Saturday, June 4, 2016

Funny eating: dogs and cats

My dogs do a strange thing. They wait for the cats to finish eating and then consume their leftovers. So you'll see huge dogs sitting patiently by a little kitten struggling manfully to eat its fill, nonchalantly, under enormous canine pressure. This used to amuse and puzzle me a great deal.

For a while I'd shoo the dog away thinking it wanted a fattened Hansel or Gretel and it was watching its meal ripen! But I began to notice that the cats make a huge production of tempting the dogs by eating in their area or path and then visibly 'giving away' edible chunks to their favorite canine charity.

This got me thinking and just the other day I had an insight: What if that's the natural relationship in the wild that they're mimicking here?

In nature, big cats hunt and small dingo dogs consume their left overs. As do other dog-like species. How strange that they'd have a vestigial memory of that despite the size reversals of today's larger dogs and smaller cats! Even today, they'll wait and clean up the bony bits that the messy furball leaves behind. I've even seen these miniature kings of the jungle deliberately eat just the best bits of several pieces and royally leave the rest for the dogs! lol! :)

There's some kind of symbiosis at work here. There must be a microbiome continuum between the dog and cat that we've interrupted in separating and domesticating these two linked species.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

On Childishness and Rebellion

Look at this poor sap! So much like the Martian. (Probably the Martian since it looks like he did his research at Twitter University!;)

Oh Ben, if only your mind was more complex you wouldn't need to reduce others to childish rebelliousness. You just stopped short of suggesting a mechanistic model to factory farm homeopaths and anti vaxxers for organs! So this is how it was done to the poor animals ...

If science was a rebellion against religion, and was good and righteous, surely homeopathy and antivax as a rebellion against the excesses of sith pharma is an evolution and righteous and good too.

(But come to think of it, being complex and rich in thought doesn't get books written, conferences and lecture tours ... it won't put a fire in any belly  for that matter, *sigh*. I was going to slam it for fun. Ok den, have fun in Australia.)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Senility and the rain

Today's downpour reminds me of Oldie who'd sit drenched in the rain but wouldn't go and stay in the basement of the next building no matter how many of us put him there. Perhaps someone was mean to him once there but I doubt it. He was just developing phobias of what was good for him, another effect of senility. (I'd tried taking him home the times to keep him out of the rains but he sets off the minute it slows down). I've even sat out storms with him in the basement to make sure he didn't set out again to his favorite spot. Said spot could be a puddle but he'll plonk himself in the middle of it.

Towards the end I'd wait for the rain to stop and race over with towels to dry him. He'd sit there shivering in the wind but wouldn't change his habits. Is it calcification or sun effect or age ... I'll never know now but I did try to heal him. Physically he'd heal like a younger dog, but I couldn't shake his mental state.

What kind of madness is senility?

Storming creates anxiety and restlessness in the old. It brings out a cruelty and aggression in the young. This can make it worse for the old - adding to the fear that seems to be a constant companion. Definitely senility gets worse before a storm and there are tremors after the storm. The shivering isn't just from the cold or exposure but a kind of primitive nerve reaction. And now I realise that there's something magnetic to add to the layers of suffering.:(

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today: magnetus p arcticus!

I'm really excited about this! I only have 6x, but the most convincing part for me that it works is that the northpole works on the microbiome and *isn't* working on the pineal gland, or higher chakras, as I'd have expected but on the lower chakras and through the glandular system!

It would explain Ramu's cancerous tumor bursting at the start of the geo mag storm season and if it can explain it, then it can heal it!!

To think of anything working on the glandular level is exciting - it means lymph and lymphatic tissues can be healed which means I can save dog and cat lives!!

Not to mention that 'cancer' wouldn't be a disease so much as a reaction ... lol, as I'd  expected, but an inflammatory process by which microbes reproduce and take over a system to control it neurally.

