Sunday, July 31, 2016

Prana breathing again - higher, not bigger

I think all my writing is just to clear headspace so the guides can push in new stuff. They don't seem to care that it isn't consistent either!

I guess they're clear thinking pragmatists like the Prof who said, all theses should be accepted by the university and thrown in the dustbin.:) Only way to move forward is not to get attached to the previous idea, I guess.

The yawning I've been doing to collect prana appears to be an imperfect way. There's clearer prana if you breathe with a combination of nose and mouth breathing but do the jagged lightning breaths sub-actually (I'm going for something like subvocal here! You're not actually breathing but imagining breathing).

So it has to start higher, heading towards the Ajna chakra I think.

The first time I did it, one kitten lying on me almost feel into a coma like sleep with it's head lolling off my tummy and another kitten set off a tremendous fart! Both scared and amused me so much I couldn't work up the concentration again.

if a kitten hasn't farted at you, you've no idea what you've missed. It isn't hydrogen sulphide, more like arsenic fumes!:)

Prana breathing once more - 1 should number these!

I'm feeling pretty triumphant today! This prana breathing (which is surprisingly nothing like pranayama!) is perhaps the missing link between all disease healing.

So far it has helped me balance the decreased kitten's energy like I've never been able to do before (merged with me a little), healed the swollen eyelids of one sibling, the chorea shaking weakness of the other, the respiratory muscles and choking just today before the rain; Chand's weak neck is stronger; icy's pre-rain dyspnea; Kenchu and gunda's Iodine intake problem; calmed a terrified Dancer to bring her home; broken up cat fights; healed Sweetie's intestines a little; reanimated a locust with a head problem so it could move again; and, long ago now, two flies!

I think prana breathing works on the Nadis or channels and the homeopathy remedies break down the blocks that prevent movement of energy.

another important thing I'm feeling elated about is that I think I only need to work on two chakras - the root and forehead (and back of the head occasionally).

I may even be able to work with only 2 remedies or combos, one for the upward stream and another for the downward stream. This would bring me even closer to single remedies.

in fact, it's possible that the problem lies only in one stream and seeing that block right will set the problem right just as Hahnemann and classical homeopathy uses it. All very exciting!

Also, distance from the animal seems to make no difference and actually helps both animal and me!

I've healed 8 animals today with no exhaustion! This is amazing to me because I'd begun to dread healing because of how it used to drain me! What a difference it is to look forward to healing them as energizing instead!

My guides keep pushing me to try and heal and ... write! Their urgency is so great that I wonder if I'm going to pop off sometime soon! Lol, heartless creatures are probably afraid I'll die and they'll have to wait another 100 years to teach it.:) They consider emotion such a waste of time in learning healing that they're rushing me from one sick or dying animal to another at such a rate that I'm suffering from PTSD all the time. Ok, I do tend to do the stages of grief perhaps in self indulgence, but I feel acutely the loss of a creature that grows so close, so attuned to me!

Anyway... needed to say, 27-28 July started this cycle at the root chakra at sol 1.

The remedy is Scilla cm at the forehead. Liliaceae so Star of Bethlehem, Allium sat, etc.

Breathing difficulty, spinal paralysis, splenic fever, jaw pain, fidgety feet.


I've come across the most amazing scientist, Antoine Bechamp, who could have unified ALL medicine (AYUSH, Chinese med, naturopathy, allopathy, nutrition & diet), not just homeopathy and Reiki - all alt medicine!

And more astonishing, ALL eastern religions (Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism) with medicine & science! (If not for the 7 deadly sins of a weaker mind. That of Louis Pasteur, unfortunately).


"Be Generous" Part two

My guides probably have a good laugh ay my expense every now and then.;/

Apparently they meant be generous with my yawns of Prana only!!

There I was, soul-searching and finding myself wanting in every direction ...! So, nothing that profound then. They mean just a 'heads-up' with a 'share it everywhere' kind of generosity.

Bechamp: enzymes and bacteria

A very interesting view is the theory of Bechamp that's more consistent with prana, homeopathy and my problem with healing.

If the kittens are draining each others prana, it explains the sequential sickening, the kindest going first, rather than the selfish, after the neediest runt. If they preserve distance and refuse to share their energy, they live.

Just in last 2-3 weeks I've noticed how badly they breathe. All of them and me as well!

If they're breathing wrong, then Bechamp says the body produces viruses and bacteria instead of good enzymes.

maybe. I haven't read enough to know what he says, but he should be on the same page.;)