Friday, September 30, 2016

Solar stuff

"Medical statistics for Moscow show that 70% of all micro variations, caused by geomagnetic disturbances, are accompanied by an abnormally high incidence of heart attacks (a growth of about 13%), and blood-strokes (7.5% growth). The low and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields destabilize the heartbeat, leading to a sudden death or infarction. Medical experts have finally explained why heart attacks take a heavy toll before a magnetic storm - because micro variations begin 24 hours before the storm." Space

Kitten stuff

I'm reading the message from the guides literally and taking time out to play with kittens. Gundi and Chiripiri spent a half hour scaring each other silly in the garden after they saw a huge rat scurrying away. Such girly girls.:)

Tipu and Hyder on the other hand are too male to play with these girls  and play so dangerously around wooden staves that I'm afraid one might impale himself during the games.

Raja is a dumb physically strong male but easily scared while Rani is physically weak but mentally bold and sure of herself. She leads him when her eyes aren't glued shut and her fragile bones don't ache.

But these are the first two kittens I've had the weird privilege of calming down with a chant! When I was in my 20s I fell asleep to Yesudas' resonant voice chanting 'om namo shivaya' on tape in Thiruvanamalai. So when I'm harried by kittens I try to calm myself with it. Rani shushed Raja the first time she heard it and ever since I've used it to put them to sleep when they're fighting too much with each other. Rani will sigh with pleasure to hear the syncope (I'm not sure what it is when the sound wavelength modulates?) and Raja sleeps just millimeters from my mouth to get the vibration.

Kittens are as irrational as humans when it comes to ascribing credit and blame.

Tipu and Hyder when very sick with fip, were given a little rice bran oil to lick and some white rice. Even today they eat it where ever they find it like that made them well.

I'm sure it changed the complexion of their gut slightly, cleared constipation but otherwise ...

Bitter reflection:)

I'm an idiot. I should have saved some of the first culture that worked.

I'm so not into microbiology that I wish I'd just set it like we do curd instead of starting afresh. Now to wait two weeks is killing me.I also wish I hasn't pissed off all the microbiology sceps before I figured this out. If they can get a Nobel out of it and I can get some proper aging going on my neruri to help my animals it should be fair exchange! But they're a bunch of jerks so not sure they'd have been helpful ... but I'm feeling the stress of telling a lamberti from a racemosa!:(

Somehow the fungi I'm brewing  pushes back the tonsil fungi or bacteria. It must be a property of neruri, because the guides wanted me to brew it alone.

I can see some mold forming on the exposed leaves of neruri. The previous fungus was snowy white with a little black or green, can't recall.

Maybe I'll have to start again and do it in batches with salt, protein (dal), oil, basale, basil ...*groan*

I was just about to post this this afternoon after swiping it last night, feeling a little defeated and wondering if I'd got everything wrong.

Plants crowd together in weeds and guides might have gone too far in telling me to make it rot (idiots have died inhaling fungus after all!:).

But this morning the chill bloomed in my mouth finally!! So I had got everything right!

6-7 days then, I've got it down to Mucor species, and I now have a mother liquid to work with!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

More on fungi and molds

I know from googling that fungi take 10-14 days to develop so my impatience is my problem. There are some common kinds:   Aspergillus spp., Rhizopus spp.,Penicillium spp., Neurospora spp.,Cladosporium spp., and Mucor spp.

So far so good. (This is when you wish you knew someone with a microscope and a good attitude!:)

My mold could be one of these from the write ups their protein digesting  enzymes (1):

Penicillium camemberti on the outside of the Brie cheese mass. In both types of cheeses, the fungi grow and release protein and fat-degrading enzymes that soften and ripen the cheese. 

Aspergillus spp. Mucor pusillus. Meat tenderizer; remove bitter flavors, replace rennin in cheese manufacture, chill-proofing of beer; reduce elasticity of glutin proteins in bread

I'm not sure it's removed bitter flavors from the liquid... But I'll keep an eye out for it. The chill-proofing of beer is also a possible direction - I wonder what it means?

