Sunday, July 30, 2017

Four kittens, three rats, one dog died

Yesterday two healthy looking rats (except for eye inflammation - internal gangrene perhaps) came out of their holes and died. One more today.

It's this unnatural heat with an energy spike that's sucking the life out of all our creatures.

One of Stripes' kittens and one of V'athe's Putti's kittens died. Both of S's Chikki's kittens died.

The old SBI black one-eye is missing from a week, most likely dead.

So many with gangrene starting up from the tail or in a wound.
All in one week! This eclipse that's approaching, maybe?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Old nam lady died

This dog never missed the meal I've given once a day in 12 yrs. But the last few months, even her last meal, which she ate fully, was by sheer willpower. RIP, love.

Her daughter and two boyfriends survive her.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

ORMUS update

Ok, the guides don't care for me taking ORMUS much.

The last ORMUS I took a week ago seems to have finally got assimilated.

First the ants then sceps and today a massive blow-up by unstable neighbour. This seems to be a karmic generator of sorts. I don't seem to react with any stress though. It's like I'm in a bubble.

I also saw gays in a different light. Not as a pitiable group but an exploitative lot using the heterosexual male bonding for their own purpose. MF being blocked finally with that view. Has to be an ORMUS insight.

I saw flat earthers too for the first time as the indigo children we heard of from Kryon. For 20 years I thought it was bullshit - but here they are with their unique insight and clarity tearing up the veil of a globe. What greater revolution can there be?

Still, maybe I'm not ready for such violent karmic interactions with ppl (I've known Ashok since he was a kid and to see him so bloated physically and egoistically made me very sad). And insights that are simply unpopular.:)

They want me to give it to the plants though. Barry Carter says he needs to water his plants only once in 2 months now.

So far so good

No animals died since the last energy spike. There's a new one starting now maybe. The discharge seems to be in earthquakes far away. Strange.

The earth must be trying to avoid discharge with distribution but that fails catastrophically into an earthquake.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Two kittens and a puppy died

Two kittens (Stripes) died today and a puppy 2 weeks ago in an energy spike.

He was flaccid and paralyzed when I picked him up in the evening in k.r. market (the shopkeepers were throwing water on the little lad not realising he couldn't move from paralysis). Died the next afternoon.

There was nothing I could do to arrest the wasting. Twice in the last two weeks I thought the kittens would make it but the energy spike combined with the full moon brought up too much inflammation. Last night, 3 days after the full moon, I thought they could make it but they'd died by morning. One sibling was still sitting on them in an attempt to keep them warm, the poor love.

RIP, little ones.

Spikes in Schumann, CERN?

A drop in electron flux or CERN at full power or Schumann Resonance aftereffects lead to two more spikes yesterday. (Jen helpfully put all three in my head!:)

Again prana wouldn't flow.

More benevolence all around

Around 2015, maybe even before that, I noticed ppl being less cruel to dogs.

This year esp after pup, I'm noticing cats and dogs trying to get along.

This might be a Schuman Resonance effect? I read an article that said there was entrainment when consciousness rose.

More on prana

It's good intention with every breath not just the ones with the yawning that works.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Distemper is electric! Copper bite & collar

The grounding I tried did nothing. The guides wanted me to discharge it around the body with copper unrelated to the earth.

The copper in the mouth seemed to strengthen her. She sat up and began moving. But she'd spit out the wire.

Prana would bring her up to consciousness, so she could blink and move her eyes and close them.

Distemper is some kind of charge built up in the brain - it must be electrical, and therefore the muscular loss of control. At least for sure at the time of death. It explains the irritability and the connection to the weather!

Are we all like lightning conductors then?

Prana, not for the first time. Once when she was attacked by Gingercat, she stopped breathing for 5 mins and it brought her back, and her survival from kitten to adulthood owes a lot to it, and 3 times before she died, the attacks would vanish with prana yawning. But there's only so much one can yawn!:)

Even putting copper in the mouth is impractical except at the very last. But it seems to balance some brain waves. (I can put a copper collar wire on them so I have, loosely, on the ones that look affected.)

This leads me to think that the teeth have some direct connection to the brain. Epileptics are traditionally given a copper object to bite to shorten the fits.

I'm a victim of the charge myself! I develop tooth and jaw ache too and Cu wired myself with the cats and dogs. So in the evening, I bit into it. To my astonishment my jaw and teeth were trembling! So minutely that I didn't notice except for the clacking sound. In 20 minutes the pains were gone!

That's how Cu helps reduce toothaches from weather changes too. These toothaches are some kind of jaw & gum adjustment and you can hear a kind of clacking sound occasionally as it settles, like a house in the wind. There's active movement in them teeth!:)

The other thing I've been thinking is that this distemper/type1 diabetes is likely prana imbalance that yawning can rebalance in the trigeminal?

No wonder they're all drawing the diamagnetic elements and the epileptic remedies!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I've been trying to see if Rahu kaala has anything to do with the deaths.

Both Tipu and Karia died just after Rahu, within the next hour. Tipu might have gotten worse even on the Yama ganta, the hour of death.

Forgot to check for the rat.

Not much to go on but I'll try to keep track.

Karia died

This kitten was a Trojan to the end.

But the day before yesterday a rat died - just crawled out of it's home and couldn't breathe. Died a half hour later. Even with a few breaths of prana (I was on my way out with guests) I could see it was hopeless. I wondered then at the resilience of Karia.

But yesterday and today there was no meat from Ramadan closure of all the places, and Karia just couldn't survive that change as well.

Her body was probably using the fresh food to push the old out, no peristalsis at all.

I started giving her prana from 2 pm with Hyoscamus 30 (no dose) she perked up and then went down as it clouded over. I picked up the contact dizziness and breathlessness. Guides said no to everything but a piece of copper in her mouth and around her neck.

Again she perked up at about 6 pm and wanted to sleep with Tiger, her best friend, so I put her in their basket. Around 7:45 pm he moved away and i knew her time was up. She died a few mins later. RIP, stubborn little friend.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Earthing grounding

I've found an old radionics earthing device! I've stopped ORMUS so I can try this grounding thing for the last few days

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Remedies for respiratory

This set seems to be for all the childhood distemper survivors who couldn't shake off the respiratory.

The brain-ANS link is what kills them with thunderstorm asthma. Their fear and anxiety is linked to a kind of youthful dementia from a lack of prana.

Paralysis of all ANS movements - peristalsis - leads to inflammations, gangrene, mucus, pus.

Hyoscamus 30, 10m (pre clouding, storm)

Rumex 6, 50m (bleeding from the nose for 3 days though in Gundi)

Bufo 3, 6, 30

The lower potencies are safer (only tried rumex high nose dose for Gundi) but aggravations seem common esp low potencies.

Sadly no complete healing of any serious case yet - Blackie has got her voice again after nearly 6 years! but her respiratory, bile and acid problem persists. Karia died just now.

A General Observation

Most plant remedies are drawn in very high potencies. The guides often recommend them in 10m & higher. One reason might be that they're more closely allied to the plant protits in the mitochondria and can work on ATP at the deepest level.

Animal remedies are drawn 6x - 30x usually unless they're used for euthanasia. For euthanasia the guides usually pick very high Kali cyan and hydrocyan so the snake poisons and spider venoms. For Kenchu it was Bufo 30 (and Lith Carb 6), both in life and death, so it can vary for cytotoxic purposes.

The elements vary greatly in potency depending on their positron in the periodic table..

The two extremes of the periodic table are usually given low to correct the excesses of acidity and alkalinity.

The transitional elements, being potential ORMEs, are given higher.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rocky's down again

Tipu is dead

Tipu died at 6:35 pm. After the miscarriage yesterday I'd hoped she'd live. Her babies made a sacrifice I thought would save her.

This afternoon the guides suddenly said I should take her to a vet but not any vet I mentioned (later I realised that it was for euthanasia). But soon after I got home and Tipi was so happy to sleep under my legs they changed their mind, and were adamant that I heal her with Aur met, Vanadium, Kali Bich.

Strange but they're transitional metals, ORMUS. I realised she was throwing her body around and had an inkling she might die at 6:15 pm. As late as that!

I'm explaining it because until then she was breathing better with prana. She sigh with a kind of clutching cramp but if I yawned prana on her it would recede. She was breathing hard but not more than dogs in sleep!

Even after 6:15, when I suddenly realised I could no longer draw in prana myself, that something was wrong, I sat up to breathe better and checked my new Hindu calendar app - it was Rahu kala in Shani (Saturn). Still she tried and I tried to get the prana in. When she stopped breathing, my prana flowed easier and I kept breathing it on her.

The trembling began in her legs then flowed up her body and out of her eyes and forehead, leaving pins and needles in my hand over her head and my scalp hair standing on end. It went on for about 20 mins, and then she stretched her hind leg. I got scared I wasn't letting her go and stopped breathing on her.

Death came suddenly but it was not so easy for the last hour. The guides said no to Tarantula, pyrogen & I objected to carbo veg, though she was moving up and down the bed and under my sheet for the last half hour unable to draw prana in breath. She was completely dependent on my prana. They didn't want any remedies at all only prana yawning but settled on Aur met and Vanadium when I got distressed.

Vanadium 10m eased the trembling in the limbs slightly. Aur met 6 cleared my sinuses around the eyes so maybe hers too, but very briefly.

Perhaps these are the remedies for prana to reach the tissues in those with respiratory issues like thunderstorm asthma.

This is the first dying animal that had prana leave from the eyes and forehead, so maybe it aided that?

It's an old eastern tradition to break the crown after death to allow the prana to escape from a high chakra for gurus in some traditions.