But since I'm only looking to heal my couple of hundred animals, the names by which medicine looks at these things are just so much blah. Let some idiot scientist suffer and maybe in reading this blog - how painful it would be to an organised mind, muahahah - one day win that useless Nobel for 'curing' cancer.:) (eep... er, only if I'm right of course...:)

But I think it fits in. I have a theory that all aging happens after October into winter and all growth Feb into summer. Which is why cancer 'grows' in Spring and 'dies' in Autumn. that's beside the point ...
They drew it all night, so I added it to the mixture for electromagnetic storms (a work in progress, but it has Electricitas, Rhus vens, etc that I put together at the previous mag storm).

I'll record what happens over the next 3 days. My first dose, I felt a fullness for a few mins, but then nothing.

My solar plexus isn't hurting like it was for the last two weeks.

Icy went off in the wrong direction in the morning and didn't come back for a half hour. Gave me a heart attack - I thought he's taken off like Oldie. Just lost his sense of direction for a few mins probably. He was also acting  afraid of Kenchu. Unusual.

Most dogs have been calmer than is usual before a rain.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A magnetic theory about runner dogs

I just read in a post that dogs defecate in the north-south direction. And that magnetite might be responsible for the orientation. Iron often contains flecks of magnetite.

For the last two days Stripes' black kitten has been crying and racing down the stairs though it has barely opened it's eyes. kp5 and rain clouds today linked why it might be for me.

I had bought magnetis polus arcticus (and the other two, but this has been strongly drawn before) so I tried it with about 20 other remedies. it was drawn more than any other remedy with Vervain.

It worked! This black kitten and another hiding out in the box came out and went to the mother, not suicidally down the stairs. (Vervain in Bach too, indicating brain inflammation)

The last ten or so geomagnetic storms have been in the Arctic region moving up slowly from Northern Europe over the last two months.

it might explain why the three times Oldiefattypuppy took off on the last 2 months, he went *south*. Last year in October, Lekha found him in Ghalli which is due *north*. Maybe in October magnetism reverses.

[Wish it would help me find him though!! Let me try to download a compass app and search! I wonder if my mobile has a magnetometer...]

I just tried it on my own chakras. Amazing! First I developed the flow until it oscillated (as it does when healing balances). Then all the dogs began to get restless around me and itchy. Then a severe pain from ovary to ovary (g spots?) or connecting hipjoints which moved upward to the descending colon (?) which felt like it was on fire. Then to the left salivary glands which wasn't painful and back to the root chakra. The route the energy took alone makes me think it's acting on a mold or fungus (candida maybe?) that's infected the glands, molds communicating to each other. The direction was right for chi flow, so nothing wrong with that.

Maybe it is the fungi that ate magnetic and not us. And the more infected we are the more affected.
2 hours after when the effects of Reiki & mag pole a 6 were fading, the 'signal' fell straight down the front again! Saliva filled the mouth, nausea and pain in the solar plexus followed, feelings of hunger and bloated fullness alternated, burped! So the potency was too low, or repetition was necessary. What a strange remedy and what a strange reaction.
More later.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Two flies live

Not sure but I might have revived two flies with my prana breath (seriously, I was sure the guides were pulling my leg with this)! Still not sure though.

They'd drowned in water and weren't moving, bloated. Usually I give them a little Reiki after rescue but after I throw them and just give them up as dead.

Today I breathed a few times on two of them (always in great danger of hyperventilating, lol. I'm still not doing it right.:), kept them aside when they weren't moving and went off to do some work. I came back to check and one fatty fly was sitting where it was previously lying on it's back unmoving, and it flew away. I checked around for a body swap but there were no dead ones lying around. Thrilled to bits!

For years I've noticed that Reiki continues to be drawn by the dead long after the heart stops beating and all signs of life are gone. In insects for a few hours, in animals and humans sometimes for days. Humans can draw energy upto 14-15 days after their death and the body rots!

I've wondered if there was Life still in so many little ones after they've died and gone cold. What if it's a coma and I'm burying it alive? What if a hot water bottle will warm it back to life? So much stress in my mind over giving up and letting go. This prana breathing adds to my confusion about death and dying!!

With the second fly I tried with greater confidence even though it was deader (even less Reiki drawn:) and breathed on it longer. Again it stayed dead as long as I was aroundand holding it. I put it in a sheltered place and took a break from the breath gymnastics. When I came back 5 mins later it was gone! No bodies lying around either so probably flown away.

