Friday, April 7, 2017

Radioactive diseases?

I wonder if these diseases, fip, distemper, diabetes, are radioactive reactions to the sun?

Le Bon proved that everything on earth becomes radioactive when exposed to sunlight, esp certain rays he called 'dark light' beyond the ultraviolet. Moray called them "radioactive gusts" more powerful than  gamma rays.

It shows up esp in the densest materials, therefore our bones are affected first, and endocrine system where hormones have a high heavy metal concentration and nervous system which are electromagnetic.

It explains the excitation phase of all these metabolic diseases, followed by the rapid decay of soft tissue.

My Juliet has vanished for the second day in a row. I'm just going to wait to see if she'll come back alive. Maybe she's gone away to die. She just drank some milk this morning for the first time in 3 days and didn't puke up water since last evening. Looked so hopeful!:(

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