Saturday, June 3, 2017

Such insight from Barry Carter

An enormously deep talk on ORMUS! So many insights (but he doesn't sound well at all).

Barry Carter says in this (audio) the DNA is like an antenna and connects us to a nonphysical pattern that helps us grow right. But if we damage the DNA then we're killing the ORMUS that's in our DNA, the inner net. Our sense of community comes from the ORMUS resonating with other ORMUS and when we are depleted we lose that.

I agree!

This is what leads to the disease causing fear, anxiety and isolation. They can't sense the deep interconnectedness. Then the lone wolf syndrome happens and ...get sick (mentally and physically). This is what's happening to the distemper cases.

Here's a very interesting detail that confirms my observation of copper-solar plexus link to this disease state of diabetes/distemper: Jim, a friend of Barry, trapped ORMUS from the air and made it into metal and he found that it was mostly copper (different sources have different ORMUS).

So air/heavenly ORMUS is responsible for the copper imbalance diseases!! At the very root of it that's what distemper is: too much copper and not enough earth prana.

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