Saturday, May 7, 2016

Changed by the Sun

I've been affected by the sun quite a lot. I'm out in it a great deal and have collapsed in it three times in my life.

It's just a blacking-out for a few minutes, but each time it has happened, I've been as weak as a kitten for months after, with prickly heat, no sweat, no body temperature control, vomiting and nausea. Nothing to write home about, but a persistent fatigue and fogging like after the flu.

I've known it was from the sun but have explained it away many times like allopaths do. You know how it is: you know you're sick so you go and get every test under the sun (heh:) and the docs can't find anything wrong so they explain it away. We do it too.

I knew it was related to cancer because I've seen it before in animals and people. Even if they recover from it, the sun affects them more and more easily until they die of the weakness. Pummi and Sonu, so many have died this way. But not just cancer, this is how cancer treatments make everyone feel too. This is just cytokinesis (~toxicity? cell death, by whatever name they call it). So now I know this is what it feels like to go through a radiation treatment or living through Chernobyl or Fukushima! The poor creatures.

The sun changes you on a fundamental level. This is the death it brings, but only at certain times. The animals know it cures it as well, so at other safer times, they're out sunning themselves in it. All free animals with cancer will do this seeking out and escaping more than healthy dogs.

Once a long time ago, when the dogs and I were on the terrace  sunning ourselves, I felt my Reiki change and all the dogs energy shifted. Everything in nature went quiet. We went indoors to escape whatever it was but that didn't help much. It must have been a sun event, a cme burst reaching the earth or some such, because none of us recovered from it. It was not how the sun's heat felt at any time before or since. My Reiki energy grew finer but weaker, and I could feel the guides closer. We died a little that day, but on a cellular level.

I thought for years I'd die from cancer from it (and 3 of the dogs did - all of them maybe). But inexplicably I've recovered, though I do suffer from a weaker solar plexus and haven't recovered the breadth and range of Reiki energy from then.

I'm good at waiting for answers. That was a very disturbing time and I'm very curious about that day.

Psorinum 200 which kept popping up energy-wise around that time, pulled out so much in all of us that I grew afraid of it and of homeopathy. The event made us more susceptible to parasites too.

What caused it and how could I have prevented and cured it's effects? Obviously staying out of the sun, but then you waste away differently - it has to be certain times of solar activity. Homeopathy was the only way out but the correct remedies were hard to find and it took a long time to get a working set.

I  blamed vax for the worst effects because all the troubles & eruptions began around the vax scars and spread through to lymph nodes all over the body. For me and the vaxed dogs. We were more sensitive to the sun after that time than the unvaxxed.

In retrospect, while I should have used Psorinum higher, I think it saved my life. But not the dogs - their lives are shorter and they'd probably have needed more doses, faster, than I'd had the courage to give. Sepia and a number of other remedies did too (this blog was supposed to record that set because my memory is so patchy.:)

Healing w.r.t. the sun may be the answer to the search for healing and solutions to what happened then that I'd been looking for. I've found a bunch of unrelated cures and gone off on a tangent many times.

What we call distemper and fip and cholera ... all the seasonal epidemics, could they all be related to the sun? How weird would that be! Sun spots, for example, last decades in earth years, coming around yearly for us in a particular season. In 2003, there's a recorded solar 'event' that blasted the earth with radiation like we've never recorded before. It really bears looking into, especially if homeopathy can be protective and curative of it, protective of our DNA or our mitochondria, the cell respiration that's so vital to prevent cancer.

On another note, among the nosodes, Psorinum has a protective effect (though not alone - Baccilinum too maybe). I don't understand how or why but just putting it out there.:)

How annoying science is!

If there's one thing I know about the science of the present day it's that it is annoying, arrogant and a vampire on traditional healing and alt med! I don't really blame its adherents, the sceps, for their behaviour because it only reflects their religion faithfully. These poor innocents have been sucked into a black hole that consumes all around it!;)

lol! Only rascals are drawn to it but hey, one man's food may be this woman's poison. Also science is so long ago for me that I've forgotten why I liked it - probably cool teachers and many pats on the back.:)

They hijack so much.

Just today Euphrobia, which we use homoeopathically in intestinal decay (which obviously involves Candida yeast overgrowth) has been shown to inhibit blockers. Which is what we've said all along! And why we use it, right? Except those idiots will use it wrong to kill candida to further their foolish germ theory and ... it's all maddening.

