Friday, June 10, 2016

Out of Neutrality

Twitter is a very thought-provoking place. I feel awoke. I've made up my mind and changed it on many subjects on it. Almost feel like sleeping beauty waking up, not to a prince, but to position; from brain fog to clarity.

All my life I've been incredibly benign, even indifferent, to vaccines because 1) it's compulsory in India and more importantly 2) my mother is so strongly pro-vax and I simply  never contradict her.

I've had to live with several long term effects of vax, but I was only grateful to homeopathy for relieving and removing so many of them, not really angry at the allopathic community for causing it.

It was only in Twitter that I realised that the allopaths are all such jerks about the harm they do to children that I've hardened my stand considerably on rhe antivax side. I thank Char (and the sceps hounding her) entirely for this awakening.

I've learnt about narcissists and how to call it! The male indifference to women that I thought of as patriarchal is also narc, with a brand new vocabulary. Ginger and soulsisters woke me to it.

Brutalizing POC too by white privilege was never clearer to me than on Twitter thanks to chanta, bleep, g, etc.

Even the Brit sceps have had an educational influence on me, largely negative though it is, lol! All my life I've had great sympathy for the Jewish people, for what they endured before and during the European WW2. After all, one of my adopted families is jewish and lived in a kibbutz, and I miss Karen's friendship!

But Palestinians and Palestine are not a Jewish problem but a British one. Their collective guilt of political indifference to the holocaust and their desire to divert the Jewish refugee flood from Europe away from their island, resulted in Israel. it was politics, not sympathy, that Brits offered Jews.

If I had to choose a side today it would be Palestine every time - this was brought home to me by the narc Brit sceps demanding sympathy for their Jewish ancestors while being completely indifferent to present-day Palestine's ongoing holocaust! For the first time I was fiercely glad that India was pro-Palestine and anti-Israel.

The sceps also made some positive changes in my thinking. My attempt to limit homeopathy by mamaDNA is a result of wanting limits. I saw that it was necessary because of the wild claims of curing everything with homeopathy.

It *does* reduce a healing method not to know it's limits. It *does* push credibility too far. We've neglected the wisdom of the alcoholics anonymous prayer. That's the crux of their argument - cure-alls invite denialistic derision. And rightly so.

I would like to see more homeopaths admitting what they could not cure than another claim of curing ... well, anything! Too bad that defensiveness has prevented that aspect from being a part of the 200 yr history.

Just thought updates

My phone doesn't have that magnetometer but more than that I'm intimidated by the whole of Bangalore being south of me, what I'll find, what I can imagine oldiefatty having to go through ... I think I just can't bear to look any more, even if I buy a compass. I'm such a coward.

I've also been stressed by so many kittens sick or abandoned by their moms. Two of the black&gold still live. I'm not surprised she abandoned them - they're biting too hard for nursing, almost driven mad by the geomagnetic storm and weather change. One is only half the size of the other and he's frenzied to the point of insanity - part of the disease reaching the brain. fl ac 6 gave him some peace, and reduced the intensity. I should buy that on higher potencies.

Though plumb met is the remedy for both flaccid paralysis and that kind of frantic, frenzied inflammation of nerve tissue, and the black paralysed one drew it at 200, it didn't heal.

I assumed at first that it fell into a healing sleep, but it was like a coma from which it died. It continued to mew at me and communicate till the end, which I've seen often in distemper cases, but nothing rouses them from that sleep. Their metabolism takes a deep dive and they dream and indicate preferences but they die peacefully from it. It flipped its tail cheerfully too an hour before it died - it had no muscular strength in it before. Very confusing for healers, almost all indications were that it was improving.

The only worrying thing was the hard mumps like knots in it's salivary glands which I hoped would heal in time - plumb being in the stannum-silicea-carbon group. I thought I had time to heal it, but that brain shut-down is neural and I don't know how to understand it.

Maybe since it was so young I should have started with Silicea or stannum or even carbon? Died peacefully with the falling kp index like the previous two. Blood pressure just falls away out of control I guess?:(

Maybe I should have given veratrum to keep bp up, but storm time is unpredictable and I don't understand it fully yet - given just before a rain maybe?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Geomagnetic storms and fip (feline infectious peritonitis), distemper

The last kp5/6 storm I lost a kitten (Shillas), this kp6, 2 more (1 stripes', 1 terrace b&g's). One last night at the height of the storm and another the day before yesterday. 7 - 9/10? kittens have survived this season, so moving to solar and geomagnetic remedies has had results. Just not all.:(

The connection between solar activity and infant animal death (and in the old) seems more and more possible.

Fluoride seems central.

