Friday, November 4, 2016

Stramonium and Scilla storms

Scilla might be a CME based geomagnetic storm remedy and Stramonium for solar winds.

Bismuth sub nitricum

Aggravation: Shooting pain in the underside tendons of my left knee.

Solar wind remedies?

The two remedies bakery black drew were Arnica 1m and Stramonium I think.

Guides are right again

Sadly, today I understood what the guides meant by saying I could heal bakery black but I won't.

Twice today I had dogs I could have healed a bit but I didn't. I couldn't find either but I know they're both sick. But on my way there I was thinking that I'll just feed them and run. I caught myself at it.

The problem is that I'm shy and I gather crowds when I sit with a street dog. Everyone wants to know what I'm doing and then heal them or their pets until I just want to run away.

If only this can change ...

Guides are right again

Sadly, today I understood what the guides meant by saying I could heal bakery black but I won't.

Twice today I had dogs I could have healed a bit but I didn't. I couldn't find either but I know they're both sick. But on my way there I was thinking that I'll just feed them and run. I caught myself at it.

The problem is that I'm shy and I gather crowds when I sit with a street dog. Everyone wants to know what I'm doing and then heal them or their pets until I just want to run away.

If only this can change ...

Thursday, November 3, 2016


I'm thinking back to the experiments on yellow tree molds and wondering if somehow I'm creating a hive mind in my animals and me.

Tree molds act as one unit, even separated by distance. Is that what they want? The prana seems to do that too.

In my experiments with niruri and mold, pressure cooking got the nod a few days ago. This time I didn't drown it in the boiled water. I set the leaves, twigs and roots aside to rot like aerated compost.

I used the water  mixed with the previous mold for the animals who astonishingly love it. They live this niruri mess I make as much as my cooking, the weird creatures. (I wonder if it's humic acid acting as a digestive that they like?)

My rotting lime too I've put to good use by pouring brown rice ganji over it today. I didn't realise his bitter the brown of brown rice is. Going to have it tomorrow morning and see if it's cold.

This time I didn't add a single mineral salt. It's already a very nice lacy, white mold!

Autumnal equinox of the sun and Stramonium

Maybe the guides are right. I had to give the next remedy, not stress out on the previous.

Icy drew Stramonium the day before yesterday. I was surprised but he does gave a beseeching cry when he's itchy so I gave him a dose. He slept peacefully for hours.

Today he drew it in 30 so I gave it to him and took it myself - instant sun headache! Aching pain at the back of the neck and head.

I read up on it and apparently it's a remedy for after autumnal equinox!

Accidents, Adrenaline and Immunity

This huge metal barrier thingie fell on my head and now I think I'm slightly concussed. Not that it's so very noticeable, lol just a lemon sized hematoma, but leaning forward does make me dizzy.

This is probably why guides keep pushing people to work faster. Accidents are such inevitable phenomena. All psychics dread them because they're locked in time and virtually unavoidable.
I was worrying about dizziness, a slight lack of focus, headache and the egg-sized bump on my head because I had so many dependents, when the guides picked Pulsatilla 1m.

The area around the egg cooled in 5 mins. I couldn't sleep because my mind was roiling with the news that a dog I'd been called to see had died two days ago.(1)

Part of the roiling must have been the adrenaline dump. Pulsatilla cooled around the hematoma, then the right-sided headache traveled down to the left jaw. My right shoulder had been hurt too but that didn't change. From my jaw it went in the next hour to my neck then to my right hip joint finally it was in my lower back for hours and a headache from my neck to crown came back. About 2 hours later it was all gone.

All this from 5 minds of Reiki with Pulsatilla. Not even a mouth dose.

1. The guides said I'd made a mistake - it could have been saved by antibiotics, an ambulance and a vet.:(

I had thought it was a jaw drop paralysis found in distemper survivors. The snake poisons in water can reverse it so I left it a big mug of water with Lachesis in it and food.

The guides say it was parotitis, mumps, also common in survivors but fatal if blocks breathing. I made a huge wrong call.

I feel especially bad because Francis, the driver, searched all over for me to get me to call an ambulance and I didn't follow his very good instincts. He kept saying a bone was stuck in it's teeth and 'so it close it's mouth. I couldn't see the bone and drew the wrong conclusion. She died the next evening, Diwali night. RIP, tiger, I didn't do right by you.
Another big worry is that the garbage man said 3 dogs died right there (he said all of them, even tiger, were being killed by poison; I told him it was the season and the prolonged sun stream). Did he mean the same day though?? I was so upset I didn't ask.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Direction of cure in FIP

The first sign of healing with any homeopathic remedy for this disease is the eye tissue.