Just this morning, Candida infection has been shown to be linked to bipolar and schizophrenia and mental illness in men. What we've been saying about gut microbiota and autism and mental illness all along - what the hell did they think Andrew Wakefield researched and what was Vaxxed about, did they think?:)

Sexually transmitted no less! Kent and homeopaths have warned of multiple sexual partners leading to mental illness for centuries. Promiscuity has always been feared for this reason. Did scientists believe that marriage served no purpose at all in the  genetic health of a society? blind science.

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Quiet Sun!:) and a few sun remedies.

So strange, the language of space weather! We've had a very quiet sun over the 2 days.:)

I can imagine it as a gaseous inferno finally. For the first time in my life I'm also aware of the sun as a nuclear reactor, so sobering and strange. To think it's full of radioactive hydrogen and helium spewing out protons and x rays. The silent fury of fusion in the deep silence of space! Good I had no Cosmonautical ambitions (and get nauseous going up in an elevator;) because I can imagine my pliant DNA melting away silently in on a rocket trip - like the Melting Man (a Sci fi movie that gave me nightmares for years).

I'm not sure if my homeopathic picks have been effective enough because of this lull. The oldest and little ones seem happier, the middle aged seem calmer but it may be from the solar sleep. The animals have handled this pre-rain period with less anxiety and more sense. yay!

It's been stressful doing all the work in the sweltering heat and then figuring out which remedies are connected to solar weather.

Most of the sun remedies are connected to the solar plexus. duh, the name should have rung a bell!

It's peculiar that the remedies also seem to change with the moon cycle - maybe that's the dominant driver for chakras? This indicates a complexity in healing them in the future - so it's not going to be a slam dunk.

I've got a few remedies going  I'm really happy with: Glononium 10m has been terrific for puking from the sun's heat and headache. Opium 30 at the sacral and Glon 10m at the crown really eased my oppressed breathing. (When my solar plexus is twisted in knots, I have real difficulty with taking a full breath - like an asthmatic, though I'm not -  mine is stress-related and emotional: grief, anxiety, power, etc).

I've never connected the sun to asthma before, but I remember this guy on a picnic developed a full-blown attack after a trek in the sun. Might be worth looking into.

Iodium 3 -to protect the thyroid (which should have been obvious, from it's similar use in radiation poisoning), Stannum 6 for radiation again (that tinfoil hat idea might have some basis in reality:),

In Biochem salts, ferrum phos 6 on a rising kp index (to bring out suppressed inflammation? Raise the blood count?). Calc phos 6 on falling kp. This has been very consistent.

On Bach flowers, Vervain for rising kp: the evil temper that goes with  rising bile, suspicion, irritability, pain in the jaw, nerve inflammation and bad humor. Gunda who  especially suffers from his terrible emotional excesses got a hold of himself with this.

I haven't tried many though in either Bach or Biochem. Just what I had at hand.

The main remedy before kp drops has been Tellurium. It clears the fogging in the brain that inflamed nerves leave in their wake. It really helped Oldiefattypuppyguy with his demented passing before the rain. Who'd have thought that it would supercede Sulphur?

Lachesis, of course, which showed me how much blood poisoning could paralyze a dog.

So much so far! Thrilled to bits. In fact, I'm feeling so benign that I'm thinking the sun's effect may have brought out all the 'vax reactions' we're seeing. The effect of the xrays, proton radiation, solar winds and geomagnetic storms appear to be major influences on health and is worth studying.


[I wrote this in 2014, but was too shy to post it - twitter emboldened me considerably! I editted out half even now, so not fully comfortable with posting about my healing guides yet.]

These multitudes of animal guides who help in my healing work have been pushing me for a long time to do Homeopathy with Reiki and I finally gave in after 5 years of nagging, hence this blog which is entirely their idea ... 'share with the world', akashic records or universal knowledge and stuff.:)

Anyway, they're fun and very funny beside being helpful. But I feel for them - I'm very slow on the uptake with learning how to heal. There's a flood and fury of images, ideas, concepts and advice that appear in my head, I'm like a dud sifting uncomprehendingly through it all to come up with one little nugget. (how much school teachers must suffer!)


The net is a scary place. I've had to erase myself off of it twice in the past to shake off events and stalkers. I've stayed off it for over a year in between. Changing providers, even considered going to the cyber police at one point.