Tipu was so gentle she deserves a place among them with a high chakra exit. RIP, my little sweet companion.
I've learnt a few things from Tipu:
1. She and Shilla both got pregnant off-season and had thunderstorm asthma, half- healed childhood distemper.
*These* are the female cats dying of miscarriage and abortion. The males aren't fully healed too - the mating is badly timed.
2. Ulcers and gangrene are from a lack of prana flow. Esp near the spine - Tipu had one at the base of her spine that healed poorly about 6 months ago. These move up the spine because this time it was at the back solar plexus & spreading down the right side.
3. They're also mating poorly because of forgetting their relations. Tipu and Simba didn't realise they were related.
4. Prana yawning can heal the condition like in Rana who barely notices the weather change, but the healer must be very practiced.
5. Prana raises sexual energy. Tipu would never have got pregnant if I didn't half-heal her 8 months ago. If I'd only known, I'd have tried harder to heal her fully in the intervening months!


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rumex for pregnant cats

Pregnant cats with respiratory issues suffer doubly during/ reacting to weather change. Thunderstorm asthma probably killed Shilla's foetuses and then they purified without her being able to abort them. All from a lack of breath prana.

Tipu had got pregnant at the same time by Simba. She's running a fever now as she tries to get enough prana for herself and her unborn kittens.

Rumex seems to help with yawning. Let's see.

Tippi aborted!

I'm having trouble processing it but Tipi aborted while I was healing her. She came after nearly 24 hours and hadn't eaten in 4-5 days so I was afraid the gangrene around the back solar plexus had killed her.

I thought the dogs had puked when I saw some watery blood and some shiny meat - it was her water that had broken and two foetuses. One was nearly 5 times large than the other and more fully formed.

The tiny foetus was probably long dead and dry from a lack of prana - maybe from tipi's asthma not allowing two.

It could have caused the gangrene and septic fever Tipu has had for days.

The guides first said she needed a vet and then they said it was fine and I needed Hyscamus. While I knew she was pregnant, I was still busy trying to heal the gangrene & maggot holes on her back.

While I was healing with Hyscamus, I felt he stretch a few times under the blanket and thought she was relaxing. She must have aborted the first then. She walked a few feet and aborted the larger healthier one next to the sleeping dogs.

Second complication in Simba's gfs. Just like Shilla, except Tipi came to me for help from the start. Shill just died from having tried on her own too long.

She's still dangerously weak but might make it. I'm exhausted and can't decide how I feel. I'm just glad Tipu is alive. I'm sorry for the babies but better they're born after Tipu heals fully if I can help her to that, if she lives.

The guides were right to say she needed a vet. I should court one who'll come home.:/

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kenchu was 10

I was telling my neighbours and friends about Kenchu when one reminded me that he was here 9 years and I'd picked him up as a 1 yr old.

Somehow that makes me feel better. He had a long and happy life except for the itching and hypoglycemic hunger which I did my best to fill.

How time flies! I remember it like it was yesterday that I picked him up and fell in love with his trusting, smiling eyes.

I promised him a cure that I couldn't deliver. But I finally understand this enormous disease we call distemper/type 1 diabetes.

Very few remedies helped him in those years, Psorinum being the most striking. But my fear of it meant that I rarely used it.

He was drawing Bufo 30 and Lith Carb 6 the day before he died.

Such insight from Barry Carter

An enormously deep talk on ORMUS! So many insights (but he doesn't sound well at all).

Barry Carter says in this (audio) the DNA is like an antenna and connects us to a nonphysical pattern that helps us grow right. But if we damage the DNA then we're killing the ORMUS that's in our DNA, the inner net. Our sense of community comes from the ORMUS resonating with other ORMUS and when we are depleted we lose that.

I agree!

This is what leads to the disease causing fear, anxiety and isolation. They can't sense the deep interconnectedness. Then the lone wolf syndrome happens and ...get sick (mentally and physically). This is what's happening to the distemper cases.

Here's a very interesting detail that confirms my observation of copper-solar plexus link to this disease state of diabetes/distemper: Jim, a friend of Barry, trapped ORMUS from the air and made it into metal and he found that it was mostly copper (different sources have different ORMUS).

So air/heavenly ORMUS is responsible for the copper imbalance diseases!! At the very root of it that's what distemper is: too much copper and not enough earth prana.

Sweetie has a growth

Sweetie I discovered today had a growth in her solar plexus region. Again guides say surgery won't help but neither will homeopathy, reiki, etc.

I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now. These are physical blocks but there's no changing it??:(

There's no stopping this.:(

There is no stopping these deaths. My guides say nothing will help - not Reiki, not homeopathy, not ORMUS. (Not surgery, allopathy or antibiotics either in case you're wondering.:)

It's part of the earth change. Maybe this is one way it throws off suffering. It's been getting worse since 2014 though last year I thought it would improve, there were some improving but  that seems to have gone back.

That's it then. We just keep doing what we do and ... wait?

ORMUS seems to speed up the process like homeopathy and Reiki.

But the astonishing thing is how painlessly both he and the kitten seem to have died. There's no sign of struggle around either (Kenchu had vomited a little - maybe he choked on it? I'll never know). Usually they pee & shit in the last trying to let go of root prana. Neither had that.

Maybe this is what happened to the Egyptians. They realised that higher level healing is dying on the physical plane. Maybe when the great drought hit Egypt they all used ORMUS to move on.

Certainly ORMUS users are dying and aren't immortal. Laurence Gardner died.

I'm not going to give it to animals again until I fully understand it myself.

Kenchu died last night

Kenchu died in his sleep last night! It must have been during sunrise because at 6 am when I  awoke his body was still warm.

This is a shock. He came for his evening walk, barked at all his enemies and ate his food. He didn't want the midnight walk which he loves but when it's windy he gets very cold so I thought nothing of it.

On the night walk, three cops asked if he was still alive because he's always so conspicuous. For a half hour I suspected poisoning because of the peculiar question - but though he went off on his own, ate from strangers and garbage, it's not possible. No one could be so cruel to such a sweet dog.

He was 10 years old and has survived distemper by losing all his hair.

A lawyer gave him allopathy (probably ivermectin) over a few months which may have contributed, but his intentions were good, and he stopped a few weeks ago when the skin got worse.

I put a little ORMUS on his forehead 3 days ago and maybe that contributed too. Kenchu was so bright and cheerful right until midnight, more than usual. Was it a healing crisis or was death itself a healing? I'll probably find out in my own passing in 6 years.

The 3 deaths in Vngr and Kenchu indicates the change of season, the start of the monsoon, which is hard on diabetics. But that means that the 3 deaths weren't related to vax but weather (depression near Sri Lanka) & ground waves.

RIP, my little warrior.
I felt that heart lift about 2 hours after the kitten died. Today my grief over Kenchu went on and on, heavy as a stone. But just now I felt it lift and expand again 14 hours later. This must be the work of ORMUS.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thinking these deaths through

I'm really terrified to see the rate at which they're dying this and last year. Granted they're born in larger numbers than ever before - fertility seems to have sky-rocketed, but they are using less cat DNA codes to live than ever before.

The vast number of kittens don't seem to know how to adapt to the earth storms or ground waves or solar events.

For example, 5 kittens at the hotel died one after the other. I asked them to wait a few months vbut they just love cats so they went out and brought 3 more of which 2 still survive. There are more kittens available than ever before, so they find plenty, but rarely do they mature to adulthood.

My own unnamed kitten came on his own and ate well for a few weeks but the minute he began to use the nutrition to grow, he began to die.

It's always preceded by constipation so it works it's way up from the root chakra or the sacral during sexual development.

One common thing is also resistance - the hallmark of diabetes. Fear itself, the feral state, is a resistance. This breaks down with prana but not fast enough for healing as I've seen with this kitten.

He just kept getting colder and colder but would reject heat. I've read that that's how the body maintains it's core temperature.

I could not get him to warm up except last night after his 3rd drop dose of ORMUS from pink salt - he did better after each dose but the effect would wear off. I'm so new to it that I didn't know if I should give more since he'd reject it and water when offered.

He warmed up for 2 hours and then went down again after 3 am as the sun cycle began.

It's linked to an inability to grow using the sun radiations. They sleep through the sun cycle and develop pranic deficiencies. They improve at night but then go down again the next morning.

I'm so sick of this dying going on!! I've asked my guides before and will again: how can this problem be overcome and they sail through to adulthood?

V aunt's last kitten may be dead too. Haven't heard it mew since yesterday.

3 dogs in Vngr died within 2 weeks of that damned anti rabies vax. Good knows how many thousands more.

Forced on street dogs just before the monsoon throwing their immunity out of whack.

AWOs have little choice (part of the govt handout agreement) though they could maintain the cold chain better!

It's an endless stream of deaths.

Kitten died

The kitten died before I got home. He never recovered much strength.

His aura went down from very thick at the top of his body to very low and thin at the bottom.

He drew Pinus 6 last evening and night and lactic acid 6 this morning.

Except for a small bounce back 3 days ago, when he drank water and milk willingly, the successive groundwaves the daddy before, then yesterday & died today during the big one between 11:45 am & 12:45 pm.

He just kept getting colder and colder but would reject heat. I've read that that's how the body maintains it's core temperature.

Day 2 ORMUS use

Yesterday the day went on with a sore throat and in a very easy flow of healing energy.

This morning I took a quarter teaspoon of ORMUS.

No aura flashing that I noticed but my right eye watered for a quarter hour. I noticed an increase in attention span because I got all my morning work done rapidly. Usually I can flutter around getting nothing done, frustrated and worried sick with sick animals around.

But I was too worried about the kitten not recovering to pay attention to anything else. The kitten died before I got home.

At about 5 pm after I buried the kitten 3 hours before, I felt a lift and expansion of my heart chakra that went on and on rising to my throat and wiping away the grief and hopelessness.

That's never happened before. I'm usually choked up and weighed down for hours no matter how much the other animals clown to cheer me up.

So many things I like about ORMUS!

