Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Moon transdermal

There's no real research on adding Magnesium chloride to Lugol's or Potassium Iodide, so I went ahead and addied a bit anyway -- at worst it should halogen exchange and become magnesium iodide.:)

I added maybe 1/50th of the Lugol's to the Magnesium Chloride. I also added a bit of Cupric chloride and Zinc Sulphate to the solution (about a 1/20th). Yes, a sulphate ... but I haven't opened the Zinc Chloride as yet. Still, the mixture didn't react, so fingers crossed. Waiting to finish one before I start on the other. So this could be a cupric iodide or a zinc iodide also.

It's interesting and worth writing a note about because this combination is the softest on the skin that I've ever used. Perhaps I've hit upon something here.

I've tried it on myself and Icy, and none of the usual itching or burning.

This could also be because I've noticed that the transdermal absorption is better during the Last Qtr-NM-First Qtr period. Maybe we ingest our nutrients during the Full Moon cycle, and absorb it during the New Moon one, since it is more closely allied to rising water in our bodies. Even the castor oil + turpentine mix seems to get absorbed during this period.

My silver nano experiments update

I had made three green synthesis experiments with my Argent nitricum. The thing that amuses me is that it is no different than our homeopathy - we have nano particles from vibration and shaking or crushing, silver NPs are trying to do the same.

The first of my experiments was on Garlic extract by a process of chopping the garlic, letting it age in water for 2 hours and then adding AgNO3 and setting it aside for 48 hours. Smelt awful and after 1 week in the cupboard - the darned thing developed mold!! So garlic, at least by that method, is out!:) It obviously can't withstand fungal intrusions.

The second was KrishnaTulsi. It still smells good after a week. The leaves were boiled and then filtered and AgNO3 added and kept aside. It changed colour and I'm giving it to the dogs today after drinking it myself for 2 days a tablespoon at each time. Got to see how the dogs and cats and birds take to it.

The best and sweetest smelling was the one I made with lemongrass! Again chopped, boiled, filtered and cooled before adding AgNO3. It looks good and smells better than both the others. This one I plan to repeat often.

I've used it for laundry and it seems to make that smell great too!

I've made very weak solutions since I wanted weak AgNPs, small nanos. My silver nitrate solution is also 1/50 mol since I planned to add it direct to the food, so that's not too concentrated either.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Elimination-1b: Castor oil - Turpentine oil New Moon cycle

[Unblocked] I've been experimenting with castor oil and turpentine for this New Moon cycle. I add a teaspoonful in their food and they don't seem to object to it at all. I'm hoping it will prevent putrefaction and gangrene and help chelate some of the toxins by speeding up the passage of stool.

One of the problems that dogs and cats die from seems to be inertia of the intestinal canal from ... a lack of mucus? worms leaving wounds that then become gangrenous? Something like that. Stools become hard and dry and white. The sweet Kempi from the Rama temple died of constipation after 2 months of showing everyone how bad she was. Charlotte even gave her an enema hoping that would be the end of that, but I knew it was a deeper condition and yet didn't do enough to save the poor creature (I carry guilt like this for almost every dog that dies, but the homeopathy and reiki I give just stops short of being enough). Kempi improved with ... Ant tart or Ant crud ... can't recall now, and then died just when I relaxed and stopped giving it.

And this gangrene and toxic build-up in the intestines and worms and poor gut flora and putrefaction seems to be more between Last Qtr to New Moon and First Qtr. This is the time they draw Ricinus, Terebinth and many anti-putrefaction remedies along with dewormers like Sabina, Sabadilla, etc.

From reading on the net, turpentine oil and castor oil are usually given together. A very small amount seems to even keep the food fresh, so they act as a preservative as well.

One surprising thing for me was to learn that even as I gave these to them, the first two days without the added nutrients, I realised that the nutrients are necessary. They didn't eat the food as well without nutrients and just with castor oil and turp. So then I figured out that maybe the nutrients are a must, since they'll be losing out on so much of it when the gut pushes food out faster without absorbing as much.

I've increased the fiber as well, but added ginger and turmeric in it, both of which are gut-related, to the food. They love this entire package and gobble up their meals.

