Saturday, December 3, 2016

Niruri again - new & better!

Swiping like writing takes too bloody long and you have to make time for it. By the time I do most of the crowded thoughts related to guides have dried up and blown away!:)

But I do recall actions I've taken better. That's why I changed it to a daily diary kind of thing ... but I'm lazy to boot. Anyway, I'll do the best I can and the guides will have to take it like it is!

This is related to the niruri mold. I'd got as far as just washing the boiled roots in water and drinking it by the middle of November. That tasted awesome! Just like earth. And it was debittered, so most likely my favorite fungus.

At that point though the guides stopped me from using it. They wanted me to work on the water filter. A rat had chewed through a large plastic jar and every blank moment it would pop into my head (yes, guides are highly annoying creatures). I ignored the provocation for two weeks but finally gave in a few days ago. I put the tough, boiled niruri roots into it and placed the old pebble filter in as well. They continued to be unhappy. I'd read about hydroponics a long time ago. I also remembered the beauty of the western ghats because of ferns that grew between rocks as water filtered through. They were very pleased I caught on! So today I ruthlessly uprooted a few large niruri plants, acid washed a few large rocks and put them all together in the larger broken plastic jar and let water trickle through. I hope this is it.

I'm actually so very pleased with this biofilter! Can't think why I didn't do it before!! It looks so pretty and is such a great way to get oxygen to the roots and then into the water.

More on Walter, caduceus and prana

Should go into the Russell Walters post.

This is part of the caduceus-harmonic periodic table idea. Consider the two snakes of the caduceus as the Ida and Pingala. The Ida is the rising, metallic elemental earth energy. The Pingala should have the descending spent energy of human/animal/plant production and/or waste.

It always confused me that it didn't have the snake going the other way but I think I understand why now.

The plant/animal side should face downward but doesn't because it represents Prana, different from the life force, more like a magnetic earth energy, generated by the living.

"The kundalini or snaking energy must travel up the spine to the brain and fully decalcify the pineal gland with the fire energy." (from a tweet).This fire energy must be prana.

But how so they both heal?

The elements heal according to Walter Russell's harmonic periodic table, I think. But opposite. The largest effect is by Uran and on every layer from the skin to the bones. Esp the skin. The least effect would be from the higher end.

The prana energy exits at the head. It reorganises life in some way that affects the gut.

As incoherent as all this is, it's all I've got.

There's something in it that homeopathy does exclusively that no other medical system seems to do. I'm having real trouble articulating the effect. Homeopathy acts in an opposite way - I think I established that with a month of losing hair and phlegm with potassium iodate.:)

As we heal from both sides, with plant/animal remedies on one side and mineral on the other, we're breaking up blockages.

Plant and animal energy meds  are very cleansing. Most homeopathic ones are poisons.

Homeopathic mineral remedies should probably also be used in an opposite way for cleansing. Building up is left to consumption. But consumption of nutrients won't help without breaking it down first. Food is poison to the disordered gut because it converts it into excesses of one or the other nutrient driving imbalance further and deeper.

So nutrition too has only a limited role to play in health.

Yet, my use of homeopathy has been wrong. I've been treating it as the beginning and end of healing. I've even only used Reiki to support it. Only when I saw the massive healing energy of breath prana did I realise I'd missed out on something vital. Homeopathy's a part of it, but not all. More when I understand it better.

More generally, the radioactive spectrum

Uran has now numbed my tongue and given me ulcers on the tip of it (1 Dec). Similar to last time except that I had ulcers all over my mouth and very severe gum pain.

(2 Dec) Again the rapid almost unbelievable speed with which the ulcers healed has to be Uran at work. Kenchu is peeling so over his back again. The rate of change is shocking. The guides wanted me to put Hekla 30 in petroleum jelly for him so I did (didn't want bakery Black's  multilayer peeling all the way through again). The skin over the jaw joint is swollen but no longer scratched to bleeding like it was 2 days ago. Icy is itching all over the face and annoyingly whiny because of cyclone nada, but his vertigo seems better - he's jumping on and off the bed without as much hesitation.

Tipu seems to be breathing better overall. No stuffy noise except yesterday when cyclone nada hit the Chennai coast.

The grey and white Iyumeyu is the greatest surprise - for the first time as a mom she's been taking food to her kittens! And I saw not two but three of them had survived. Mom's mothering  memory and the babies survival skills appear to have taken a turn for the better. First set to survive after 3-4 years for her! So proud of you,:hon.:)

Blackie, Grey's sis, seems better too. Not suffering as much as she usually does during weather change. She's the only adult foam cat that I know - her bile foams up like it does for kittens, like it did for her kittens. The only survivor of the two sets she's given birth to is the ultrahealthy Rafiq. All the other kittens died either at birth or foaming just as they transitioned to solid food. She was a good mother. But now she's voluntarily kept herself from mating.

The underlying state to diabetes is extreme fear and anxiety and nothing I do reduces hers. Even Reiki scares her these days - something about the thick energy surrounding her, like it was with Gunda, just won't let up.

When she and Grey were kittens, they arrived at my place through a series of mishaps. Falling down from parapets, keeping each other alive with mews. Both had severe respiratory problems that worsened with weather ('thunderstorm asthma' as they call it these days). Echinacea 10m helped Grey live, Blackie improved drastically with Graphites and survived drowning once with Causticum.