There are standout ideas in the  ORMUS community that catch the eye. The Americans are so eager to share (albeit hoping to profit after as always - they can't help their capitalist tendencies despite good hearts:). I've deleted about 90% of the videos that I've downloaded and watched or I'd've added links!

1. This has wonderful stuff explained by the 83 yr old ORMUS user, John Milewski
He talks of how transitional metals in a high spin state shrink to become inert gases.

This ties into Raymond Walters periodic table of harmonic elements for me!

In this blog I've often puzzled over the transitional elements because they're so effective and yet can't be used frequently.

2. David Wolfe and Barry Carter here discuss magnetic water traps and how vortex energy brings out the ORMUS while magnets repel it. In this vid as well Barry Carter discusses the use of vortex.
This ties it into Victor Schauberger's astonishing genius and insights into the diamagnetic nature of water.

3. Laurence Gardner too blows my mind with his lecture on the sacred ark . He mentioned Sean Adam's endorsement of ORMUS through his brain research ( Sean Adams has the world records for memory and speed reading for 10 years straight and runs the alphalearning Institute.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I tried ORMUS today!

I think there's really something to this!

I felt it immediately in the aura around the left side of my head - the minute it hit my mouth. The flashing in the same area continued for about a half hour!

In my mouth it felt cool like the alkaline water made with lime and salt all the way down my throat. But with this a prickling went up my nose as well. It was followed by an aching in my chest like I'd cried and sobbed and a lighter version of silent grief. Then actual pain in my diaphragm and stomach ache like I've got a period. Couldn't feel it beyond that because my head was so full of plans and joy.

I gave it to both sick kittens. Karia fought me tooth and nail so I just put it on his head. The dying one looks clearer but he's so close to the end I'm not sure. He's refused water all day.:(

I made it with washing soda and pink salt and another batch with white salt. The pink precipitated pink but the white didn't - it had suspended matter even when I drained it. The ph of sodium carb was 11.1. This morning it was 10.8. I used vinegar to neutralize it to 7.0 before use. More later.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I made ORMUS today!

I bought washing soda and a ph meter and pulled out 3 HDPE jars.

I'll know tomorrow if doing it just after new moon collects any ORMUS at all!

My sodium carbonate reached 11.1. I mixed it in but didn't measure the ph. Did it with normal white salt and pink salt separately. Let's see which gives good ORMUS.:)

Guides are back!

The guides are back or at least much louder now, that I can communicate with them. The long periods without guidance are strange times. I may have grown a little dependent again.

Yesterday they helped me pick ask the remedies for the kitten and today he drank a quarter spoon each of both water and milk.

In the afternoon I wanted to cuddle him as soon as I got back but they said no. I'm glad because I tend to grieve before they're gone and it can't be great for the sick to have me so emotional and heart heavy.

But they taught me something!

They wanted me to hold eucalyptus 10m and sleep (my imitation of meditation - I can't do the latter without falling asleep:).

When I got up I went to peep in my attic at the kitten, and yo my astonishment my energy rushed into his aura and filled it up! I was so surprised I put a pyramid and gilded the sides with a few hasty and confused intentions (my mind insists on participation even though it knows it's not the doer!:). It was over in less than a minute and aura stable.

I puzzled over it. How could his aura be so empty? I've treated him all night with all the remedies! Who can live with an empty aura like that anyway?

It just struck me 5 mins ago what the guides were showing me!

His aura wasn't empty - it needed the eucalyptus 10m that I'd held and absorbed in sleep. The minute I got close, it raced to fill his aura up with *that particular vibration*!!

So this may be the method they've been trying to show me for months. If I can meditate or at least fall asleep with the correct remedies, my energy fills up with that vibration and it's easier to just transfer it by hand!

Two more missing (and back!!:)

Black and white puppy in POC missing from last night as well as the happy couple's male black and white at M circle.

Got to wait and hope.

The poc puppy showed up again! M circle, alas, didn't. Terrible ground wave and thunderstorm.

The happy couple's second one is back too! He's just gone lame in his right leg. The usual sciatic paralysis of distemper.:/

Spinal paralysis of this month

Each case this month has been a kind of spinal brain paralysis - respiratory more affected. It's clearest in this kitten's case. It started with a pigeon look in the back heart chakra/shoulder blades. It's an accumulation of energy up the spine inflaming the nerve-lymph area there? looks like rheumatoid arthritis.

Kali phos 1m was followed by hekla lava 10m, lithium carb 6, then ammonia carb 30 eased the breathing.

But it was all back at night. I got lactic acid 6 by morning and then electricitas 3 followed and lith carb again.

The problem with the respiratory paralysis and spinal "camel back" form of the disease is like rheumatoid arthritis. The brain gets stuck with prana and it thickens in the aura. Deposits of lactic acid block messaging and there's no electrical signalling.

Is this the carbon cycle of Krebs affected? The eating and drinking converts the food into the poison that the body can't use.

I should try to get the cyanocobalamine to see if it can cure. It was what Krebs recommended I think. Maybe why Shilla and the others drew hydrocyanic acid and the snake poisons?

Monday, May 29, 2017

Another kitten w/ paralysis!

If someone looked down my site, they'd be forgiven for thinking that this is a record of the failure of healing rather than it's solution!

But I only record sickness and deaths because it's a way to remember these bright and beautiful souls that crossed my path on their way to someplace else.

Healing is so slow and subtle there's no drama to it. It's like love, always working, indestructible and constant. Those who benefit from it go from sick to healed effortlessly.

I tend to ignore the healthy and focus on the sick too much. The hundreds that live I barely spare a thought for,  even though life itself is a  miracle.

This little kitten came abandoned by mom with just the incessant mewing and a pigeon chest to indicate disease. Probably Meow or her daughter's kitten. He settled in my attic and quieted down over Baryta Carb 6x for 2 weeks, which was a relief. He'd eat the food and drink water and sleep a lot, never leaving for long.

Yesterday I noticed he hadn't eaten, and today he didn't even lap water! The solar & groundstorm and cyclonic Indian ocean takes it's toll on life in the sub continent.

I pulled him down and noticed extreme dehydration but he'd refuse water.

Conscious of the NGM (new Germanic medicine) warning not to force water when the epileptic symptoms are on, (since fluid fills the brain & worsen) I didn't force feed or  water.

He was drawing Kali phos 1m (mouth dose) & Lith Carb 6.

The guides agreed pond water might interest him so I took him there. He promptly fell in, trying to walk on the dileaves!

The dunking seems to have hydrated him a little, something I wouldn't have dared do to a cat!

As I wiped him down he seemed to wake up and his eyes were dilated for the first time in days.

Then the energies started moving. The main chakra line was off by 30 deg on the horizontal and the energies of anti clockwise rotation set up in the top aura. The front and base line (as usual for sick cats) was blocked at about 3 ft on either end.

The rest of the blocked energy was concentrated around his shoulder blades.

As prana released the energy he mewed a couple of times in that panicked cry like he was remembering, and kept startling, then as he calmed, the sideways shaking of his head began.

So finally the hidden, 'subsultus tedum' muscular action that was in the spine was revealed!

So there are two healing routes to shock - one with sodium (Na) and the other potassium (K)!! The sodium shock must be the short sharp traumas that alter life after. The potassium shock must be the long slow accretion of chronic anxiety from childhood and before.

I put him back in the attic and he was sleeping with his eyes open.

I hope he heals. None of what I'm learning from the guides is worth it if they don't survive.

I'll be going back to heal him again, praying this is a stage and not a state!

Myna flew off

A small creature that survived the last solar storm & cloud burst was a myna. She was hopping on one foot with the other paralysed and curled up.

I did some prana yawning for her (all the energy was drawn near the frontal brain) and wouldn't let anyone intervene. That evening it found it's balance and flew away.

I didn't expect such a quick recovery. Bird distempers usually end in a kind of Alzheimer's, where they progressively forget how to fly & lose all direction sense (like my kite - took him 3 months with Actea racemosa not to fly into walls and find his way out of the window).

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hateful and mad ORMUS users

I've watched a few vids about ORMUS and I'm struck by how cruel and insane some of these advocates are.

One made rats swim until they drowned, 60-70 rats, to prove the stamina given by  ORMUS is 3 times more.

Another thinks he's from Egypt and went with the exodus, shitting behind camels which cracked him up. Most think they're alchemists and are superior to chemists.

Many are doing it for the alt med money while pretending, as all Americans do, that it's never about the money.:)

Jon de K who made a documentary is so possessive of it that it isn't on YouTube but only on his website for viewing.

In what way do these ppl think they're spiritually evolved at all? They're all mostly very ordinary alt sci rednecks, filling niche areas to make a living without mainstream work. They could be scrounging for scrap copper for all the difference!

Many of the early pioneers are dead, so there's no immortality to be had through ORMUS. No real evolution since they're none of them look younger or kinder for using it.

The proponents are very disappointing, I must say.

ORMUS in water & plants

I loved the pic of the cactus watered with ORMUS that had the light coming off of it!

The ORMUS from dew was astonishing.This explains why the guides wanted me to take just the new leaves and not damage the plant and make it weep maybe? It's Consciousness Itself! We should understand and appreciate.

Since starting the yawning my bike's been amazing. I've never thought I'd metal as alive until the article 'I, ---' (can't recall) about the conscious machine that shook me up considerably.

But if it's from the soil, of course prana flows in it.

Brownie died

The little black & white teen died last solar cycle around this time, if I forgot to mention it.

Today I heard that Rita's Brownie died on Wednesday (same as Shilla during the earth or groundstorm - that's what I'm going to call it).

Rita wouldn't let me treat the tumour, insisting on surgery 2 months ago. I had to agree because Brownie was in so much pain. I knew Elaps would heal the ulcerating tumour because she drew it so much.

