Saturday, October 22, 2016

Never start with high potencies

I have to remind myself for the millionth time not to touch the high potencies until I'm done with the middle and lower ones that are drawn.:(

These potencies are actually very confusing. Maataji is of the view that high potencies bring out fewer aggravations, others claim the opposite.

I'd agree with Maataji but only for plant remedies, nothing in pure form off of the periodic table: salts of transitional elements esp are very reactive/aggravating in homeopathy.

I have an enormous pressure sore developing on my ... seat. Uranium nit most likely, iod tea second most likely (but hair fall is iod's thing to do, I think. Most of it's force seems to be expended on the scalp, breast bones and lymph, mucus membranes in those areas.

I haven't done the mucor-niruri from the 10th Oct waiting to finish my iodate chai before I begin again.

Uranium nit it is then since I haven't had a butt boil in decades.


Yawning remains fascinating to me. The jaw-breaking, tear-springing variety is so very hard to get! It might be age that hardens the tissues (or my smokes:) of the abdomen, jaws, throat and perineum - all of which have to participate in the yawn for it to be right.

My friends and I think it's a great deal like another mind-muscular coordination effort.

It's like an orgasm - if you don't concentrate, relax and feel, it's impossible. One if my friends says it's better!:)

But while I haven't tasted the 'nectar'/DMT there's a sweet saliva that's unusual and rare. It's very healthy smelling/tasting, like nothing I've tasted before. Kittens can detect it from a distance for some reason on the breath!

But there's also another more interesting and unusual saliva from disused glands around the jaw that tastes very bad and stale! I've only tasted it twice and while it feels like saliva, it makes you wonder if this is the poison that we need to work out of glands in general if we want them to function into old age.

All this deep breathing is so new that I've got to wonder what it would be like if that's how we breath regularly. Will it really reactivate the pineal gland?

The Twit of Serendip

Raymond gave me a real gift with that Walter Russell harmonic, periodic scale! I'm still thinking on how to put it to work in healing, though it looks spot-on in terms of sequence. It might give me a mechanical model to work from here on. Something I've been longing for all these years - an elements protocol of sorts.

But as usual scep timelines have yielded fruit as well - just that they never share  knowledge or give aid freely, those damned adams (or serpents ... the story is murky in my mind ... I guess it's the serpent who gave knowledge away but with evil intent? That slithery, olden, rascal scep! Still, everything I've learnt on twitter I've learnt from them - tls, stalking, searches, following hashtags, evading blocks ... stuff my ppl don't quite get.;)

There's a pattern to scep thinking: they grab what looks glaringly weak to mock, as all bullies do, because they don't understand homeopathy with any sensitivity. But those apparent structural weaknesses turn out to be the enduring strengths of their victims, in this case,  homeopathy. Much of what I miss I can catch on one of their tls.

I'd never have bought uranium nitr without sceps because I was sceptical about how useful radioactivity could be for animals.

I doubted radiation therapy for cancer in humans anyway so had many blocks against it. Also, a lack of success with so many common remedies that people praised for fip just put me off trying the rare ones.

But one bitter scep posted a kid getting healed with Uranium (kid drew war pictures, bombs, death, dreamt of chaos). it got me thinking: if it did good in one child, it could help the young of other species. It surprised me that it wasn't just a remedy for old age and decay as I thought for years!

I knew the kind of fear and horror that fip kittens live through after being abandoned by their moms (to protect their other kittens and their breasts from fip violence). And because they're abandoned too young to defend themselves, most times blind, deaf and hungry as well, they can't comprehend what's to come and they're in sheer terror for their lives.

This parallels the horror of an imaginative child who is emotionally traumatized or withdrawn, maybe autistic or retarded. Life looks deadly and hopeless, only war and violence impinge on their terror-numbed minds as nurture doesn't reach them.

That mocking post made me think and be curious. I bought my first uranium nit 6 then. It saved two kittens immediately.

Those were two of Stripes' fip kittens that survived their sister, but barely alive, after having poured themselves into keeping her warm as long as they could. It had drained them energetically, as Stripes refused to go near any of them (she was already pregnant again).

One, Hyder, wouldn't let me near him - blamed me for not saving his sister who he adored. I'd just add it to the general food and hope it was enough for him - it was. Tipu was especially bad and drew it at the base of the brain stem for 3 days, 3 times a day and then, just when I thought he'd worsen, seemed to brighten. Over a week he began to play and gain strength. Now he's got breathing problems like most fip survivors, but it may go with higher potencies of uranium I hope.

