Saturday, April 30, 2016

Guiding thought back to action

The guides and angels need something to work with. I can see some struggles in alt medders is because of the lack of a scientific background but also because of thought being divorced from action and reality. I'll give this to the sceps: many of their questions were thought provoking.

If you have a great idea while reading about quantum physics, like Deepak Chopra or Venky, even if you see parallels to your work, there's nothing more you can do with it without a science and math foundation.

You can use it as a metaphor, you can get excited and repeat it to a hundred people, but the inspiration alone is worthless. (For eg. It's worse than worthless for someone like me to have medical inspirations since nothing medical actually excites me. So if the guides gave me an idea of a new kind of thermometer I'd have to treat it like a bad dream and let it go.)

To you, the inspired, it's a frustrating obsession, to the world it adds no actionable imperative, to the body of human knowledge, nothing new. It's mental masturbation - the thought gives you intense pleasure, saying it aloud makes you proud, sharing the secret happily bonds you with like minds.:)

Luc Montaignier though had a breakthrough & was a scientist. Again those like Dana who took off with his idea forgot that they knew no science by which they could apply it! (Luc himself might have gone a little mad around that time.:) It's just a fine bunch of words if it can't change our application of healing.

In quantum terms, do our homeopathic potencies correspond to the election shells? Does potentization change the particle:matter relationship or even excite certain masses to eject energy? Or does potential energy level rise in a remedy? Would knowing that make us use different potencies differently?

The thing is that none if it is useful to homeopathy or alt med at present. It leads to no better prescribing, doesn't cure a single new disease, has nothing to add to the body of knowledge, homeopathic or human. New paradigms and new interpretations of the theory which aren't actionable are a waste of time. At present.

What we could all do instead is start making it actionable and ignore the science we can't do. List and check out the remedies that make particular quantum shifts and how it applies to certain disease and healing; if it's triangulation and Hilbert spaces, show remedies that display those relationships that can be applied to timelessly fuse healing. Even one example should demonstrate how it can be applied in reality.

I know that with just a little more work (I'm getting to it!;) I should be able to list the diseases that are mtDNA related that homeopathy can heal and those that are paternal and can't. That's how theory can be applied to practice (praxis, is the ugly official term:). And I can then use that to heal animals. If I can't separate out the cures connected to the mutations vs those of the nucleus, I should set that great theory aside.:) Cancer especially interests me because if it's link to tb and diabetes. Both those disease nosodes were the first remedies triggered by Reiki.

But unless the thought can be applied in real life, we don't actually do much with it. The greater the clarity the more the idea is worth. Then the angels will have a reason to chat with us.:)

Hmm, angels are weird.:(

I'd written a long and juicy post on how sceps are malignant narcissists, which felt good, but it got lost in the posting.

That happens to me rarely despite being a complete tech dunce, so I take it as a sign that the guides don't like wholesale  labelling no matter how amusing.:)

In fact, it's always been funny and ironical how much the guides like science, sceps & technology. My guides would have me on the internet on weird apps and using sci fi gadgets all the time if I was willing! They like shiny new ideas much more than they like our backward-looking, vague, back-to-nature, worn out tropes.

So I thought I'd write about that peculiarity instead.

First, I think it's because inspiration has the same source - I'll bet the guides take credit for inspiring most of the innovations of modernity. I know of many scientific a-ha moments that came out of dreams and mystical origins to some very hard-working scientific minds.

Then I think they like science and scientists because they're doers. If they make the leaps of thought necessary to scientific breakthroughs, the guides love them best.

Psychics who just chatter away,who are always asking about the past or future who can't connect to the present or reality, and can't do anything with knowledge are probably a waste of their time.

Also, I think the rigour of science, the discipline and collective effort that spans the globe is how they'd like humanity to progress. All Alt  act as brakes to this global effort - those who try to 'talk' to guides and angels are the ones they least want! Lol!

The irony probably goes even deeper. It's faith, not cynicism, that's actually innocent and pure and of high clarity. It is a pure belief that can lead to pure action since belief guides action.

Angels aren't into murky religion or vague spirituality as much as they are into scientific clarity for this high vibration. All clarity in energy terms is all action.

