Thursday, June 30, 2016

More kitten deaths

Doesn't look like this year will be any better than the last, and maybe worse.

Two more kittens died. Two hanging in the balance that may not survive. (one of those lost last night presumed dead).

One, Chandni, (naming didn't help, 21 days of survival didn't help - she'd been here for over a month) simply didn't grow, didn't graduate to meat (loved milk and suckled), died of the same flaccid paralysis as the others. (Calc brom &/or Distemperinum may have pushed it over. Began to grow, stalled and reversed? single dose may have been a mistake). She's been on hot water bottles for a month while her larger brother thrived in the same environment from the start.

The other was a feral kit - his brother still survives. But this is the opposite of the flaccid paralysis - the abdomen is sunken, the spine is arched (appearance of a camel), rickety legs. I managed to bring the second one in after the first disappeared, but he's taken off again this morning (probably to die).

It looks like a bone disease that spreads to the nerves and last attacks the muscles of the abdomen or respiratory organs. It looks inherited, triggered by atmospheric, weather changes. Magnetic storms not so much, CMEs not sure (data released too late to help), solar plexus severely affected.

Only 3 sun effects I can see is:
1. Rapidly rising kp index (2-4)
2.  "The elongated equatorial coronal hole (between N10 to S25), has crossed central meridian early this morning. " on 29th, and
3. A fast solar wind zone (400+)
4. 0 sunspots for about 2 weeks now - rare.
5. High level winds (from the solar wind?) and a depression/cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.

The other explanation niggling at my brain is that this whole distemper in cats and dogs could be from the human OPV live virus that can live in sewerage. Is been around as long as the polio vax in India. As easy for humans to spread diseases to animals as it is for  disease to jump species the other way. The flaccid paralysis makes me suspicious as does this article:

Anyway we'll know if the pandemic ends with the new injected polio vax that has been recently introduced all over the world. I used to blame the rabies vax and the 5-shot distemper vax for years, so not going there again! If it is, it is. Vax is reality, law and my healing must go on - blame just makes me a bad healer.

The viral attack/progress can be slowed  on the spine with kali iod (?), Cicuta, Cina, etc; muscles with Physostigma, colocynth,  others; nerves of respiration with brom, stan, etc; abdomen with Tellur, Sulph, Phytolacca. Even the attack on the brain & the liquid pressure. But how, if it's all in 2 days and there's no time? Or if there's time but the animal won't grow??:(

My heart hurts. It looks impossible to help.:(

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My struggle with vax

I've been very grateful to have been vaxxed the last few years of my life. Mostly because it's given me a unique insight into my animals lives. Vaxxed dogs mostly.

I've been so sick from its long term effects and have healed myself so often, so slowly from it, that I know it can be done. Exhausting to even think of doing it for any because it is so long drawn out and endless.

Another reason is that, when I was deadly ill, I saw the Psorinum pull out the underlying disease state through the vax sites (the peculiar coin-shaped blue scar tissue of small pox vax, the similar but ridged mmr). I know what to expect and how long it will take with dogs. The healing travelled along nerves and the lymphatic system in long herpetic waves of eruptions. I saw those vax scars heal to normal skin after the disease draw out subsided.

Burnett had it right when he said that as long as the scar remains, the vax effects are too. 2 inoculation scars have gone, after many years of homeopathy, 2 remain.

Whatever vax does, I'm actually more confused than ever about cause and effect since my solar/geomagnetic obsession.

The vax itself comes up as a new disease to be healed - repeatedly. Vax arm breaks out with a rash around the scar, lymph node sweeps up under the vax arm, fever, weakness, chills, eyes, nose effects, slams into hardened nodes around the neck, headache, gives up and attacks the whole body, eruptions herpetic, bones hurt, intense chills, very weak, dizzy, brain fog, abdomen affects, vanishes. To repeat again and again with less intensity each time.

The first time it was herpetic with pustules that made my back stick to the bed every night for 6 mo. But I'd taken Psor 200, too low.

Where are the original diseases that we've actually suffered & survived? My measles, my chickenpox, my flus? is it that the vax induced disease had so much more impact on immunity that that in itself takes 3-5 years to finish??

Or as the anti vax movement says living through those infections left no marks and after effects at all on our immunity except strength & resilience?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

All the chakras mixed up

I have no idea why I've been unable to fix remedy to chakra as easily as I used to. The problem has grown worse in the last 6 months. For the first 3 months on twitter, it was relatively easy. I thought chat made me lose track, but it has stayed hard and grown harder with each geomagnetic storm. And with it I'd swear I'm losing time sense as well (different from the brain fogging of the past few years, now it's more like time speeding by).

(I've lost track of two packs of dogs as well - Rocky's and the Indira group. Both very stable but I've not had enough food to visit either and when I do, I can't find them! I'm not going to stress out - I hope they've not been picked up by the dogvans. I just can't cope if I think about all that could happen.)

About 3 months ago I realized the remedies of the moon cycle were shifting around, some weirdness. I thought that being healed meant that the waxing and waning cycles kept the energy medicines required moving further away in the cycle. But it's happening with chakras too!

Kali iod should have been a throat chakra remedy (if the thyroid is what it works on as per allopathy) but it works on the solar plexus.

Floric acid should have worked on the pineal and so forehead or crown chakra but it works on the root now!

I'm not sure what's going on. Only the plant remedies show some of the old correlations are still intact. Is this because they're carbon-based?

My guides no longer care about the moon cycle healing and want me on the sun remedies. What's up with that too? Has the body's focal point shifted from the moon to the sun now?

Time lag in healing

Perhaps the most inexplicable, annoying and embarrassing part of healing is the time delay before the healing kicks in.

When you're new to healing, and you are full of yourself, feeling like the Buddha or Jesus, time is the most humbling teacher there is. I think it is the universe concealing the source of the healing, a kind of Maya or illusion of self-protection.

Over the years one gets used to the sneers of the sceptics, the uncertainty of if and when the healing will take place, and a kind of wry patience sets in.

I did think though that it was limited to Reiki and was because of the guides. They are a weird and wicked lot, very cruel to egocentric young healers.:)

But I've noticed the time lag in homeopathy too. Intention, faith and prayer healers must also suffer from the same uncertainty.

To my surprise, prana breathing seems to have it too. Is it an energy digestive delay?

Anyway it appears to be  universal and common to all the energy healing methods. I do the usual and stop looking for results - all Reiki teachings say, "Don't be attached to the results" ... so now we know why!;)

Hardpad humans

The pain in the balls of my right foot are almost ulcerative today, worse on the outer edge. If I look at it, the skin is thick and not very flexible. So!! Humans have their version of hardpad too!! I'm a human distemper survivor, yay!

Eve since I read a description if wet and dry distemper, then wet and dry cholera, then wet and dry fip and wet and dry bird flu, I've suspected that they're all the same and not microbial but environmental.

To know that they're all related to the sun is both a relief and a worry. I've no clue how to do this. Either the healing or the anticipating of events.

CME & CH HSS data comes on twitter hours too late, the apps aren't accurate or if they are they're late.

Finding the cases aren't going to be hard though - paw and heel hardening and/or cracks are the clue in all carbon-based lifeforms.

(Acid flor and halogens, Hydrocotle, other cellular multiplication remedies?)