That was my first success with a single remedy curing fip. I've never been more grateful.:)

Then Gundugirl, who'd survived her two sisters, began sinking, after having done well for 3 weeks. I was terrified that she'd die because unlike Stripes' kittens, she'd been raised on yogurt+milk with no natural gut fauna.

Again, uranium nit did the trick. This time with only two sessions of Reiki. These successes were followed after a month by these two gutter babes, raja and rani.

Rani, whose bones were paper-thin, took two weeks with Uranium nit, Merc cyan and Rad brom (and a few other plant remedies like eucalyptus). Touch and go, with that one. But both healed more fully with slight respiratory/abdominal edema compared to the Tipu, Gundigirl and Hyder.

Stripes new set has only two that survived to opening their eyes and both those I've given Reiki with Uran nit, for two days, when their eyelids were agglutinated. It picked them right up again rapidly. Now I don't even bother with mouth/nose doses. If they heal with just Reiki energy on the uranium & prana breathing with it, it acts with no aggravation.

Radium seems to follow well and thanks to Raymond I know why!

Until now I've been so thrilled by both Uranium and Radium, I'd barely thought for more than a second that there would be other radioactives in homeopathy. A scep posted a pic of Plutonium nit a couple of days ago. I'd never have looked for it on my own.

I'm going to pick that up next and look for more! The guides are right that I can learn a great deal on twitter - both from friends and enemies.:)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

More mucor thoughts

I thought gamma rays killed the mucor in niruri but maybe it was me. I added some of the nutrient mix that usually goes in the food. I think it killed the fungus?

One, I feel really bad about destroying the whole batch of niruri. I've virtually stripped half of my garden off of it's niruri weeds.

Two, though, it's fantastic! I can check nutrient by nutrient to see what kills good fungus and leaves us vulnerable! I can eliminate that from the animals' diet.

I hope wasn't just the concentration of it that was too high and 2. that I didn't wait long enough ... because I could be stuck at this forever. Already I've run out of vessels, dubbas, plastic bottles, to keep each kind of experiment separate. I also forgot and mixed the whole bunch together yesterday (therefore, insight:). But never mind. I'll just have to start over.

My lime water+salt which I forgot had developed the same floating fungus! so I took a sip before I chucked it. I shouldn't have chucked it because an hour later that same cooling effect is in my throat and oesophagus. It's amazing

So! It IS the same thing - this alkalinity idea and niruri! It's about plant fungal microzyma!! I need to find stuff that rots well.:) Enderlein then was right.

Hmm, I'm so excited I'm beside myself. Is it in all plants? If it composts veg matter?

The animals are cool with niruri. Not sure how they'd feel about lime water+salt in their food though. Not sure how to go on  from here...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Euthanasia list

Really good list(1) but Ars alb isn't a favorite with my guides for euthanasia. It forces the body to shut down faster by depressing the solar plexus (like in that little black kitten who didn't want to die) imposing itself on the animal. It should be in line with the animal's higher mind according to them (aligned with the forehead & crown chakra).

(My previous post didn't clarify that and vanished. Let's see if this goes through.:)


Petroleum jelly

Guides want petroleum jelly instead of oil I think. Maybe it's because it can't be used by bacteria?

They seemed happy enough with oil until Sept I thought ... so maybe it's for winter. Or maybe they just let me run with the first idea and wait to make adjustments after.

A list and Kent on remedies for the dying

More about me

The guides have a distaste for human fakeness. Mine especially.:)

I just thought of a beautiful moving piece of writing that I could blog justifying my existence and describing my amazing achievements of two decades (insight into Life itself from that!;). They just hrumphed. They're bored by my attempts to impress, entertain and engage even my blog reading audience (Russians and sceps -  exclusively I think). So, backhanded backpats and showing off is out then.:(

Like Mansi, who I met after a decade put it,"You're still doing the same thing? Reiki and homeopathy and dogs? Since then?" Before I finished a weak nod, she went on to describe her exciting, multifaceted, creative life.

Comparison, contrasts, are so exhausting to the mind!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cataracts are fungal?

I was talking to my friend about how intelligent fungi are. Tree molds are used to direct robots. And how in us they're not just in the gut but they invade our mouths (morning slime), our scalp (dandruff), nasal and sinus cavities (many mucor polyps and tumors) and she said, "and in the eye as cataract".

Funny that I didn't connect it to cataracts, but that's probably exactly what it is!

In the last week I've noticed the cataract in 2 dogs eyes have cleared to slip a bit lower! I can't believe it because it's so incredible. What might have made it happen? The uranium or the mucor?

I'm seriously going to grow into a major bore because I'm so obsessed!