But for all of the threats, real and imagined (because fear is such an intangible, exaggerated emotion), there's a way we can think to stay sane:

That we will never pass this way again. The internet is a stream of consciousness, and water doesn't cross the same  bridge twice. It's an accident, a unique moment, that won't repeat unless you make karma.

With a little caution, and if you are willing to let go of your identity, go bland,  dumb down, cut your losses, switch interests and apps, the net is one of the safest places for women to explore the world at any age, and chat is the best way to socialize. It isn't just the lazy way - it really is safe like nothing else is.

It's very hard to meet the same people twice. And in fast moving social media, it's impossible to pick up where you left off. So leave off. A half a year off of echat, aol, orkut or a month off IRC meant a whole new set of people on the channels.

Even the older chatters forget how they related to you, have too many overlays of similar interactions to distinguish between you and others and have to start over! The blander you keep it, the worse the confusion. A nickname change tops it off nicely. Getting off and time is all it takes.

It's important not to trigger any memories, your lols go hehs, so imitate the hell out of the popular chatter of the day. No one will recognise you again, and you're safe.

This is the advice I give all who've got drawn into the karmic web of the net, and applies to healers too: chat sporadically, don't get addicted, drop your net identity.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The drip-drip-drip of scep derision

Most people have heard of the Chinese water torture which drives people insane. Growing up with over two dozen kids my age, we even tried it (along with ouija boards, this was one of the more spooky experiences! Something terrible about  waiting for the next drop). That's how out is with sceps and narcs. They drain the life out of anyone around them with their wearying, scornful technique (or lack thereof) of conversation. Every line is a conversation-ender in real life.:)

The difference this time around chatting with them for me is that I realised that they just couldn't understand, not that they didn't want to. The poor things brains have got rewired permanently somewhere along the cynical line growing up.

I did my best to explain as much as I could to every limited scep who'd listen, and then gave up. I wanted to reach some of the more receptive ones, Matt especially (who'd even threaten to evaluate homeopathy negatively for the NHS if we didn't help him get it!:) But once I knew they couldn't make the leap, I just gave up trying. I've seen this kind of learning disability before (even in myself when I moved to calculus from matrices) and it needs a whole new beginning to build the right foundational brain circuitry.

My first experience of energy was when I was around 6 or younger. I felt myself merging with everything around a few times. I thought it was normal, that that's how all kids connected with nature. I didn't realise it was unique until almost two decades later.

Then doing 'witch circles', ouija boards, ghost stories and scaring ourselves silly through our childhood years, I again thought everyone could feel what I felt, and think what I thought. Turns out no one did, lol. They were really playing while I was making huge adjustments to my understanding of the world to include those experiences and explain them.

It's circuitry like this, where you merge contradictions and complexity to reach a higher knowing of things, that prepare the groundwork for Hahnemann and homeopathy to make sense, and to even see the genius in it. Because homeopathy is, without doubt, the pinnacle of western healing.

These poor sceptics have nothing to start from. I'd have done everything in my power to help them see if i only knew where to start. They're all too ... too mundane for magic, as Piers Anthony might say!:)

The problem is that scepticism is not new or exclusively educated either (just as not every alt medder is uneducated, misled, etc) I've meet sceptic teasellers, panwallas, policemen, rowdies. After all, sceps only want proof, and egocentric men have always used proof as a weapon against changing their thinking.

It's really change in their thinking that they're fighting, not us homeopaths or healers. They can't find the mental energy to change.

I've been so tempted to do a parody scep account on Twitter, I can't tell ya!:) I was so frustrated that I wanted to mock their limited ways, show them how easy it was to be one of them. But that would have been cruel and unkind. One day I hope they'll get to where we are - maybe through the great leap of a Reiki attunement or falling in love or some great change-maker. The angels love them enough to make it happen.

Damn them for the karma that  they're unnecessarily accumulating in the meantime with their meanness though! Do they really have to attack everyone, wish them badly, scorn the weak, gang up like bullies? Rascally sceps, patience! Don't build up gunk in your head-space. Leave room to grow!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sun effects on weather

I'm going to roughly explain what I think the sun does to the weather.

