Saturday, July 18, 2015

A method change and a miracle

While I've been adding remedies to the food, I've been overwhelmed by the number of sick dogs on the street. We have a new weather front. One that usually bogs down Ramzan and especially the Id. Well, this has been a nightmare for another bunch of old dogs. The two petrol bunk dogs, the old Imperial-Millers Rd dog and the one old Domehead further down on Millers Road. The black dizzy dog near Popular Garage on the same road has disappeared and is probably dead, poor guy.

 The day before yesterday, a car ran over the stomach of the black and white male in the petrol bunk! Apparently the dog didn't move when he honked (the dog is both deaf and blind) so he coolly ran his car over it, the bastard.

I was there to fill petrol and give the two a piece of meat early, and it was my fault that he came out and ran around was because I was there! I was horrified, since I expected him to die in the next few days of internal bleeding or gangrene. I sat down immediately and gave him pure Reiki - I had no remedies with me. His breath started hitching like he would die immediately, but then it stopped and in a few minutes he relaxed. I covered him with my jacket and then gave him more reiki.

I put the dog in their oil room and gave him a ton of water and then some more reiki. I warned everyone that his insides would putrify in a couple of days so to leave him to die there.

The same day, Impy's dog could no longer walk, the tumor dog with him vanished and my old Domehead was trembling on his feet as well.

I was overwhelmed. I still am, but my guides stepped in as I sat paralyzed by anxiety and hopelessness and reminded me of distance healing, something I did 4 years ago when I had a similar large number of sick dogs on the street. 4 years ago, I remember having a wildly successful session with distant Reiki.

I was healing one dog from home then before I slept, holding a remedy, and about 40 dogs improved! It was so amazing, I tried to repeat the feat, but didn't have that happen again. So I gave up on it.

So with renewed hope, I began healing from my bed, just visiting the sick and injured dogs twice a day. I used Zinc 12, Rhus tox 10m, Scut 12, Agar 6, etc. They were drawing them all all night so I had to go on faith that the healing was reaching some of them.

The petrol bunk dogs are improving in leaps and bounds. The black female is more steady on her feet now and eating well. The black and grey was actually walking around and getting wet in his usual place today! I don't see much change in the Millers Rd dogs yet, but this miracle method is what I'll use from today! This gives me time to sleep and lie down and rest instead of racing around the place on my bike. Also, it is so much less distracting than doing it on the dog. I can focus on the healing (which is rare) instead of the sickness (which is common) - something like Sherlock's fabulous "crime is common, reason is rare" statement.:)