Saturday, May 21, 2016

Prana to save the little ones

This is one of the more uncomfortable posts I occasionally write to please the  guides. I mean, other than the constant discomfort of writing about guides and angels at all - how do the others do it?

It's not just the science education and scepticism natural to adulthood that makes me squirm. It's the whole imagination-intuition fuzziness of this that makes me hesitate. I've seriously considered a couple of psychic friends insane when they were at their best/worst phase of psychic growth. They don't sound normal - Like the ravings of lunacy - that hyper excitement, the endless chatter, the certainty, the look ... fortunately it ends when life happens and brings them down with a bump.:)

Well, mine's lasting longer and the insanity is quite steady.:)

I just have to do this - I've put it off too long indulging my grief.

The guides wanted me to use prana through breathing to save the kitten. I didn't do enough of it, the kitten died, but the little I did the kitten seemed to love it.

The kitten would leap for my breath and bask in it for as long as I could do it without hyperventilating. Maybe because it's warm moist air, but I did wonder at that time if I was breathing different bacteria into it than whatever flora was killing it. Maybe that's what was pushing the pneumonia away and letting it breathe better. But it should have reversed the emphysema and hardening of the lungs which it didn't do. I didn't do enough of the breathing, I guess, preferring Reiki (which I know isn't enough - I wonder why that too).

This breathing method helped my Reiki as well - the flow of energy from my hands was like a wave on the outbreath.

I grew doubtful and uncertain and would stop, promising myself i'd read up and do it 'right' (my usual excuse to overthink things and analyze-paralyze myself). I'm still reading up on how people do it.

Mantak Chia has a qi gong method, and he talks about a burst of sweet saliva when you do it right - which happened to me (kitten would lick at my lips to get to it!). So maybe there's something I did right - just not enough of it.

Yoga has a method too which I have to look into. It's up the ida and down the pingala with long holding breaths.

Pranic healing, which I've forgotten much of, had something on it, if I remember right.

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Tellurium to clear the gut-brain clog

There are chakra associations, most of which are mysteries to me. I've just discovered one last week that I'm very excited about.

Tellurium clears the front sacral and front forehead channel. Tellurium 30 on the gut makes the Reiki shoot up to clear brain fog, especially in groggy, sultry weather. For Oldie it worked to calm his anxiety before a rainstorm - though it didn't last, or he shouldn't be lost now.:(

Maybe a higher potency would have helped him hold on through this cyclone around Bangladesh.

It went with a falling kp index so maybe there's a link to the immune system.

I need to find more of these.

No sign of Oldie

Yesterday oldiefattypuppy drew Agrimony and Agaricus which are for anxiety and brain fog. I was happy he was still alive somewhere. Today nothing.

I have to hope that he'll come close enough to home to be found because I've searched everywhere.

And I have to hope someone is taking care of him somewhere. He's such a doll, he had over 12 people bringing him food, biscuits, milk, water, etc here everyday. I live in a very kind city with many animal lovers. I've got to believe that they'll do for my lost dog as I do for theirs. I hope he has the sense to settle down.

And that his brain fog clears enough that he retraces his route.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Senile anxiety and my lost dog

Oldiefattypuppy is missing since 5 pm yesterday during the rain,18/5. Looked for him all morning. The streets are full of prestorm runner dogs - saw 5 with inflammations, 3 collared. No sign of my poor oldie. I put the word out, but I don't hold out much hope. Rains in Chennai, Sri Lanka headed this way.

My guides say not to look for Oldie that I won't find him and this is the kind of thing that makes me mad at them. How can I not look for him? I keep imagining my blind fat cutie being run over, bullied, scared out of his skull... Callous creatures.

Being senile and getting lost is so common that I wonder what's going on in their heads. An uncle got lost about 10 years ago and was found near his old house trying to find his keys by a neighbour who had known him. Others aren't so fortunate. maaji's husband got lost 5 years ago going to the local library and hasn't been seen since. While we were looking for him, I saw dozens of posters with photographs of other lost old peopleon buses, in stations, busstands, poles. It's always before a rainstorm. I wonder what goes on in the mind as we grow senile - is senile anxiety something magnetic?

I want Oldie back. If I'm looking it's because I can't do otherwise.
Maybe they mean he'll come back? Old dogs often get turned around when lost and come right back to where they started. (maybe the magnetic lines change and they stop feeling driven in the wrong direction).

