Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mysterious Diabetes

The more I know about diabetes the less confident I get of the cure. There may actually be no cure since it's like a chimera, so deceptive.

About 6-8 months ago it dawned on me that the Victorian distemper of humans was the same as canine distemper which is the same as kitten fip which is cholera (-('choleric' was also used in Victorian romance:).

By concentrating on the parasite, allopathy has foolishly or deliberately turned it into a thousand different diseases.

Still just figuring that out didn't make life any easier. Childhood disease is rapid onset, swift death. Adult disease is splintered into a billion symptoms as the life energy adapts and warps to keep flowing.

Uran was my first breakthrough - 8, now 10 kittens saved! What's more, the stream of fip kittens being born has temporarily halted - something's changed in the pregnant mothers.

But there are still residual symptoms in the survivors - lung (tipu), heart (icy), throat (voice lost, gcat), abdomen (rani), nerve (raja), skin (kenchu) that flare up with solar events.

Yes, fundamentally it is solar driven. The CME, flare, solar wind (and the cosmic radiation when none of these are there), make cure look like an impossibility. Space weather is unpredictable and so is diabetes.

But I persist because, well, I'm convinced cure is linked to prana and breathing and so it should be within our power to heal. A combination of homeopathy, prana and Reiki should build a protective aura thick enough to withstand external provocation. As long as the guides are sharing, I can hope.

This month has been the best yet for all my animals. It can only be because of these energies because space weather hasn't changed.

Two interesting sites with protocols on treating it.
1. Diabetic homeopathy remedies:
2. Diabetes and it's permanent cure:

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