The sun isn't evenly hot or radiating uniformly. There are solar flares that throw out protons thousands of miles into space. There are sun spots, whirlpools that radiate x rays from within and ions from the edge. There are coronal mass ejections, CMEs, that simply splash out for no bloody reason. Some of this heads earth's way.

The sun spots don't always face the earth, but once a year they come around again to bathe us in radiation. The solar winds are also complicated by the interplanetary magnetism which speed up or slow down the time it takes to reach the earth.

When there is a solar wind, ions pummel the earth's atmosphere. It's duly absorbed by the ionosphere and any excess is redistributed by high level winds. Those winds create cyclonic forces in the mid and low level atmospheric currents.

These may or may not become cyclones and hurricanes, but the humid clouds that form are charged positive ionized history that are drawn to the earth's negative ions and the rest is the rainy history of our planet.

The earth's core is also highly ferromagnetic, so it adds to the geomagnetic mess with a few earthquakes and volcanoes when solar winds stress it out. The magnetic poles too don't want to feel left out and so they shift on their axis, distorting magnetic migratory routes for birds, bees and whales.

My tree ants too seem to lose all sense of up and down direction and come to a standstill. Many black ants (and bees) lose their balance, direction and fall off which had puzzled me for months. The weaver ants don't carry food home but just do a springing motion until it passes. Earthworms don't burrow into the soil during this time but sit in the top one inch - maybe something to do with magma? Whales get beached, poor things.

Well, that's the theory as I understand it.

Oh, land animals and humans! Blood pressure rises with the kp index and falls with it. So while rising, people get agitated, easily riled and anxious. Those with very high bp get dizzy and off balance. When it falls, low bp people get dizzy and off balance.:) The anaemic get drowsy and muggy, blood sugar levels get erratic, blood toxicity seems to lead to insane episodes. A great number of these problems seem to be solar plexus related - so all addictions are worse. More later.

Sun effects

The gods probably took pity on me when I'd finally got a handle on the moon remedies and pointed to the sun. (Or they have a terrible sense of humour since this is another tedious tangent!:)

In a completely unrelated thing, I began to communicate with my higher self around March. She pointed to the sun as the cause and it felt right from the start. I got really excited (even though with all mushy pineal gland types there's a fine line between intuition and imagination.:)

The great sun-worshipping civilizations that disappeared - Egypt's pharaohonic, Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Kujaraho, Konark, Mayan - all of them believed the weather was dependent on the sun. Not on the modern western way of the sun and photosynthesis, but in the traditional way of it being a death-giving God as well, altering the weather on a whim to critically damage Life as sustain it with its rays. Enough to sacrifice people to appease it - I don't believe our brains have evolved at all since then, so they were as intelligent as us. So what did they live through?

The archeological evidence points to the last Pharoah's reign having to deal with the disappearance of surface water and disappearance of the Nile leading to decades-long famine. Diseases would obviously spike in a changing climate. The Indus Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations too lost their rivers (the Indus and the Euphrates and Tigris respectively) towards the end of theirs. There were drastic planetary shifts that destroyed those flourishing communities. What was the effect of the sun that they dreaded so much?

I began to follow space weather. Complicated stuff, eh.  The geomagnetic storms are complicated phenomena. This is how yesterday's reads:

" GEOMAGNETIC INFO: The Earth is still inside the fast solar wind with the speed of about 570 km/s. The interplanetary magnetic field magnitude is rather stable during last 10 hours and it amounts 5 nT. Due to the negative value of the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field (down to -7 nT) and the fast solar wind speed (about 550 km/s), geomagnetic storm conditions (NOAA reported planetary K index to be 5 and local station at Dourbes reported K=4) were reported before the midnight on May 02. Small equatorial coronal hole has reached central meridian this morning. The associated fast solar wind can be expected at the Earth on May 06.Currently, the Bz component of the interplanetary magnetic field amounts about 1 nT and the geomagnetic conditions are quiet to unsettled. However, if the value of the Bz component decreases again, the intervals of the active and storm conditions are possible in the coming hours.
Today's estimated International sunspot number (ISN): 70, based on 21 stations"

lol!! So I've got my hands full. To start with, the kp index is more than enough. Both kp rising and falling has a massive effect on our mental health.

Broken down by weather

This is how it goes with weather:
A few days before a storm, usually 3, but it could vary as much as a week or 10 days,  animal behaviour would grow erratic, routines break down and health fail. After a rain storm, they'd pick up again where they left off or be worse (or dead). Many years ago I'd  noticed the connection.

