Saturday, October 17, 2015

From 10/17/2015

secale rains Overcast skies and rains again.:/ I think the dogs that suffer the weather  most are anemic - they respond to Secale.
cancer nm-fq All the animals are drawing cancer remedies - from New Moon to First Qtr is a lymphatic drainage peak time.
bach nm Last night all the animals drew Rock Rose of the Bach Remedies. So that's  the Root Chakra remedy I've been looking for. The other was Bufo.
bach nm+3 What would you give a #streetdog that's always hungry (prob pain/pangs)? Heather in #BachFlowerRemedy #homeopathy cures in a dose.
bach first qtr #BachFlowerRemedy Pine for First Qtr of the Moon for dogs. Pine is for taking the blame, being hard on oneself - itching until bleeding, etc
staphylococcin fm The challenge during the Full Moon is to heal staphyloccocus multiplication/proliferation in dogs. In #homeopathy Staphylococcin 10m drawn.
bach fm Full Moon #BachFlowerRemedy and #homeopathy for immune-compromised dogs. #streetdogs displaced by fireworks, etc.
bach rains Cubbon pk's sick, black dog drawing #BachFlowerRemedy combo of Sw Chnut, Vine, Scler, Olive, Star, Rck rose. Bach before rains for chronics.
staphylococcin, bacillinum fm It isn't just Staphylococcin drawn durning Full Moon, but Bacillinum as well for dogs. #homeopathy post:
But healing in animals should happen backwards: yeast first, bacteria second, etc esp worms last. Deworming 1st is a disaster for the body.

Healing w #homeopathy, deworming seemed key fr dogs. Bt worms, bacteria, yeast r in a complex, useful relation w body. U kill 1, u kill all.
fluoric ac fm+3 Many bacterial & fungal probs can be overcome with halogens after full moon - fluoric acid 6, muriatic acid 6, iods & broms. #homeopathy
bach full moon After struggling w rem. for the full moon w/ weather changes, Bach flower remedies are best - they protect the nerves probably. #homeopathy
crotalus, apis, dros last Qtr+1 One day after Last Qtr, animals are drawing Crotalus, Apis and Drosera. Probably for clearing the immune system. #Homeopathy
psorinum last qtr+2 Psorinum 10m 2 days after Last Qtr seems a better time than New Moon for the body. (After NM brought out really itchy rash.) #homeopathy

I finally figured out that antisporics in #homeopathy are the anti-fungals. Fungi reproduce through spores. duh me.
bach periodic Fungi alter behaviour - through nerves? Got to look into it further. Time-based hunger, anxiety, anger; Bach flowers, secale, bufo?
bach 3-NM Dogs drawing the #Bachflowerremedy Mimulus and Aspen, the fear remedies. And Spongia 1m in #homeopathy heading towards New Moon.
bach new moon #Bachflowerremedy Gorse (Despair) and Wild Rose (apathy) for the New Moon. Pbly dogs carry -ve emotion fwd which block healing. #homeopathy
chestnut bud nm New Moon yesterday, dogs  tht binge & puke drew Chestnut Bud (assimilation) #Bachflowerremedy #homeopathy defective absorption creating pica
psorinum Last Qtr Mild itching frm Psor 10m given on Lst Qtr was right (should resemble gentle case of measles). Giving dose today, NM+3 hoping to clear lymph