Saturday, June 25, 2016

Glandular calcification - 4

The Pineal Gland First
Quite by chance I ran across a set of vids claiming to detox the pineal gland. At that time I was hoping to heal the Martian, who I'd grown fond of. That he would be able to see a gentler reality with it, be happier for it. (But that certainly didn't happen, quite the opposite - he saw an opportunity for cynical exploitation, lol.:)

The suggestion on the vids was quite simple: down a bit of Borax everyday and fluoridation that hardens the pineal gland would be removed. The pineal gland will detox by ... the alkalinity? Or more likely the boron itself.

I've done Borax before when Sonu had cancer, reading earthclinic to see if it would be useful to give her. It made me slightly nauseous but nothing more. It didn't help Sonu so I dropped the idea after a few tries.

But many animals draw borax 3 in homeopathy. It has the property of removing a fear of downward motion, which would make it an upper chakra remedy. It is also a nutrient that makes bones stronger, and more dense, which would point to it being a lower chakra remedy.

I was hoping to have the Martian do borax with me, but not, so I went it alone. I'm still doing it though I see no particular change with the material dose.

But homeopathically, floric acid high seems to be correct for the forehead chakra (so some of that youtube theory is right!) and, in young animals, borax 3 goes with it. Not sure if it does so for bone mineralization, balance or other reasons and nothing to indicate it reverses glandular hardening yet. But hope is there!:)

There are reasons I've started writing about hardening from the pineal gland down.

1. The most dangerous way to live life seems to be one lived without perspective or tolerance.

I'd cover that for humans with a single word: scep. I don't want to waste time in them though since they're in narc heaven.:)

In animals, fear and suspicion are the worst of the lost mental  balance we call perspective. Both lead to early death through accidents, flights, fights, loss of nutrition & isolation. In dogs and cats if they can only develop a healthier smaller range of fear and suspicion they'll gain at least twice as many years of life.

2. The pineal is one end of the two directions the hardening goes - it is the extreme of the upward loss of glandular flexibility and function. As a part of the brain, it controls many things from sleep to happiness, probably also the autonomous nervous system.

The nerves end here, taking the living instructions down, so this is a part of nerve tissue. Neuro-immunity may begin here, with autoimmune disorders of old age springing from this source.
I've got more to say but 'more later'.

Having a full cold

I let this cold go through hoping my body had improved immunity (mostly from the Kali iod:).

It has, but not enough. The cold still touched all the markers though more lightly than ever before.

heavens though, I'd forgotten how bad it feels to be ill! Out started with two fingers of my right hand not being able to turn the key, like carpal tunnel, then skipped the throat phase of itching and I got the sniffles. I didn't Aconite it away even then. Then the fever - milder than usual - but followed by sneezing, watery burning eyes then the itching of the throat started as it began it's journey down.

Then weakness, bones feeling like they're noodles, cough but with more liquid, less phlegm for about 8 hours.

Then back to the peculiar aching in the bones of the fingers and toes. The fever continued throughout but mild.

My toes and esp the balls of my feet feel like I have calcarea spurs. My eyes hurt when I look at the mobile with photosensitivity.

The noodle-bone feeling is changing, I think it is diminishing, but it still feels like the bones are made of glass waiting to shatter. And the wind goes right through me!

No wonder colds and flus are called break bone fevers! Our immunity seems to be in the bones, especially the joints. That's what sparks this outpouring of mucus - from the ends to the center of our body's skeletal frame.

The halogens then strengthen this frame. I didn't feel the racking cough of two years past, nor the heavy head when the bones of the skull go nuts.

Stannum too may have made a difference though I'm not sure how.

Kitten Abandonment

I'm not sure at what point exactly the mother cat decides to abandon her kittens but there are three stages to the disease when she might.

Their survival of the abandonment seems to depend on age (mobility), adaptability (eat insects, mud, crap) & lungs (calling repeatedly for aid might bring human intervention).

