Saturday, June 3, 2017

There's no stopping this.:(

There is no stopping these deaths. My guides say nothing will help - not Reiki, not homeopathy, not ORMUS. (Not surgery, allopathy or antibiotics either in case you're wondering.:)

It's part of the earth change. Maybe this is one way it throws off suffering. It's been getting worse since 2014 though last year I thought it would improve, there were some improving but  that seems to have gone back.

That's it then. We just keep doing what we do and ... wait?

ORMUS seems to speed up the process like homeopathy and Reiki.

But the astonishing thing is how painlessly both he and the kitten seem to have died. There's no sign of struggle around either (Kenchu had vomited a little - maybe he choked on it? I'll never know). Usually they pee & shit in the last trying to let go of root prana. Neither had that.

Maybe this is what happened to the Egyptians. They realised that higher level healing is dying on the physical plane. Maybe when the great drought hit Egypt they all used ORMUS to move on.

Certainly ORMUS users are dying and aren't immortal. Laurence Gardner died.

I'm not going to give it to animals again until I fully understand it myself.

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