Saturday, July 9, 2016

Failed rescues and the failure of sheltering

I'm against animal rescue, at least, many forms of it. We all do it wrong, and we should learn to discern the wrong from the right.

I'll start with myself. I have more failed attempts at rescue than successes. I hate 'rescuing' and will avoid it every chance I get.

Rescuing is based on false premises: that the animal/child/helpless is
...helpless (usually not)
...better off with you (not, you're only displacing it)
... is unaffected by the change (usually devastated by the lack of routine and breaking of established habits and environment)
... is being saved from something or someone (from the perspective of the animal it is being imprisoned for later  execution & possible consumption)
... you're a hero (you're just a moron who jumps to self-exhalting conclusions and thought poorly of everyone around, including your animal)

Take my rescue of yesterday:
I thought the rain & draught would hamper the feral kit's survival. Loss of sibling meant loss of body warmth, core temperature dropping, and moving it closer would make it easier to heal. It would have access to a hot water bottle, food and water.

But none of that happened: rain never bothered the kitten, body temperature was good and didn't change/improve indoors, I didn't get to heal it as Chandni was very ill, kit didn't want the hot water bottle, food or securitty amd left after it satisfied it's curiosity. I could have caged it and forced it to accept my benevolence, but how bloody-minded and cruel that is.

Now the situation is a hundred times worse. I broke it's mom-established routine, it had gone off in a new direction to explore as kittens do, hasn't found it's way back, has no food sources, and is possibly in hostile different cat territory.

This is how it is for every free  animal gaily deposited by 'animal lovers' into shelters all over the world. The only animals that 'settle down' into longterm shelters are abandoned pets - already dependent animals with no survival skills.

Chill/warm absorption (i'm seriously not into titles!)

I tried a new thing today for Blacku (with her chronic throat problems) since she won't let me touch her . I put the remedy/alcohol on my hand and then did the prana breathing.

Again my hands went cold (abnormally, not just the alcohol evaporating:) and quite warm. Just like it did with Chandni before she died. I wonder what that means. Is the chakra or aura absorbing it?

Some Gratitude

I've been so worried about my bunch of cats and their kittens that I forget that so many more aren't even getting this much of a chance to survive.

My neighbor's Persian hasn't had a single kitten survive in 8 sets. They cage the kittens with no warmth or even the mother until they die, the bastards, since the vets have nothing to offer.

In 5 other houses the deaths are equally total and the surviving kittens ignored or thrown in a park if they mew from the pain.

One was rescued by Lekha ... but sent to a shelter where the neglect is even more total from sheer number. There, kittens that aren't euthanized on arrival are just dying in corners for the  cleaners the next morning. But barely 1:100 survive both needle& vet to my 1:15. So gratitude.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I'm stalled. Too tired to start over too annoyed with myself too sick of dying kittens & dogs that disappear (tricolour & dumpy of the police dogs have vanished; the sweetheart Roguen vanished last week!). And I don't know where I am in rhe cycle of the sun.

4 kittens (+2? moved places, 1 was sick, lost track) have survived. So far. 3 more than the last two sets (together, if Rogue died). This distemper season didn't end at all.:(

In fact, I'm afraid it may be accelerating. Yesterday I has a scary thought. Is life on earth really vanishing? Millions of trees dying in Calif, beetles eating them up in Hawaii, our trees all termited or drying up. The guides have given 3 people less than 10 yrs as a life span. I laughed at the number coming up again and again and thought they were just annoyed say being asked, but really ... Do many of us get only a decade?

Some times of the sun

According to wiki, 24.47 days at the equator and 38 days at the poles (of the sun since it's gas). says
11 yr sunspot cycle
The Sun itself, for example, has long had a 25-day rotation period

24 is convenient (divides well - 3 days for each of the 6 chakras leaving out the crown.:) so I'll go with it. 25 if that doesn't work out (2.1 days for each chakra). If that's not correct, then 24.47 by 7 chakras (3.5 each) and so on until I get it right.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

As dumb as they come

That's me! for not noticing the sun month was similar to the moon month!;(((

I'd noticed that the moon cycle remedies were shifting up the cycle by two to three days every month over the last 6 months especially. I explained it away as the healing effect 'moving' remedies further away the less it is required. But I knew too that they were drawn as strongly as ever ... a puzzle.

Before that, initially, I was still not sure which remedies went where. Then I switched the moon cycle from full to new, into first quarter to last quarter  (probably to explain away this solar adjustment!) -- ALL of which should have told me something was wrong with my original theory!

The moon had a 28/29 day cycle, the sun 25/26? (got to check).

There was no way I would have thought of a solar month at all. Or the sun's rotation, or for that matter, it being a different cycle from both our normal calendar and the moon cycle, so I do forgive myself... but I really couldn't do without guides, I think, I feel so stupid. I'm glad though that most people are stupider, and so they continue to work with me.:)

Just over the last week or so I've read about the monthly solar wind and the 0 sunspot solar day - even that it was connected to life in earth. But a niggle aside, I thought nothing of it.

Now I have to start over. My data is all moon cycle related and I could be at it for months to take 2.75 or so days off of it. Better to just start over and make a solar calendar of remedies.

Being of Egyptian descent, I should have known their sun 'worship' wasn't for nothing!

The solar day, close to our month, should be a steadier calendar for healing - including some regular events like weather, sunspots, solar winds and equatorial crossings. I guess it would be more predictable in terms of weather and inclusive of it, a healing calendar instead of the Gregorian one.

I snigger so much at the old if science, now look at me. I'll be plodding away until I die at this rate!

What would worry me is if there's a complex interaction between the solar and lunar cycle and I'd have to start over a fourth time! Or learn astrology, god forbid!:) But fingers crossed that our health is simply a solar-driven thing!

Never say die with homeopathy:)

Ok, I might have a few options left. The pituitary gland has been potentized and used for growth. So that or Calc Carb or floric acid or something to help these poor kittens grow.

Calc Carb as far as I know was drawn by only one kitten in the last 3 yrs. So the problem may not be the pituitary but the pineal and the fluorides.

It might have been what kept the kitten, Chandni, alive for a month. Don't know why I didn't think of it when she was sick.:(
oh wait. I'm an idiot. It's the sun.

They survive a *sun month* which is... 25 days? 28? Got to check.

It would explain why the chakras are all getting mixed up on the moon cycle - there may be a difference in the number of days between them. Duh me.