Maybe it does work, this prana breathing. But where does this leave me? Will it push disease out of the body and heal - that would be ideal. I can use it on the sick, but what about the disease and will it mean they'll live to suffer again? it ha to be a complete cure with life returning, like it is with Reiki or it is meaningless.

Can it be used on the dead as long as they draw energy? Again with accident victims, the old and very sick, it has to come guaranteed with perfect health or no go.

The one thing strange is that they came back to life only when I left. Is there a time gap between the healing and getting healed in this as well?

Serial killer cat

A neighbor just came by to say that in their home, a kitten was kidnapped and it's neck was broken by a male.

People think male cats are rogues but this kind of behaviour ... it only happens when they're under extreme stress while normally the male is a wonderful, nurturing baby-kit lover.

This is so unusual and rare that I think that either: the geomagnetic storms have driven it nuts; or this mating season, the female population is lower than the male & so they are freeing up actively nurturing moms for their courtship; or it's a serial killer cat who's developed a taste for killing the vulnerable - rare.

Three years ago Banditti's two kittens were killed by gowramma's bf. Same season - pre-monsoon. Another 2 kittens left out by humans in the same neighbors house (they are rascals on and off) on a parapet were beheaded by a male. Last year, Sundari's kittens were thrown in a box (by humans) out in the park (Ajay's fucked up, callous wife) - they were found with their necks broken by morning probably by a rogue cat or by rats - though that might have been an act of kindness, since Sundari went mad at losing her infants and died searching in a tin of floor in the same house.:(

Those are the three instances I know of in the last few decades. If the same cat is doing it, he's become a kitten-killer.:(

I know him well and I'm wondering if the stress of the unusual solar activity made him so violent. He is fine with humans but a bully in the cat world.

Shilla seems to have gone a bit mad too. For the last week she's been searching for her kitten (the one that died in my arms three weeks ago, when she didn't care much because she'd run out of milk) every day now, when she hears Stripes' kittens mew. Since she didn't finish her motherhood programming she's gotten confused, poor darling.

When I give her Reiki, the brain stem (back ajna chakra) is low energy with a fixed frequency. A viral (or germ/bacterial) brain affectation? I hope she survives. She's losing weight though eating well. This kind of brain fog should pass.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sending a dog to heaven

I didn't realise how difficult it was for Mr Mahesh to get the dog God's blessings and into His care, how much he cares to send them into heaven! After we become atheists, we simplify the religious to black & white in our minds and that's so false. They're negotiating their reality in complex ways too.

At the temple, he had to give the dog a name (Ramdev because he used to call the dog Ramu), tell the priest that it is a friend in Mumbai who passed away and get the homa prasada to all of us who loved Oldie.

So it's hard work for the godly believer to get a good street dog to heaven, past the jealous priest. Reminds me of Vishwamitra, my mythic ancestor, who tried to send a good man to heaven despite heavenly rejection.:)

Polycrests are all circulatory?

The conversation started when we heard of a terrific cardiologist who died of an aneurism at 52 a few days ago and a really good homeopath who is in ICU waiting for a pacemaker.

I thought of the terrible geomagnetic storms we've had recently and shared that it may be a cause of cardiovascular & circulatory disorders.

I went on to explaining my mtDNA theory to another homeopath and how cardiovascular diseases, circulatory issues & many cancers should be easily curable by homeopathy. (except the liver, bone, ... nDNA stuff).

The upshot to all of this is that we should do what we can rather than just try for the more difficult papaDNA cures. If we get the circulation in order especially during this geomagnetic period of activity (march to may?), these sudden breakdowns could be avoided in patients with morbidity.

'Bad' blood has been a very ayurvedic obsession. In homeopathy Lachesis and the snake poisons, many animal poisons, are used to clear it - all polycrests now.

This led me to wonder if all polycrests clean the blood or work on circulation and cardio. (Pulsatilla, Staph, etc), (Arnica, ruta, etc.), (animal/circulatory poisons), some minerals. Should look into it sometime. (More later category.:)