Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 2 ORMUS use

Yesterday the day went on with a sore throat and in a very easy flow of healing energy.

This morning I took a quarter teaspoon of ORMUS.

No aura flashing that I noticed but my right eye watered for a quarter hour. I noticed an increase in attention span because I got all my morning work done rapidly. Usually I can flutter around getting nothing done, frustrated and worried sick with sick animals around.

But I was too worried about the kitten not recovering to pay attention to anything else. The kitten died before I got home.

At about 5 pm after I buried the kitten 3 hours before, I felt a lift and expansion of my heart chakra that went on and on rising to my throat and wiping away the grief and hopelessness.

That's never happened before. I'm usually choked up and weighed down for hours no matter how much the other animals clown to cheer me up.

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