Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tippi aborted!

I'm having trouble processing it but Tipi aborted while I was healing her. She came after nearly 24 hours and hadn't eaten in 4-5 days so I was afraid the gangrene around the back solar plexus had killed her.

I thought the dogs had puked when I saw some watery blood and some shiny meat - it was her water that had broken and two foetuses. One was nearly 5 times large than the other and more fully formed.

The tiny foetus was probably long dead and dry from a lack of prana - maybe from tipi's asthma not allowing two.

It could have caused the gangrene and septic fever Tipu has had for days.

The guides first said she needed a vet and then they said it was fine and I needed Hyscamus. While I knew she was pregnant, I was still busy trying to heal the gangrene & maggot holes on her back.

While I was healing with Hyscamus, I felt he stretch a few times under the blanket and thought she was relaxing. She must have aborted the first then. She walked a few feet and aborted the larger healthier one next to the sleeping dogs.

Second complication in Simba's gfs. Just like Shilla, except Tipi came to me for help from the start. Shill just died from having tried on her own too long.

She's still dangerously weak but might make it. I'm exhausted and can't decide how I feel. I'm just glad Tipu is alive. I'm sorry for the babies but better they're born after Tipu heals fully if I can help her to that, if she lives.

The guides were right to say she needed a vet. I should court one who'll come home.:/

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