Saturday, August 15, 2015

New Moon Anemia

I didn't realise how anemic dogs with gonorrheal or sycotic miasm get until I went to the shelter and Dr. Akshay pointed out a bunch of dogs with tumors that were also anemic. But now it makes sense. The tumor indicates that the life-giving energy is perverted. The tumor can't grow if the body is oxygenated - this can only be if the major oxygen carrier, blood, is starved out. Therefore tumors can only grow in an environment of oxygen-depravation. This is where Secale makes a big difference, I think.

Even tubercular dogs must be so anemic - if the bones are affected, so will it's marrow's blood-making ability. Don't know yet what can improve marrow quality.

Return of the sparrows

One mating pair of sparrows have returned to my street! This after they declined to zero around 1976. May they prosper and thrive!

The best possible result we could expect from buses switching to LPG is the return of the bird population to former dead areas.

There must be other reasons though I can't think of any - even though dog numbers are severely declining, the cat populations have exploded (though they're now stabilizing as well), as have the rat, kite and crow populations. Those are rising still, so it's not like there are fewer predators around.

But I've seen similar brave sparrows all over Vasanthnagar, leaving the residential areas and edging on to the main roads. It must be the improvement in the air quality that's reversed the decline.

Friday, August 14, 2015

New Moon, Chlorides (Murs) and Iodides


Two days ago Domehead couldn't eat but tried. His jaws were cracking and he managed a piece or two, but yesterday he couldn't even eat that much. I know he's dying but I didn't understand what was going on.

This morning I had magnesium chloride in my tea, and ate well the rest of the day. This evening, I noticed how dry my mouth was. That's when I realised what work the mag chlor was doing - it was allowing my stomach acids to function better! It wasn't the magnesium part so much as the chloride part doing the work during the new moon.

We need chlorides to form hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which also encourages the salivary glands to do their work. Iodides probably do the same work in the thyroid gland. Without these two, I think New Moon is very harsh on the body because the acids which are formed by the body aren't soft but hard - thick bile, thick saliva, thick pus. Acids probably allow fluidity.