But since then I've seen that the whole thing - fear, fip, foaming, respiratory, dizziness, circulation, both forms if diabetes and weather problems are all related, all part of the radioactive spectrum in healing.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Plant remedies and cleansing

So far it's clear that mineral and elements supplement (underside/front draw) and plant remedies cleanse. Mostly (poisonous plants & animal remedies especially) (back, spinal).

There are three (four?) elimination routes: lungs for carbon exchange, kidneys for salt and intestines for bulk/fiber. Skin for oils?

So there must be correct remedies for each to be activated?

I've really got to look into that. After Uran they draw plant remedies, esp Clem and Arn (Clem before the start of the solar month, Arn halfway through). Followed by Rad brom last time.

Diabetics, Uran and Memory

Like I said before, diabetics seem to forget differently. They lose content, perhaps the (higher/deeper) emotional depth, or something similar. There is exaggerated lower emotions though quite divorced from reality - more on principle, duty-bound, the  'conscientious objector', politically correct, idealized & mechanical kinds. There is a loss of spontaneity replaced by a righteous, solar plexus-driven feeling.

Uran nit brings it back. All of it probably, though I've seen it only in very young kittens.

Gundugirl was the fifth? kitten saved, but Uran wasn't still in my homeopathic repertory. She doesn't remember her mother since she was abandoned with her two siblings in an attic.

She often goes to Stripes and touches noses, shyly asking if Stripes is her mom.

Yesterday (28/11) they all got the Uran, which always energizes the kittens no end.

Today, suddenly, standing on the wall looking up at her birth mom on the parapets, the terrace black&gold, she suddenly seemed to recall her! Her mom though has forgotten and Uran hasn't yet gone deep enough in the adult population to bring back bonds. G mimicked her pacing almost experimentally and followed her longingly for a while until I left. Later she ignored Stripes, showing a marked difference in attitude to the stepmotherly cat! an inner confidence was apparently restored. I'm happy for the girl because she ought to know her mom is sweet and alive.:)

Tipu and Hyder too went inside and sat on the dining table like they remembered growing up under it. They haven't done that in months since Stripes had her next batch. Today Tipu, who usually can barely breathe for the sniffles, was playing madly. He usually only has energy to eat and watch others play. Tipu was my 6th healed FIP kit, and Uran 3 had saved him. Hyder is now looking to mate - he was the 5th and never really let me get close except for a couple of days with Uran. He absorbs it well from the food directly needing no prana or Reiki to support.

In other effects ...
I've had short sharp episodes of vertigo once each day from the 28th. Not the kind spread out through the day like last time but more severe.

Like before, my tongue lost all taste for food and no cravings at all and water tastes delicious (I normally never drink water).

This loss of taste is called 'nucchu'. Several raw fruits give the tongue this state - raw guava, unripened banana, etc. It's considered a special state for the tongue though I don't know much else about it.

There's some oppressed breathing on the first two days but nothing as bad as the last time. The aggravation is milder this round for me. It's been two solar cycles so it really does take a long time for adults to assimilate the energy of this remedy. Icy has some breathing difficulty too on day 3. But it lasted only a few minutes.

Kenchu had inflamed skin over his trigeminal nerve & jaw. I've just put some petroleum jelly and calendula Q on it.

There's another peculiar thing I've noticed with Uran that I thought I should put down. The skin around the nails grow hard and flake, and the nails themselves grow rough and slough off dark waste around the sides. A remedy must be powerful indeed to affect nails to the point of cleansing.

I don't plan to do several doses this time to cover all the dogs I've missed. I'm too afraid to repeat last time's schedule. Now I'm just giving them plant remedies for elimination.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trying uran again

The animals are drawing Uran again. I've given it to them and me today at 30x. Fingers crossed that there are no deeply diabetic older dogs that will have an aggravation.

I checked my notes and I'd given Uran 4 times around this solar period before the dose at the middle if the next period  that pulled out an aggravation in bakery black. The rest of us too, just not so bad - we peeled and then healed. Bakery black might have too, but the severity was much worse and led to all the complications that surround his death.

Only in 2 of the 5 dogs with cataract, the lens clearing has remained. It's two solar cycles away, so not bad. Amazing actually. So cataract is like hardpad, just soft mucosal tissue losing its function. I'm pushing on despite my fear for Icy and other older dogs with this one dose because of cataract. If only they can see again, walk without crippling pain in their paws again! Hear without otitis again, breathe without emphysema again! My dearest wish.

In kittens and pregnant females it brought the best results.

Most of the kittens seem to have used the Uran to heal their gut/nose/face/respiratory mucosa (hard pads disappeared). Rani still had an  inflamed swollen abdomen after, but it hasn't risen above to hepatize the lungs. Must gave an effect on the lining of the liver too.

Pregnant & lactating females esp Gundamma's mom, and iyowmeow, seem more mature. GM has had 4 kittens, all surviving, breast fed and growing fast (one climbed walls for a time but prana to mom and kittens seemed to heal it). IM's also got 2 surviving kits this time. That's amazing for her. She's lost so many sets entirely since they're born in the wild and she gets pregnant so very often off season. That they've survived too for so long makes me cautiously deliriously happy.:)

The middle ages (1-7) is hard to tell. Like me, some seem to have jaw and gum pain, numbness in the extremities, some crackling in the ears, scalp sensitivity, heaviness in the solar plexus. Oh, and the strange illness aggravation.

Fingers (and toes) crossed in this one hoping everything  heals smoothly for all!