Saturday, May 28, 2016

Distemperinum 200

[Many have tried this and had no success ever since. It has instead brought out many neurological effects probably of vaccination which are hard to cure. Please don't try it!:) My friend either had beginners luck or very mild cases to begin with. Nosodes aren't yo be repeated this often imo.]

I had the best news ever from Lekha today! Two of her distemper cases were cured with Distemperinum 200.

She gave it 3 - 5 times a day for 2 months. One case completely cured, another almost completely. Both after the discharges had begun and the neurological symptoms!

Thank the Universe for unconventional approaches! The traditional approach is to give one dose and wait. I've had no success doing that and left off using Distemperinum despite rave reviews from other countries. I'd never have thought of using it so often.

And this review from a sceptic who used only conventional allopathy for 50 yrs who would rant about how I was torturing dogs with homeopathy.:)

Today she took homeopathy from me for the first time (for the black f dog at Alliance Fran├žaise).

Such good news for distemper puppies!! This goes on Twitter.:)

Pooja closure

Tomorrow Mr Mahesh puts Oldiefatty to rest with a Ganesha pooja.:( He's probably right to do it - I simply can't get closure.

I met Rita too on the street and my hope that she'd taken the bus stand black dog has been dashed. She thought he had an accident and died.:(

Still, both were physically strong and if they're alive I hope they'll find their way home.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Angels are narcs

If only guides and angels weren't so extraordinarily blunt, they wouldn't need so much PR. They could work with anybody if they weren't such jerks.

They've been supported by religion, race and culture for centuries and still aren't accepted as fundamentally good, lol, says a lot about their communication skills. Half the time people are worried about them being evil entities, the other half if they're hallucinating or insane ... a very sad state of affairs, I tell ya.

I myself have stopped indulging them for years for telling me what I didn't want to hear and vice versa when I didn't do what they wanted me to do.

I don't ask them locations, for instance, esp when they've told me not to try. I don't tell my dumber friends about them in case one of them gets it into his or her head to get advice or test the guides. They like a high IQ very much but not the smartass kind.

I have a number of very peaceful friends who they really like to work with. One is a sceptic and another an intuitive.Their presence brings out clearer and very animal-directed messages. But it has nothing to do with those people - all the messages are for me to work with animals.

The angels never feel compelled to advice anyone. I don't know how that myth began, but helpfulness? myth it is. Every friend who's asked them for advice, begged for help gets a stony silence, a brush off or vagueness. Really, they've got zero social skills and no tact of any kind, the troglodytes!!

They want action or they'll go elsewhere to find it. That's it. You're clearly just a means to an end.

This is why I wonder if they're all male. I mean, wouldn't a female guide have all of the above niceness and none of these rough edges? All of them are definitely male.:)

Which brings me to my point that angels are narcs. Not in the cheap human way of gaslighting, put-downs, abuse, violence and self-serving pettiness, but in an old fashioned narcissism.

They think they know it all and don't explain themselves. If you don't do what they say is right they just walk away. They're there only to use you and just because your purpose meets theirs or you asked for help doesn't make it less so. They only give you what they want to give, nothing more. They're there's demanding and insistent and there's only one way to do things and that's their way.

How bloody annoying they are! Take this blog for instance or twitter. I agree that saving stuff online is sensible in this day and age but Google docs or email does a fine job imho. Why sharing? Anyway, blogging I'm cool with, since no one actually reads these boring blahs (tee hee:), but twitter is one mean angry hornets nest of evil sobs - I'm on it feeling grumpy and sulky. I don't want to argue and everything there makes me sad - police brutality, vaccines maiming children (even the oral polio vax, omg, how awful!), dirt poor Yemen being clusterbombed by rich nations and Palestine's still ravaged by Zionists. I hate it there, I don't want to argue with sceps, I don't want to read about whales beached or lions hunted by Trump's sons.

What do they want from me? I don't want to heal so much misery - I can't, or can I? No, I probably can't - my solar plexus will explode or something. They're just wrong about twitter. I'll just use it to find protocols and such to heal the animals around me in real life. (I get the feeling the do want me to heal big time, omg!)

No more looking

I've stopped looking for Oldie. The guides were right. It's not possible to find him this way, and the stress of looking, hoping, despairing has once again pushed my solar plexus out of whack.

