Sunday, May 28, 2017

Brownie died

The little black & white teen died last solar cycle around this time, if I forgot to mention it.

Today I heard that Rita's Brownie died on Wednesday (same as Shilla during the earth or groundstorm - that's what I'm going to call it).

Rita wouldn't let me treat the tumour, insisting on surgery 2 months ago. I had to agree because Brownie was in so much pain. I knew Elaps would heal the ulcerating tumour because she drew it so much.

When Rita brought her back I knew there was no chance for him to survive - her leg was filled with water (milk leg) & constipated and Rita was happily oblivious. I said my goodbyes to her quietly and didn't try again. Brownie would lean her head against mine and press in silently pleading.

But Rita and SSR have argued emotionally for allopathy before. The last oldie died not 6 months ago because of their enthusiastic kidnapping and sheltering. But they won't listen to reason - 16 dogs have died because of SAR in the last year. All over UPO, animal lovers have noticed her fatal allopathic interventions. Rita has lost 7 dogs now, she had spent 20k for Brownie, quite a badge of animal loving these days, but for a useless medical procedure that didn't address the cause. But, hey, live and let die.

RIP, Brownie.

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