The most unusual motherly behaviours prior to full abandonment that I've seen was 1. Magalu feeding her unweaned kitten even though she separated it from it's healthy siblings 5 yrs ago. She'd come every evening and feed Stripes until she couldn't access her any longer in the abandoned building.
And 2. last month, terrace black&gold bringing all her three children to the attic, calling humans to help, before leaving them to human care, never to return. I've never seen that degree of compassion before. One died within 3 days of flaccid paralysis, but the other two are still alive. Mom did good!

1. the first point when abandonment probably happens is when the kitten develops viscid saliva. It can't create the vacuum to suckle so it bites, which is painful to the mother.
2. Though they don't abandon kittens that have their eyes glued shut, they do abandon those that can't eat at least a little solid food as the mothers run out of milk.
3. The ones with neuromotor problems they always abandon or at least, they don't feed them. I think it scares them to see it. I've seen mothers nudging those kittens, licking them, encouraging them, but that can't be cured by cat means. They'll often drop them inside a car with open windows hoping a human will take over.
4. Flaccid abdominal and ascites cases they seem to take care of till the paralysis kills the kitten, offering tempting bits of meat to the kitten till the end of lucidity.

They do not abandon them lightly. It is done to protect the other kittens in the litter. It's always a difficult and complex decision, and the grief needs Bach flowers like sweet chestnut to reduce the acute sense of loss. I've never been able to wholely relieve it and I've not checked for so many of these poor moms which I regret.

One explanation both ways

If it is true as the ancient colony chap said, that the outermost layer of our aura, the astral, is made up of electrons, then:
1. if a proton burst from the sun strips them, then it would explain why our root chakras go dry.

The crown chakra is connected to the astral, if it goes empty, all the lower chakras that have blocks get congested and the root goes dry when we're not physically strong? Root chakras are connected to the innermost layer of the physical aura.

2. If instead it congests the crown with filling up the astral layer, then the flooding would also stop the normal movement of channel chi. The root chakra would again stop.

This makes convoluted sense but has no elegance to it. So probably wrong.:(

My question remains at how to save these creatures from such solar events. I'll leave this as a possibility.

Allopathy so sensibly says it can't be helped or prepared for. Lol. -

The Sun, Geomagnetism and death

I have to admit, I've hit the road block that I suspected from the very beginning. When the guides pointed at the sun, they meant the sun, not geomagnetic effects of it.

The first CME began on June 18 from the sun, joined by a second and third that caught up and slammed earth on 20-22 & on after.

The first kitten died on Saturday 18. Then 20, 22 except 21.

And approximately in an age range (youngest to oldest) and depending on their health (weakest to strongest) and human support (no human contact to loving care).

if this is true then following geomagnetic storms is too late already.:(

I really have to look to the sun's direct bursts to be healing for them. There appears be a simple way, maybe just through the 8 min journey of ordinary light, that their bodies know to shut down and prepare to die.

It might also not be the cat itself that gives up. The flaccid abdomen seems to indicate it's the gut microbes that die off or the abdominal muscles that freeze up (sacral chakra?) or the solar plexus that sucks it dry.

But why does the solar plexus drain the sacral chakra? Why does the sacral just stop functioning? what's the root chakra's problem that it doesn't earth link correctly and deeply?

There also must be a way I can follow the CME and ch hss ejections as they happen. I started with geomagnetism because it was easily available. I also didn't realise it took 3 days for solar winds to hit the earth. Now I have to follow solar weather more closely than the resultant geomagnetic storms.

Among the remedies, Stannum stands out as a solar plexus/epigastric support. (So. Those tinfoil hats! thank god for the sceps constantly repeating that so that I tried it.:)

Even more interestingly Stannum links up the forehead chakra with the solar plexus (of whales) all mammals?

Kali iod 10m for the back of the throat chakra during the aftermath, the rain and cyclone, but maybe during CME flares too.

Ac fl but not sure of where it goes.

Colocynth sacral but not exact. Arg nit perhaps, a diamagnetic instead?

It would simplify my life a great deal if alternate chakras were paramagnetic and diamagnetic!

Arg nit 30 is hurting my hand severely when I pick it up. Maybe I've neglected the remedy too long when our body needs it in some way.