The last fall from kp5 to 2 yesterday was proof enough - fatigue, low bp, abdominal pains, hardening and no temperature regulation so the heat just kills me. My solar plexus is just not up to any emotional stress at all. I wonder if it will ever heal enough.

I spoke to Mr Mahesh, one of Oldie's many faithful guardians, to tell him I'm giving up. He'd stopped long ago and says he's with God. (God believers have it so much easier than atheists that I should consider going back.:)
I can't even think of him without a knot of misery in my stomach. What happened in his mind to make him go away to die when we were all here to help him?:(

Thursday, May 26, 2016

iodium & kali iod for skin

My skin has never been anything to write home about. The chicken pox, allergies, teens, vaccines, wind and sun took it's toll and I've always been cool with it. Figured that  one day I'd look like a leathery old native with history in every line. (Thought it was hot too actually.:)

I took the iods with the dogs and cats in my space weather experiment for 2 doses over two moons. I was giving it to protect them from radiation poisoning as the sun was doing crazy things.

Astonishingly last week I realized that my skin has grown softer than when I was in my teens! The same had happened to the dogs (but not the cats, not sure if they take longer).

While Psorinum ages you in clearing out through the skin, Iodium reverses the damage of years of toxin build-up then on the skin. So it also works from outside in, while Psorinum works to push out. Not sure how to make them work in sync yet.

[I'm assuming it was the halogens, esp iod - I could be wrong since it wasn't the only remedy I've taken].

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Space weather remedies

Lol! weird name but I've decided it should do. The dogs are infinitesimally better since I started on these so I need to list them so as to not forget.

I thought is try electricitas, galvinismus(not available) magnetis polus ambro, arcticus, australis. Three of them work in 6x during a geomagnetic storm (G1/kp5), but only during, not before or after, and only in that potency. And only electricitas, mag polis ambo and arcticus. So strange that I need to try it again at the next kp5.

Nat Sulph 3 when the protons are high, I think, oppressive heat.

Gloninium when coming out of the sun-cone or after a geomagnetic storm.

Kali bichrom and sepia for the muggy heat (of proton-heavy air?).

Agrinomy for the pre-cyclone and rainstorm anxiety. Heather for the hunger pangs. Aspen for the fear of the storm itself.

Summer or sun?

So far, during the last 2 months of heat, geomagnetic and solar activity, only the remedies from the solar plexus down have had any success. Why I don't know.

During the winter and spring the upper chakra remedies had good effect, esp the forehead chakra remedies, but since the middle of April that's been going down until now when the solar plexus seems to reign supreme.

The rash of liver-related deaths around Spring might have been the early warning signs. The weakest and oldest went first.

Not sure how to heal for this time though. Do I just do solar plexus remedies?

Today, when throat chakra remedies should have triggered (17), the sacral chakra remedies are drawn instead. weird. kp3. I thought I had it figured out...

I'm going to go with Bach flower remedies for the higher chakras for now. Agrimony triggered on the solar plexus chakra (14) now Star of Beth, Verv, and esp Aspen which is a throat chakra remedy and correct for this time.

But what about the eyes, bones and animal-brain which are so closely connected... am i missing out on something? an opportunity to heal them? Summer must be a time to heal something that would strengthen the body for the  monsoon....

This healing by the sun is more complicated than I expected, especially since the predicted weather is veering off from the actual quite sharply in the last two weeks. More later.

Arguing aloud: mama & papa DNA

I have it in my mind to figure out disease and death. (I feel compelled to try because science has proven to be full of numbskulls looking into microscopes - when they're not pontificating on twitter - and my animals and I will be long dead before they look up.:)

The basics of genetics is that mamaDNA (mtDNA) changes while papaDNA (nDNA) doesn't.
MamaDNA breathes and so we have energy, life. That breathing is done by mitochondria (little plants) in our cells by exchanging ions.

I hope I've got that right because the rest is based on it.

I have nursed a favorite secret theory about homeopathy influencing mama DNA.

If homeopathy is able to cure mtDNA diseases by reducing error, (which would account for it's slowness, suddenness,  depth and permanence of change) we should be able to 1. list the diseases we can heal and 2. set limits to what homeopathy can do. Both are essential to healers to make it real. (Fortunately allopathy has done work in genetics that we could mine for information, lol).