It could be Aspergillus too since that's common to compost.(2)

Or mucor.

They're all whiteish ...



First fail bitters

My first attempt to put bitters in animal food failed. The food didn't preserve as much (maybe 4 days isn't enough ferment), so instead of sticky it was slightly powdery.

Even the liquid stuff isn't doing the anti inflammatory cooling of my throat like it did after 10-12 days.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My bitters again

There's definitely a coolness in the mouth now after 3? days of aging. But the guides say it isn't yet ready to use but I've made a start anyway. The coolness is along the center of my upper palette, from the soft palate to the upper and lower lip in a band. A little on my tongue.

So a few thoughts.

The mold or ferment is white: could it be penicillin? I know it grows on bread, but I have to look up if it tolerates a bitter environment.

The interesting thing about this mold is that it digested plant matter and... protein!

It struck me that it was strange straight away in massoppu which is so full of dal that it promptly rots if not reheated twice a day. I've never seen dal preserved except in sugar syrup (Mysore pak, holige) or deepfried (all flours) or dried (sun-dried, freeze-dried snacks).

Most probiotics digest sugars (including Lactobacillus, I think).

The brilliance of this for me is that cats and dogs are primarily protein consumers till the last. If this can be cultured and added to their meat, it could really improve their nourishment.

And there's nothing else that would prevent rot in meat except salting, drying or frying.

Worth checking into the penicillin-mold.
This morning not much mouth coolness in the morning and a disappointing smell of rot in the mixture. But there was a thin layer of dust-like mold on the top that I disturbed taking a spoonful.

I also drew out a little into a bowl and put a couple of drops of homeopathic mixture into it. By evening this mixture, bitters+homeopathy, is definitely cooler than the rest in the mouth!

One if my theories is that homeopathy actually works on bacteria and microorganisms, not us directly, which this might indicate.

Still, I'm not sure how to add it to the animals food yet. Put the homeopathy in in the morning and spray/splash it on after their food cools? Keep it overnight? Add the homeopathy to the liquid bitters as I make it or wait until after the mold begins?

Misread the guides

I just realised when I was talking to Ginger that I might have misread the guides intentions with the prana breath.

Since it so speeds up healing many times over, with no loss of energy, time or tiredness, they might have just been helping me since I've spread myself so thin, my spirit's worn out.

I thought they'd meant I don't need the Reiki symbols or distance healing. Maybe that's not it at all.

I did play more with the three youngest - gundi, raja and rani - today after that puzzling message in meditation. I haven't had the time in years, and always felt guilty for enjoying time with the little ones when so many needed help outside.

Prana breathing and castor oil have eased the time needed for homeopathy to kick in and heal.

I'm in better shape too mentally and emotionally from this deeper breathing.

Why, Guides?

I was chatting with G. yesterday and she said something about psychic ability bring heightened during geomagnetic storms which got me thinking. Sceps may actually have a psychic ability to gather power from humans around (rather than an an animal instinct as I've thought so far). They're usually show heightened skill at picking vics at the end of a geomagnetic storm and a weakness in clear  thinking at the CME.

Maybe if humans are antennas for energy transfer (1) or some such, it would explain the fondness the guides have for these creatures. They harvest energy, maybe all they need to learn us how to use it for higher good, even just humanist good?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Update of bitters

I stopped the Kali Iodate at day 30. It was remarkable for its phlegm inducing, ulcerating, hair thinning capacity.:)

But it did do something to my pineal gland. I had some horribly vivid nightmares, but also some amazingly clear meditations. I felt energy waves around my third eye for the first time in my life. It's still mixed into my tea leaf so I'll be doing it again ... when I have tea.

I stopped making iod tea to try the alkaline water with lime+pink salt. This was only so-so. I drank it for 3 days and realised the lime could be chewed and ate what I hadn't chucked.

That I feel could have been missing something. Good but nothing like my bitters experience! My throat is still cool in a patch a week after!! Remarkable.

So yesterday morning I made a batch from about 20 weeds (p. neruri) with their roots. They didn't want me to add anything so no other greens. Just Phyllanthus neruri billed and cooled and kept aside without straining.

