, he recovered with Epsom salt washes, a couple of drops of Argent nit on the deepest tissue damage on the paralyzed limbs, prana, Reiki, hpathy. Bechamp and Enderlein justified then.

He drank loads of water initially like any diabetic, now less.

During the worst of it, the guides said no to cleaning his body with baking soda (which I thought would help kidneys for some reason), only a drop of dettol in lots of mag sulph, not mag chlor (as I thought). Even that just a surface swabbing.

He dropped many tapeworm segments in his faeces which changed colour and texture everyday.

Hepar on his bones and Vanadium 3 on his legs healed fastest. Arnica cm healed quickly around his penile gangrene, but hasn't been drawn again. A chipped hip bone is still healing and the mottled patches up from his penis to his solar plexus are still there. I realised that the urine is some toxic sugary mix that's attractive to bacteria where it splashes, but he doesn't want me cleaning it up - he probably feels chilled. I help him sit up and he cleans himself while I drip a few drops of dilute Epsom salt on it.

So I'm thinking it must have been an aggravation or clearing out. I've given him the Uran twice since in this solar cycle with the others, but a few days to go to see the effect (if it's an aggravation or not).

Sunday, January 22, 2017

#Solarremedies 2, 3 & 4: Arnica cm, Elaps, Vipera

When the solar wind is rising, 400 to 700 km/s, Arnica high seems to improve circulation in the upper body - Ajna to Solar plexus.

Elaps 6 & Vipera 30 for venous circulation in the lower body if the diabetic. Solar plexus to root.

Prana from a scep

Here's an interesting piece about prana: linking the pns & sns.

The thing is when we're young, we really care about making our interests look scientific and rational, I've said all this myself, even when we know it's a puzzling NOT. When we're older, we women are bolder and say it like it is.:)

Or she's energy-sensitive enough to feel that prana isn't oxygen, but not knowing what it is, she plows on doggedly to describe what it does.