Those with infections were the worst affected - routine antibiotics had little effect and vets simply didn't have the resources to test and prescribe correctly fast enough. Old gangrenous tissue was developing sepsis and killing animals within 2 days of a storm. I'd never seen such speed and breakdown as in the last 5 years.

About 3 years ago I began to keep track of atmospheric temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed and cloud cover. A year later, I knew they weren't predictors. (Except for high level winds, which I'll come back to later.) INSAT 1B, my favorite satellite,
lost it's website around 2015 and hasn't come back online since. Bummer that. I got all my weather from there.

Then I began to follow cyclones especially in the three seas around our peninsula. These were related, very much, to the animals health and behaviour, but not predictors either. And hurricanes in the U.S were as likely to trigger the stress as those closer - how weird is that!

Still, something being better than nothing, I pressed on trying to find remedies that could ease the stress. Bach and brain remedies were excellent for this but not curative. They worked palliatively until the next storm after which the breakdown continued, slower but inexorably. I tried diamagnetic vs paramagnetic, and though the diamagnetic worked it was only palliative again. And it worked with the paramagnetic sometimes which left me wondering if it was magnetism at work at all

Over the last year I couldn't find a single remedy that stood out, so I moved on to combos and mixtures which do well on the moon cycle too, hoping multiple remedies would do what the single couldn't. That had a limited and palliative effect too. So it wasn't the answer.

A whole year on this problem had me frustrated as hell. There was nothing to predict cyclones by, I had nothing by way of remedies to undo the damage done by weather stressors. I wasn't getting far.

All the remedies suggested by the books for weather changes had very minor palliative effects.

The moon cycle remedies on the other hand were falling into place by plant kingdom so I kept at it. It was comforting to me to be able to offer a little aid, but meaningless in the face of the change a weather system could wreak in the animal's body.

I was no closer to solving the weather problem than I was before well into 2016, and by then I was distracted by twitter and giving up.

Healing by the moon

As I got more confident that healing by the moon cycle was right for the chakras, I also noticed with dismay the other massive variable, the weather, undoing all the good work with it's unpredictability.

The moon cycle is wonderful for its regularity - moving energy gently from chakra to chakra, from peak to trough and peak again in a sine wave. It is so perfect for chakra healing that I thought all diseases could be cured with this method (with a few years of work I could probably find the triple combo for each of the chakra groups). I thought I'd be able to heal animals quickly and not have to deal with a million worrying variables again. I could even do different areas of the city in turn, blah blah ... all kinds of lovely dreams.:)

But there was a jarring note in my ideal harmonic symphony from the start: the weather!

This awful stressor was killing my perfect vision, and 2015-16 was the worst. Maybe the earth being 1% hotter or the El Nino had something to do with the nightmare, but the weather changes were rapid, drastic and wouldn't end. The rains began in Jan and didn't end until Dec. By Sept most of the old dogs and kittens were dead.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Many hits

Lol, there's something strange going on. My very boring blog is getting visitors - many from Russia. Maybe because I've mentioned twitter?:)

I can't believe there are 25 people a day who are interested in angels, my twitter rant or sceps. And homeopathy and Reiki only get about 5 - 10 hits a day.

The entire web is bot infested these days!

Starting with our Higher Self

Working with guides and angels is like starting high school without doing the middle and lower schools. It's fascinating and you feel 'special' (as the sceps love to point out - they've stolen my innocence with their evil humour, Itellya, now so much of me makes me smile:) but you know you've missed something in the rush to learn everything.

If you feel that way too, then maybe the higher self is a step along the way that you should get in touch with.
My friends circle decided to move to a new book, this one about healing past lives to heal the present. The book had changed 3 hands. Always a good thing to get a well traveled book. It is a workbook full of exercises and meditations, and none of the others had tried past lives before.

I'd done a past life thing many years ago, but all of it had made me sad or uncomfortable or depressed, none of it healed my present and none of the lives were like being Cleopatra or anybody known to be  famous.