(What struck me during the smallpox argument was just how much *faith* the science and medical fans had in vaccination as the cure. The innocence and belief in scientists. It guides action more surely than our alt med suspicions.)

So, scientists/sceps are probably not narcs or shills or evil, and they're not the 'enemy' of humanity. The angels are, after all, on their side.:)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Do not Disturb - Twits at work

So, the whole time on T, I was like my bored kittens, gingercat & roguen, following people around saying, "do something interesting, I want to play!" and all these humans acting busy and important with no time for me.:)

Both homeopaths and sceptics are guilty of this online busyness idiocy. I can understand if they're mad Mary Kay housewives desperately seeking fortune from e-business plans, but all of those are on fb, no? the truly lunatic wannabe network. Surely twitter hasn't imported all of them yet?

I've yet to meet anyone making money off the internet who's online 24/7. And so busy doing what ... (I feel for how these motherless kittens feel, following me around in the hope I'll scare up a roach or two for their amusement. twitter had the human version I have less sympathy for.:)

Time on chat should be fun, but it just isn't. It's like going to the pub or a party just to hear about someone's Tupperware sales. Pyramid marketing makes no bloody sense, lol, can't think why so many get sucked into it and make my time with them a bore.

The other kind we meet online increasingly are the deadhead vampiric sceptics out to ruin any innocent happiness they find. These must be the guys women marry for money and then try to socialize by bringing them to parties, lol. Every party ruined forever after!:d To be on Twitter with a 'mission' to destroy alt med must be the most boring years of one's life. More like marking time until death claims you! I guess western thinking can't go much further since nihilism is the sceps end game: you live, cling desperately through what meds money can buy, then you're dead. finis. So as they get closer to nothingness, they get afraid and spread their fear across social networks.

So many of the nasties were sick but unaware that their disease influenced their thinking. How could it not? Don't look to me to point it out though, I'll just stay away.

I wonder how long cynicism takes to become disease, because that's not a disease-talking, but the process the other way around - the mind going first. (The worst cynic I knew who made life hell for his kids and wives lived 18 yrs from the event that created the mindset.)

Where are the social, healthy, chatty folk these days? That's where I want to be!

(Not Whatsapp, Skype or Snapchat please!:)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

My small smallpox effect!

My writing to the ministry of health might have had some effect after all! Twitter might have some use in shaming governments/institutions into action. That is, if that's how the sequence of events took place. But all credit to the small newspapers on the net for publishing the details of India's long silence about a medical myth.

I first heard of a single case of smallpox in early March, that amma had come to a slum nearby. Didn't really pay attention. From around the 12th? of March there were reports of smallpox outbreaks in the north of India - first a school mistaking chickenpox for smallpox (23 students and classroom fumigation ... my conspiracy senses were tingling!:) Second in Jharkand (allahghar? some such district) third in Bihar (larger - 3 villages affected) at which point I posted something to the MOH on Twitter vaguely disappointed by the govt. health department for its negligence, then two districts in UP in early April in Dalit villages.

I'm a hardened cynic about our govt action, but to my pleasant surprise on the 17th of April, the MOH swung into action and sent teams to the affected areas to get blood samples and the works (not vax yet, unfortunately though). Patrika proudly reported it as their achievement, which it was,  since they reported the outbreak so bravely!

I'm hoping it will start to change the silence around smallpox, maybe prevent it next year with ring vax or whatever dull idea the germ theory touts call brilliant epidemiology.

Like other countries, India can call it by a different name (like in Africa) and not lose face. Or they can say that herd immunity has worn out after all this time and still maintain the illusion of eradication. Anything is better than where it's been for so long!

The medical community's myth of eradication has been the cornerstone of allopathy's spread and success. But maintaining the illusion has been 35 years of harm to the people. Ignoring epidemics might be ok for the west right now, but it will cost them no matter how they spin it as refugees carry it into their environment.

It won't be a 'biological warfare' suitcase that carries smallpox into Europe, just living tissue (the plague or anthrax would do better in a suitcase actually, or zika virus or the many flu viruses - smallpox, like Ebola, tends to wipe itself out, after all).

