Friday, June 5, 2015

Turpentine in use

Maya is drawing turpentine oil on and off. I applied it on the skin twice, today the second time, but I'm terrified of it because the web literature is so horrifying. All advice against it for dogs and cats, like here and here (Periera, 1854))claim that Turpentine will kill the dog or at least leave it staggering, sluggish and sick. It should leave skin ulcered according to one account - god forbid.

This is the one site that actually says something positive about it in actual use - and it's for farm animals in Australia (to save them from paralysing ticks). The other positive indicator for its use is when it has been used as a wound healer in some sprays for animals with castor oil and an explanation here (turpentine healer).

I've found the homeopathic Terebinth to be universally drawn by dogs and cats when they're sick, in shock or with kidney and worm issues. 6x and 10m is what they usually draw it at.

I'm more uncertain about using the actual turpentine, but they do draw it. I've been putting a few drops in their food with no ill effects on either dogs or cats. The toxic dose is supposed to be about 818 mg according to one site.

The problem is that even though there are no ill-effects, I can't see any positive effects either - nothing obvious at least, among all the new things I've been trying all at once.:/

With most of the nutrients this seems to be the problem - I can't see obvious good effects, though there are no real ill-effects. The one exception might be Magnesium Chloride - they all did improve considerably with it in both food and transdermal therapy as did I.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Maya: Paralysis and incontinence

Maya, from the Sampangi Ram temple on Cunningham Rd, got paralysed yesterday. Or at least, the paralysis that has been at bay for years now has finally caught up with him and he's unable to use his hindlegs. About 3 weeks ago, he became incontinent, couldn't stop his urine from flowing. I thought at that time that the end was near, but now I'm fairly sure of it.:(

He wouldn't eat yesterday, but this morning he had a little milk. The remedies he's drawing are: Arg nit 10m, 1m, Cherry plum (bach - afraid to let go, losing control), Arnica 30, 1m, Rhus tox 30, Gunpowder 6, Causticum 10m, 50m, Hepar 200, 1m, Merc i r 30, Teucr 6, 30, Calc p 6, Ricin 30.

I'm painfully aware that while I've been able to hold animals at this point indefinitely (until gangrene sets in), I've never been able to cure one to date.:( It even scares me to try and fail.

One thing I noticed though was this. Today is full moon day - virtually everything I've applied on the skin remains - nothing is drawn through the skin during the full moon cycle!
Rule: The only remaining option in this case is that this period is used by the skin to eliminate. So this might be the time to apply eliminative substances on the skin to clear it.
Rule: The new moon cycle is the opposite - The skin functions to draw in nutrients during the new moon cycle. Every oil and iodine, magnesium, etc. I've applied on my dogs during that cycle has been absorbed.

So today I've applied activated charcoal on Icy and Kenchu to see if it will heal their skins. If it works, then I'll try it on Maya. The job is quite messy though - my hands are black and the dogs (Icy is white) look a dirty grey. Might this be a good time to apply castor oil and turpentine too? I hope so - both are eliminative. I have to work my way through what works and what doesn't.
Charcoal doesn't clean well at all from fur! Especially not with a damp cloth.:/ So I've probably got to nix that idea. I won't shampoo them, so charcoal is out.
Graphites 3x is the one Maya's drawing the most along with Rhus 6. I'm only worried about aggravation since they're so low in potency. Still, it might be in low potency because it's the full moon, so I'll wait and see if he'll draw it higher soon.

7 Jun - Maya was taken to Charlotte's house last night, so I can no longer treat him. I'm giving him distant reiki all night though and he's drawing Cherry plum and Physostigma cm. Spinal remedies.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kitten, Dogs sickening and dying again :(

This has been a horrible start of the monsoon. Actually, all the way from winter, we've had terrible, unpredictable weather - it seems to be an earth change with the earthquake thrown in. It just feels worse than the previous years. I know my Reiki's been weaker than ever, and the homeopathy barely works. The earth energy changes are too strong for these delicate energy corrections, probably.

Today the watchman at the Rama temple on Cunningham Rd told me that Maya, who's lost control of his urine for two months now, is being taken to a vet I don't much like much, for treatment by Charlotte, after which she would take him to her home until he dies because the priests there are trying to get rid of him. This is probably the last I'll see of him, the sweet guy. But my homeopathy didn't help him even a little with that problem. Five years ago we became friends when one dose of Psorinum 30 made his problem improve greatly.:(

The tough red guy near Canara Bank, past Cant Vet Hospital has been having a failing liver for about 8 months now, longer, but I haven't been by to feed him in almost as long. (My guides are right that I've wasted a lot of my life being self-indulgently exchausted when I could have been healing dogs.) I was shocked to see how thin and gaunt he'd become two weeks ago. I've fed him for about 10 days now alternate days at least. His liver looks almost fully sclerosed. Anyway, since the rain 2 days ago, he's disappeared. Probably dead.:/

The fertile mother and two of her kids, the tall brown and the red and white, on the same road are other  dogs I haven't seen. I saw her black male, her youngest brown, her tall red and white on last friday. I'm hoping they're only missing and not dead.

My cancer black and white of the same road, Corporation building, is gone and most likely dead.

The white old male, Basha, with the glandular problem, who was with the wheelchair beggar, has died. Probably a month ago, but he claims it just vanished - really bad attitude I'm getting from that guy, like he didn't care. When I offered him magnesium chloride a month or so ago to apply on the dog he said, "I can't touch him."

The white limping dog in front of the bus stand has been missing for 3 weeks and probably dead.

And to top this list of missing and dead, Sundari's kitten, the one we 'rescued' from the empty house next door was playing happily around the sofas until the day before the rain and vanished - midday 2 days ago was the last we saw of her.