Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I'm not suited to healing. My nature is to fight to save life with great vigour and energy. This healing with energy feels so passive  that my mind falls into despair and torpor. I've slept 6 hours straight two days in a row, twice a day.

Esp when the guides give no hope. I can't bear to heal when I know it's hopeless yet I can't ignore the suffering.

Maybe this is graduation. In the past, I'd yo-yo from great heights of hope to great depths of devastation when the animal I'm trying to save, dies. This, the guides telling me in advance of the hopelessness, is quite recent and I'm not sure it's a good thing because I'm not handling it very well. A lot of dogs are going unfed. But I'm not emotionally exhausted either. I think.

There's little to do. I'm washing the current leg with Epsom salt and warm water. The old dog licks it vigorously. I give him water and meds (mataji's gunpowder cm and drawing that they swear by) and laying of hands & prana when I can bear it.

The fur doesn't dry well so can't even do too much of that. He doesn't want a hot water bottle near his body so that's out.

Just waiting for death is awful.

I have to try something, the guides say feed herbs, but how? in milk? I've just boiled some and I'm going to try some now. They want me to give the mucilaginous basella. Let's see.
Yes, he's having the curdled milk with the boiled tips of basella and other herbs and oil. Perhaps I should stop the meat entirely and give this twice a day instead. The guides think these greens will heal him. (More even than prana and Reiki and homeopathy. At least in combo.:)

This old dog

It's gas gangrene. I knew I'd smelt that ammoniacal odor somewhere before.

Being non medical means it had to come to me in my sleep just before waking. That's why my guides say I won't be able to heal her, but they don't want euthanasia, vets or shelters. So I'm it until the bitter painful end.:(

The dog is eating well and drinking lots of water. Drew Graphites 30 then loads of Vanadium 3 yesterday and now Ars alb cm.

Ars is such a terrifying euthanasia remedy that I don't touch it. I think though that the distance is key - he's drawing it at 5 feet away and I shouldn't close the distance or it could act to shut down systems.

The uncontrollable shivering is part of the nerve death that goes with gas in tissues I guess, like the divers "bends".

I just need the courage to face the next few days with this poor creature and ease it's passing (chances of recovery are remote - one leg has already got inflamed and tissue death is deep. The lungs look hepatized and the liver is overloaded.

I'm just going to keep trying because, with the guides, there's always a chance they'll turn it around like they did with Tipu, Kenchu, Icy and Rani.

Prana on the fingertips

Prana unlike Reiki flows out if the fingerpads! I've never seen anything like it. Maybe when I'm more energized it will spread through to the palm but right now it is distinct from the centre of palm healing systems like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, etc

I wonder why it is.

Everything is diabetes then?:)

So all disease so far appears to be diabetes of the solar plexus chakra of one form, stage and/or state or another. All physical disease anyway. There's a nutritive phase for this and a cleansing one in the solar cycle.

These appear to be what we are healing with low potency and gross doses.

Mental diseases are of the ajna or forehead chakra. These diseases appear to take the form of scepticism, narcissism, withholding for power, being outraged on principle, doing one's duty (instead of more spontaneous and uncalculated emotional-mental risk) & superiority (real & perceived:). High potentists are healing this with homeopathy which requires greater skill.

It's maturity too because it's aging. Aging well in terms of grounding and poorly in other areas like empathy. What is the mechanism? I need to look into it but right now the physical SP disease should be my focus.

Once (or twice?) a solar month our nerve-brain control switches from ajna to sp/heart chakra.  Maybe the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic ns take over some of the autonomous functions giving it rest? Even cleansing it, because during the switch, our will power takes over - habits reinforce, indulgences deepen, we decide between life and death in what we do.

The universal prayer "Not my will but thine" might be just a relaxing and restful solar plexus stance that allows healing. A 'letting go and letting God' would probably heal during this change. It's around the 6th day in the solar cycle and the switch back on the 18th.

Every 12 days, up the spine from SP/Heart then down the front to it: Then down the spine and up the back again to sp/heart. Probably a maintenance cycle.:)

But this is the time that dogs and cats with a weak solar plexus overindulge and those with a strong will impose it in others. Balance is very difficult. Humans too are divided into victims and aggressors during this shift. The material accumulation needs to be processed and discarded or assimilated at the next shift up or you end up poisoning yourself. The bad blood of diabetics, the poor liver and kidneys and shock is renewed every solar cycle.

The Solar Plexus inflection point of Life

The solar plexus and heart are transformative for health. I'll cover this in a different way as well about healing it, but energy which is turned back at the heart pools and perverts at the solar inflection point heading back down and out. This unfinished cycle of energy as it is influenced by the sun and light, becomes diabetes.

Most animals die of diabetes, infancy and old age. Distemper and FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), HPV, HeLV and every other bullshit name is bullshitting diabetes. Cholera too. Maybe even polio is the paralysis of diabetes from neuritis. Makes me sad.

I made the connection with old fashioned Victorian 'distemper' and diabetes insipidus a few months ago and asked the idiot scep avocado, but he probably doesn't know medical history through historical romances like I do.:p

I know millions of children in the U.K poor houses (Dickens) and gentry died of 'distemper'. Most of the women dying during the labor of childbirth died of diabetic exhaustion.

Vax probably also leads to diabetic complications in animals and humans.

(Just to think that I and my friends have been falling into diabetic comas around 11am and strokes in the sun that no one's recognised, makes me feel faint all over again!!;)

Today I know that sucking of energy I feel around diabetics like K & A and so many others who drain me. I feel it around sceps. I told J she needs a check up and to start homeopathy for diabetes if she's not getting on insulin.

J. gets so bad sometimes that I can't wake her up with repeated phone calls! I've told her to keep sugar and water beside her while lying down to nap in the forenoon. I'm so afraid for her because she's alone until the evening at home. She barely can rose herself to pick up the phone. K too, but at least she's on insulin, protected from the extremes during CME to geomagnetic.

Every problem with the solar plexus varies with the sun. That's why tests don't always catch the pre diabetics and infants and all the versions of it.

This is one half of all human disease. The other half is of the ajna.

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Solar remedies for healing diabetes: 1. Nat mur 3

I've decided to make a list of all the solar remedies I've been using, how and why I think diabetes is related to the sun, for twitter. That idiotic 140 limit makes it difficult to put it clearly. But sharing is what the guides are up for again.

The first and best remedy to start seems to be nat mur. Both Bashir and Ojas have covered this on account of it's effect on shock and PTSD. It works all the way back to the shock of birth (another day!:) but especially the shock and trauma to the flesh by the sun.

The 3x brought out continuous tremors and shivering in the old rescue male which lasted for a few days (2 weeks almost from the one time I healed with it after I brought him home). Today I noticed his tremors had stopped. I put Nat mur 12 Biochem on Icy''s water amd he puked water up for 3 days straight making me fear for his life. Keeping those two in mind, go slow.