Many tribal communities in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have regular  epidemics. Why else would the  U.S/UK/etc armed forces be vaccinating mandatorily from 2002 to date for overseas duty? An open secret.
Arguments can really harden us into polar positions. When I saw Matt and Avocado so proud about the 'eradication' of smallpox as a medical victory in Oct-Nov, I'd just felt their youth and let it go. How good it must be to have such faith in what one does. No harm in that, I've lived in that certainty of innocence myself in the past.

But it was annoying to hear it repeated into Jan and Feb. Especially as the polio drive became a media fanfare. These germ theory enthusiasts, I tell ya. They'll repeat the errors of the past again.

I particularly remember the unfinished, rushed nature of smallpox vaccination camps. The poor communities resisting it - they have/had such a suspicion of govt programmes! I knew it had never reached the villages or forest interiors in the 70s and 80s, and my mom had me vaccinated for smallpox 4 times because it flared up so often. The dalits, nomadic muslims, kodava, harijan, biar,  gypsies, amma worshippers, so many went with the old herd immunity of exposure rather than vax. It'll happen again with rushing polio.

I knew that Oct wasn't the season for pox, so pointless arguing it then - foot&mouth, distemper and fip in animals, yes, but poxes came around March-May. I expected it not to reach the press at all, or past the editors, but then I thought of the smaller, independent Hindi papers that has considerable freedom of expression.

I set up a search for those and, the reports started up. Quite proud of myself for that actually! I should have done it for more Indian languages, esp south Indian ones, but I don't like Googling or Chrome or Translate so this had to do until I left Twitter. (I was feeling the stress of a fading solar plexus by the first week of April.)

Glad that the Health Ministry did something right this year - more power to them then! Hoping they find the courage to let the world know and then handle it as it should be done - with care for the suffering!

The homeopaths on Twitter

Even though initially I has real trouble getting the cagey homeopaths to open up, I made at least a few wonderful, sensitive healing friends by the end. So many Vs - Venkatesh, Vasily, Vera - and Dibankar (who had me in splits every day). I'd have liked to get to know more of them - Lokesh, Em, etc. but it didn't happen. Not much chat on the chan.

These homeopaths are working with humans so I can understand the pressure they're under on a daily basis from sceps. If I go back, I'll look forward to building on these for sure. I hope they're around 6 months from now (if I don't find something better than t)!

The sceps seem determined to get people to quit Twitter (it really is crazy how possessive these fools are, gurumir suggesting I should leave, ... crazy,  but for me ... freedom!:) Do they really think pushing homeopathy off a chat space will make it go away?? Maybe they think people will hear less about it and it will die an obscure death?

(Like moderators on IRC pushing people out of chans  until they and their coterie are bored senseless on a dying chat forum! All chat rooms have a finite life expectancy because of this! Victims of their own idiocy.:)

The best homeopathy group formed was the 25+ organised by Sandra who had great ideas for #homeopathy! Pity I can't be there to see if it comes to anything. Still, if it takes a half a year, I might still get to be a part of it.

Three deaths

18/4 - Black copgirl: hadn't seen her in 10 days, heard she'd been hit by a car. Died in midst of her beloved squad doing her job. The traffic police will miss her! I'll miss her enthu policing.

21/4 - silver fox, vngr temple, mia poss. dead. His brown gf is missing too, so I wonder if it's grief keeping her away or both were picked up.

23/4 - golden striped black kitten, shilla's sis, mia possibly dead.

All three, I felt, said goodbye but I didn't understand it then. The black kit especially tried to get my help following me around doggedly but I couldn't think of what she needed from me - she was eating well, all her habits were intact, no disease - did the dogs get her at night? The magnetic storm on the 23rd was especially bad. Poor love I wonder what.:(

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

...'scep it dun werk!

It's so wonderful to have an unlimited word count - like stretching my legs and having myself a bonebreaking yawn!