In one I was a guy in a forced migration along the Seattle/northwest coast with a baby, half-frozen and exhausted - that was full of despair. I doubt if they came to a good end. It was some kind of cold wave or ice age - he couldn't have possibly made it with the baby, poor guy, poor me. In one I was a Chinese lady with a frightful, toothy smile - it startled me so much that I popped out. I'm not sure it wasn't an evil smile! She looked prosperous though and hardworking like a small business owner. In another I was some kind of sciencey attendant in a laboratory of animal cruelty most likely in Nazi Germany - I can remember only guilt and fear and my inability to speak out. That was when I decided enough.

Maybe all of them explain something - my sympathy for immigrants and animals and the Chinese fascination, but it never healed anything in my present. In fact, it made me sure that delving into past lives was a meaningless exercise. So many psychic things are just fascinations. (Like my first Reiki teacher would bellow,"Don't be fascinate, I say!!" lol! and this just after the flow of energy has us all mystified. She was crazy.:)

But now, older and imho wiser, I'm willing to try past lives again. My solar plexus acts up often and I'll end up a diabetic or worse if I don't try something. There are unresolved power issues that bother me - I shouldn't be so susceptible to leaches, lechers and liars. People shouldn't be able to affect me through text, I shouldn't argue so much, smoke, etc.

The first exercise was to talk to your higher self. It had been so long since I'd even tried! After a really uncomfortable start where I didn't recognise my higher self (yea) and was snooty and judgemental and asked her to leave, we got acquainted.

At first I saw about 30 different faces of healers maybe? At the same time my friend thought she felt a huge crowd around. Then my higher self appeared and I asked for help healing the animals for the weather effect and I got it! She pointed to the sun and that was that.

Which was just the one obvious thing I'd missed! Of course the sun.


There's something so right about blogging quietly for a dozen or so readers. It's the right degree of obscurity in an overpopulated world. It is the true number of people who give a damn about your thoughts and feelings. In real life, I think I manage to make myself heard by about that many, even though I meet over 50 a day.

Blogging is like coming home. You can think quiet thoughts, read a book, digest it, cook a meal, realise it's indigestible, eat it and order in as a reward. It's in that quiet that we can grow.

(ok, stagnate too, I agree with the guides that the hurlyburly of the railway station of Twitter is energizing. But there should be a way of getting away from it!)

And it's not like a diary or journal - a blog's out there where anyone can find it. That should be enough.

I think the guides are mistaken in believing the world wants to hear what they have to say. They're so innocent of the human ego! Twitter is so self-centered. Everyone wants to be heard but no one wants to listen. And they're all trying to be the quotable quote of the day!

With blogging we have the option of not falling into people-pleasing RTs, likes, follows and arguments. (What amazing self-control celebs must have! Millions of fans and they'll be following, like, 10 ppl. Lol.:)
haha! lol! the guides are funny. They say this is how you end up speaking to imaginary beings!:d

So, ok, sigh. I'll go back to Twitter. As soon as I feel ready. I'll have to avoid arguments and take care of my chakras.

Even regarding my solar plexus chakra, the guides have a solution. The problem is a weak sacral chakra they say - why didn't I think of it before? it's true. I do have a weak sacral and root. So work to do those chakras are harder to heal.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Pitch perfect chat

One thing about the pensioners of Twitter (that's how old it seems after IRC, fb, orkut, et al where the average age is 23:) that stood out was how pitch perfect so many were at chat! Avocado especially rarely missed a beat or put a foot wrong. So many sceps, like the Martian, could tweet in 140 so comfortably that it astonished me. I'm so used to the assorted language crowds elsewhere, that this blew my mind. (My own tribe struggled like me, thank goodness. Some of us are hexed.:)

I fumble with words even in real life to make myself understood (in all the four languages I know), let alone make an elegant conversation! Language must be a part of the brain that's turned to mush for me.

For years I've gotten away with the barest minimum in so many languages that the sceps, Martian esp, were karmic payback for me.

You know how annoying it is when a non-native speaker murders your mother-tongue?:) I've been guilty of being cutting with non-natives for butchering my language while happily murdering theirs, lol, well, karma-time for me on twitter for using anything but the simplest of english words with the irritable alien.:)

I did manage to revenge myself proper2propah by using the hodge-podge of sms-speake I've lurnt ova da years wit da kidz on da sceps, even calling dem sceps wud hv hurted! (tho even that I did badly, woe is me! I'd had to rack my brynz to find those annoying shortcuts! With a little more energy I could have googled a list and done that well. Lolz, jez thot uf et naw!