My guides were all asking me to wait. Still are. But this morning I got impatient and had a spoonful from curiosity.

It was bitter alright but there was no coolness, nothing! After an hour or so there was a mild cooling somewhere high in my oesophagus above the thymus for a few mins, now some mild cool in the throat and mouth after nearly 12 hrs. Nothing like the rich and instant bloom of chill in the mouth from my bitter massoppu!!

Amazingly it's the ferment that we're looking for, probably even that snowy white mold that scared me so much that I finally chucked it. No wonder liv 52 is such a dull and boring tonic. It isn't aged!

Now I plan to take a spoonful a day until it comes to that exact ferment again.

Thank heavens for Bechamp or I'd never have been so bold! These plants must have microzyma that are exactly right to trigger the tonsils and thymus for healing, which is why it works on the liver, in diabetes, HIV and is anti inflammatory!

My Kali iod phlegmy cough is going. I have back of the throat soreness that hasn't become a cold yet. But the best part is how sweet the saliva becomes! The sweetness, probably from alkalinity, may resemble the DMT of the pineal secretion making it very prized by meditators.

A message

I had a good meditation with my friends this weekend. One was unable to conc in anything due to her online course on Plato and Socrates - nothing like rational philosophy to ruin you for mysticism and spirituality! It's thugness wipes out the ephemeral whispers like a narc wipes out his wife's personality.;)

In my session, my usual guide, the Dark Lady, didn't come. Instead the scene changed and it was a mountainside and a dark, chocolatey stag came down, nuzzled at my hand, nipped at a few branches of a fir and then invited me to run with it. I couldn't go because my body felt so heavy and tired. I asked if it wanted me to follow and it kept dashing between trees and teasing like a puppy or a kitten which wants to play. But I was thinking I was too slow now for this.

The stag had even antlers, rounded, like that one, the spirit of the world, Japanese myth in Miyazaki's movie - no markings, but two shades brown and dark chocolate fur.

At first I thought like a Petronius (lol! HarryPotter may have sunk deep;) but no glitter or heavy antlers.

Worldliness is like a tarpit, holding you down with grief and sadness and control. It gets harder and harder to move your spirit and body joyfully, enjoy work, take time to play. So either they're calling me home or they're telling me that I've got it. Now to shake it off, lighten up and play?

I've still got responsibilities ... will they ease up? More important, will I ease up and enjoy it again and understand the suffering around me as a process that isn't my responsibility to complete or cure. I'm hoping to have the sense, strength to let go. Guides really have time backwards, so not sure of when.

Left and right hands of healing

When Reiki is stronger in my left hand is when we're all cleansing? That would be a useful thing to know!

It's about twice as strong in my left today.

Uranium nit

Healing with uranium nit has been the greatest pleasure of 2016. I've saved 3-4, maybe 5  kittens with it - tippu, now rani, hyder & raja & gunda the kit a bit.

I get a tickling cough when I heal with it so it's a bone remedy and an immune system trigger.

You can see the kittens immediately change their behaviour from a mechanical struggle to breathe and live, to attempts to play, clean themselves, learn.

Rani who's looking microcephalous (no proper dome between her nose and ears) from only healing partially, still has the inflamed eye tissue. She eats as much as raja but nothing sticks to her ravaged frame while raja, his bones and muscle tissue develop in leaps and bounds.

I'd run out if uranium nit and bought it again today.

She's drawing it at 1m now and when I held it against her, instantly started purring. The bones of the back and her muscles are probably normally too painful but uranium nit made it possible for her to curl up and clean her hind foot and roll on her back! It's such a pleasure to watch them relax like normal kittens, not walk stiff jointed, bent over and rickety like little old women. But that's how disease ages even the very young.:(

I didn't give her a sniff or mouth dose, just Reiki'd it to reduce a chance of aggravation because of her fragility. Maybe when she's stronger ...

I fell asleep with her and raja cuddling into each other around the palm with u-nit and woke up with my tickling thymus cough.