Back to retelling my twitter experience, something to remember it by, and forget it by.:)

Initially all I talked to were sceps. They were my very negative lifeline on twitter, especially avocado. (The homeopaths were as haughty and secretive as irl, unfortunately, couldn't chat with that inhuman bunch at first!) I'll always remember him and destiny for their chat. Such opposites! Hers for kindness and friendliness, his for stilted hatred. But underneath, both were actually very helpful in getting me over my initial shyness. (like polygon and his jealous gf on IRC ... it takes a while for me to show my inner chatterbox.:)

But even discomfort is such a wonderful social goad. It sets the tone for all that follows. I never forgot that sceps were there to use us for amusement and scorn and could never be friends. They're just there, like all social parasites, to take, not give. It was the sanest lesson I've learnt.

But there were moments of fellow feeling with a few sceps, quickly squashed by them. I thought I liked the medical teck girl but I didn't recognize the manipulative in her until the dump. (These sceps are very practiced jerks, afraid of being seen as fraternizing, lol!). Still, got to admire how fast she types! I might have matched half that on my old keyboard.:)

There was a flat sea creature who reminded me of all the males I know, groaning about how excruciatingly painful it was to see me argue.:d For all that, he made me laugh, but he was a pompous, dom fink attacking randomly with smear.

It must be the air in the uk! all sceps on t. are afflicted with no personal ethics and monocular madness. (Most of the twitter sceps are from that benighted, insular island - diaspora the worst - avocado, tech girl, paulie, etc.)

They've picked up a bunch of groupies from everywhere but the sickest are islanders (uk, au, nz). They suck up to each other, fake affection, fawn, old boys club it - like a bunch of preppy schoolkids afraid of the cut. (I guess they're afraid of running into each other since it is such a tiny place! and the medical pecking order must be similar to the army... even where you sit at a party could bring grief!:)

I don't recall seeing such pandering since IRC sceps who were ruled by an iron mind. (Even I was afraid of that one, lol.:) If he turned his Sauron Eye on you, you'd pander or get the hell out of Dodge! lol

So overall not very impressive. Repetitive questioning and dull minds even (what else would happen if you've only got a 200 yr old strawman to beat and no real foes). But some of the cute gifs were a worth a laugh. All sceps are show-and-tell kids which I liked very much.

Matt and a few sane ones were nice enough until you touched a personal bugbear (vax & germ theory mostly).

The bottom line and the most wearying part was the denialism "it dun werk!" Can't get more boring than that for creative material - if I heard it one more time I'd have gone stark raving mad. So bloody boring!

One can wish them well though and hope that some day they'll meet a magnificent sceptic who'll take their breath away. But I doubt it. The limitations of scepticism means it can only grow meaner, harder, crueller and sharper (even on their own cult).

But ultimately it will reduce the greatest minds to it's narrowness.

The Butterfruit

Imagine my surprise when I got on Twitter and realised that there was a very determined mind on the bitter scep side of life! He just caught my eye, after he pointed out some homeopathic error in my thinking (yes, sceps often know enough to check our knowledge, yet can't put it together meaningfully for themselves).

I thought I knew him from other social nets, but not. Either he's Indian (they always seem so familiar on the net!) or I know him from another life. A healer possibly - I can't be drawn to any other kind I'm convinced, lol - but one who had no idea that he was.

He was doing good work in clearing up homeopathic thought on the #channels, so I left him alone once he'd blocked me. Yes, blocked! Probably for telling him he was a healer just like us? Arrogant jerk, though it's hard to say with men why they do what they do in bursts of testosterone. (There's another story about scep blocks that I need to write about later - miraculous almost.)

But his post selections for ridicule and rt had pattern and made the most interesting reading - like having an editor's choice picks laid out for healers. That fascinated me to the end. Lovely interesting bits.

The most disturbing aspect of his energy was how much of it he transmitted over text. I've never seen anything like it (except from Darth Vader and the sith!:). I remember this one time reading what he wrote within minutes and I felt the energy travel all the way from my solar plexus down through my legs, feet and toes. That someone could pack such a punch into text is astonishing - maybe read a few hours later it would have dissipated? (Why didn't i think of that before?)

I can't think of how such hate can be good for him ... why (and how) do people accumulate so much power? I wonder if power is natural to focused minds and goes as in the adage,"power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely." Does it turn naturally into hate, rage and contempt from stagnation?