I've just tried it on Roguen. It does the same chakras as Stan, just differently. Quite painfully too for the cat around the solar plexus! Eased up, but there must be nerve ganglion damage, and 30 is too low to avoid the painful aggravation.

Now that my body is sick; the mild cold that I had yesterday that I didn't heal with Aconite - curious to know how deep it will go this time - has spread to my sinuses; my rt eye is watering, both are burning. But it hasn't crossed my throat chakra!! Yet. Yay.

The downside to letting yourself be sick is that you are as weak as a noodle, have to stay in bed, animals go hungry. Hopefully these continuous rains mean that animals are not waiting for me but foraging for themselves. I've already has to reduce the number I feed to around 40. I can't get to the more distant ones between downpours.

The upside to being in bed is that the mild temperature of a head cold and fever gives me time to check remedies out without getting restless to go do some work. (uh oh ... I just had a phlegmy cough!)

-----fyi interesting site but unrelated to this topic on sunspots vanishing on the sun.
More solar anomalies like no sunspots.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Suicidal flies and prana

Though it has been a childhood dream and a lifelong obsession  to save every little creature from suffering, I've been thwarted. Time and again these little aliens we call insects show me how impossible it is.

My prana breathing saved two, but these incorrigible, dumpy kamakazi fliers can't seem to miss an inch of water any where! They circle, they flap desperately, and, in mid- miraculous-almost escape, they lose altitude and fall in. Drowning seems to be their preferred mode of escaping the mortal coil. Though being boiled alive, tortured by spiders, chewed up by dogs, anything goes with these buggers.:(

*sigh* I've kind of given up on tree ants and flies at this point. Prana breathing is still hard, my smokers lungs prefer hot, acrid fumes to oxygen and prana, and unless these two species show some desire to stay alive, I can't be bothered. I'll pull them out, but otherwise they're a waste of breath.

There's also a downside to prana breathing. For the healer, as seems to be the norm! (why, *why*??)

I noticed the first time that I was exhausted after, but I put it down to breath gymnastics. The evening after I healed the flies I had my old breathing difficulty again. The next time I did it for the kittens with moldy breath (infection), they got better but I had a scratchy throat. Today I used it for a kitten with rattling in its trachea, and now in the evening I have the sniffles, tearing up and a blocked nose.

I guess the guides weren't kidding when they said I take in unhealthy prana and breath it out as healthy prana! God, this is why I love homeopathy - there's no such personal cost. Panic healing used to cripple me for days with solar plexus (diaphragm) and abdominal cramps after healing. Reiki gives me shadow or mirror pains of the patient which fades in a couple of hours, but still.:(

The only reassuring thing about this kind of breathing is that the problem is moving upwards. So maybe it is clearing my blocks. First general exhaustion, then abdominal, sp, lungs, now throat and eyes.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

More flaccid cases

The flaccid paralysis in human polio vax kids is closely paralleled by kitten distemper cases. Makes me think that vax may not have anything to do with it except as a trigger. If that.

3 more kittens died, 1 the day before, 1 3 days ago from Shvjingr, 1 Magalu's 4 days ago. 8 kittens of this batch are still surviving, but this is just the start of the monsoon, a very stressful time for outdoor animals.

There's muscular weakness, ascites, eyes glued mucopurulent (not always) but no lung involvement (but resp nerves abnormal), abdominal flaccidity, loss of appetite. Just severe water imbalance. Could it all be diabetes insipidus? They draw too many remedies to figure out - insulin, pancreatin, adrenalinum among them (isodes that I'm afraid to give).

Drawing Kali iod, iod, Sulphur, Psorinum, colchicum, colocynth (bulging eyes or drawn in), stan (breathing difficulty), Solanum, Scilla, Physostigma, Ac flor, causticum. More. Too many.:(

Glandular calcification - 3 Direction

That's my theory - and I'm working off of that idea from this point on.

Direction of Hardening
Once the thymus is calcified, the loss of function could move up or down. I think this depends on the stressors in the environment. Emotional and mental stressors move it up, survival & nutritive stressors move it down.

If it's followed by the heart chakra and the solar plexus, downwards, diabetes would be in the cards. But that's a few decades away for most. Even though children will notice they have sugar in their urine, their bodies will soldier on anyway.