There's something about a sceps brain that makes it hurt when it encounters a less than perfect thing - Maria Montessori had a point to her educational methods in this - so everything vague, even sms, would drive them wild. (So much pleasure I got from that!:)

I've heard of other 140 users being effective with it - Elizabeth Warren, for example. To me it was a cramped, windowless room that made me appreciate blogging for it's endless horizons. My brain needs vast, open spaces with no definition and no limits.


You know what? My guides seem to be ok with me just blogging.

Twitter in a few months would be my decision alone, no pressure.

I might not go back. Let's see, it's barely been a month away but I'm still arguing in my head!:) It might not be healthy to venture there again since it still influences my thinking - never a good sign in an addict.

Virgos & Twitter

I've lost touch with destiny. Of course, her life must be really stressed right now, but I did expect to have her communicate a lot more over gmail than she did.

It is a boring medium after the speed of Twitter, but I think there's a star sign propensity too for Virgos to glow when watched by an audience and fade in a one-on-one. I've often been accused of that and it's true! Also Virgo women have little to say to other women and enjoy male attention best. Both those probably applied in this situation. Off Twitter there's no audience and no males around.

And then perhaps being hounded by sceps made me appear more interesting than I am, or more popular (which was just what it was *not* about!:) or she felt compelled to defend me on T while off it it was no longer necessary.

Whatever it was, and I hope not her legal mess, I miss her bright, intelligent conversation! Also her brave defiance in a hopeless situation and her chat about her cat, Felix. She was such a good companion to him. I liked her weird poetry and videos and her RTs of crazy, paranormal stories. Everything short of the British lizard people interested her. Lol!

She certainly shone on Twitter as do most Virgos. Funny that the sceps never took to her - either to argue or to criticise and interact. I think she'd have loved that and they would have too.

My 'more later's!

One of these days I'll have to finish all my 'more later's.:)

Narcs and Vics

There's one philosopher from the West that I like above all for his particular fearlessness, and it's Socrates. Not just because he liked to argue, like me, but because he had a guide, like me, that he acknowledged, who might have derailed his life  considerably, probably culminating in his death. Guides are like that - they want change, they want integrity even at the cost of credibility.

Poor Socrates! I've read Plato's almost despairing account of the recklessness of his teacher's truth and I see parallels. My guides really don't give a damn either about how uncomfortable I am with the truth.(I probably won't have the courage for hemlock-level honesty, but the small ones, ok.:)

The other reason they probably didn't like me labelling sceps 'narcs' is because narcs and vics are from the same pool.

Narcs were vics and vics will be narcs. We're all from the same cancer miasm. Humans do cancer very well - we awaken it, handle it well, spread it across genetic pools superbly. more later.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Illuminati myths

I've always wondered about the conspiracy theory about the Illuminati.

They can't be a bunch of fat, rich, white men taking over the world through drugs, famine, war and genetics ... it's just not very illuminated to do that.

Money and power can't be all that interesting once you have a lot of it - Warren Buffet is a classic example debunking that, my fellow boxing fan. He's got both but doesn't seem to do a great deal with either.:)

In fact, I feel that the illuminati are not pre-organised but rather a group formed *after* they've reached a peak of some kind of genius. Maybe when they've been touched by angels.:)

It's possible that they improve the world with their creativity, and therefore they understand how things work better than those of us who have average intelligence.

Illuminati myths aren't rare, they're also in India as in most cultures. Ours are more likely to be true, as myths go, since it's about the Saptha Rishi, the 7 sages. Like St Germain, our nomadic sages are said to live immortal lives and in the Himalayas mostly. Yogananda said he meet with many such immortals there (and who can doubt his honesty).

A few years ago there was a viral rumour (India does have it's hysterical moments) that there were several sightings of Hanuman in the Himalayas. Nothing came of that except perhaps a few more tourists joining the pilgrimage route, but there you go: we have our illuminati too, except that ours are filled with goodwill to all mankind (though Indians-first probably, you know, being in the area an all:).

Parenthood as a sceptic

Most mothers dote on their babies. In the first 6 months, the bonding is physical, and depends much on the time spent together. This is true for all mammals, cats and dogs especially. Babies literally feed off the solar plexus cord the same as they did on the umbilical. While it's possible that the kindest mothers can bring up horrid children and the cruellest can often be great mothers, for the most part it's this close bonding and imprinting that makes children secure.

