Thursday, April 6, 2017

How to Prana Yawn - 2

Sit or lie down comfortably next to your cat or dog within arms reach.

Breathe in air yawning in little gasps taking it deeper into your lungs until you feel it pass the flap at your solar plexus.

When you breathe out again through your mouth, direct it to the animal's forehead while keeping your hand(s) in front of it's nose about 4 inches away.

If you can, add a good intention like, "this energy heals you in every way".

You will feel your hands being pulled in small circles or further in or out, let the energy guide that.

While breathing in, imagine a lightning bolt it is faster and goes deeper.

Another thing that makes it heal faster is holding a homeopathy remedy in your hand. In this I let the guides choose the remedy.

Even if you start unsure if you're doing it right, the guides say that they will help anyone who tries, so stay open.

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