Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mouth doses: A New OLD Approach to my Healing

I was hoping to write this before I felt defeated, after a triumph of surviving the winter and the season change in Feb and before the monsoon again began to decimate my animals. It is something worth writing, but maybe today is the wrong day.

I've read about the BCEC, the biologically closed electrical circuit, that exists between the nose and mouth while I was reading for Zinc Sulfate. I suddenly realised that this was probably the reason old homeopaths had so many successes while I'm not having the same - they used that circuit with the tiny sugar pills and placing them on the tongue of the patient.

Perhaps olfactory and adding homeopathy to food isn't the best approach to healing. I'm going to attempt to go  back to those pills in as many cases as I can and look for success. More later when I'm feeling in a better mood.


While I was busy caring for Fawnboy and Jimmy of RBI, my own beloved Icy was getting sicker and I didn't notice.:(

From the last 3 days, the day before New Moon, he's grown weaker and today he's stopped eating. He's 14 or 15 yrs old and has always been as healthy as a horse. He's had spasms, muscular, that have made him walk around protecting one side, slightly hemiplegic. It appears to be high up around his shoulderblades.

I'm really feeling defeated. Whatever is culling these old dogs, it isn't easy to see from where I stand.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Storms and Gangrene

There are cyclones in the Pacific, Bavi, Nathan and Pam (Pam was the one that killed both: Fawndog's low BP end and Jimmy the RBI dog's initial dip in immunity) .

There's really no reason for dogs in India to die of gangrene, a drop in immunity and severe sepsis, if there's a storm several thousand miles away unless there's a different connection, maybe a deep ocean connection or an atmospheric link between these storms. I'm sure something links up and the animals energy field responds as if under attack with a systemic inflammation.

Here's someone talking of one of those connections called the MJO pattern or event that occurred on the 16th of March 2015, recording the highest MJO index mark in history. Nothing less could have killed poor Jimmy who was one helluva survivor.

Gangrene: When the Moon theory limits

RIP, Jimmy.
The RBI dog, Jimmy, died yesterday 11 pm. I feel quite defeated by the enormity of the disease - this gangrene, necrosis, sepsis, mitochodrial death, whatever it is.

I went to see him at night and got bitten on my forearm when I was trying to turn him. That's when I knew he was going to die. (Most dogs bite just before they die - either from the pain or from losing their inhuman self-control throughout their lives. I've been bitten by nearly every second dog that's died in my arms.:)

He died without me, my arm was too damaged to ride or climb over the wall, and I was too overwhelmed by the knowledge that there was nothing I could do to save him. He had maggots in his armpit, around his navel - virtually everywhere he had a lympathic gland. How horrible is this?!

The main medicines that worked and helped him were Pulsatilla 200, Lachesis 200, Crotalus 200, Nat mur 30 and Echinacea Q. They allowed him to sleep a little peacefully, but the effects wore off rapidly, as the days went by. On the last night I tried Vitamin C and E in butter after reading that it was a gangrene remedy, but it was probably too little too late.

My moon theory really did handicap me in Jimmy's case because I didn't really try the Magesium Chloride, Magnesium Sulpfate or the Zinc Sulfate knowing we were in the last part of the Last Qtr - New Moon cycle. I was also still in shock at losing Fawndog to low blood pressure or 'septic shock' that I was very uncertain about what was the right thing to do. In his case the gangrene had left his legs but internally his body didn't recover from the sepsis but moved onto the next stage of it, the 'septic shock' which I subsequently read about in this article about 'Severe sepsis and septic shock'. His problem was an underlying cancer - it was the tumors and the glands that necrosed.

This is something we need to be prepared for if we do heal all the superficial gangrene and look like we have a healing crisis - it could be organ failure or more likely hypotension (low blood pressure) and/or hypoglycemia. I'll put together a way to deal with these when I'm less defeated. Soon.

Changing to Phytochemicals for detoxing towards New Moon
I thought of Phytolacca on the day of his death, but it was too late again. I should have started that as soon as I realised it was cancer to help clear out his system. Still the homeopathic effects were wearing out so quickly as the disease grew stronger that I was losing hope all the time. When the dog's primary care-giver told me he had died at around 11 am, I was relieved because I wasn't sure of what I could do to save him anymore. I'm that confused and upset after losing Fawndog.

Today my arm is better, I was able to ride out to get the food for the animals, and to type. But mentally I'm so awash in doubt that I could well be back to square one.