I would have liked to see how this mind goes in a few years: Does the texting outlet preserve his balance (like rap works off rage effectively) or does it weaken his mind? Should be a real study.

And he has a fine predator instinct! Is that from the solar plexus though? I wonder if the balance has always been between the sp and brain in animals. It was a treat to see the combo in a human for a change. Overall, this fruit fascinated me.

I still wonder if he'll ever break out of the focused shell his mind is in and discover his full capacity. In the 8 months though, I saw no sign of it.

If anything, the frustration just seemed to grow. Although he did reduce his intensity over text when I drew his attention to it, that was control over the solar plexus not the head. The hate, rage, the lack of insight, a deeper incomprehension of the life force ... I'd like to think that one day it'll all come together right for him but probably not. Life is never that kind. (but there's a cat with him who might do something psychic, so ...:)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The M Effect

Then there was the Martian man. This took up almost three months of my time on twitter because it was so funny.

Imagine two people chatting like normal when both are convinced the other is completely insane. Haha! Only on twitter, right?:) That describes Martin and me for about 2 of the 3 months.

Maybe this is how difficult it is for adults to take to each other as we age. Because after a while I got his groove and he seemed normal if a bit messed up by cynicism.:)

All the unpleasantness aside, he actually had a fun, wry sense of humor that tickled my funny bone often. Thank goodness text masks inappropriate hilarity or I'd have even fewer friends on t than I did! I think everyone hated me at one time or the other: the sceps, the history buffs, Bernie fans, the alt medders, the homeopaths, the narc vics, the Reiki healers. All of them are 'my way or the highway' cults.

But, while it turned out he wasn't (as:) insane as I first believed,  he was very susceptible to mag storms and would grow very unpleasant as it built up. 'Happily married,' my foot, or his better half is a saint.

But Martin clued me in on the heart of the sceptic problem, so I'll always be grateful to him for that.

For the longest time I'd blamed myself for the terrible break-up, the heartbreak, the bitterness, the loneliness that followed my inability to forgive or forget in my heart. I knew it was a narc problem, emotional unavailability and ego on x's side (and maybe mine too); too much investment from me, codependency and idiocy. But for years I didn't understand why it had to end.

I randomly came across an article about the pineal gland while sparring with the Martian, and it suddenly became clear!

Sceptics are just the flip side of the coin of the pineal gland affectations! (The two glands known to atrophy with age are the pineal and the thymus. They shrink and calcify.)

While healers go through a 'brain softening' atrophy of the pineal gland (the vagueness, the lack of focus, the benign acceptance of weirdness), sceptics go through a hardening, a calcification of the pineal (the linear logic, the excessive laser-like focus, the repetition of questions, the lack of both imagination and intuition).

They travel the same pathways in the brain until they wear them out in a form of Alzheimer's, an emotional but terrifying fall off the edge, while the woo-woos spread themselves so thin that they vanish into the pattern of  blank, sweet seniles who can't add 2+2 to save their lives.:)

There must be a whole lot of in betweens but this graphic will do. I now understand the rage, the power issues, the lack of higher sensitivity and caring in sceps. Whereas their solar plexus emotions are on full display, ours are in decline.

The problem also appears to be degenerative for them, so I tried borax and more veggies but I don't hold out much hope that these'll slow it down for sceps.

haha! It occurred to me that since my pineal is probably the shrinking and softening variety, I might melt it more trying to cure sceps (how much more vague can I get?:)

Maybe the homeopathic borax could do better ... more later on that one.

So I finally made my peace with the fact that It was never meant to be. It couldn't have been saved - he'll die being more of this and I'll die being more of that, & that's that. It hurts my heart just to say it. But it's over for real now.

All this I have to thank Martin for. Just by being an evil curmudgeon rampaging around my opinions, he healed up a long-lasting hole in my heart. So, the boy was telling the truth - a healer he certainly is, in his roundabout way.:)

On Guides and Angels

People think guides and angels are something sweet, gentle and tender. They couldn't be more wrong, as I've said before.

Guides and angels are driving, relentless forces for change, that *they* want, whether that change is good (for me!) or not. It always has to be done just right.