Diseases from mama DNA
1. Coronary artery disease is associated strongly with mamaDNA - it would explain why Arnica and the circulation remedies are so invaluable in homeopathy.
(more later)

Since this would mean there are those diseases associated with paternal DNA that would be difficult or impossible to heal through homeopathy if my mtDNA theory is right, I'll cover papa DNA too.

(I'm not sure though ... If it works on all types of DNA by working on just mitochondria, for example, then I should shut up about my beloved mtDNA theory.:)

Possible Diseases of papa DNA
1. cirrhosis of the liver
2. distemper, feline peritonitis (fip)
3. Cataract and eye degenerations

Today I came across one that I can say fits this theory of healing difficulty on the paternal side, NASH (non alcoholic liver degeneration) a kind of cirrhosis that is paternally inherited.

Three dogs recently died of liver cirrhosis. They died suddenly, the sclerosis was very quick to develop and I could not see my homeopathy change the course of the disease. All three had been getting the same meds in food as the others (maybe a little less, since they're a distance away but still). This is my strongest case to date for mamaDNA being easier to heal that the papaDNA. Also for papa DNA being impossible to heal.

The other possible non healing cases are:
The brown girl with the open tumor on the hipjoint. Initially the open ulcer closed with homeopathy but only surgery finally healed it. So maybe some bone diseases = paternal? (But the initial improvement? ... the locals say that the girl I'd given the remedies to didn't put it for the dog, so that's an iffy)

Sonu's cancer of the jaw didn't even slow down with homeopathy. jaw /bone = paternal?

Maybe distemper where there's cirrhosis and bone issues is a paternal inheritance.

I'm sure I'll remember more cases - esp distemper and fip where no one has success. I wonder if the bone affectations that precede distemper put them in the same category as the bone-overgrowth dogs?

Like Roo, who has so many bone and joint surgeries since she was a puppy, and still died of distemper-like convulsions.

Still, I'd healed Copgirl of her  oozing joints to robust health even when it looked distemper-ish (probably because no vets were involved, no hospital stay like poor shelter-Roo). She was in her prime though.

Distempers start in the bones, spreads to nerves and then the brain. The liver is sclerosing all along.

The disease is visible in the eyegum of kittens, the disordered muscles around the eyes (poor development, rapid eye movements, eyeball popping in and out of the socket) in all distempers. And how poorly they process vaccines (they develop distemper from it). The hardening liver is also visible as is the mucopurulent joint ulcers. Whichever one you clear comes back as the other.

Maybe now that I've saved 3 kittens from fip, I'd have more luck with distemper (but cats are so different in energy from dogs). Still, fip begins in the bones too. It starts with marrow and travels through the spine to the brain. In the brain it damages everything, fills up with fluid, and the pressure goes downward again with the lungs filling up, abdominal peritonitis, joints breaking out. So healing must begin at the bones and brain. But it's proven healable this year - so not paternal? the sun?

I wonder if it's impossible to heal paternal inheritance. if the last 3 kittens has died i'd have had to conclude that, but they didn't.

The other area that I have no success is cataract (again connected to the liver according to qi gong, a kind of hardening). I have never been able to slow or reverse it's progress in animals.

If distemper can be healed, cataract, bone and liver issues, then homeopathy just heals DNA or something in it, not specifically mtDNA.

That's the question. I'll leave this as a work in progress because I think the sun might have something to do with the liver and this kind of DNA death.


Lol! I just figured out why the Martian thought I was homophobic! I'd constantly tease him about "wanting to gossip" and act surprised that he didn't like historical romances and tease him about crushing on androgynous gurus.

What a nut that he couldn't see that I was just pulling his leg with stereotypes! Like I've never met a manly gay before (who're actually more dom than heteros, and twice as attractive to gayhags because of it, lol;).

Narcs, I tell ya. Can't take a joke even if they crack a few good ones. Like a comedian says, even funny men are so self-involved they don't notice that you're funny.:)

The last of the old ones

Can't find him anywhere and no energy drawn either in 2 days. Maybe he's still out there but at peace, being cared for.

Oldiefattypuppyguy was one if the two old dogs (Icy is the other) left from all that guilt and self blame that drove me all those years ago. All the others are gone.

What terrible years those were to survive - the betrayals, the cruelty, the indifference and hate. Things have changed for the better now - not everywhere evenly, but enough that I can believe we did well to hang on, for the dogs that survived.