Saturday, May 14, 2016

What was the rush?

I don't see why the guides were in such a rush(unless they didn't want my nick to expire). There's nothing new on Twitter.

They're waiting for something to happen?

On the solar front the earth is crossing the equatorial boundary - whatever that is - it's making me grumpy though surprisingly not bad tempered as solar events usually do.

My solar plexus is off again. Something about Twitter ... this time around though I've noticed I've already been misunderstood many times - I'm starting every second sentence with, "I meant ...". The sun on the brain for sure.:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lying and other allopathic habits

My friend's dog died today. Ash had told me two days ago that her dog was sick and not eating or drinking, drooling and he was snapping and cowering in dark areas.

A vet neighbour told her it could be rabies or a bacterial infection to take it to the k. club.

I told her it wouldn't survive if she did took it to the vets, that it was sunstroke, the brain inflammation needed immediate treatment, and gave her a list over sms anyway.

She took it to C. instead, same difference, duh. She msged that he was 'under observation' (veterinary code for ignoring), so I told her to make sure at least that he's given a glucose drip everyday and to start the sunstroke remedies asap if she could, not to delay.

I know all the vets in my city so I knew what came next. No need to be psychic when the lot of them have been trained in allopathy, large animal med and fancy lying. I know their teachers too. (I respect only two of them - one, a professor of medicine who told me to let Sonu die and not treat her cancer and 'torture' her. I so respect him for his courage to say it when I was mad with grief and unwilling to listen to reason; the other is the remarkably intelligent Dr.Akshay who cried angry tears when a street dog died in his care. Not in it for the money and such a good surgeon.)

Well, the dog died. They told her it o.d.ed, sifted from what she'd have told them earlier, and her neighbour had probably poisoned it.

I've heard that for years. Like fortune tellers, docs sift through your fears adroitly to validate them.

I asked her if the postmortem confirmed it - they didn't do one. When I said allopathy has nothing for sunstroke and that last year 2000 people died of it in this same month in hospitals in south India, she couldn't believe it. The line broke soon after, so maybe we will still stay friends.

But glonine, iodine, tellurium, vervain and chicory have done wonders for my streetdogs. I wish she'd have bought even one of those for 9 bucks and honesty, instead of 10,000 and a lie.

Damn T!

I just found that I can't use the same email id to start over - Twitter is a lifetime account! It literally just deactivates, there's no deletion of the account. What a monumental bummer for a lazy person like me.

I must have struggled for a year (in 10 sec bursts of stamina;) to get rid of wordpress and another to dump adsense. I don't know of I have the energy for a war with twitter!

My question is how I managed to do it the three other times. Maybe it takes over a month to delete an account? That's even more depressing because in just 4 days away from the month and I logged in!! I'm an idiot for sure! (My guides are thrilled though.)

So I don't have to worry about a new nick yay. I should block or unfollow bots, sceps and non chatters. Why, curiosity, why why?!!

So so annoying!:(

If Iodine protects the thyroid

If iodium protects the thyroid from radiation, the list of other mineral/element remedies that sooth and save nerves.

Tellurium for the sacral-brain connection, I felt the fogging lift immediately. So sulphur, a shell down, too probably.

Glonine perhaps for the solar plexus? I've seen it lift a sick headache immediately - must be the carbon rather than the nitrogen in TNT.

What nitro works on is unclear but it works on the back of the head - so limbic system maybe? It paralysed sensation for an hour for me at 6x a few years ago. Has never worked in higher potency though, except in combos like glon and gunpowder. So maybe the ajna/forehead chakra (because of its orthogonal relation to the solar plexus in the C:N combo)?

Root chakra no clue, heart ... Argent nit for one of these two.

Some plant remedies that protect chakras off the top of my head are:
Opium for the sacral-forehead is what IBD cats and kittens like during solar events.
Cina for the solar plexus.
Quercus for the heart.
Phytolacca and Physostigma for the sacral.
Secale, agaricus for the root.

more later.

Earthquakes too!

As always, I expand.:) I've got to look at earthquakes too. Magnetism is very closely tied to the ferromagnetic magma. Earthquakes, like rain, redistribute ions from our solar bombardment.

I've downloaded a couple more space weather apps and an earthquake one. And good thing too! There was a 5.1 "earthquake that released pressure in the Andaman Islands just before and after the dogs ate well.

So another unpredictable event to follow! If it's a good period for dogs after a nearby quake, I should see if I can heal the very sick at that time. I need the stress to let up a little so that the energy can be lifted.

Psychic surgery explained to idiot docs

Sceptics make my blood boil (because they remind me of my  imaginative girlie teens). Psychic surgery is one such silly myth sceps imagine up to frighten themselves silly. (You sceps are thinking of witchdoctors from comics, no?)

Let me explain psychic surgery  in simple language to the dumb frs, esp the medical morons:

To us energy healers, there is an aura around most things. We call this the energy body. This is an energy template for the physical body. What we change here, changes inside the body in a few weeks, months.