Or maybe that I'm just not the best person to be searching for him. Because I've been searching all day and feeding all the runaways that I'm seeing and not getting far.

I just hope he stops and gets taken care of. And that he won't cross roads and gets back ok. His sister did the same a year and a half ago and he's taken off twice before but we found him. Fingers crossed.
No sign of him anywhere. His sister vanished completely like this a year ago when she began having convulsions of senile distemper (Jun or July?) as the monsoons set in. Looks like a repeat, except where could they have gone to die?

I haven't been able to do more than control and slow that condition with homeopathy. The convulsions stop then restart with the next storm brewing. And I hadn't spent as much time with them as is needed for Reiki. This is the problem of taking care of many - when the suffering is weather related or environmental, you have too many on your hands to do justice to any.

Lament for a kitten

I doubt if anyone has indulged in more moping around on the question of life and death and homeopathy than I have. I used to drive everyone mad around me asking,"why did it have to die?" "what did I do wrong" and "how could I have done it differently"?

I guess this has been the agony of healing for centuries but no one would have sulked about it as much as I, I'm sure.

Thanks to blogging I can now do my agony and justifications and confessions and flashbacks and reruns and arguments with myself here and leave the rest of my society in peace.

The little malnourished kitten I had found on 10/5 being eaten alive by ants died this morning 17/5. Just after the peak of the geomagnetic storm, just before the rains. The immune triggers are what kill - is like an autoimmune disorder - the rising kp sets up inflammations around the body, the falling kp awakens the immune response, fatally for the weak.

It died more peacefully and unexpectedly than any before but still, it's dead. Not alive.

Always the people I used to talk to, or rather 'at', would say, "homeopathy can cure anything, you must have given too many remedies" or "too few" depending on their mood. Nearly all used to say,"take it to a vet!" until they saw all but one kitten died on the table within 2 days when a fair percentage of mine have survived. It's not even am option in my mind after 20 yrs of working with animals. There's nothing in vet sc that can save a distemper case (which is usually 'multimorbid' and systemic) and a lot that make it worse.

First, I don't think homeopathy can cure just "anything" - not if there isn't enough time. Time seems to be a major component in liver-solar plexus healing.

Secondly, I don't think too many or to few remedies is ever a problem. The wrong remedy is ineffective, but the right one given with many others will still work. Rather, needing too many remedies is an indication of how the healing is not going anywhere. If the animal draws too many remedies then it probably will not heal in the time it has - and that it is leaking energy rapidly. If it draws only a few, and less over time, it will heal, there is flow. And too few means it can't be healed again in the other direction, that energy is blocked severely. This is so commonly observed that Hering has made this into his laws and direction of cure (Kent?).

Some of it is my fault, I agree. I didn't repeat the remedies enough perhaps. I did the prana breathing the guides suggested but not enough - my solar plexus was unprepared for that kind of exertion. I also don't know if I did it right, and uncertainty makes me give up easily. I also never reached the sipping edge of prana more than a few seconds at a time in four days. Clearly there was skill involved that I didn't yet have.

The guides told me on the 11th that the kitten would die anyway, but I was hoping. what choice did I have? I could smell the internal gangrene even after the prana breath drove it out of the lungs by the 12th. Because the kitten was learning so many things so fast I thought I had more time.

I didn't pay attention when the urine was colorless that the kidneys might have been affected. This morning 17/5 it developed the pale golden yellow of the kidneys healing but too late.

Every improvement came too late to save the kitten. It taught itself to go from liquid food to solid, to pee on its own, to shit on its own, to play, to climb, retract it's claws, to clean itself ...

Everything but to drink water which might have saved it's life (which seems to be an indicator of kidney function - not thirst but drinking water) drinking milk is thirst too but not the cleansing kind that comes with drinking water in a kitten.

I also didn't pay attention when the kp rose to 5 then dropped to 2 and rose again to 5. I did the Calc fluor both times but not anything for the roller coaster ride down. Not nat mur or Mag phos or any other cell balance. I don't understand enough about healing for the sun's radiation and why it dries out the cells even indoors. when the kitten is drinking milk, why isn't it enough to hydrate, why must it be water? the mucus was very salty (yes I tasted it, I'm gross like that), more salty than a healthy kitten's.