But sceptics have a strange problem. Their solar plexus feeds off of other people's energy like they're eternal children. They need to shock, abuse, disrespect, disempower others to feel good about themselves. In parenting they fail badly - all the distortion they impose on the world around them comes home to roost.

I've often thought of polygon raising his baby alone because his sceptic gf didn't want theirs to be born. He might have not wanted a sensible abortion from their  causal fling, but sitting at home mothering was probably not how he saw his middle age go by. His sceptic gf was on her third relationship before the birth of the child (marriage is so not sceptic:) and on to many more soon after handing over the kid to polygon.

Fatherhood is not a sceptic forte either apparently. Until Countess E Bathorey (lol!) pointed out that he was smoking, drinking excessively and chatting 16 hrs a day with an infant in the house depending on him solely, he saw nothing wrong with it.

None of us had the courage to correct his perception of himself as being the great sacrificer, giving up his life to stand by his unborn child. A pro-life sceptic father is no father at all.

And this was not a random happening. I've seen worse and better, but always scepticism makes parenting poorer. If world birth rates are dropping as scepticism is rising, so much the better.

On Twitter I saw the same hard-bitten kind of mothering going on. There was none of the hormonal softening and fuzzy, genial warmth that flows with nurture out into the world. It was hours spent by a young mom cussing and spewing hate into the net. Imagine a young child absorbing that kind of energy into it's unformed and malleable chakras!

Dibankar commented on it (more power to him, because I couldn't. I just stayed away from that weirdness) and he thought Ignatia was the remedy. I thought Sepia or Platina might have helped the sceptic mom or dad, bored by their babbling babies, on the net looking for stimulation.

Even if these people give the child the most expensive  infant formula scientifically devised, where's the nurture if your attention is always elsewhere? Definitely nurture is severely affected by the sceptic  disease in both men and women. Not just in babyhood either - a sceptic sucks the innocence out of the living, so those children will experience a sceps harangue sooner rather than later.

Normal mothers cocoon themselves and their babies in a world of their own (reducing the collective IQ by half:). Often even leaving the fathers out, because of the severe explosion of nurturing instinct. I saw so much of that in Char, Sandra, other alt-medders and anti-vaxxers that I know it's still normal to nurture and protect (and not cultural) even in the west. The neglect seems peculiar to sceptics.

I'm aware that most sceps see themselves as perfect (platina), one can't ever talk to them about how terrible they appear at parenting (sepia) to the rest of us, let alone suggest a couple of remedies from non-allopathic systems they loathe! Poor Dibs did in all innocence, and walked into a fire-storm.:)

I saw sceps liked to project poor parenting as a characteristic of alt medders, but that was never evident in the ones I meet on Twitter. I saw instead some over-nurture fierceness occasionally but nothing quite like the indifference and neglect by sceps.

This brings to mind another IRC chatter who used to curdle my blood with his twisted sexual harassment on the #India chan. Turned out he had an autistic child and once he'd started his child's recovery with a good homeopath (on my persuasion), his hateful scep persona dropped away. I wonder how many sceptics will be less hateful if only their family members were healed.

Celeb and other deaths

I loved Prince. His music, his voice, his hypersexuality, his androgynous fabulous stage persona! What a loss to tthe world of music! Freddie Mercury was another with the same dramatic aura that I mourned. David Bowie too.

All three were so influential in my choices. I guess the net is too public a place to discuss how gender benders redefine and subvert power for the young.:)

R.I.P., Prince, you amazing man.

I think it isn't just celebs that are dying in droves - ordinary people and animals are too. It's got something to do with the sun - like radiation sickness.

Four of my friends' parents have died in the last few months. 3 were very ill for a year or longer, so weren't very strong. But still too young to die - got to make it to the 80s at least to give up (if you don't drink).

The heat has killed so many already, but it's a different kind of heat. This last quarter there's a large sunspot that ejects CMEs on and off. The sun's probably been doing that for a few years now at the same time every year. This year might be the worst. Glancing blows from next year I think I read.

The high speed solar wind that was due last evening hit at 7:15 pm, 7:25 pm. I waited for it, since I'd read about the arrival time on AFFECTS. The dogs that set up a howl during the two blasts were in the house dogs, so the Iodium 200 did protect my street friends!