Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mucor - 2 weeks

In the 14 days of having mucor and two days that I've been drinking mucor like tea, my teeth feel 'fuller', gums sensitive and dental nerves hypersensitive.

No other noticeable change other than a coolness down the oesophagus.

Teeth really feel nice though! Like the enamel is smoother.

Gums feel inflamed though. I can see a red line too. Wonder if my teeth will fall out by the end of this experiment - hair certainly did with the Kali iodate.:)


"In the blood and tissue of humans and animals, there live microbes (Protits) which are normally harmless and which maintain diverse regulatory mechanisms. According to Prof. Enderlein, these 'Endobionts' are usually nonpathogenic phases of the mold fungus Mucor racemosus Fresen, Aspergillus niger van Tieghem or Penicillium notatum." (1)

My guides are right then - if it's one of these three then Sandra's #nottoworry.:)


I didn't realise homeopathy already had Enderlein covered. (2)


Friday, October 7, 2016

Niruri not neruri

It must be a goggle conspiracy to change names on me as soon as I add it to my personal dictionary!

The allopathic take on Phyllanthus is crap as usual but I like the uses mentioned here (1) the weak decoction is what I'm on.


Gut to brain moods

I'm feeling moody. My guides don't want me to buy even potatoes and tomatoes so I'm mad at the world at large.

I've been drinking the mucor. It isn't so bad salted - tastes a bit like Tibetan tea.

The thing though is that I've noticed that I'm craving less of everything, even food. I'm wondering if our gut bacteria even determine WHAT we want to eat through cravings?

For instance, do we crave and relish milk *because* we have more Lactobacillus in the gut? Sugar when we're chockful of fungi and bread when there's more yeast in there?

I'm beginning to think it works that way.

Little Rani

Little Rani is microcephalous and there's nothing I can do about it. I noticed it two days into picking her up and I thought that uranium nit would take care of it but it didn't.

But it might not be a bad thing, I've got to thinking since then. The strange kit loves me to chant 'om' or 'om namo shivaiya' - makes her purr, and she gives her muscular, madcap brother this *look* if he doesn't calm down for it.:) she curls up in the middle of my chest and sleeps into it.

Maybe microcephaly isn't so bad at all? If their pineal glands are so active, so young it may be sm adaptation for the future to come?

She's a doll. Weaker, with less irritability, no fear of humans or  other adult cats, she's the anchor on which her active, protective, imaginative brother depends. She's a stickler for cleanliness, only uses the litter box,  and like all autism spectrum kids needs order and routine. Maybe these are the star children of the future everyone expected, except they look nothing like Aryans and vibrate between disease and health precariously.


My guides have been silent since telling me that mucor or another fungus (or many) is unimportant.

Since this silence means I've done something right but not processed it at all, it could last for years until I get it.

So in the meantime I've made a discovery of sorts ... that I want to write about.

Heavy metal!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Molybdenum & Teeth

"Molybdenum is a much better supplement than fluoride for teeth. the molybdenum makes teeth tough and acid resistant, fluoride makes them melt in acid"(1)


Another rat died

This monthly loss of life to the sun's winds,flares and holes is very disturbing.

I breathed lots into the little Rani expecting her to be the most vulnerable. It took an young seemingly healthy rat instead.

The rat was lying in my path in the morning struggling to stay upright, so I breathed prana in it, kept it safe from cats and dogs, gave it some homeopathy and left.

I got back and he was clicking and rolling so I breathed some more prana and gave him Reiki.

I got back a few hours after dusk and he was still struggling to breathe. He drew ars alb 30 & carbo veg I knew his days were numbered. I left and got back early and found him struggling to breathe again but weaker. Being young makes it so hard to die!:(

This time I gave him bach flower Sweet Chestnut (for extreme anguish) which he drew strongest and carbo veg again. It eased his breathing greatly after which, as I held him to keep him warm and breathe with him, he began to squirm. I was about to get him Tarantula (which eases this awful 'death dance' when they can't get oxygen/prana into their cells) when he died quite peacefully, thank goodness.

So prana breathing didn't help him live. This is the second rat I couldn't help. The same day, 29th Sept, a beautiful sunset orange moth had fallen in the water and I was able to breathe for it until it's wings fluttered but it died a few mins later as well.

The problem is probably that, during a magnetic storm, I'm unable to breathe in enough prana to give away. My energy and the earth's energy are both low and I tire easily from the effort.

Like today, 4 Oct, it's a kp5/G1 mag storm and any prana I'm breathing in is light and thin (not dense), so it rushes to fill me up and not those I'm trying to heal. Not sure how this can be overcome.

Mucor most likely

It is most likely a species of fungus called Mucor. The hyphae strands are long and white, it doesn't have the greenish tinge of Penicillium or the greyish tinge of Aspergillus. There are some black dots in it which is like Mucor. This is the best guess with the naked eye.

And it does seem to reduce the bitterness and make it chill (is that the same as chill proofing?)

Aspergillus is also used to do similar stuff. But it looks slightly different. Maybe.:)

I'm partial to the mucor explanation because it was also identified as the fungus causing cancer (mucor racemosa) by a soil/terrain doc. It would be a 'like heals like' thing if this was a different strain. Something likely by the guides.

I found this weird link about mucor that I wanted to keep (1):
* it can withstand high temperatures (so I can add it while cooking?)
* processes proteins like bean curd, cheese, etc. (so meat too?)
* the infants affected sound like fip in cats and distemper in dogs.

My one question is if it survives the stomach acid to reach the gut.