Thursday, July 2, 2015

Deadliest Heat Wave! That's what it was.

Ok from Wunderblog weather, Jeff Masters says:
"We've already seen two of the planet's top ten deadliest heat waves in history over the past two months; the Pakistani government announced on Wednesday that the death toll from the brutal June heat wave in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, had hit 1,250. According to statistics from EM-DAT, the International Disaster Database, this makes the 2015 heat wave in Pakistan the 8th deadliest in world history. The heat wave that hit India in May, claiming approximately 2,500 lives, ranks as the 5th deadliest."

Well, they've counted the toll on humans, but if they count my street dogs, it would probably rank among the top 3 deadliest seasons for my city in world history. It has really been a miserable year beginning.

In retrospect, it was quite hopeless to try and save them. My rats have disappeared too - hopefully into the street-gutters rather than all dead. But this week two were very sick, one died and the other is still around but dying. I've put zinc on it's back and ergot, scrof, scut, bapt, etc. but it's still breathing with difficulty so it might be a matter of days before it succumbs.

My friend and I were speculating that the heat we were feeling was from inside the earth, which I mentioned in previous posts. I still feel that the earth is responding as a whole to some internal crisis - the earthquakes, the heat waves, the ocean cyclones are all related to each other.

I feel the energy I used to feel in early spring, Jan-Feb, as late as in July this year. My physical energy level and my Reiki energy level seems to be returning, if rather slowly. I'm just grateful that it isn't aging or some degenerative process taking away my ability to heal. Perhaps I'll be up to healing better in a few months, enough to save lives again.

In remedies: Ergot was the best; Naja, Baptisia, scutellaria and scrofularia next. In the nutrients transdermally, Zinc sulphate and Magnesium chloride have helped a few through, esp the zinc.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Eugenics, Darwinisms and India's ABC Program

I was watching the BBC serial "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" esp episode 2 about eugenics. It was the search for the fittest humans, which lead to countless sterilizations of humans declared 'unfit for reproductive purposes' in the US and Europe.

So similar to the eugenics that is active now in India as Animal Birth Control of our own local dogs (since it doesn't apply to foreign breeds). Unfair and ridiculous much?

I realised that I had been sucked into the rhetoric as well. I was fortunate in my growing disgust over sterilizations that I left this evil and did something better with my life. Generations of caste system thinking and our own unconscious eugenic beliefs, and egotism (which young person doesn't feel superior to everyone else?:), Indians are easily sucked into blindly supporting the ABC program imposed our free dogs on the street. Perhaps it is a measure of collective self-hatred and low self-esteem that we allow sterilization of indian dogs and encourage the breeding of foreign ones!

So I did the 'Bad science combining with Bad politics' as much as any Nazi racist. Most 'animal welfarists' admitted in 2004 that we were doing human welfare and politics and it was of no benefit, and actual harm, to the animals sterilized. No insight for them yet, since they've continued 11 more years since that admission!

So yes, I did Darwinism myself, but I'm ashamed of all the unnecessary suffering I caused my beloved animals. A great deal of it was from ignorance, because of which I can't condemn people still doing it today. Morons, unevolved robots but finally just well-meaning idiots who're carried away by a bad idea and don't know how to stop.:(

I recently read an article on China's dwindling population and how their sterilization program was just a complete waste and unnecessary cruelty. Populations rise and fall in all species at their own pace (13.4 yrs for frogs, I read). Forcing it down or up doesn't change the cycle - the animals in our case just die of post-surgical complications which reduce population - in China's forced abortions and single-child rule it just increased isolation.
I have a different view of Life on maturity. I hope. Though it's also scatty enough and judgemental enough to be irresponsible in its own right :p, so not looking for a higher ground, just a different, kinder one.

