Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thinking these deaths through

I'm really terrified to see the rate at which they're dying this and last year. Granted they're born in larger numbers than ever before - fertility seems to have sky-rocketed, but they are using less cat DNA codes to live than ever before.

The vast number of kittens don't seem to know how to adapt to the earth storms or ground waves or solar events.

For example, 5 kittens at the hotel died one after the other. I asked them to wait a few months vbut they just love cats so they went out and brought 3 more of which 2 still survive. There are more kittens available than ever before, so they find plenty, but rarely do they mature to adulthood.

My own unnamed kitten came on his own and ate well for a few weeks but the minute he began to use the nutrition to grow, he began to die.

It's always preceded by constipation so it works it's way up from the root chakra or the sacral during sexual development.

One common thing is also resistance - the hallmark of diabetes. Fear itself, the feral state, is a resistance. This breaks down with prana but not fast enough for healing as I've seen with this kitten.

He just kept getting colder and colder but would reject heat. I've read that that's how the body maintains it's core temperature.

I could not get him to warm up except last night after his 3rd drop dose of ORMUS from pink salt - he did better after each dose but the effect would wear off. I'm so new to it that I didn't know if I should give more since he'd reject it and water when offered.

He warmed up for 2 hours and then went down again after 3 am as the sun cycle began.

It's linked to an inability to grow using the sun radiations. They sleep through the sun cycle and develop pranic deficiencies. They improve at night but then go down again the next morning.

I'm so sick of this dying going on!! I've asked my guides before and will again: how can this problem be overcome and they sail through to adulthood?

V aunt's last kitten may be dead too. Haven't heard it mew since yesterday.

3 dogs in Vngr died within 2 weeks of that damned anti rabies vax. Good knows how many thousands more.

Forced on street dogs just before the monsoon throwing their immunity out of whack.

AWOs have little choice (part of the govt handout agreement) though they could maintain the cold chain better!

It's an endless stream of deaths.

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