When Rita brought her back I knew there was no chance for him to survive - her leg was filled with water (milk leg) & constipated and Rita was happily oblivious. I said my goodbyes to her quietly and didn't try again. Brownie would lean her head against mine and press in silently pleading.

But Rita and SSR have argued emotionally for allopathy before. The last oldie died not 6 months ago because of their enthusiastic kidnapping and sheltering. But they won't listen to reason - 16 dogs have died because of SAR in the last year. All over UPO, animal lovers have noticed her fatal allopathic interventions. Rita has lost 7 dogs now, she had spent 20k for Brownie, quite a badge of animal loving these days, but for a useless medical procedure that didn't address the cause. But, hey, live and let die.

RIP, Brownie.

Something about the Eye of Horus and Ormus

I've watched a few ormus vids after reading this fascinating write up about it in 'Structured water.'

I've no doubt they're on the right track. Transitional elements like copper, silver and gold and the rest have given astonishing healings before as you may have seen on this blog. Inexplicable.

But one thing especially caught my mind while David Hudson talked at the Emota in 2011: the golden TEAR on the eye of Horus.

I've noticed the tears that flow while prana yawning are especially salty. It's more salty while healing animals than myself (and I don't knife about humans since it's even more difficult to tear up healing people for me).

Since most of the Ormus is made from salt, I wouldn't be surprised if the refined salt of tears, especially tears of compassion, and as a result of an effort to give health through yawning, contain more ormus!:)

Takes my breath away to think that's probable! The guides always push me until I tear up while yawning, after which the healing of the animal goes faster.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A fresh case - older cat!

One older cat, bleeding from the nose, struggling for breath on the road. I've given it injury 200 (mouth dose in salt water), prana and now Pinus cm moved it to a quiet room.

She's breathing better, sighing. No fresh blood. Thunderstorm asthma from distemper I think. I can smell the acidic breath. Must have burst blood vessels trying to get earth prana.

No other injury visible. She was paralyzed when I got her, but she's moving and curling up now. Painful sighs.

The spreading of distemper to older animals is a sign of diminishing earth prana. Trees maybe?

She was breathing slow (1-3 breaths a minute) by the time I got home. All the improvement had vanished.

She breathed slower. The guides said use hydrocyanic acid 1m and I knew it was the end. She died at 2.30 pm. RIP.

The panicked breathing didn't come back but this was the opposite state - when it changes like this, as Venky says it needs a different remedy for the modality change. I didn't understand it at that time.

A neighbour said a car may have run over her (she was sleeping under a car maybe?). But the cloudbursts of the last week seem more likely.

I couldn't make out because her face was so swollen, but it could be poor Shilla!! Her boyfriend, Simba, had been behaving wildly for a week - he's probably grieving since then. They just lost their 3 adorable kittens and now just now when she got pregnant again this had to happen!:(
It must be Shilla because neither she nor Simba came to eat last night.

I've been thinking that it might even have been a miscarriage and septicemia, because of the swelling and distortion of her face.

She was always nervous & weak, esp during the rains. Her love for Simba kept get going. Rip, sweet Shilla.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dead end

The guides grow distant. I'm at a point where again I don't want any sick animal to heal because my energy is so low.

I'm not sure how to use homeopathy because the guides wanted me to change my usual way of adding it to food before they vanished (the usual!:).

I've realised the sun is reacting to the earth energy rather than creating change here on it's own because animals always react before the solar event. This is a startling dead end because I'm not sure how to find earth data that will help. Maybe follow earthquake stuff from dutch sinse again, since he sees larger patterns.

Maybe the change to rains in the environment or my periods has drained me.

I'm watching Carl Jung YouTubes and a little about copper DIY, waiting for change.:)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Trauma healing after Aggravations

The guides say I could have saved Icy but not how. As usual. It's something I already have is what they're saying but I can't think of what I have that I didn't do.

Other than being generally insulting by saying I think of everything wrong, they add salt to my wounds as a healer.:(

Again their convo grows distant, as if they only show up in time to help me heal a dying animal, which I'm always doing wrong according to them when the animal dies.

Something happened that shouldn't have between when Icy was playing with the stick and I came back after doing the laundry. I tried to syringe water since he hasn't had any from  morning. He was having a breathing asthmatic attack which I noticed after I'd syringed so maybe that was the final straw.

Perhaps the playing signaled a kind of healing that I should have sat through and nurtured instead of running off to wash his dirty laundry? I think this might be it.

The trauma released by homeopathic aggravation should be walked through like rebirthing, in baby steps, gently. I was too impatient with it.

I should have kept him in a dark moist womb-like space first, then moved him when he played with the stick to a safe quiet room and stayed connected by the solar plexus cord like a mother's connection. Then walked him through the muscle rebuilding/ strengthening like he was a child... This must be how we should handle all aggravations and their recuperation periods.

My heart hurts too much now.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Holding grudges in our belly

I've been thinking of how Icy and the puppy both went after those they hated just before they died and gave enormously to those they loved. Either the inhibitions go down (fear of retaliation) or the poisonous thoughts (memories to be acted on) come up for review or.

It explains the Scrooges who cut those who they hated out of their wills in a last act of spite and revenge.

It's a sobering thought. If nothing else we must forgive: and understand that these grudges are carried in our belly as we go through life. The ineffectual protest to petty cruelties we endure because we don't want to deal with the bullies build up am emotional life of their own. The frustrations, hatreds are all waiting for expression in our last days. There's no avoiding it.

I've been trying since the realisation to forgive all the old wrongs - Sangitha for her hubris, U aunty for her ingratitude & mockery, even shopkeepers for annoying or cheating me! I don't want them to drag me down in my last days.:)

A solar day to die

I extended the solar cycle by 2 days last month as a season end (that's how it corrects every so many months) & make it 26 days, though 28-29 days last year.

I'm wondering if it's right this time because of this:

If I'd kept it uncorrected, Icy too died on the same day as the puppy and Gunda and so many others of distemper.

It seems to be a peak day in the cycle. A good day to die? The 8th day in the solar cycle. Not sure why!

Something to prepare for so we can help animals past it.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Detox and energize thro a day

Detox for animals by healers is done by us breathing out while moving hands outward in a vortex spiral, pushing back while breathing in. Esp between 10 am - 4 pm.

Energizing with prana is done by breathing in while moving hands inward, breathing out pulling away. Esp between 10 pm - 4 am.

This schedule for diabetes/distemper:
Hyoscamus: 3:45 pm - 5 pm (detox)
Lachesis (Kali or Hydro cyan) - 3 - 5 pm (detox)
Pinus - 5 - 3 am (energize)
Taraxicum - 10 am - 3 pm (energize)

It may sound difficult but it's an easy rhythm.

The day after - Old Age Distemper

Taraxicum during daylight hours. 10m is all I have. He puked up some of the milk. I'm an idiot because I put citric acid in it - of course it curdled too fast in stomach acid!

The bile is thinner than yesterday but still very yellow. He's still struggling to breathe but is accepting toys to play with instead of angry snapping (hairbrush, rubber slipper, chew sticks, glenand's hard biscuits). The chewing might exercise the tongue and trigeminal nerve and trigger salivary glands.

The worst period is between 10 am and 3:30-4 pm when the liver is detoxifying the blood and prana (and probably oxygen) is low. The blood is probably at it's poorest, sluggish and thick.

Tarax healed from front heart, solar plexus to sacral, then started at the crown down to the mouth today.

Aannnd ... I finally get it! Between 10 - 4 pm, the body is detoxing!!! They're not struggling to breathe IN, they're struggling to breathe OUT!! The liver can't do the carbon cycle. It does the Krebs cycle of glysophate- cyanide for cells and waits for the other two - three cycles to step up. The carbon must leave the blood and so must the uric acid, etc.

I wonder at what time the kidney detox begins or is that simultaneous? If these each have a timing or coordination?

if I should find the carbon equivalent in homeopathy. This one time the day before yesterday I was amazed to see the fastidious Icy lick up his own urine (twice! because I'd wiped up his previous pee quickly.:)

Magnesium sulphate or Epsom salt bath for the skin of the body at 3:30 pm (leave legs for temperature difference as Schauberger explains that's what moves the blood, not the heart), turned him around.

I'm assuming water in the afternoon can be considered 'warm' and powerless. (I'll wash the legs in the early morning hours and consider it dense and powerful.) After applying the Epsom salt from a  nozzle bottle, I gave it 10 mins then I sponged him with clean water. Turned him around, salted and 10 mins later wiped him dry with a towel.

It's 4:11 pm and I'm using Hyscamus 30, energizing (pulling my hands out vortically while breathing in and moving in a straight line back while breathing out) from the back of the head to the middle of the thorax in the spine with the guides.

Something amazing and fun is happening! The guides led me off on a crazy search for 'something I'd forgotten'. It turned out to be a bent stick! (I'd thought he might enjoy a natural rough stick more than a smooth hairbrush handle in the morning.:)

So I gave it to Icy in the afternoon. He ignored it. After I wiped him down and started with the Hyscamus 30, I noticed he was trying to hold one end between his legs and biting the other. From the last hour, he's been playing with it!

He's tossing his head around catching it, holding it with his forelegs and despite asthmatic breath, enjoying it like a puppy!!

In all the 17 years he's never played on his own! Except for Naina, his late gf (passed away around 2005) and a year with his late best friend, Pharoah (passed away in 2008), both for chasing other dogs and cats.

He was a hairless puppy picked up and dumped on me when I had no time. Naina raised him and they became a couple. He's always been a serious, scared, sad puppy and an adult with anxiety and hypochondria.

To see him tossing his ears and head, playing like a kid for hours on what I thought was his deathbed -- of distemper or rabies! -- is my happiest moment. I'm so grateful to the guides for holding my hand steady through this nightmare!!