  • It isn't genetic as much as a belief in karma, living out the karma we inherit from our own actions and rebirth for animals and humans. (I doubt if breeding controls can apply any influence there.:) Just so that there are no leftover darwinisms creeping in:
  • I don't believe in sterilization. 9 out of 10 animals born die anyway within 1 year in nature without nurture. If you are nurturing, even a foreign breed pet, you should sterilize your dog (not the one on the street!).
  • I don't believe in the 'perpetual struggle' and competition. I've seen that it is a weather-related nervous response. Homeopathy can alter that, and Bach flower remedies like Cherry Plum remove that fight/flight/fright drive almost entirely. If the weather is even, all the animals live harmonously with each other.
  • I also believe in helping the weakest survive, and thrive, since that is the only way to improve life in living beings. The 'survival of the fittest' is something I totally reject as dumb. When the weakest survive, they seem to develop an immunity to deep disease and aging, while those stronger animals succumb easily to disease later in life. So Darwinism has got that completely topsy-turvy - it's the weak who survive who develop the capacity to adapt, change and grow.
  • Finally, I truly believe there's an entirely different mechanism at work in the life energy in living beings which absolutely changes the material body to its needs. This is where energy medicines like Homeopathy and energy healing methods like Reiki are so much in tune.

Full moon and full ears: Lachesis

I've been avoiding the animal remedies for vegan reasons (I think that cruelty like the snakes being 'milked' for poison is criminal as much as crushing live ants and bees and starfish is evil even for homeopathic doses) as well as because I am still trying to work my way through plant and mineral remedies in the natural world.

But I still have a bunch of them that I've bought when dogs were dying and I was desperate in the past.

The surest cure for ears full of smelly fluid that I've seen in the past is Lachesis 200 and higher (brown dog in Broadway Police Qtrs). A couple of doses seems to be all it needs during the full moon cycle (3 days before full moon).

All the higher animal remedies work well during this period of the full moon cycle - Lachesis, Crotalus, Naja, Apis, Formica, etc. because the nerve poisons are similar to the nerve toxins our body is fighting and trying to throw out of the spine, brain and nerves.

I'm sure I'll find remedies in plants or minerals that do the same work more compassionately one of these days. But until then, I think that this is like a trace non-vegan element of homeopathy. (It shouldn't bother me as much as it does ... but it does! Like one ingredient in a package of mostly vegan foodstuff, it's annoyingly at the forefront of my mind. I might be drowning in non-vegan stuff in a restaurant, but that often doesn't bother me as much as a tiny hidden ingredient.:)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

God complex ... sometimes.

Some of the time I feel that I am on the edge of understanding Life. Sometimes I feel like I'm saving lives - when all the animals are healthy around me. Some of the time I feel that I can only help the healthy, especially when there are sick animals lingering on the edge of dying.

But most of the time I'm filled with doubts about everything I do - from the homeopathy and reiki being adequate to the task, to the remedies I give, to the nutrients, to my energy and capacity.

I mean, how arrogant to think that I'd be able to cope not only with feeding 50 - 100 animals daily and take care and give energy to a dying one? When I was younger, I thought I could do much more than even this!:)

I'm probably growing old just from the fact that I know a few more limits of what can be done in 24 hours. And I'm slowing down. I don't get half the things done that I used to. So my god complex is fading with age - I remember thinking I would be able to save the whole world's animals as a teen if I just put my mind to it. Now I doubt my ability to save even one!:)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gangrene from wounds in cats - Baptisia-Naja-Scut-Scrof works!!

Gangrene is a killer in cats, after cat-fights, dog bites, rat bites, etc. especially during the monsoon. I think lost One-Ear to gangrene a week ago since he's been missing. He'd lost his balance and the ear had rotted away in the week before.

It's such a pity, since the fights themselves are from nervous irritation of the spine and brain from the weather change. [They become jumpy, irritable, suspicious and excitable. The males attack even the females like psychopaths. The females are as bad, getting territorial and flirting madly inciting the fights. Messy season that I dread yearly, ending in the horrible Diwali city-wide fireworks which displaces so many animals ... I hate the whole world by this point!]

