Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another kitten died

I couldn't write about it for a week. It died 4 days ago (sol 17), RIP.

This kitten looked like it might survive with the peritonitis (like gcat) but it was too young. Played with its siblings until the day before it died, so the prana breathing helped. Even the dying was more peaceful.

It was again during a CME/high solar wind.

FIP is peculiar because it's misnamed. (It's been called FIV FELV etc in its history). Though the west euthanasizes hundreds of thousands of kittens a year after a positive blood test, it isn't infectious.

They all fall sick at the same time of the year and in the same seasons. That's all.

It is sexually transmitted (which is why it was called FIV after the HIV) and feral males carry the disease more.

Yet some females have a greater resistance to transferring it to unborn kittens than others. (Stripes and Shilla's mom both give birth to healthy kittens every 3 or 4 seasons despite mating with all kinds of males.:)

And lastly, for all the blame game these small animal scientists have piled on these poor kittens, every single adult cat will die with the same symptoms, no matter what the age or care given.

So it's a disease we know nothing of. At all.

I don't blame these sceps for how they behave with me. It's karmic and ignorance and innocence (was it Jesus who said forgive them for they know not what they do?). I broke up with X because he wouldn't take his puppy to the vet when it had distemper. I couldn't speak to him for months after. Today I know that no vet in the world could have saved that puppy. My behaviour was just the same mixture of ignorance, belief in science, innocence and impotent rage. The same as these poor twits.

Unfortunately those sceps who live with cats will have to suffer as I suffer one day. Their cats will die of one or the other symptom of FIP just a their dogs will of distemper.:(

But because I believe it to be  environmental, not infectious, not only feral cats, and only a reversible sun effect on DNA, I'm looking into the possibility of homeopathy curing the disease. I've done it once before. To try, that's all we can do.