Even if he doesn't live, I'll always remember him like this - brave, no inhibitions and absorbed in play. Not exhausted, sleeping all the time, whining, suffering anxieties even to be going for a walk to pee.

Distemper and rabies seem to be an opportunity (short-circuited in the domestic animal) to overcome trauma and PTSD when they reach physical crisis!! Amazing.
Icy passed away an hour after playing (probably to make my heart smile) as a stormfront moved in. RIP, my decades-long friend.

Icy may be dying.:(

My Icy who is 17, has all the symptoms of apoplexy, distemper/ diabetic excitation which will be followed by death.

I've been consoling myself that he's lived a really long and happy life but it's not helping. I've been out of my mind since it started until I remembered the sequence of events:
Bufo 6
Aur met cm in food
Pinus 6
Tarax 10m
Rice bran oil + castor oil to drink
Milk+eucalyptus leaves (B17)
Elaps 6
Lach 30
Sugar+water+Euca leaves
Hyscam 30

The symptoms came up with the guides asking me to give him Bufo 6 (prana style) but I got impatient with his restlessness and gave him a mouth & nose dose which I rarely otherwise do (electrical storm affecting my judgement). I hope it's a teaching exercise by them and he'll be ok again. Hoping against hope.

By afternoon he was wandering up and down, something he rarely does. The others were growling at him, he snapped at my face when I was hugging him and at kittens.

By evening he was sitting on the floor moving his legs sporadically like he was trying to get up by not succeeding, still alert. But now, he was pacing restlessly. By morning 2 cats snapped at, by afternoon 2 cats more bitten.

Then he injured himself several times because he began stumbling around, no sleep, fell off the bed a few times, then cracked his jaw climbing up from the garden. Always moving, even limping, just like Laxmi!

After the oils his tongue went white, then just when I thought a normal color might follow, his jaw had been hurt and tongue dark red heading into brown!

Not sure if it's the injury or a Lachesis aggravation now! But the lach should be an antidote to bufo. Probably why slowly by afternoon he'd lost most of the excess nervous crazy - I hope he's not dying!

By then I'd collected half dry eucalyptus leaves as a source of B17 having read the Krebs work on metabolic diseases, boiled it in water and added it raw to milk and got him to drink both. After an hour or so, he could no longer close his jaws or withdraw his tongue!:( Now stringing the sugary euca water into his mouth.

His breathing is still lapsing into stentorian, and can't lie down. But he's squeezed himself into a base of a chair and is finally still as it has begun to rain & thunder.

That's how much sun & weather can affect diabetes/distemper!

Bufo is rhe underlying condition to these cases, Pinus relieves it and Lachesis, Hyoscamus may change the course of it.

If he lives and thrives, & I hope I've got everything right, the nitrosiles are going to be a regular on their food. Newberry have this again!

Taraxicum for Crown and right eye

A new kitten walked into the house yesterday following a bunch of 6 others at lunchtime.

He was in bad shape one eye stuck open with severe opacity and barely able to breathe. Nose blocked & lids aglutinated.

I gave him cineraria-euphrasia drops in the eyes which loosened his mucusy nose a little, made him drink water and lots of prana. He could barely eat but gamely tried a little.

Then assuming his mother was around I put him outside as evening fell. I had a major panic & guilt attack after because he didn't show up for 3 days!

Today he walked in again at the same lunchtime with a black&gold brother in slightly better condition but one eye completely stuck. The whole routine repeated with both but this time he ate!!

Now I'll out him out again in the evening with a clearer conscience. He obviously has a mother nearby or at least a safe place to stay. His brother is harder to catch being new but I've got to put them out together.

He's drawing Tarax 10m over the crown for his right eye. I'm just using prana and Reiki for delivery not doses. Well maybe a sniff to make it stick at the end.

I'm guessing he's one of Shilla's aunt's or mom's 3. Which means one with the forehead star has died since I haven't see her.:(

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Old Age Distemper - The next day & day after & after

He's drawn Lachesis 30 all day and Kali cyan 10m all night. I was dizzy with the latter. Hell 3 (Hyscamus really but couldn't find it) from the morning. Vitamin E was all the guides would let me give him after I gave Icy rice bran oil to drink and a few tablespoons of castor oil. Didn't ask them. He's peeing colourless urine, hasn't pooped at all.

Some time during the night I recalled how Tollu developed a jaw drop that stayed a week and how I applied zinc sulphate all over and it went off in a day.

I poured watery zinc sulph all over him. The zinc sulph probably made him sleep but no improvement. Guess didn't like that.

They're trying to keep me leashed to prevent all the deranged alt med activity we distract ourselves with!:)

------ the day after
Tarax 10m in the morning, Lach 30 from afternoon by Reiki but otherwise nothing during the day. Healed him at the base of his spine and bones all the way to the ankles from morning.

He's deteriorating fast can barely move this evening. The slightest touch or attempt to move him sets off a respiratory arrest. The paralysis seems to be spreading from the shoulder blades/back heart chakra or solar plexus because he's holding himself up almost spastically when he can and curls into a qi gong abdominal clench every now and then.

Thick face and nose. He puked a little after 3 pm but yellow pee (finally!), thick stringy saliva & almost orange bile.

Mucus from eyes whitish green after cineraria drops. He keeps clearing his throat like a diphtheria membrane is forming.

Pinus 6. down the right side evening. He's too weak to pace any more, even lying still he can barely breathe, barely stand the lightest touch (doesn't mind the heavy back scratching but it arrests breathing). The desire to bite still there. Tongue looks better less dark red & black.

This colour developed when I gave him oil to drink day before ydy. So heavy hepatic involvement in releasing those deadly toxins into the blood! His tongue went from pale almost whitish to bright red then almost black within a half hour! mea culpa. :(

I've thought in the past the oil helped in these diseases to nourish because they can't eat. But I forgot that oil pulling/cleansing is done in the mouth for a good reason! It activates the hepatic-tonsil-trigerminal connection between the elimination-immune-nerve link as I now realise!

The dentine theory must also be right - where the brain signals the release of fluid that breaks down or builds up teeth. Icy's full set of perfect teeth (at 17!!) are now showing blackish tips on the canines.

The black tips reminds me of how snakes poison others through their fangs. Maybe that's a poison release that goes with hepatic perversion/reversion - a primitive defense mechanism when his tonsils swelled up and he lost jaw strength.

He'd gone fullblown breakdown: black tongue, desire to bite, dark bile, jaw dropped, red eyes, arrested respiration, drooling. Because it's mine no one called it rabies and I called it distemper - but it's the full picture of the former (which is why I think rabies is just acute distemper).

---- the day after
I've been syringing water with nitrilisides in his mouth day before yesterday. First eucalyptus leaves with sugar boiled in water, later a bamboo shoot I feel bad for saying off it's mother. This boiled in water and pink salt.

Yesterday guides said enough and changed diet, the colour of his tongue was lighter and so water with sugar and pink salt. A little milk in the morning (with Vitamin C 250mg) and a little more at night.

The ascorbic acid probably brought out the yellow bile in the urine and puke. He farted a couple of times but still no poo.

----the day after
I fell asleep at about 2 am (probably) and got up in a daze at 5 am (maybe) terrified he might have died but he was still alive, maybe just a little more paralyzed. It had started raining. I tried to move him a little and respiration arrested longer than before.

He drew Hyscamus 30 strongly with Lachesis 30, so I gave him reiki/prana with both for 15 mins.  Hyscamus at the crown and Lachesis at the throat until the guides wanted me to stop the Lachesis and concentrate on the Hyscamus.

The main area to heal with Hyscamus is the tip of the nose, around the eyes and sides of the brain (GNM spinal areas).

The reason why we heal with these remedies early in the morning is because the solar day starts at about 3:30am and the prana retreats taking with it the poisons. Lymph/prana clears best prior to sunrise.

This I saw unfolding before my eyes with Icy. His breathing improved, he was able to move his forelegs and then began to bite my slipper with jaw strength and with movement in his tongue which was lighter in colour. His face looked better and swallowing improved. Gagged a few times but couldn't puke. Breathing improved by the time dawn broke but regressed a bit when I stopped healing then stabilized.

The moon set is a powerful time for rested healers (so we must sleep at least a few hours!). Schauberger says liquids like water (lymph and blood are densest & most powerful) in the early hours before sunrise which is why Hyscamus was so effective then.

Weakest and breaking down around 3:30 pm which is why the guides want the homeopathic snake poisons then.

Pine needles, says Schauberger who probably was an energy-sensitive, carry prana. That's why we use that Pinus Sylvestra at night to enhance distribution into cells.

This has been a bittersweet, painful learning time. My beloved Icy a teaching tool for the guides.:(

Yet I understand that no other dog would have trusted me enough, known me enough to let me do all this. I too trust him to recognise me through the haze of disease and primitive urges to keep from biting me, to listen to my voice.

Whether he survives or not, I've learnt how to deal with this disease a little better. For the last 3 days he's not been my refined Icy but an animal. If he dies, he had already left me 4 days ago. That's how I console myself.:/

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A better way with Distemper

I just want to write a piece again on vax and homeopathy, because of a recent event.

Vas took in a 2 yr old street dog in Greece and watched it for two months before vaxxing (only one shot). She came across my write up of Lekha using Distemperinum 200 and tried it because the dog had eye glue and had been in the same room as another that had been adopted and euthanized for distemper.

Immediately, within a week, her dog showed full-blown neuralgic and digestive symptoms of distemper. Twitching, loss of appetite, strength, etc.

She stopped the Distemperinum sensibly and contacted me. I told her that I had doubts about Lekha's success and allopathic use of the remedy.

A nosode given 3 - 5 times a day for 2-3 months?! I know I err on the side of caution but I can't see how it won't end up a proving!! (where the remedy itself causes symptoms).8 Lekha had never used homeopathy or read it or understood it. Her experience is in volunteering in very allopathic leprosy camps.