Psychic surgery is performed on this energy body. Blocked energy is cut out and cleared up. 'Waving hands in da air', ya?

That's all.
That's ALL!

Nobody is pulling out fleshy bits of bloody mucusy intestinal-looking yuk to scam the healee. That's what YOU do.

We don't go within 6 inches of the body because our psychic tools are so sharp they might graze the physical cells and damage them, alright?

Yup. no drama needed by docs - you don't believe in an energy body, so you don't have one. Da end.:)

So please stop scaring yourselves on our energy work and use your time wisely to grow up. (fb shocks you. Let that inform you of the level of reality you inhabit at present and give you perspective.:)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The mystic veil lifting

Sceps. I hate them and love to hate them. But mostly because they're right, but still, not really right at all.:d

Take this Fibonacci site debunking the mysticism ( ) Gawd, he's absolutely right, of course he is! All of us have seen that the nautilus isn't perfectly aligned to the diagram! All of us have thought, "but what about the 4-leaf clover? Or that flower in my garden that's got 7?" but we idiot mystics brush it aside. Why? Because that's how we live with our mental fuzzinesses. And what's more, we get the general idea and that's exciting - not because of God or argument of design and order in the universe (since I'm an atheist I read over all that shit, as I do all the stuff not written for me specifically, 'he/his/him', and ignore it:) but because it's magic and it fires a deep creativity and all the mystery takes our breath away! The mystery of the universe, not math.

That's why I hate sceps. They get something right, but it's never the right thing! (Note to myself to write a piece about their totally idiotic understanding of psychic surgery!)

My annoyance with sceps goes like this: "ya, I know you're right but now go away I don't want to know you anymore and I hate  you". plus "killjoy badboi". (I couldn't find the words to describe the degree of annoyance that goes with those feelings.:p:)

This is part of a problem I've had all my life - there is a 'through the looking glass' quality to living with this otherness. I've talked about this before on this blog.

Sceps are either determined not to see or can't see (I've settled that either-or dilemma - it's the latter). Their vision won't blur and spread like ours to catch the shimmering just beyond, theirs is like a laser forever.

Vasu, the artist, and his sciencey 6 yr old son were educational to watch together. Vasu would say, "Because of you, our kids grew up vegan. We never buy milk" and "we have 6 dogs we feed on the street because you taught us love for our own native dogs." And his son was on a scep autocorrect mode,"we're vegan, but we buy milk for the dogs, daddy" and "we've got 5 not 6, so-and-so died last month, daddy!" Neither could help himself - Vasu, the brilliant artist, can't think without a wide perspective, his scientist-to-be son can't bear the lack of accuracy and the accumulation of error in the conversation!:)

I'm like Vasu. While I do occasionally try to make a square peg fit in a round hole (true), and I've often been accused of finding reality not 'good enough' (which is also true:), I see more than the sceps, so I find their straight amd narrow suffocating. They in turn would probably see our fuzziness as lying, facts being facts and us not sticking to them, yada yada.

So never the twain, etc.

But there's another problem: the gods are not with us, I'll swear, or haven't been for years! For whatever reason, magic cloaks itself from reasoning eyes leaving us looking foolish. I can say that for the first 15 years of healing, and maybe even now, every successful healing I've done with Reiki or homeopathy vanishes like so much mist in the sun when a scep shows up.

I'm glum but accepting of that reality now. If I avoid sceps it's because they're a jinx. A perfectly good healing might just reverse if they turn their evil eye on it!

For so many years I fought to show that it worked. A kitten will survive FIP because of homeopathy so clearly that I can see it visibly grow stronger after an aggravation. But the animal lover would say, "the dewormer the vet gave 3 weeks ago must have kicked in!" or "how well the antibiotic we've been giving the kitten worked!" Nooo!! it wouldn't have, until I'd given the kitten homeopathy and Reiki, which I can't prove   made it all gel and they completely forget.

It's also so much like magic that even the animal has trouble believing. I remember this very sick puppy I healed for about a half an hour while it slept on the street. He was running a high temperature, couldn't focus his eyes, could barely walk, joints were giving way until he collapsed.

He woke up after with a start, found himself well, forgot he had been sick and began barking at me. He couldn't figure out how a complete stranger could be sitting so close to him, the idiot amnesiac. But he was well as if he'd never been sick - bright eyes, running around ... I was astonished too.

This masking of energy work is crazy but appears to be systemic across all healing. It's either a part of it or an 'eye of the beholder' problem or something else.

But this kind of veiling doesn't happen so much these days. Now when I heal and the animal stays healed everyone sees it clearly and no one doubts it. Now more and more everyone even sees the stages of healing and comments on it.

I wonder why it has changed.

Is it some new planetary shift or something we healers have achieved with our repeated demonstration of effect? How is it growing clearer?