I have an argumentative and negotiated relationship with my guides. I do those things I agree with them on and don't do what I simply don't understand. They're incomprehensible sometimes. They don't argue back though, they just don't guide further until it's done.:/

My guides wanted me to be on Blogger, then Twitter for ... akashic records? not sure, but I was ok to go with it because I have such a great deal of yak in me!

Harmless enough to write here on the net, guides happy too. Since my notes are such a mess, I thought it would help to timeline on Twitter instead of blogging and then clean it up for the blog. With 140 I'd say so much less.:)

But Twitter!! That place is a karmic hotbed of seething sceps! It was interesting and fun, so I got happily distracted by all that glittered. I dived in, getting more and more tied up in delicious arguments. But within the first month, my solar plexus as usual began to act up. I always have trouble with it dealing with humans. I couldn't figure out a way to stay in there and be uninvolved - how do people do that? how do the healers resist provocation?

When I wanted to quit Twitter, for pure self-preservation and austerity purposes, they've stopped communicating with me!

I don't see what all this fuss is about twitter anyway. Being there seemed pointless to me when all I did was argue and screw up my solar plexus chakra.

Healing without guidance is a very blind, groping process (and I feel for the medical community that goes on without!). I miss the guides though.:(

I'm back to blogging to appease and hopefully have them back working with me again. I'm sure blogging is still  as Akashic as ever! I'm going to give this a few months and if they still won't give in, I'll go back on Twitter. 6 months should make me an evolved twit!:d

The problem is that guides and angels don't have egos and so don't understand how wearing it is to interact with silly people all the time. It's worse dealing with sceptics, the scum of the earth. (I even mean that kindly - they're that grounded!:)

Sceps are thoroughly mad, hilarious creatures - perfect foils for our own idiocy. Together our comic potential is infinite. But it does take a great deal of time and energy to deal with them. I barely have enough for my animals.

And it is wearing on the heart chakra and solar plexus. Surely the guides don't want me there chat, argue & indulge my sense of humor? to get emotionally involved and spat with perfect strangers?? I'm not sure ... these beings are weird.

According to Jay, I should try Walnut & Sweet Chestnut and go back to T. asap. But she refuses to get on twitter herself for the same reasons as me! How can that advice apply if she won't walk her talk?

Got to find a way not to get addicted - maybe only post sans hashtag? Or on #Reiki or #healing? Or only blog replies and not argue realtime? I need to give it a think. I can't go back as is. I need filters.

More T

This twitter is a crazy place for me. It doesn't suit me - I'm bored when there's no convo and it's negative when there is. It's the slowest chat especially now that my keyboard is gone and my typing is swiping.

I'm arguing with random controlling dom idiots about WW2, Palestine, smallpox and mms. Stuff I don't normally give a shit about, since it has nothing to do with healing or animals.

(I'm sure I can find a polite way to put that last sentence but it expresses my frustration with myself for not resisting the urge to argue.)

I have opinions about everything of course but never felt the need to air them except with drinking buddies before. T brought out the worst.:)

At the same time I learnt about things like Lachesis for Rocky's painful paralysis in  homeopathy from Vera and healing with Raphael from Adela, etc. Things that actually work wonderfully that I'd never have found anywhere else.

I learn from the sceps too how to laugh at the idiotic way we alt medders sound. Like really silly magical-thinking children.:)

I wish I'd learnt from the alt medders how to ignore the sceps.

Also to see the contradictions that tie up the sick in impossible, unfair choices, usually too late to save them with the slower surer homeopathy. They have a point there - once the body is irreversibly altered, patients are better off living on allopharma.

If anything I think it reinforces my determination not to waste time and energy on healing humans.

But really, how can they heal with allopathy which is so stopgap and blind? I don't know how healers can avoid talking about homeopathy if the person recognises the problem early enough to try for a real cure. Sad mess that's impossible to solve.

Off Twitter, back here 2 blooog!:)

I should be posting here again for a while, at least until I clear my mind and put my twitter experience in perspective.

For one thing, it wasn't as bad as the other social media networks (mostly because I've learnt to keep my identity to myself:) and got out before things got heated.