Seven days ago, I realised that One-Ear wasn't coming back even though I'd tried Gunpowder cm, 10m (which is Mataji's favorites), Hypericum, Arnica, Echinacea, Ergot, etc. for the two days he was around. He drank all of it, but the gangrene was unchanged and even growing. He gave me that 'last look' that animals often give when they know it's the last time they'll see you - a mixture of exhaustion, sadness, defiance, resignation and courage to bear the end is what it looks like to me (I always think that must have been how Jesus looked on the cross).

Five days ago, I saw Sammy the kitten beginning to get that same look - I was in terror of losing him too. I'd been looking around for One-Ear with no luck. Sammy was sleeping all the time, the rat-bitten paw was swelling up, his respiration was hitched. These are usually the symptoms of worsening sepsis or blood-poisoning before the pain makes them writh in pain. Unlike dogs, cats and kittens die more quickly which is a mercy, but also too rapid to prevent.

Still, I wasn't going to give in - Sammy was well-fed and strong like his brothers, stronger than the average kitten. His eyes began to leak reddish blood-like mucus, his paw was bleeding dark blood and watery, bloody pus a day later. I read up Henrietta's site for gangrene - Echinacea, Calendula, Hypericum, Baptisia, ergot, Secale, etc. again. The only two I hadn't tried were Bapt and Calend. and Sammy was drawing on Hyper 6 of that lot. He drew Bapt at 30 and surprisingly he was drawing Naja 30 and Scrof 3 and Scut 3.

I thought what was there to lose and put a drop of Bapt, Hyper and Naja with the other 2 on his foot. Within the hour he was breathing more easily. He slept better and the improvement began.

Now, 5 days after I thought he was die, he's much more active and his blood is redder than it was before! (He's still not fully recovered - he was coughing this evening, which is a heart-respiratory nerve symptom and I gave him Reiki with Bapt  3and Scut 3, which were on hand, and he's better again.)

I think it's a long way from fully clearing the blood, but this is the way to go for wounds, sepsis and gangrene in weather change. Lachesis would probably be a good follow-up after Naja clears the heart chakra region.

I think this is the combo:
Scutellaria - for the nerves during weather change and full moon
Scrofularia - for glandular hardening
Naja - for the arrested breathing and respiratory struggle of blood poisoning. Probably Lach next.
Baptisia - for the progressive blood poisoning from the wound. And poor blood to start with - one thing I noticed for months now is a blackening on the nose - I think in cats that's a sign of poor blood quality.

I regret not having been able to do this for my big baby, One-Ear. RIP, you.

Unusual earth heat

A friend and I were discussing how unusual weather has been taking lives. As usual we had nothing but our personal impressions to go by - so this is very subjective and not backed by any authority. She knew of 6 people who'd been hospitalized over the last month, 4 of those died. I knew of a number of animals - cats, dogs and rats that had died in the same period of time.

But other than the frequent storms, cyclones and the crazy amount of rain since Jan, we were both discussing the unusual heat. I told her that I must be starting on some kind of perimenopause because I feel the heat from inside me, sometimes to the point of feeling giddy with it boiling up. She said she had the same! And then she said that it might be from the core of the earth rather than inside us, because that seemed to be how her dog was reacting too.

This made us discuss the earthquakes and how they must have some connection to the deeper hot earth-core releasing some kind of inherent heat or radiation that we're feeling from the bones up.

This roiling energy is probably hitting our blocked up energy and pushing people and animals into crises of health which otherwise had settled into chronic conditions long ago. We're simply unable to adapt to these earth changes.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case someone has a similar experience!:)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nothing to say

One big weather front - a cyclone on the Arabian Sea - seems to have passed and taken a few animals lives with it. The grey tabby in Mamta Hotel injured it's lower jaw (broke it clean off the front of the face) and was euthanized. The sick old dogs either died (brown miller's road dog) or were most likely euthanized (shivananda petrol bunk dog). One rat that's been on the edge of life for a month now, finally died last night.

But I know of a number of old people who died during that period unexpectedly too, so even though it took a while for humans to start succumbing to the weather drain, the chronically ill and weakened did.
It's like an evil wind that blows the life force of living creatures away. All the energy methods - reiki and homeopathy - are too weak for the force of this earth change.