I hope both - change and our effort! But I'm afraid of disappointment too. The guides want me back on twitter, ok, I'll go, but it's a scep world and it's ugly!:(

I fear mostly that it's only a temporary lifting of the veil before it is slammed down forever with  sceptic finality. That's what they're trying to do on twitter.

Maybe gloomy science will finally discover that psychics, mystics and alt medders are all forms of pathological insanity (at the same time as they invent and sell a brainwave modifier prosthetic to cut off alpha and theta waves from ever showing up in thinking again! Burn, mystics, burn in the new scientific inquisition! Never feel a meditation again, biyach! Be like us, ground bound sceps! *muahahah*!:D:)

With their uniformity (sceps all look, feel, sound alike and that is no coincidence) their control issues and their hatred of difference (let alone betterness), this could very well happen.

I hope these guides aren't insisting I go back to argue! I'd  hate that.:(

Too much attention

Something daft going on, I tell ya. The bots must be mad. My blog is getting an insane number of hits, close to a hundred a day.

Lol! I wonder what 'scep' translates into in Russian (that's one enlightened language - 3 consonents to every vowel. The future of language imo!)

(Dear bots, I've got no ecommerce in me. My guides are probably leading me up the garden path, everything I say is most likely wrong, a 'nothing to see here, folks, move along' kind of slo mo action. I'm a complete waste of etime. Find a better blog to haunt, k?:)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Allopathic Doctors are deadly!

Haha!! For all the joyful attacks by sceptics on homeopathy for one or two deaths, nothing compares to this! 250000 deaths due to medical errors in the U.S in 2013!! As the 3rd main cause of death, it beat smoking and alcohol!

There should be a statutory warning on doctors now! "Injurious to life! Most likely will cause your death.":D

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Should go back

My guides are right that I should go back on twitter soon. My solar plexus is better than ever since I started healing the sacral and root, I don't really have an excuse not to.

I think I'll follow the space weather community channels and avoid the sceps on the warpath in #homeopathy though. It's not like I have anything new to add to my nonexistent defense of energy meds - they work, we don't know why; because they work on animals and atheists we know it's not faith that heals.:)

(But unfortunately it may not be possible to avoid them. It feels like I have a great deal of unfinished karma waiting to catch up. Avoiding active chat for so long might not have been healthy either - some unpleasantness is educational and I probably need to learn to deal with it. At least this second time around I'll be less naive about and hopefully not as frustrated by the lot of them.:)

The twit nick is a headache too - do I seed it to harvest alt medders, healers or keep it simple and stupid? A fibo number should be mystic enough to make me happy and look sciencey for space weather buffs. I'm all at sea and I need to court someone who gets it.;) <-- :( see how fibo is ruined for me by sceps.
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The sun and DNA?

I'm really dragging my feet on the genetics front - hate most of what they're doing these days to animals in it. So unsavoury and unethical science is!

I wish I could just get their theories as it apples to humans and then use it for my animals! As usual science has it backwards.

well anyway here's my theory of what happens with the sun's unhealthy radiations and activity. Maybe all the DNA of life on earth is modified by the sun. The photosynthetic microorganisms and their organelle relatives, the mitochondria, are altered by the sun. This affects cell respiration and when it does, cell death and reproduction as well.

Homeopathy changes that by stabilizing the cell energy, vibration and resorting balance.

I read on twitter that a homeopath had said that changing one cell with homeopathy changed the disease. That's right there with current theories about mitochondrial migration between cells during their reproductive phase when they import a healthy mitochondria and kill off the sick ones.

Though I think it's mostly done by changing the vibration, there is a die-off, the 'aggravation' that is so terrifying in homeopathy. more later.

Annoying post deletions by the guides again

Again I'd written irritably about sceps and it didn't make it through! Really these guides are the limit. I'm not allowed to call them anything bad, narc,  unethical or disgusting apparently. Seriously...:)

It's ok to call science unethical and disgusting but not scientists?? sup with that.

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Kp, rain, measles

I don't want to get carried away with this solar theory yet, because there are too many indices and I'm new to space weather. I'm beginning to think this is why conventional weather ignores solar activity - it's just too involved.:)

One of my assumptions was that the kp rose, fell and then it rained in that sequence. But today the kp index was at 6 and it rained anyway (lightly). So probably there is overlap - a previous rise in kp led to this rain and the next will follow this kp6, etc. Or there's no correlation.

The high solar wind 650 km/s+ last week dispersed the clouds as Jay pointed out. Today it's 650+ again, let's see if it rains or we lose the cloud cover.

The remedies are really helping the dogs deal with it though, better than before. But the moon cycle is a complication. They're still drawing the heart chakra remedies while they should have been done with that. So there's a lag. Looks like the chakras routine gets slightly thrown by the combination of rain and solar disturbance.

Today was the start of the solar plexus chakra and they drew three nosodes: Psorinum, Maladrinum and Medorrhinum. Drosera too - so it must be the start of the measles, petussis, rubella season. The poxes are done. These diseases affect the heart chairs, so maybe this explains the lag.