The kit develops wounds around the eye as the mucus membranes heal and the eyes stop being glued together.

I've tried healing it bottom up, but the kitten will die; people try to heal the abdomen first when it's the least important of the mucus membranes. After the eyes respond a bit (either pus or mucus will flow out of the eye ducts and the two halfway down the nose, then you can heal the abdomen with Merc cyan (any attempt to heal the 'intestinal form' will risk death if you don't see the disease as toxicity from head to toe).

Vera explained it as the mom storing the toxins she had in her system and absorbs during her pregnancy, into the fetus which is regarded as superfluous by the body.

This seems to be true. I've seen mom cats heal exponentially as they give birth repeatedly to sick kittens, as if birth itself is a blood cleansing method.

This might explain why mom cats like Stripes give birth so many times. They're not 'sex addicts' but it makes them feel better everytime they birth - that's nature's best method to heal a female body. Stripes was abandoned as a kitten by her mom because she was so sick with fip she couldn't stop her eyes from jiggling side to side.

A dose of Gelsemium 50m cured her enough of this nerve.problem that she could function and jump off the balcony she'd been stuck on, but I didn't connect it to blood poisoning. For years she remained the most bad tempered, evil cat around - both humans and animals ran from her unpredictable nature. Ignatia and then Dibs' nat mur cured her of the worst until she's only behaving badly once a week or so.



Yawning remains fascinating to me. The jaw-breaking, tear-springing variety is so very hard to get! It might be age that hardens the tissues (or my smokes:) of the abdomen, jaws, throat and perineum - all of which have to participate in the yawn for it to be right.

My friends and I think it's a great deal like another mind-muscular coordination effort.

It's like an orgasm - if you don't concentrate, relax and feel, it's impossible. One if my friends says it's better!:)

But while I haven't tasted the 'nectar'/DMT there's a sweet saliva that's unusual and rare. It's very healthy smelling/tasting, like nothing I've tasted before. Kittens can detect it from a distance for some reason on the breath!

But there's also another more interesting and unusual saliva from disused glands around the jaw that tastes very bad and stale! I've only tasted it twice and while it feels like saliva, it makes you wonder if this is the poison that we need to work out of glands in general if we want them to function into old age.

All this deep breathing is so new that I've got to wonder what it would be like if that's how we breath regularly. Would it really reactivate the pineal gland? what connects prana to the pineal ...

Figured more out - yawning and mold

I figured out something again! (it's this high solar wind stream messing with my brain. I'm tempted to say, high IQ etc but the guides might nix this post in cyberspace! I can say though that I'm resonating with answers!;)

I'm going to put all my insights and thoughts in this post for the rest of the month. For some reason blogger/blogaway won't let me edit after I post these days, so if that happens, no updates and no spell checks. New posts only.

Yawning is so difficult to deepen because we need to relax muscles we usually tighten and tighten muscles we usually relax. So, we need to feel no fear, anxiety or immediate threat to loosen our jaw, throat, lungs, diaphragm/solar plexus and tighten abdominal, perineum and lower back.

That's why it's so difficult. All opposite our survival instincts.

The mold insight is that lime, salt and water does last longer when fungus forms. I've let it rot four days and now drinking it. It's astonishingly cool.

Why people have been made to fear fungus so much is also astonishing. It seems to be our fundamental route to immunity. The animals love my food more, if that's possible (they already thought I was the world's greatest chef and now I'm closer to the divine!:)

My entire Oct batch of niruri I ruined by adding nutrients (mineral salts of potassium iodate, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese). It actually rotted anaerobically and was smelly with hydrogen sulphide. Sad, but I still used it on the animals food and drank it up. But it had no chill effect.

I removed the solid twigs and undissolved roots and set it aside to figure out later. Today, 3 days later it smells great!

So airing was part of the problem, not just the added nutrients. The added nutrients aren't a problem if there's aerobic processing.

Additional mineral salts do niruri no particular good though. It's got all it needs to make fungal instead of bacterial rot. Keeping it wet is all it needs.

The good earthy smell in compost is what we're aiming for.

It feels cool because of the *tonsils* which love mold. Unless the tonsils are involved, our immune systems don't function.

I put it in my hair today and the fur of the dogs (after a baking soda dampening). It chills even skin and scalp. So maybe it activates more than just tonsils?

I hope it's hair-digesting properties don't mean I'll lose living hair to it (iod tea did enough of that!:).