Monday, March 16, 2015

For sudden death after sepsis/gangrene: What Fawndog died of

Since Fawndog died so suddenly, I've been reading up about sepsis or "blood poisoning" - what precedes gangrene and accompanies it. I need to know if I have to save this RBIdog, Jimmy.

Modern medicine has a new definition for this very ancient way to die, but quite a useful handle to work with.

From here: Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory response to infection. Now defined b “severe sepsis” where it is complicated by acute organ dysfunction, and “septic shock” is sepsis complicated by either hypotension that is refractory to fluid resuscitation or by hyperlactatemia.

I was glad to see, for once, a sensible regard for parasites as coming after the fact! Germ theory did not fully explain the pathogenesis of sepsis: many patients with sepsis died despite successful erad- ication of the inciting pathogen.
Fawndog died just after Last Qtr of either hypotension (blood beat too slowly through the body creating the low oxygen screaming and his variable bark) or  hyperlactatemia (too much lactic acid in the blood). I'm assuming it wasn't organ failure but a 'septic shock'.
So for my purposes,
  • Full Moon brings up the uncontrollable systemic inflammation in already necrosing/necrosed animals (a lot of black in the skin would be the 'tell'); Candida probably played a huge role in this?
  • Upto Last Quarter, I need to try to bring the hyperlactatemia and hypotension under control. The hypotension I still don't know what to do, but hyperlactemia might be helped by B Vitamins [Thiamine hydrochloride, Riboflavin].
  • Hyperlactatemia need not become lactic acidiosis. If it does ... Lactic acidiosis needs the use of sodium bicarbonate solutions to improve the pH.
  • One study indicates that hyperglycemia is not related to mortality unless it is compounded by hyperlactatemia. So I don't need to worry about blood sugar (much), just lactic acid.
  • The screaming is the hyperventilation that actually prevents hyperlactemia, by oxygenating the blood, so it is a way the dog tries to save itself - I shouldn't treat it as an anxiety attack. Just leave it alone and treat with soda bi carb.
  •  Alkalis, Ketone diets (coconut oil, protein rich 4:1 low carb), soda bi carb and B vitamins during the period from Last Qtr to New Moon.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fawndog died today

It was more unexpected than most because his gangrene on the outside was healed in both legs, but there was that growth or hernia in the inguinal region, he didn't eat last night, his screaming was on a variable volume (like his lungs didn't have strength).

But this morning he drank a quarter litre of milk, ate a slice of bread, slept for an hour, shat and peed and screamed for an hour before he'd exhausted his strength and died when I was out to buy the food for the dogs and cats for the day.:/
I think the main problem is that when there's necrosis in some tissues, there's also an oxygen-hunger in all the muscles and they atrophy from an emphysema, not to the extent of the gangrene, but in a hidden degree that's hard to judge from the outside. Brain oxygen levels in dogs can be seen only when there's screaming or repetitive behaviour - I have to remember that for the future and learn how to heal it.

They refuse the magnesium chloride after Last Quarter, so that's no use (unless very small amounts can be given). I have to find a plant source to heal their oxygen-deprived tissues to be able to save lives.