Vas has managed to improve her dog with vitamins and force feeding (!) she said. Though the dog stumbles, she's eating better and pooping. Vas iso both determined and a pharmacist so probably a fantastic dog mom.:)

But here are my doubts:
Now, this could be
1. the end of the proving caused by repeated doses (less likely because it went on too long, but if the dog was weak then possible);
2. a cure of the residual symptoms if the original distemper which the dog already survived since it was 2 yrs old (a good thing - not a cure of distemper by  Distemperinum but of it's fall-out residue);
3. The clearing of vax effects (this to me is most likely. I've repeatedly seen that homeopathy after vax brings out all the neurological symptoms of a suppressed immune system).

We have a neuro-immunological connection that Pasteur's vax ignores.

All these autism syndrome and diabetic shock effects after vax are the first and ONLY disease effects homeopathy aggravates and proves with nosodes.

Homeopathy has never brought out or aggravated my natural and wild full, uninterrupted courses measles, chicken pox or various fevers, flus and illnesses of childhood.

Because those, as Bechamp said, are necessary stages of development in our immune system and neural-brain network!! I've thought about this for years now and have to conclude that this is what distemper and childhood diabetes is as well - necessary stages of development.

My guides asking me to do less and less is probably just them trying to tell me not to interfere in the natural process but to aid it, and maybe help in the convalescence? That's how it looks. No heroic interference!

Even the kittens I've been 'saving' I have doubts about. I've treated their mothers and fathers. Isn't it more likely that THAT has shortened and lightened the course of the immuno-neurological changes and saving their lives via healthier parents?

The only question remaining in my mind is how to prevent it from moving deathward. Is overfeeding killing them during this stage? is it overhydration? too much warmth or activity? We're doing a lot wrong and medicine isn't the answer.

Are we to put them on minimal diets with sips of water once in the evening and let them lie in cool places and isolation? it sounds heartless but that's what dogs do in the wild.

Whatever it is, we aren't helping we start panicking at the first symptom and pushing to cure and interrupt the process based on germ theory. Bechamp had understood it better - if it's natural, give it time.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Cundurango in paralysis

The crown of a paralyzed dog has energy "furrows" from forehead to back of the head that cundu 3x heals at a distance of 2 - 3 ft.

I always thought it worked only on lower chakra areas.

Suction in prana

I understand now why the guides insist I stay on twitter and even argue aimlessly! My mind works very laterally and I've understood something about healing while arguing about something else with the debunking Sci guy.:)

Sap rising in a tree as Viktor Schauberger & Barthelomew explain it, where the greater the suction the more the sap rises taking the finest nutrition to the growing tip.

Die-back happens when it's unable to raise sap or clear waste in trees, 'our health too deteriorates from the point that we are unable to coordinate the suction flaps.

The suction we are able to apply in sequence is directly correlated to the state of our health!

How to Prana Yawn

I wrote this out for Twitter with my guides sighing and asking me to write it for the blog instead.:)

I've added a little more to flesh it out for here, but kept the outline.

Prana yawning
1. One reason to learn how to prana yawn is because it's easy, we already know how to yawn and it benefits everyone easily.
Another is that we have less prana and oxygen in the air we breathe with forests vanishing. We're stealing energy from each other because of it. This insane cruelty we indulge in is just prana-hunger.
Yet another is that prana is highly processed air. It's not just 'air' but a kind of carbonated & oxygenated energized air that's very breathable. Animals love it.
We need higher processed stuff to make up the difference that's changing the planet. Fossilized air bubbles contained 38% oxygen. Today oxygen content of air is 19% (Schauberger).

2. The low quantity and quality of air is impairing thinking and we're only sinking lower. More prana = Right Thinking. The Buddha probably realised that it's only the breath that needs changing to change us. Our thinking depends on high quality prana reaching our brain for clarity. The fuzzy brain is hungry for prana and all of us vague thinkers know how easily we're confused & dominated by a person with more prana!:)

3. There are 3 ways to improve the flow of energy in our bodies. Reiki goes along the main chakra line, prana wanders.
4. prana moves in swirls & spirals so it's like the caduceus serpents (kundalini?). It's earth energy & rises with suction.
5. Animals & us, we draw #prana in with our breath. The best prana though is drawn in with yawning. The energy moves lymph.
6. To yawn correctly (for the best prana up from the feet and out of the hands & breath), there are several suction flaps but they are usually out of order so they'll develop nonsequentially. Just the first will take about a month to function.
7. 1st is the diaphragm. We shallow-breathe when it's not working in tandem with the lungs. The 1" flap is in the middle of it.
2nd is behind the soft palate (aches if u open jaw wide).
3rd on either side of the nasal bone (cats have a hole there:)
4th is behind the breastbone (shoots out a thrill into the hands and feet);
5th is the brachial in line with the armpit.
6th tucked in the pelvic g-spots.
7th is the perineum. Then feet arches & the palms tho prana exits via fingerpads.
8. When these coordinate together in yawning, your aura should fill up, you'll heal & you can heal by laying of hands.
9. Takes a few months though to get even one working smoothly. If you're around sickness, some of these close to protect u.  Schauberger's vortex theory makes the prana movements comprehensible, esp while healing others. Worth a read.
10. When u yawn, do it until tears flow. There are probably other flaps as well as endo- & exocrine glands involved.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The most beautiful spirals!

For a couple of decades the guides, esp Ceref, have been showing me and drawing spirals. They mostly resemble the Greek eternity knot. I thought they were messing around and didn't bother.

From the past week they've begun to make sense. Learning about prana and healing the two sides, Ida and Pingala streams, instead of the central line of chakras, these spirals make healing easy!!

I've been drawing them out so that I won't forget their complexity for different areas. It is still all new to me.

I'm still thinking in terms of the central chakra line which might be useless for animal healing!!

Imagine that! Shocker, except that it was already written on the wall. All my reading tends towards that truth of late. Walter's harmonic periodic table, then that lady's brachial chakra dominance in dogs, then the show about the swirl of blood in the arteries, now Viktor Schauberger's vortex energy generation, suction forces of implosion.

I'm just groaning over the thought of having to learn to think differently again!!:/

We cup our hands when healing goes deep. Even the central line of chakras throws energy to the sides as vortices do - we depend on that motion.

I'm happy though that the healing energy seems higher than before and clearer through me with prana.

I've also noticed a kind if aching in the edges if my nasal bones, the same place cats have their second nostrils.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The beedi

I've been trying to switch from smoking cigarettes to beedis because (lol! yes:) the guides say it's better.

After grimacing over a few because of their strong odour, I realised that they WERE really better: Stronger, quicker hits, shorter burns, 0.75:4.0 rupees/smoke, no filter, no paper, tired with a cotton thread and all natural leaf.

Today for the first time they've shown me a way to use it medicinally - something they've never done with cigs.

To clear noses & the asthma of cats with a vortex of smoke (wideend nearer the body), light the beedi and draw it from the forehead away counter clockwise winding it down as you go.

I've heard of tobacco used for asthma but this is the first time I've tried it. The kittens don't get even a whiff. I guess it burns off bad prana like Sagebush.

Agni maasa

The dreaded fire god's month. When the earth gets scorched before the rain god cools it down with the wind god's help.:)

When fiery ancient diseases come alive again. The burning pox, polio and thirst-based liver diseases, sunstroke and paralysis. Epidemics that spread like wildfire.

I was hoping to have learnt more of how to heal with prana by now but it's slow going. The guides want me to change how I use the homeopathy so even that isn't there for the animals (I keep forgetting to add it to the food in their way!).

Quite without motivation today. Trump bombed Afghanistan with 21k tons. Burp who showed so much improvement that he walked a half km yesterday was puking today. Kittens all over the place - another 5 to the terrace Goldie that just don't look like they'll survive. Nothing seems to be going the way of the earth.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Two died, two healed

Just as I'm learning to heal with prana, 2 more kittens died a day after full moon. One from Stripes' set, one from Shilla's. The guides just tell me to keep going.

I'm heartsick. Healing has been like two steps forward and ten back with each solar storm.

The full moon should have eased the sun effect but I forgot that the lymph moves up during this period ... too many things to keep in mind. That's the craziness of alt healing, I tell ya!:)

But on a positive note, the two paralysis cases healed fully by accident - an older kitten dropped my bottle of Helleborus 3x and by the next morning these staggering, rolling kittens were racing around and playing. That's the only thing I can think of that could have reversed it so quickly! Much gratitude to Blackberry for pawing it off the table.:)

Solar plexus healing route

I just began to try and heal my own problem areas with this extraordinary prana! I always put it off in the last decade because there was so little healing energy that I wanted it for the sick animals.

Yesterday and today I've felt a real rise so thought I should  the 'Healer, heal thyself' bit.

First I thought I should start with the heart chakra. Then my guides moved my hands to just below the two clavicle bones. After a long time yawning, I felt my fingertips there change something. This was last night.

This morning it was the solar plexus that drew it first. Then it went straight to my eyes! While healing the eyes my jaw then my ears hurt.

So three areas to heal to get the solar plexus working smoothly when there's buried trauma.

Why homeopathy works in so many way!

One thing is clear, that the homeopathy is just to get past the transparency:opacity boundaries of blockage.

That's why it's use us often so fleeting. It can be used in combos and mixtures and as single doses and as temporary relief and ... ALL of it, everything, works!

The information is coming thick and fast from the guides but some very garbled  answers to questions along with stuff I don't want to hear!

Just like in real life, if you don't ask good questions you don't get good answers.

They still maintain that I've understood a great deal wrong but can't tell me what it could be in answer to my questions. Maybe it's my basics.