I don't know how Ricinus works (since allopathy claims that it is toxic) since it isn't absorbed in the gut, so maybe it just lubricates. Terebinth oil should heal the gangrenous internal parts according to homeopathy and the eclectics, as well as expel tapeworms and pinworms internally.

Edgar Cayce used to use Castor oil as packs around the abdomen and the lymph glands, so I've tried to apply it to the skin of the dogs at home around the time of the weather change (before and after the 2nd Nepal earthquake) and it did seem to help their overly active immune system calm down somewhat. Packs are really impossible - and even applying on the skin might be a waste to try since it won't help my street dogs. But the dogs itched a bit less and took the change more in their stride. Anyway, one or two applications isn't definitive, but a start. The astonishing thing for me was that everything I applied was absorbed! How weird is that??! If it's really toxic, it shouldn't be so readily absorbed, should it? Allopaths may have it wrong.

They draw a lot of other stuff as well, but only way to find out is to try one or two at a time.:) That's the update on the week for now.

Argent Nitricum and NanoSilver

Even though the dogs draw a lot of Argent Nit in homeopathy through Reiki, my courage to try it ran out as soon as I bought it. I drank it once, applied it on Kenchu's back  in a spurt of enthusiasm, and then read about silver toxicity - esp exposed to UV - and saw the famous blue man in the US and lost my courage.:)

It is a very reactive salt. So I hunted around to find a way to make it less reactive and finally ran across the amazing nanoparticle green synthesis research going on around the world, but especially in India. This green synthesis is remarkably simple - make a decoction of any leaf, preferably a useful one, pour in the silver nitrate, wait a while until it changes colour and you've got the nanoparticles. The less concentrated solutions give you smaller NPs, the more ambient temperature gives you better shapes and stability.

Anyway, last week I made some from 1. Lemongrass, 2. Tulsi leaf and 3. Garlic from three studies I'd read about their synthesis.

I kept it aside until I found a way to impregnate fabric with it. Most of the techniques need boiling or glucose to set it or shaking. I decided against all of them and instead used it in my washing cycle for the dogs sheets and my clothes. I've put it out to dry in the sun, so lets see how sterile they make them tomorrow.

I used just a cupful - and my mixture was very weak on the silver, so not expecting much.

This nanosolution of tulsi smells amazing! I was tempted and took a sip - I'm feeling surprisingly good after it.
But from all I read, one study found that gut microorganisms actually increased when given a very small dose of nanosilver! Larger doses killed them, as did silver nitrate, but this kind of contradictory finding makes me leery of trying it on my animals just yet. Not only does silver accumulate in the tissues being a heavy metal, it can't be applied to the skin because of its UV propensity. So I need to learn to chelate heavy metals first before I go there.

But as an active disinfectant, it would be superb for me. I can wash all the animals clothes in it, I can put it on all the furniture and walls and floor to keep them free of bacteria and some fungi (there are some that aren't affected by silver NPs) and prevent them from infecting each other to the best of my ability.

I haven't figured out how to put it on the furniture yet, though, without getting my hands exposed to it and possibly have them go blue over time! All my gloves leak when I use them.:( Maybe I should spray it on and not touch it?

So ... it's just laundry for now, which is good enough. But very excited by this project so far!:)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Elimination -1: Turpentine and Castor oil

I had a lot to say, but I overthought it and now I'm blocked!

Turpentine oil seems to be the remedy for weather change, but I read so many objections to its use (most sites say it blisters the skin and adversely affects health) that I'm trying to use it as little as possible.

That's when I added it to the castor oil.

The castor oil is interesting because of Edgar Cayce, who links it to elimination, lymphatic drainage and the digestive. But again the many cautions on the net seem to prohibit regular or extensive use (death by ingestion of the oil, incessant diarrhoea, dehydration) so it has scared me off a bit too.

The combination seems to work well - the little I've used it. I add it to the food and have applied it on Icy' and Kenchu's stomach and groin area, instead of packs. I've decided to do it a few times, once a day only, to see if there's any long term gain.

That's it for now.