Distemper is not called 'hard pad' for nothing. I vaguely felt it was hardening, panicked, closed my mind and did nothing about it mostly because I didn't know what to do. I should have tried spinal remedies and brain remedies that would have linked up the energy and softened. At least I could have thought it through and tried something instead of blanking it out in terror.

Then the pointy face. This was another thing I blanked out until 16/5. It's so typical of distemper that I even know the remedy for it at the tip of my tongue. The temples sink in and the nose looks longer. The tip grows hard, sometimes cracks. I even saw the temple sinking symptom and thought that it was where Roguen drew energy the most but I couldn't find the remedy either in my memories or my notes. Fear of the disease is really a form of amnesia in healers.:(

The wry neck is a symptom. the  thin neck too but Gingercat grew up with it, and it grew stronger with Mag Chlor and iod in 3,30.

I should have all this on a checklist. I ignored it because I wanted it not to be distemper so badly; because I didn't know if I could cure that in one so young and so weak.

The last give-away that I should have paid attention to and the most irrational is that the kitten didn't choose a name. Most when asked and they intend to live will pick one or someone will suggest it. That's how magalu, banditti, manmatha, grey, roguen, ginger cat, simba, sammy have all picked their names and survived distemper. This kitten ignored the question from day 1.:(

the guides were right as usual. he did die. I've got to find the right way to do prana breathing for the next kitten because it worked a bit and made it a fairly painless death. RIP, kit.
Oldiefattypuppy is missing since 5 pm yesterday during the rain,18/5. Looked for him all morning. The streets are full of prestorm runner dogs - saw 5 with inflammations, 3 collared. No sign of my poor oldie. I put the word out, but I don't hold out much hope. Rains in Chennai, Sri Lanka headed this way.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Sceptic on Anti-homeopathy skeptics!

A really nice piece on sceptics avoiding true scepticism to go after soft targets like homeopathy (weak strawman that it is.:).

I think John Horgan's hit the nail on the head when he calls out the tribalism, a cult mentality, especially of the U.K skeptics on Twitter. A tiny island with few people flush with stashed colonial loot, they can grow up to be mental bullies like their colonial ancestors.

Bullies always choose soft targets. Bigger boys will pick on smaller, younger weaklings, popular ones will sneer at the loners, girls with dates will snoot their beaks at singles long after maturity ought to have set in and created a sense of shame at behaving badly.

Shame at its best is and should be a very private reevaluation of our values against our actions. Not a public demonstration of educational prowess (calling the less educated Dunning Kruger) or superior numbers (ten sceptics mocking gleefully) or 1st world power (stolen loot, lol!). Anti homeopathy sceptics resort to the lesser public game only. They have no self evaluation - theyre blind.

One even 'suspends disbelief' regarding his religion. Another about marriage (a religious institution), etc. What kind of cherry-picking is that in a critical thinker?:)

Recently on Twitter they were mocking a homeopathic fan about not having any friends to party with, ganging up on an anti vaxxer posting her photo with her disabled son (!) from her husband's account - all to ... shame her?? What is that but a British version of a Saudi stoning/shaming tribal tradition?? And this on modern day Twitter, by so-called scientists!! sceptics, my (big)foot, lol!

But in their defense, their very primitiveness makes them useful. There is a reason I like having them  around on the homeopathy channel. They clean it up very well.

Homeopaths don't want to get their hands dirty with lying or fanciful claims of other homeopaths or fans. These sceptics do our dirty work very well, keeping our hashtag healthy and germfree. Tyvm for that!;)

Only avocado and only rarely challenges a scientific claim or two - one about a diabetic gizmo - but so mildly, lol! you'd think a sceptic could by definition be less milk and water.:)

John Horgan who wrote it probably wouldn't be thrilled by who's endorsing his write up and who's ignoring it, but I admire a truly ornery sceptic like him! He's pissing off his entire tribe with such panache that he goes after its idols, Dawkins and Hitchens, and tears them down with joyful iconoclastic zeal!

Haha, just my kind of hero to commit social suicide on such a scale for a just cause.:) Write on, bravo!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Sun stuff

I'm not going to overthink this sun thing.

Space weather and geomagnetic storms are as complicated as astrology for the novice. Plus those sciencey guys are narc-ish and have no interest in its health effects so they are probably no help (if any bother to reply!:).