If it moves up to the thyroid and then forehead chakras, fear, scepticism and probably cancer on the way. Higher, and I think, TB, with it's dangerously compromised immunity and imminent fatality.

The interesting thing is that emotionally too, victims and aggressors seem to be created around this time for their lock and key relationship. Maybe it is from the mother and child imbalance that this degeneration begins. Even inadvertently, because of nature, for eg., the runt of the litter doesn't get enough rich mother's milk and falls behind in growth.

Glandular calcification - 2

The glands that harden first are doubtlessly in the region of the heart chakra, perhaps unsurprisingly too, since the throat and head still have much work to do in growth. The region of the heart chakra balances the upper and lower chakras, and is most easily affected in childhood. It makes memories, settling us down to life after birth. A mother's love and milk anchor the child into reality. (I actually have a memory of sorts from this time, though everyone tells me it's just imagination! my mom esp!:)

The thymus gland must be the first to go. As the flow of our immunity from our mothers dries up, this gland loses it's flexibility, size and function. (I wonder why though? I wonder if breast feeding longer would have avoided this condition that we accept today as normal!)

My friend actually stopped breast feeding her son when she felt he had grown conscious of her beast - so modern day embarrassment plays a big role in this. An aunt if mine breastfed her son until he was three and was considered a social disaster by the women of the family!

Maybe part of the problem behind with an imbalance in the breast milk - a kind of stress related malnutrition. I've seen that the more fearful the mom cat the quicker the disease sets in in her children. The sicker the mother, again the glandular hardening in kittens intensifies. The mother and kits are a continuum and a statement about the environment they live in.

How important childhood is to a child - with love, security, nutrition and protection, all of this glandular hardening could be avoided or at least postponed for 4-6 decades! But Life happens to the poor creatures ... and we get sceps, narcs and the like - sadly, even in cat and dog populations!;(

Glandular calcification -1

My original post for this vanished. Guides at it again. The main thing 'wrong' with it was that I had put in a lot of personal details in it, unlike my usual abstract post. (why do guides hate egocentricity so much?:) Then I had a 'he said she said' claim linking tuberculosis, diabetes and cancer to glandular calcification (probably not true, at least, only partially).

I guess that's not the best way to write about this subject.

The main thing is that glandular calcification is aging, causes disease and prevents healing. That's probably the only reasons the guides will agree are true.

Now this post should go up.:)

Venky's physics of homeopathy

There's a quantum theory of homeopathy that I've been following on twitter that is unique. It covers it from a  mathematical and physics point of view. It's a good one, albeit a slightly obscure and unproven idea, it has the potential to rewrite how homeopathy is perceived.

Venky's model of homeopathy removes a great deal of difficulty in explaining homeopathy - how high potencies work (since packets of energy and not material dilution is key in quanta), why remedies are so precise and why repertorization has been the most successful tool for perfect cures; why rcts as in con medicine is irrelevant; why it has to be used with individualization, why there is a time delay, why cures appear miraculous, etc; the unique  disease - cure relationship; longevity of remedies (27 yrs + without decay), anti aging cures by remedies; instantaneousness. So many phenomena!

Here are some aspects of it:
1. Disease as quantifiable - this is a different way to look at disease and a very vital one.

All diseases have time and sequence and are quantifiable In that sense. for eg., if there are mucus secretions following inflammation,:then it would be 15 days to irreversible bacterial overgrowth or viral spread.

The *body* has stages to breakdown which are time-bound, irrespective of parasite (via the homeopathic approach of an apriori weakened, which does away with the destructive germ theory). Epidemics can also be explained as quantifiable. They spread over time and space in rigid formation from patient zero to worldwide outreach. The germ requires the same kind of body breakdown, season and weakness to cross barriers, all of which are quantities.

It can be applied in unusual ways too. For example, aging, as a disease has some clear characteristics that are time bound. It is a disease that attacks us after maturity, after metabolism slowing down, after healing breaks down, after aches and pains become chronic, after digestive disturbances, then greying, wrinkling, shrinking, hardening, sensory loss and senile breakdown. Each of these advances of aging has a time range and a sequence. Death is just as predictable after the loss of autonomous nerve-brain electrical conductivity and connections as any other disease's fatal progression.