Drew fl ac, phos ac, plumb met, sil, thallium, mgt p arc, mgt p aust., Kali iod, borax, natrums (sulph/mur/phos).

In plant remedies puls, gels, Physostigma, opium, etc mostly neuromuscular disorder remedies.

From the inorganic set I think acids, halogens, diamagnetics are key to healing both the abdominal paralysis, hardening and natrums for the extracellular fluid imbalance.

Flaccid paralysis ... from the sun?

I've read about the 45.6k children developing flaccid abdominal paralysis after their polio vas and I was initially shocked. That they wouldn't stop after the first 100 kids, or even the first 1000, 10,000 ... I felt it was unforgivable.

But recently I realised that it was the same disease state as distemper in kittens during the abdominal stage. Right now I have one of terrace b&g's kittens with it. It's like IBD without the hardening, but there's no muscular strength at all. There were a few cases last year. It's just another childhood disease - human or animal without a cure. Maybe vax makes it worse, but my cats aren't vaxxed.

The disease could be caused by the sun, for all we know, especially since it gets worse in rising and falling kp and appears to be a blood disorder relating to geomagnetism.

The remedy for it is Plumb met in homeopathy. I've yet to see it work though - earlier I didn't have it and now I have bought it on some potencies - plumb met 200 is what the paralyzed kitten is drawing. I thought Lachesis, but though she drew it, there's no improvement.

(Plumb met 200, Kali iod 30, Pyrogen 3, Gunpowder 10m in that order. Before that a shitload of remedies I won't list until they repeat.)

This drawing of lead along with Flint Water Crisis and the discovery that water across the U.S is contaminated makes me wonder if water is lead -contaminated here in India as well. What if this lead issue isn't just from pipes but groundwater? And if it is a worldwide phenomenon?

Even worse, what if it's some kind of blood poisoning drawing out lead and other heavy metals especially, maybe in an attempt to sheild the body from the sun?

Even more worrying, what if it isn't lead at all - all the heavy metals bear an energy resemblance to each other - how do I heal it?

If it's some kind of radiation poisoning I don't know all the remedies for it yet. Maybe these heavy metal remedies are antidotal to the radiation.

For instance, the antidote to magnetus polus arcticus is Merc!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Oxygen in Greenery

I've often seen people energetically running, walking and working out in the park in the evening. It struck me though that mornings and nights are the only time that green stuff actually emits tons of oxygen. In the early evenings they are usually full of carbon dioxide! (Perhaps it's like training in high altitude - less oxygen so more endurance.:)

I wonder if people think of that or if they just like to see all that pleasant green around and assume they're breathing in richer air?

Prana is microbial?

I've long wondered if prana is just a kind of energy-rich microbe. 97% of our bodies are made of microbes (7% is even virus), so maybe there's an even more microscopic microbe as yet undiscovered that we call 'prana'. Or maybe a microscopic microbial activity similar to digestion that takes place in the lungs (not just the O2-CO2 of science).

One thing that makes me suspicious that this might be true is that the animals don't like me breathing on them (with my new prana breath) if I use mouthwash, roots (garlic, onion esp), alcohol, toothpaste, etc. which kill mouth microbes while they love 'morning breath'. Strange?:)

Maybe like Reiki, a whole night of breathing without eating and drinking fills the mouth with some magical microbial creatures?

I've wondered also why jains & brahmins, who both believe that prana is life, don't consume roots - i.e., onion and garlic. They do consume potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger and turmeric, however, which seemed paradoxical but not so much if it's the microbicidal effect they want to avoid.

Maybe it isn't about the plant we kill when we have a root, as I've often been told (which makes no sense when we kill whole plants to eat greens like coriander and stems like sugarcane, banana plants), but about the prana we kill *in our mouths* because of it's high sulphur content.

All animals avoid me and look disappointed when I have alcohol, garlic and onion. I really should stop using those *sigh* and check if my prana and healing energy increases. Love those stinky roots though!

First geomagnetic remedy success!

Early yet but I think Mag p arctic 10m has some good effect! I'd bought 6x first, and when the kittens calmed with it, I bought 30, 1m, 10m. I have to buy it even higher! if only I had this for oldiefatty.

The dogs are calmer and the male cats aren't fighting. The females like shilla who were erratic have calmed too, though the gold & black from the terrace played madly in a storm high, but better than getting treed as she usually does. She hasn't fed her 3 kittens but she is visiting them.

We found two and put them together, she brought a third in yesterday to safety - the first time she's shown sense in parenting.

I slept for hours though until the magstorm broke and it began to rain, so many animals haven't been fed on the streets. But other than a mild headache,  tired arms and a little untimely sleep, I've not felt any effect of the rising kp this time.