Prana details

Tears while yawning

So this is what they meant when they said my notions were wrong! It's all got to do with LYMPH not microbes!!

Yay! I can finally brush my teeth and wash my hair!:d (some of my theories are very annoying and troublesome to me - I'm usually so glad they're disproven in action). Well, if it's lymph then maybe not wash my hair too often. .. the scalp seems to play a role or maybe the sinuses of the skull.

The sinuses of the face create a vacuum while yawning which act as a centripetal suction force (Schauberger inspired this insight). That's why we tear up. It moves the lymph (which is passive) against gravity/preventing density and stagnation. This is how we're helping the body cleanse.

Once the lymph in the head region begins to move, the abdominal lymph changes. No more spasms.

So do it till tears flow!

Prana through the eyes!

Today I exchanged prana with Simba through the eyes!! Very exciting for me, but it scared him and he growled at me. Not sure it heals though. I wouldn't want to play Mesmer if it can't do good.

I tried to send good intentions all the while wondering if it was presumptuous to assume that I'm better than he is.:)

He's such a good dad! Shilla vanished for a week, very sick, leaving her 3 kittens unprotected.

I'd feed them but they're all alone in the gutter and playing all over .... Simba, who's their dad, sat on a wall nearby and fought and chased every cat that passed, watching over the area until shill got back, still sick and weak but alive, the day before yesterday.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Contemporary Guides!

My! Ever since the guides said I was wrong about everything, I've been asking questions. Naturally. The information that's coming thorough as answers though is mixed, some just sound like garbage and some make sense.

I assumed that my guides were all from somewhere back in the past, healers on the etheric maybe.

Apparently they're contemporaries in time and space, on early plane! How strange that that never occurred to me before!!

Very possible that I'm communicating with living and more knowledgeable healers who are able to float ideas out.Though I must say I'm attacked to my more romantic notion of long-dead greats.:)

Energy healing routes

This healing energy of prana, like Reiki, can be quite uncomfortable for the sick. The are deep bone pains that are aching, lightning like shooting pains along the nerves and organs that are muscular like the heart can hurt in spasms and pangs.

But here are two clear routes of energy that it heals by. The guides say the first is general and the second is specific to distemper.

Apparently the homeopathy is to ease the blocks that make it hurt in the Distemper/FIP route: Bufo for the head region, Helianthus to move it past the heart, Grindelia past the gut and Nat Sulph down the spine.

General route:
If you heal from the crown, it should circle the body concentrically: top of the head to the abdomen to the forehead to the upper abdomen to the throat then the solar plexus then the heart. This is the correct cycle.

Distemper/FIP/Diabetes healing route:
It goes from the nose to the lower abdomen (diarrhoea may result for both of you!) then to the ground then from there to the heart and from there to the spine and nerves.

The nose route is specific to bone problems such as distemper (where teething trouble and bad bones is an issue).

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Self-sacrificing dog

One dog who makes me smile and see myself in a clearer light is Torn Lip, of Miller's PS. He's so surrounded by dominating dogs in a very hierarchical gang within a very structured PS that he sacrifices food and comfort for peace!:)

He's often starving so I make sure he's fed his share but he makes a huge production of making sure he gives up bits visibly to the others and looks bashful. All the while he's actually absorbing a whole lot of attention, an equal share of food and looking holy in the bargain!:)

So me! Lol!

Prana through a healer's eyes

Early in the morning when the prana is thick on the ground and in the animals, I can heal best.

I've noticed this for years now.

In the dry years between approximately 2004/6? - 2012, the best healing would be a prickling for a few minutes on my hands, with pain in all the bones. Now, like today, it lasts about an hour and a quarter.

I don't know if it's an earth wave we can receive only when we're rested (therefore after sleep), something that picks up with REM ( because it drags the mind into a dazed state like a lucid dream state) or a left brain or deep brain activity, this healing ability.

The conscious and critical mind kills the flow. So much so, the guides made me delete a critical thinking book I'd downloaded a few weeks ago.:) So maybe it comes from the creative unformed irrational whole, the large 99% unused by humans.

Whatever it is, it has access to the bones and marrow (they ache and hurt like hell - the main reason charging the earth is the way to go!:). It has access to gut flora (instant diarrhoea if the flow increases suddenly) and to other life forms around, even distant ones (the healing wave is limitless as far as I can tell, only limited by the amount of pain you can bear:).

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The long wait

My baby hasn't come home yet, it's over 26 hours. MIA presumed dead.:/

Cats though have come back even after a week. Shilla has vanished again, leaving behind three kittens in the gutter.

They probably fall into a cold coma-like state while they heal, similar to diabetes.

Last lament for Juliet

7/4-Juliet went out when I left (she has no friends left since all animals are deathly afraid of distemper and rabies) two days in a row. She came back at 4 pm yesterday but not today. I think she was preparing a place to die in peace. I have searched everywhere, in all the accessible storm drains.

My nearby best friend, G., asked me to let go and just be glad Julie brought so much joy to the house and finished what she came to do. To distract myself from agonizing over the puppy. After this I will.:)

I feel sorry for all Julie's friends, esp Rana (who'd hug her neck three times a day) and the other cats, & Sweetie, who looked after her like their baby. They're all grieving more than me.

The rogue males are probably celebrating because she had very strict puppy rules about how they should behave. Even the older dogs like Burp and Icy she thought should change and tried to correct them!

All puppies don't live forever. The first year is a challenge for all which is why breeders euthanize the last three or four that are born regardless so that the first two have a better chance (more mother's milk). Maybe this is why humans interfere so much in animal husbandry.

Juliet was probably the runt of her litter, going by her extraordinary empathy - they make up in intelligence what they lack in strength.

Two nights ago when I was healing Stripes' kitten, she came up and licked the kitten's mucusy nose much to both of our surprise.

Now I'm even more astonished at her generosity because she must have already been quite sick. Her shivering and tremors began soon after.

Juliet never developed adult teeth. She grew big like a Great Dane puppy (probably a mix), an acromegaly characteristic, but stayed a puppy mentally.- Bufo picture  describes it correctly. Distemper is foremost teething trouble and from growing too fast.

All I regret is not treating for shock after the bite. (The vaccine would anyway have been too late - I got home 3 hours later. Viruses according to germ theory are known to spread from the instant of contract.)

I've seen from both accidents and other distemper dogs that the shock the liver stores is the only danger, not the injury. It would release it at some point.  For Julie it was on the solar cycle's liver period on the spine.

It showed up 18 days after the bite, 6 days after the new solar cycle started. The *same* day last solar cycle a kitten died, Stripes' fifth. A few cycles back, Gunda died on the *same* solar day 9 (Jul-Aug 2016) is going on?? there must be a coronal hole or a standing wave effect).

There's also a chance it was an aggravation of Nat Sulph (thunderstorm asthma, aggr. before wet weather) which they've drawn on sol 3, 5, 6 this cycle. But the chance is small - it wouldn't have lasted so long.

I hope she comes back. I hope she's not gone to die. Or already dead.:(

I've said my piece now I do my best to let life go on.

Spring Chicken

My guides say everything I know and believe is wrong. Thank you, guys, for the heads up.;/

This came up when I was thinking up a theory that Julie was a Gunda walkin, who came to make up for all the kittens killed with some amazing kitten loving like I've never seen before.

But maybe it was just Dane genes. It's not normal to Indian dogs to be that way.

But the guides say I'm wrong. Maybe being late-winter/spring born is the problem. They don't develop the first stages slowly and have weak lower chakras. The term "spring chicken" might have arisen from the high energy that these have, but they're physically weak at processing food and very quickly succumb to disease?

Last lament for Juliet

7/4-Juliet went out when I left (she has no friends left since all animals are deathly afraid of distemper and rabies) two days in a row. She came back at 4 pm yesterday but not today. I think she was preparing a place to die in peace. I have searched everywhere, in all the accessible storm drains.

My nearby best friend, G., asked me to let go and just be glad Julie brought so much joy to the house and finished what she came to do. To distract myself from agonizing over the puppy. After this I will.:)

I feel sorry for all Julie's friends, esp Rana (who'd hug her neck three times a day) and the other cats, & Sweetie, who looked after her like their baby. They're all grieving more than me.

The rogue males are probably celebrating because she had very strict puppy rules about how they should behave. Even the older dogs like Burp and Icy she thought should change and tried to correct them!

All puppies don't live forever. The first year is a challenge for all which is why breeders euthanize the last three or four that are born regardless so that the first two have a better chance (more mother's milk). Maybe this is why humans interfere so much in animal husbandry.

Juliet was probably the runt of her litter, going by her extraordinary empathy - they make up in intelligence what they lack in strength.

Two nights ago when I was healing Stripes' kitten, she came up and licked the kitten's mucusy nose much to both of our surprise.

Now I'm even more astonished at her generosity because she must have already been quite sick. Her shivering and tremors began soon after.

Juliet never developed adult teeth. She grew big like a Great Dane puppy (probably a mix), an acromegaly characteristic, but stayed a puppy mentally.- Bufo picture  describes it correctly. Distemper is foremost teething trouble and from growing too fast.

All I regret is not treating for shock after the bite. (The vaccine would anyway have been too late - I got home 3 hours later. Viruses according to germ theory are known to spread from the instant of contract.)

I've seen from both accidents and other distemper dogs that the shock the liver stores is the only danger, not the injury. It would release it at some point.  For Julie it was on the solar cycle's liver period on the spine.

It showed up 18 days after the bite, 6 days after the new solar cycle started. The *same* day last solar cycle a kitten died, Stripes' fifth. A few cycles back, Gunda died on the *same* solar day 9 (Jul-Aug 2016) is going on?? there must be a coronal hole or a standing wave effect).

There's also a chance it was an aggravation of Nat Sulph (thunderstorm asthma, aggr. before wet weather) which they've drawn on sol 3, 5, 6 this cycle. But the chance is small - it wouldn't have lasted so long.