Similarly,  weather-germ relationship to colonize can be a simple equation.

The shape of the remedy:

2. Disease relationship he says is a Hilbert space (I'm not familiar with this so I'll skip:) and defined by orthogonal, rotational relationships of waves in math cosines. Again, my math is long forgotten, but it has a remarkable resemblance to the Arabic caduceus, the Vedic ida-pingala and the Chinese chi diagrams. The caduceus in three dimensions is a sine or cosine wave perpendicular or orthogonal to the central staff, depending on how you look at it (view). The spirals of the snake in a DNA model are laddered, but they could actually be in more complex orthogonal relationships between bits. If cellular energy production (ATP) is based on a similar wave, it would explain how high potencies change disease in a single cell through a single dose which influences the entire organism.

3. I like the idea of cosines, even though the sine wave was what I'd set my heart on, because it relates tangentially to the core of moving vitality. Sine waves could be matched by cosines in a tangent to the core. An angular relationship bills into the ancient view of human vital energy beautifully.

4. Orthogonal relation is at 60 deg which allows for 3 points of contact between remedy, vitality and disease.

5. This orthogonal relationship could also be Venky's 3 remedies which connect the two disease-altered streams of ida and pingala at 3 points of rotation to the kundalini or birth chi.

6. Vectors themselves are a fascinating choice since they're both dynamic and have a time and packet component. Disease and vitality are in constant change - only the packet of energy, the remedy, is a constant delivered onto the vector. If it is equal and opposite the direction of the disease vector, it simple cancels the dynamic force resulting in a cure.

7. It removes the difficulty of explaining why diseases reverse in the exact sequence of it's original development upon exact homeopathic prescription. Why long forgotten symptoms and stages return with the remedy only to disappear taking with it entirely the latter stages of that symptom.

8. The eerie, aggravating condition we know as a homeopathic 'pull-out' or 'aggravation' which is like a 'disease recollection' (and also frighteningly like an acceleration), is best explained as a quantum of energy, re-collecting all parts of itself in an implosion before vanishing. Virtually no other theory of homeopathy can explain this to satisfaction. Venky's vectors can easily explain the overwhelming mismatch that can occur to create this situation. (DNA or mitochondrial die-off is the only other plausible explanation).

9. The theory also explains why it's hard to recall the pain and disease itself once it's been removed by homeopathy. When I was stung by a wasp a few months ago and Lachesis healed it in a few minutes, the burning, stinging, paralyzing pain that just a few minutes before had my eyes welling up, felt like a dream. Since it never returned, I found it hard to believe I'd been stung - except for a tiny prick left by the redjacket wasp.

Sometimes ideas like this one are far ahead of their time. There isn't a scientific, mathematical or physics interest in the subject, so it remains a metaphoric model.

#Homeopathic cures are orthogonal vector rotations in a #HilbertSpace.
   Remedy Space is isomorphic to the disease space.

haemorrhoids, corns, epilepsy, tonsillitis and kidney stones are some of the conditions curable with #homeopathy.

Differentiating symptoms are always either one way or the exact opposite like rest/motion,desire/aversion etc
#HilbertSpaces arise naturally

If a symptom to be of any service in prescribing the #similimum should be a symmetrical operator like heat/cold, day/night, rest/motion etc.

@sdoownek No. remedies act instantly. I meant for example: eating salt caused an anaemia or that anaemia caused salt craving don't alter Rx
@smurf_space dreads drinking but the other loves it. A rotation is not ordinarily noticed. #RCTs hence fail to register the effect.

@smurf_space that is not a sensible question. They can be parallel or orthogonal. Cosine of their angle can be either 1 or zero.

@inky_r @6x10E23 not if matter is conserved. Disease is a dynamic process, time reversal has the effect of restoring a former dynamic state

#Homeostasis is not just's an intelligent process. A concept abstract like the #vitalforce is absolutely necessary to explain.

homeostasis is compromise with disease. #homeopathy is a victory over the disease.