I hope I live long enough to be able to do that.:/ So far, no luck.
Here's Fawndog's calendar and medlist, for the future:
26th?- Ancient first drew Zinc Sulph 10m, then 30. Then Zinc mur 6. Applied Mag chlor Q all over.
27th - Applied Zinc Sulph Q and Mag mur Q. The wound going black in his leg. Read in Potter1902, combo of Borax, Alum, Zinc sulph for gonorrhoea so tried it - didn't seem to like it much. [But maybe it brought the inflammation down to it's black state the next day.]
28th - Drew Cadmium Br 30, 6. Mag chlor on legs made him scream.:/ But gangrene look to the flesh of his legs.
Cadm sulph - brown spot on elbow, boils on buttocks, startings, restlessness. Centered in the stomach. swelling of lips,  Obstruction of nose by swelling. Causation: Sun, Draught of air, Cold wind. Itching of skin when cold.
             Similar to Zn, but Zn the action is primarily on the brain, in Cadm primarily on the stomach.
Magnesium Sulph - Shuddering in back from below upward. Diuretic action with great thirst works with diabetes. Teaspoon doses for epithelioma, warts new growth. First sign of improvemnt is bile-tinged stools. Mag sulph tearing in facial bones, jerking in arms, trembling of hands, tendency to boils, shivering and shuddering in the evening, after waking
1 Mar- Tried mag sulph on edema and 2 warm water tsp for internal at high tide. Drew Cuprum Sulph 200, Tereb 30, Zinc Sulph 200 and Mag sulph 200 which I gave in small doses. I applied Mag sulph thick on his legs and balls.
2nd - much better, leg seems cooler and healing. Only used
3rd - worse leg hot through.
4th - tried multiple times 3 times - Mag Chlor Q, Zn sulph Q, LugolIod Q. Mag sulph Q orally. Then put Zinc Sulph paste on his rt. hip tumor thick. He only slept with Puls 200 and Mag Sulph 12.
5th - started him on oral drops of Zn sulph Q (hi) based on that BCEC theory of the mouth-nose complex being able to send ions far away. If I've understood it correctly! Applied Zn sulph to the leg with edema and down his spine at night. The tumor on his hip and leg wound seem cooler with a black scab on the leg ulcer since yesterday. Sat up twice today.
6th - Much worse, storm today.Scabbing up black, wounds in leg and back. Lugol's seems to make him happier, but it might be the mag chlor that's really helping or the zinc sulph.
7th - crying a lot more. Mag mur Q seems to be what he wants. His leg is less black and he screams less when I pick him up and turn him around. Saw him stretch luxuriously in the evening. Started eating better. Scabs coming off from his back and off warts.
8th - gave him Puls 200 and rubbed him down with Mag chlor Q and Zinc Sulph Q in the evening to make him stop howling. Applied a little Cuprum sulph Q as well.
9th - mixed up Zn sulph, Cu sulph, Mag sulph and Mang dioxide and applied it on his body. Rhus 30 in the evening. He's occasionally crying, but not much. His leg is less swollen and less black. His penile ulcer is also slightly better with repeated applications of Zn sulph every evening.
9th - Mostly needed Cad sulph 200 in the evening to keep quiet. And Kreos 30, Rhus 30.
10th - Gave him an oral dose of SS Zinc sulph in the morning with Puls 200. Rubbed him down consecutively with Mag mur Q, Zn sulph Q and Mag sulph Q until afternoon. Afternoon he was drawing Cuprum sulp Q so rubbed him with that on his paralysed legs. Leg is stretched out with toes pointing. Dripped a little Zn sulph on penile lesion and ball sac (looking less black today!). Face seems less swollen and more proportionate.Screaming in the evening taken care of with Hcot 12 (I used it for my hipjoints pain), Zn sulph 200 and Iod 1m. Took a while though to quiet him. Didn't try the mags - he is constipated though.
[Gave Zn sulph Q,200, Mag sulph Q, 200 and Puls 200 to the dog in the back RBI Qtrs in the morning.]
11th - Yesterday afternoon realised he had a very large hernia when I was taking him out for some sun. Bunches of grape-like things peeking out of his inguinal region. (Makes me think it was Ancient's problem too which makes the screaming happen). Leg pink and healthy looking again, but I think the hernia is the main problem, and an old one. He's still drawing Zn sulph 200, Cad sulph 200 and now very strongly Mang ace 30. Colocynthus 10m (the only potency I have), Hcot 12. But screamed through Symphytum 6x which is supposed to be good for hernias.
14 Mar - Fournier's gangrene?? Seems to be what it is. I'm terrified also that he's screaming himself into a kind of anxiety attack where he breathes heavy and gets paralyzed? Or some such quietness. Both legs have healed, but still slightly slow digestion and no longer tolerates mag (because it's after Last Qtr heading to new moon?) or any of the other gross remedies.
RBI dog has maggots in his l elbow, gangrene in his penile area (fournier's?) and is paralyzed. He's just been moved and I tried to wash him. Put Zn sulph and Cu sulph in the afternoon on his gangrene arm. He licked a bit.
15 Mar - Drank a quarter litre of milk this morning. Died of emphysema by 11 am - no muscle strength at all, couldn't get enough air. RIP, Fawndog, I'd hoped I could see you home again. Drew Ranunc (Puls 200, Ran B cm, Hell 30), Ericac (Kalmia 3, Rhod 1m), Lathyr 30, Ign 30. But it was all too late. I should have seen the screaming as a sign that his oxygen levels in the brain were dangerously low ... but what would I have been able to do about it? No hyperbaritic oxygen tent here.:(
The RBIdog is breathing hard but looks better, drank a quarter litre of milk too, gave him what Fawndog drew. He's in the sun so pulled him into the shade a bit.