Thursday, April 2, 2015

A theory on removing toxins

 These are the toxins I'm reading about all over the net.
Common neurotoxins (in order of importance):
Heavy metals: mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum.
Biotoxins: tetanus, botox, lyme, staph, strep, chlamydia, tuberculosis, fungal and viral toxins.
Xenobiotics: (man-made toxins) dioxin, formaldehyde, insecticides, arsenic, PCB's, etc.
Food Preservatives, Excite-Toxins and Cosmetics: aspartame, food colorings, fluoride, methyl/propyl-paraben, and plasticizers in cosmetics, cling wrap, etc.
Vaccine: Ethyl mercury (thimerosal)

The ones I've highlighted are the ones we can deal with with Homeopathy - mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, botox, staph, strep, tuberculosis, fungal, formaldehyde, arsenic, floride. We have all of these in our remedies. The question is how to use them.

One thing I know for sure is that Merc isn't drawn in the low potencies at all. Cadmium and lead and aluminium are occasionally drawn low ... somewhat. But when, why and how to use them remains a mystery. I have a theory to solve that mystery.:)

1. These toxins should be worked on during the Last Qtr - First Qtr, the waning period which is a powerful time to throw out toxins.
2. The higher potencies make the detox on the cellular level, so if the elimination isn't very good, you're poisoned by the release (which is why I think the male CM dog died after Merc 10m - he probably had release that was lethal which his excretory organs couldn't throw out).
3. So elimination is crucial. Full Moon - Last Qtr I work only on their elimination organs - intestines mostly and kidneys. Maybe mesenteric glands, adrenals, bladder and rectum as well. And the root chakra, sacral chakras. This is their time for perking up.
4. First Qtr to Full Moon might be the time for electrolyte buffering - I'm not so sure that it should be stopped until all the elimination is done. It isn't that we're more alkaline then (as I used to think!) but that we need that buffering for what will follow.
5. Metal buffering too - but I should understand it better first.
6. The First Qtr - Full Moon should be fresh youthful metals? Not sure about this either.
More later.Got to feed the kites.

Long overdue

I leave so many posts unfinished with 'more later' when I have more thoughts but don't put them down for a later review. But it's not much of an issue since I haven't reviewed much either.:) I really should go through the blog and keep only the posts relevant to learning to heal and into the right theory and background.

I've been so disappointed by the late die-off which I'd hoped I'd avoided across the season change. I hoped I'd have saved them in the Jan-Feb period with my more polished selection of remedies, and awareness of the dangers of the season, but I still lost so many towards March. So that I should focus on next year.
Rule: I should look out for March and it's cyclones!

Anyway, my disappointment kept me from doing one critical thing - adjusting the toxins in place to eliminate gangrene and sepsis - for the rest of the year, in the next post. I was a bit confused about how to do it, but I think I've got a theory about how it works. Next.:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Iodine and storms

I have these long spells of peace which is almost like a calm before the storm. This time literally, because it is sultry and pre-storm weather - except that this time most of my animals seem ... quiet. Not as hyper or itchy and stressed as usual.

One kitten appears to have died in Blacky's set of 3. There's a smell around the attic where she's taken her kittens which probably means it's been dead a few days, the poor thing. The over-protective mother (her first set after almost 2 years) hasn't brought her other kittens out of that attic, so they're all living next to the rotting kitten.:( I thought I'd go in to reduce the stress on the mother, but I can't do it. The gardener has promised to get in and get the kitten out tomorrow - I can't bear to go in and find a bloated body in the darkness - it makes me nauseous to just think about it, so I chickened out.

Other than that, I think there's no other animal that is stressed by the weather in the immediate area. Icy appears to be alright and so does Kenchu. The trick for them both seems to be Iodine in the ears (Providone Iodine this time cause it's so painless). Maybe that's all I needed to do to prevent them from reacting to storms - only time will tell. Right now I've continued fortifying their food with Mag chlor, Zinc and a few homeopathic remedies. They still draw magnesium, zinc and iodine, but less desperately.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My diminishing healing powers - an energy crisis

1st of May - This whole healing crisis seems to have been linked to something deep in the earth (not me, thankfully). The flow of power seems to have been held back, maybe even from all living things, not just me.The Nepali earthquake seems to have done some correcting of the earth's imbalance. My energy began to flow again this morning, maybe equal to the power it was in November. Here's hoping it will go back to its fullest power of 20 years ago!:)
I've been having less and less Reiki energy over the last 5 yrs. It's been worrying - since once you have healing hands you can't live without it - but I need to finally admit and accept it. I've lived in denial for so long.

There could be several reasons for it. The first being aging, of course, I've slowed down in so many other ways that this should just fit in. The second is probably my years of fighting doubt and scepticism even as I heal. It's probably worn out my nervous circuits to be pulled in two ways at once all the bloody time - but most people who love science can't help it. We're habitual doubters. The third might be my smoking, which is way too much. This I definitely feel sorry about, but it's a habit too that even guilt just strengthens - I get too much pleasure and relaxation out of it that I just can't give it up.

I can't think of anything but those three reasons for losing this wonderful capacity. I do plan to try meditations and other things to hang on to it, but I've done this once before to no avail. About 15 yrs ago, I used to spontaneously 'merge' with the world - a kind of energizing 'aha' experience, or mini-enlightenments - that filled my life with joy. Then I left to the US to do my Masters and over the two years there, I began to lose that capacity. It made me frantic to hold on to it and I tried everything I could but that capacity simply vanished from my life never to return.

The big downside of my fear of losing my healing powers is that I hesitate to reach out to heal. If I'm to lose this too, I'm probably really rapidly heading towards death, just as my guides predicted (Well, what they said was more like, "you'll never lack for money until you die, so don't worry about it." which made me read a short life into it because I really don't have much money to live on.:)

I really dread going back to a life without healing.
------------- 5 Apr
Since I wrote this, I've had a kind of epiphany about what might be happening, which has given me a lot of peace of mind. I've been less aware of a larger change to being a more healing person overall alongside this loss of feeling in my hands. But it's been there.

The dogs flock to me like never before - maybe the channeling into the hands has transformed into a channeling through the aura and my entire body? Maybe I'm beyond the hands-on healing rather than losing it.

The same kind of change might be what's been happening to me in terms of awareness and consciousness too. I might be more merged with the larger, higher consciousness than I used to be when I would have those merging episodes - perhaps it is more continuous now, so I'm not less, but more.

These thoughts have made me feel more at peace with the process of losing the highs.:)