I hope she comes back. I hope she's not gone to die. Or already dead.:(

I've said my piece now I do my best to let life go on.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Radioactive diseases?

I wonder if these diseases, fip, distemper, diabetes, are radioactive reactions to the sun?

Le Bon proved that everything on earth becomes radioactive when exposed to sunlight, esp certain rays he called 'dark light' beyond the ultraviolet. Moray called them "radioactive gusts" more powerful than  gamma rays.

It shows up esp in the densest materials, therefore our bones are affected first, and endocrine system where hormones have a high heavy metal concentration and nervous system which are electromagnetic.

It explains the excitation phase of all these metabolic diseases, followed by the rapid decay of soft tissue.

My Juliet has vanished for the second day in a row. I'm just going to wait to see if she'll come back alive. Maybe she's gone away to die. She just drank some milk this morning for the first time in 3 days and didn't puke up water since last evening. Looked so hopeful!:(

Four remedies for Juliet

Bufo 6, 12, Grindelia 1m, Nat Sulph 6, Helianthus 3.

The guides are very conservative and I'm a little scared. Her lungs are rolling in thin mucus and probably hepatized.

6/Apr: Bufo removed the tremors and twitching, active neurological effects. But drew so much over the heart that I had to stop yesterday morning.

By the afternoon the remedy was Grindelia 1m. That was up the spine and until the evening the two remedies alternated.

At sunset with lightning in the sky, Nat Sulph 6. This brought
out an aggravation slightly.

Early morning hours zinc and later copper with prana. I felt the two go deep but no visible improvement. The last was Helianthus 3 on the head. It was wonderful even on my heart chakra!

She's drawing it again this morning over the tail, gut and g-spots.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Distemper locations by chakra

Distemper starts at the start of the solar cycle with excess nerve energy travelling up the spine.

By solar day 4 or 5, at around the heart and solar plexus the energy creates malfunctions. Bufo on day 6 moves energy stuck at the solar plexus up to the head to circle out.

The excess Prana cycles out through the nose or gets blocked again. It goes to the jaws eyes creating inflammation. Then mucus as the body tries to block the flow.

Acromegaly like excess growth seems to be related. Pituitary and other endocrine glands seem to function on prana. Explains the lack of ducts at any rate!

The next chakra down for healing is the heart. It is responsible for the massive breathing difficulty, the groaning, upper body lameness, rapid heart beat, tachycardia.

It takes the longest time of these chakras to heal. The block extends almost 2 feet in Juliet's case. But it also gives the most relief, breath being so essential.
Still there - I assume sacral next but I'll take what I've achieved so far. I'm trying bufo 12 next (poor frog!). I'm going to buy higher today.

Bufo is clearly an endocrine remedy activated by the waxing moon (still not sure how the sun and moon work together!). It can counter the solar degradation of excessive stimulation. It works from the spine: root, sp, throat towards nose, heart, sacral in a pattern.

How to Prana Yawn - 2

Sit or lie down comfortably next to your cat or dog within arms reach.

Breathe in air yawning in little gasps taking it deeper into your lungs until you feel it pass the flap at your solar plexus.

When you breathe out again through your mouth, direct it to the animal's forehead while keeping your hand(s) in front of it's nose about 4 inches away.

If you can, add a good intention like, "this energy heals you in every way".

You will feel your hands being pulled in small circles or further in or out, let the energy guide that.

While breathing in, imagine a lightning bolt it is faster and goes deeper.

Another thing that makes it heal faster is holding a homeopathy remedy in your hand. In this I let the guides choose the remedy.

Even if you start unsure if you're doing it right, the guides say that they will help anyone who tries, so stay open.

How to Prana Yawn - 1

Prana is air or sky/heavenly energy, mixed in your body with earth energy through your feet and plant energy through digestion (gut flora).

It is transformed by breathing deeply through yawns into your lowest chakras. Yawning clears the higher chakras to draw in energy from the crown and forehead as well.

What you breathe out can heal the energy of other living creatures. The mixing is at the heart chakra so the energy comes out in the fingertips as well as the breath.

In this way we are all, all living creatures, transformers of energy.

Breath prana in the nasal sinuses

Julie suddenly went dull from a bubbly albeit over-excited puppy two nights ago. She'd follow me around but scared by shadows all of yesterday.

It was building up to a storm, heavy dark clouds, and in mere hours she had every symptom of distemper, the disease we so dread!

[She got bitten on the eye a month ago and my guides kept asking me to wait until it heals on it's own. They'd asked me to give all the dogs Hydrophobinum 30x three days before, so I had faith that they knew what they were doing.

The wound granulated unnaturally, though the eye was saved. The little granules fell off very rapidly and within two days she was healed except for a very small scab that fell off when I ran my hand over it. That's the only scar left from the incident.

I think one of the early  symptoms of distemper is granulated healing since the nervous energy is too high.]

She began puking water yesterday morning and the guides wanted me to wait. Just before it rained, they told me to heal her with Bufo 6x over the back solar plexus with prana. She drew it for about a half hour. Tiny tremors ran through her entire body.

In the night she had every neurological symptom but wouldn't come to me for healing. I was exhausted myself so I slept.

I got up this morning and my hands were full of energy as always, so I went looking for her. She was struggling to breathe with thunderstorm asthma & chasing insects! Her entire body was shaking with tremors, her eyes were sunken and canthii red.

Holding Bufo 6x again, I began healing once more with breath. She'd suddenly lift her head to lick deep into my mouth with an insistence similar to the fip cats. (if vets or my family could see me now ...!:) The tip of the nose that had gone dry and hard was where she was drawing energy. As I healed with the yawns, my nose opened up near the nasal bones, I felt hers open up deep inside near her nasal bones as well.

So this area, maybe the nasal sinuses are connected to prana. Maybe they act as suction force when they're clear for prana to enter easily as Schauberger might say. There is certainly some vacuum force involved.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lol! Criticism

I just heard that my blog was depressing and I'm thankful the person didn't add boring and repetitive!:)

It's inspired me to try and clean it up a bit even if the mobile is a real impediment to enjoying correction (not that anyone enjoys editing).

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Bitters and tonsils

When I was explaining to mage on T about the snaking effect of the prana of yawns, how it disappears past the g-spots only to show up around the skull bones (clearing the sinuses and orbits, headaches, the salivary glands and tonsils), I realised that bitter taste buds are way back very close to the tonsils!

Maybe this is the connection that activates the immune system? I'll have to try some bitters to see if it works like the lime and water cooling.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Accidents, missing

Red Baron, GH, seems to have had an accident (skin abrasions, left jaw and leg) between last evening and now.

Emo dog & Stilt white & Stunned cat, Wy, all missing from the start of this solar storm.

Neighbors kitten is missing, one kitten rescued from a rooftop drainpipe by dismantling it.
4/April - Emo confirmed dead. RIP, sweet gentle dog. I never saw that you were ill until that last time. You were always on time & so sweet ... what went wrong??

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Zinc and Copper

I got gypped but found zinc and copper yesterday at the gandige store.

Both make my heart expand to bursting when I hold them, but esp the copper.

So copper is the sacral chakra healer (ajna, heart above) & zinc the  root chakra healer, zinc also the brain (crown, throat above).

[I'm afraid one of my dogs might have eaten the zinc slab because I can't find it this afternoon. I hope it doesn't poison the idiot.]

(30/3 - found it under the bed th! I kept imagining I'd have to heal a 'torn up on the inside' dog that may be poisoned as well!)

Burp is RUNNING!!

Astonishingly after the major solar storm at this solar cycle end I thought Burp would be wiped, but the new energy ha already begun it's healing!

Today I absentmindedly stood him up early in the morning and got on with the chores. After a bit I heard him mewling (a sound he makes when he falls to be picked up) from a great distance.

I ran out and he was about 100 metres down the road. He saw me and got in his feet on his own and ran to me! The whole neighborhood was talking about him because they'd seen the condition he'd been in. (I couldn't resist plugging the amazing homeopathy behind it.;)

Many ppl resent me trying to heal dogs that vets put down. I have polarized neighbors - some hate what I do like I'm Satan, others praise me like I'm Jesus. (I'm neither except in their eyes. The animals know what I am - a conduit.:)

Anyway, Burp was so utterly thrilled by his achievement that he galloped up and down like a puppy, unheeding of speeding vehicles, making me chase protectively after him (and snapping at my hand when I'd push him to a side, the cur!:). He finally ran out of his overnight store of energy and allowed me to herd him indoors.

I think I'll celebrate with a special masala chai today!

In the meantime, dogs are getting paralysed on the periphery of my route. Three dogs I haven't seen in the last two days. I hope they survive the next two days of the solar storm and I get time to heal them.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I'm fairly comfortable with my understanding of science, esp math, physics and chemistry, so Viktor Schauberger fans calling both zinc and copper diamagnetic was very puzzling.

I thought they were a function of the number of electrons but it turns out to be something else. More later.

Ah! Transition metals - copper, zinc -  are an exceptions!!

"Transition metals, in which the unpaired electron is not in a d-orbital. Examples of these metals include \(Sc^{3+}\), \(Ti^{4+}\), \(Zn^{2+}\), and \(Cu^+\). These metals are considered diamagnetic because all d-electrons are paired. "

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nat Sulph 30 again more strongly

It appears that the energy building up to shift to the forehead chakra involves Nat Sulph.

It eased the breathing of kittens with respiratory problems the day before. This morning, Kenchu a diabetic t1d, drew it inbetween his shoulders, then both his shoulders, down the spine and between his hip joints and in the g-spots. Terrible drawing pain of the sciatica towards the end. All this more strongly than before at 30 potency.

Still the guides don't want it given in food in potency or material doses! Maybe it should build up more?